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Kuat Systems Engineering

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Kuat Systems Engineering
Foundation Date Year 9 Day 288
Dissolved Date Year 17 Day 250
Type Production
Professions Vehicle Manufacturing
Emblem KSE_Logo_70x70.png
Motto Sheer Quality In Quantity...
The Ultimate Experience
Affiliation Galactic Empire

Headquartered within the Coruscant Oversector, Kuat Systems Engineering was a nationalized corporation of the Galactic Empire's Ministry of Industry. Employing approximately 2 million sentients galaxy-wide, KSE was principally engaged in the expansion and sustained manufacture of the Galactic Empire and Imperial Union’s vehicular forces. Manufacturing galactically renowned vehicles such as the fearsome All-Terrain Assault Transport (AT-AT), the Heavy Assault Vehicle/wheeled (HAVw) A5 Juggernaut, and the All-Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) to name just a few.

As a nationalized corporation of the Galactic Empire, the majority of Kuat Systems Engineering’s focus was on providing timely, high quality products for use by the Empire and the Imperial Union to provide mobility, firepower, and protection to the soldiers that are guarding the galaxy from crime, violence, and terrorism. Despite focusing the majority of its resources to providing the invaluable design and production capabilities to the Empire, a portion of KSE remained dedicated to commercial and private sales of products and services.

Company history

Kuat Systems Engineering was a full subsidiary of the ship manufacturing company, Kuat Drive Yards (KDY). Like its mother company, it was founded and owned by Myn Kuat on Year 9 Day 288. Prior to the appointment, Myn cited a long history of close association with the Galactic Empire. During that era, when the shadow of war seemed to be looming ever darker over the Galaxy, KSE was there to meet the rising demand for military grade vehicles.

Supported by the expertise and assets of KDY, KSE was able to beneficially combine the energy of a young starting company with the knowledge and power of a veteran in the production industry. It was driven to excel and utterly dedicated to deliver the best possible product. Stepping from the shadow of its founding company, KSE president at that time, Pietre Henimun of Kinor ensured that vehicle manufacturer would settle for nothing less than what KDY was in shipbuilding; the biggest, the best.

Whilst the production sector was well underway, construction personnel continued to develop the landscape of the planet Goravas, fueling the economic needs of the company. On Year 11 Day 345, Goravas, the long standing Headquarters of the KDY and KSE companies was now solidly the second planet and perhaps even the entire Kuat at large in regards to citizen population. Although the archives have recorded very few media releases, an unidentified representative of KSE expressed the belief that "in due time the planet Goravas might surpass Daver, Kuat as main center of population of the system."

As a multi-expansion initiative, the factories of KSE on Goravas were focused upon the production prospecting vehicles and had successfully completed an order for the Imperial Union of no less than 600 vehicles. Rumours of further large orders from the Union were not confirmed or denied by the company leadership. The sales of the small personal combat vehicle the AT-PT also continued to flow smoothly with a steady increase. Analysts at that time failed to predict the erratic nature of the market and thus, led to spikes in demand for them, which resulted in occasionally delays in delivery.

Year 12 Day 32 marked a momentous point in the legacy of KSE. Broadcasted live from Kuat Holo News, the former President of KSE, Mr. Harken Keithel released that the adventure of KSE had ended for the people of the Kuat Society. After several months of selling top quality vehicles to the Galactic Empire from KSE, Myn Kuat and the Board of Directors of Kuat Society agreed to sell the shell of the faction to the Galactic Empire for a multi million-credit deal. The Galactic Empire was pleased to acquire the premier vehicle company in the galaxy. The majority of KSE employees remained loyal and returned to the parent company, KDY. Mr. Harken Keithel also returned to KDY and resumed his position of Director of Security. He was later offered the position of Director of Shipyards by the Technician back then, Mr. Pietre Henimun.

Whilst the company’s name did not change, it was co-named Imperial Resource Motors; a decision made by the Ministry of Industry in the Galactic Empire. Effective immediately, dramatic changes to this Nationalized Faction (NAT) were made under the direction of Deputy Director (DDIR) Draven Diesel. Following a period of reconfiguration and improvements in its production efficiency, KSE was relocated to the Coruscant Oversector so that it could be closer to the heart of Imperial activity. Many individuals in the public were under the impression that its presence had diminished within the Galaxy and lacked its former glory. However, they were gravely mistaken. For the majority of KSE’s business, the Imperial Armed Force and members of the Imperial Union ensured that KSE was and still remains to be the largest supplier of vehicles and vehicular services.

Pending the outgoing of DDIR Diesel, the Ministry of Industry announced that Mr. Vincent Lytear would replace him as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of KSE on Year 12 Day 327. As a highly experienced veteran and unquestionably loyal Imperial, a new age for KSE began. Under the helm of DDIR Lytear, his passion and dream for a white collar corporate style KSE was influential in the remodeling of the corporation. Despite being a turbulent period in the Galaxy’s economy, KSE remained vigilant and remained unscathed unlike many of its competitors. On the contrary, its prosperity saw a vast surge of employment. It currently employs about 2 million sentients galaxy-wide to cater for the ongoing expansion and sustained manufacturing of highly quality products. With this, the leader of KSE saw great potential in reinvigorating the Public Sales Department by placing more emphasis on external commercial sales of specific products and services. Its corporate values now include professionalism, customer service and quality.

Tragically, it was on Year 13 Day 203 at 15:49 that Vincent Lytear was assassinated by a member of the Eidola Pirates. Draven Diesel returned to his former post with much delight bringing his newfound talents and abilities from his previous role in Research and Development.

On D250 of Y17, Kuat Systems Engineering's operations were absorbed by the Ministry of Industry conglomerate, and the company name retired.

Executive Director of KSE
Preceeded By:
Walter Watts
Draven Diesel
Year 13 Day 285
Succeeded By: