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Walter Watts

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Walter Watts
Biographical Information
Race Thyferran
Homeworld Thyferra
Mother Lauren Watts (deceased)
Father William Watts (deceased)
Spouse None
Siblings CLASSIFIED (Missing, presumed deceased)
Children None
Born Year -27 Day 117
Imperial Service
Branch II_Archive.png
Imperial Intelligence
Positions Current:
  • Bureau Chief of Analysis
  • Politician
Prior Service Thyferra - Military/Government/Corporate

Regional Government - Regional Coordinator, Amber Region

Imperial Navy - Navy Training Officer

Imperial Army - 3rd Brigade Commanding Officer

Imperial Intelligence - Military Intelligence Officer

Imperial Centre for Recruitment - Director

Ministry of Industry - Chief Executive Officer, Kuat Systems Engineering

Ministry of Industry - Chief Executive Officer, Magnaguard Manufacturing

CorSec - Director

Awards 8563_watts.png

Walter Watts is a prominent figure in the Thyferran political landscape, and in the Galactic Empire. Currently serving in Imperial Intelligence as the Bureau Chief of Analysis. Walter faithfully and diligently served the local Thyferran government for some twenty years, achieving recognition and accolades for his heroics and for his military and civilian achievements. This recognition caught the eye of the Galactic Empire, and in Year 15 Walter was conscripted to the civilian branch of the Empire, the Ministry of Industry.

Walter Watt's career has since extended to service in many corners of the Empire, including the Imperial Navy, Imperial Army, Regional Government, Ministry of Industry and various sub-branches of COMPNOR.

Character History


Walter Watts was born to Lauren and William Watts in the human district of Xozhixi, Thyferra's capital. The predominantly Vratix-populated district was where Walter's parents, Lauren and William Watts, had moved to shortly before Walter's birth. As a young child, Walter's peers and teachers noticed that he was particularly attentive, intelligent, and strong-willed. His early school years, however, were marked by a series of unusual occurrences that seemed to happen around him.

A recently recovered file located in Thyferra's public archive noted a conflict that Walter had with another student that resulted in the other child being hospitalized. The records do not indicate what happened to the child, but as a result, Walter was moved to another school. After the transfer, the reports of unusual incidents ceased, and Walter's academic results began to garner attention. Like his parents, Walter was a notably gifted student.

As Walter grew older, his reputation for excellence followed him. By the age of 18, he was considered an expert in multiple fields, and reports indicated that he had received numerous offers to start a career in several academic fields. Despite the offers, Walter set aside his studies and joined Thyferran Military Services, which would prove to be unlike anything he had done before.

Thyferran Military Service

Walter quickly rose in status and reputation in the Starfighter corps, where he was noted as an unnaturally gifted pilot. During his time at the military academy, Walter broke a dozen simulation records, which caught the attention of his superiors. He was eventually deployed to the field, where he received commendations for his ruthless efficiency in dealing with a number of incidents.

When the Galactic Civil War began, the Separatists blockaded Thyferra, and Walter joined many prominent officials in forming a secret resistance to the Separatist occupation that occurred during the war. The young Thyferran played a key role in the resistance, drawing upon his skills as a pilot to carry out daring missions that struck at the heart of the enemy. Walter's actions earned him the respect of his peers and superiors alike, but they also made him a target for the Separatists.

Walter and his unit were tasked with infiltrating the Lucrehulk 'Positron', the flagship and mobile command ship of the separatist presence on Thyferra. The mission was complicated by the fact that the Separatists had set up numerous defenses and were prepared for an attack.

Despite the odds, Walter and his unit managed to make it past the Separatist defenses and reach the interior of the vessel. However, as they were planting the explosives, the Separatists launched a surprise attack, catching them off guard.

In the ensuing firefight, Walter's unit suffered heavy casualties and was eventually forced to retreat. Walter himself was wounded and left behind, presumed dead by his comrades. However, he managed to evade the Separatists and hide in the facility, using his skills to evade detection and survive.

Over the course of several days, Walter slowly made his way through the vessel, avoiding patrols and seeking out a way to complete the mission. Eventually, he managed to reach the communications array and successfully plant the explosives. This caused a chain reaction that destroyed the ship and disrupt the Separatist hold on Thyferra.

Walter's actions were instrumental in ending the Separatist blockade of Thyferra and were later celebrated by the local population. He was hailed as a hero and became a symbol of resistance against the Separatists. His bravery and resourcefulness earned him the Thyferran Star.

Galactic Empire

The newly formed Galactic Empire quickly sought to limit the power of local military and paramilitary forces. As a result of this, Walter was forced to transition from his military career to a new venture in the private sector. He used his expertise and connections to start a business on the planet Thyferra, which was known for its production of bacta - a healing substance used throughout the galaxy.

Walter quickly established himself as a prominent businessman in the bacta trade, and his company, Advanced Recovery Corporation, became one of the largest suppliers of the substance in the galaxy. Over time, he built a vast network of contacts and business partners, and his wealth grew immensely.

During this period, the political landscape of Thyferra was gradually changing to align with the Galactic Empire. Walter used his connections to establish good relations with Imperial officials and secured many lucrative contracts with the Empire, further increasing his wealth and influence.

Shattered Family

During the time of the Imperial Inquisition, an Inquisitor named Kral arrived in the city of Xozhixi on Thyferra, purportedly to investigate reports of a Jedi Master in hiding.

Walter was aware of Kral's presence on the planet and attempted to monitor his movements and communications, a standard practice by those in the intelligence community on Thyferra. As fate would have it, the only message he intercepted would change his life, and the lives of his family, forever. The message from Kral had intended to reach the Nur system. In it, the Inquisitor Kral spoke of an incidental discovery whilst searching for the Jedi Master Faela Vos: a local inhabitant with a strong but untrained connection to the force, none other than Walter’s sister, Sierra. Kral spoke of his intention to capture and interrogate Sierra to ensure she had no connection with Jedi Master Vos, and then dispose of her afterwards.

Whilst Walter rushed to find Sierra and prevent her capture, Kral located her atop a skyscraper in the heart of the city amid a fierce storm. Sierra was unwilling to surrender to Kral and surprised the Inquisitor by arming herself with a beskar spear. He was further surprised when Sierra proved to be a formidable opponent with her spear.

Walter arrived in his Cloudcar Combat Speeder to see the two battle atop the skyscraper. Despite Kral's superior Force training, Sierra was holding her own against him. As Walter approached the rooftop Kral directed a powerful force lightning strike towards his speeder. The speeder failed, causing Walter to plummet towards the streets below.

Owing only to his exceptional skill, Walter was able to ‘land’ the craft in to the side of the skyscraper about twenty floors below the rooftop. Before Walter could exit the craft an earth shattering explosion tore through the building. The skyscraper fell in on itself, trapping Walter in his Cloudcar speeder and burying it deep in the wreckage.

A recovery operation cleared the skyscraper ruin and freed Walter, unharmed. Walter discreetly collected both the beskar spear and Inquisitor’s lightsabre before they could be logged with officials. The remains of Sierra or Kral were never recovered, presumably as they were too close to the blast.

Walter personally investigated the events, ensuring to cover up anything that linked either him or Sierra to the events that transpired. Sierra’s death was mourned in secret by the Watts family whilst official records show her only as missing.


Following the death of an Inquisitor, the Imperial presence on Thyferra became more aggressive and pervasive. The citizens of Thyferra had never seen such a show of force before. The Imperial Navy fleet led by Captain Ford was comprised of a Star Destroyer, TIE Fighters, and other advanced weaponry. The Imperial Army brigade led by Colonel Lazurus was heavily armed and intimidating, with stormtroopers patrolling the streets.

As the Imperial stronghold was established, overseen by Prefect Groft, the citizens of Thyferra found themselves living under a regime that controlled many aspects of their lives. The Prefect worked closely with the Senator Oliver to identify and root out any political opposition, increasing the Empire's influence and hold on Thyferra. The citizens of Thyferra began to feel powerless and afraid.

William Watts, Walter's father, was one of the few local politicians who quietly opposed the changes being implemented by the Prefect. He recognized the danger of the Imperial presence and feared for the future of Thyferra. But he also knew that openly opposing the Empire could be dangerous and possibly fatal.

Walter, on the other hand, had a different approach. He believed that if he controlled the resistance movement from within, he could keep his father and mother safe, and Thyferra safe from more intense governing. He knew that the Imperials were powerful, and that outright rebellion would be futile and counterproductive.

Walter began to work with the Imperials more closely, carefully feeding them information about the resistance movement and its plans. He also used his influence with the Imperials to gain some concessions, including favorable trade agreements for Advanced Recovery Corporation, and some mutual intelligence sharing.

As the months went on, tensions on Thyferra continued to rise. The citizens were afraid to speak out, but they could sense that something was brewing. The Imperial presence had become oppressive, and rumors of secret prisons and brutal interrogations began to circulate. William and Walter knew that they had to tread carefully, but they also knew that they could not stand by and watch their home planet become a prison world like many others had.

Walter continued to work quietly with the Imperials, but also began to subtly undermine their control over Thyferra. He would leak information to the resistance, and also work to turn some of the Imperial soldiers and officers against their own leadership. It was a delicate balancing act, and Walter knew that one false move could lead to disaster.


William and Lauren Watts were attending a political dinner when the attempt on William's life was made. Lauren was standing just a few feet away from her husband when a blaster bolt hit her in the chest. Chaos erupted as people scattered in all directions, but William stayed by his wife's side, cradling her in his arms and begging for help.

The investigation into the assassination attempt led to the discovery of the plot, and the identity of the politician responsible: Senator Corbin Hale. Hale was a fanatical pro-Imperial, who believed that anyone who opposed the Empire was an enemy of Thyferra. He had arranged for William to be killed in the hopes of eliminating one of the more prominent voices against the Imperials on the planet.

But the plot had gone wrong, and now Lauren was dead, and William was left to mourn the loss of his beloved wife. The citizens of Thyferra were outraged by the assassination attempt, and there were calls for justice to be done. But the Senator Hale had powerful allies, and it was unclear if anything would be done to bring him to justice.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Walter was left to pick up the pieces. He was devastated by the loss of his mother and the attempted murder of his father. But he also knew that he could not let his emotions get in the way of the resistance's ultimate goal. He redoubled his efforts to work with the Imperials and undermine their control over Thyferra, all the while keeping a watchful eye on the politician responsible for his mother's death.

William was devastated by the loss of his wife and struggled to come to terms with his grief. As he began to look into the circumstances surrounding her death, he discovered that Walter had been working with both pro-Imperial and pro-democracy factions. William was shocked and disappointed in his son, who he thought was on the path to becoming a respectable leader. But instead, Walter had been making deals with dangerous factions, hoping to secure his own power and influence.

In an effort to set Walter on the right path and stop him from further dealings with these factions, William planned to report his son to the Imperials. He believed that the Imperials could handle the situation and keep Walter safe while also preventing him from getting involved with dangerous groups.

However, before William could reach the Imperial Stronghold to make his report, his speeder was intercepted and shot out of the sky. The attack was swift and deadly, leaving no survivors. Walter witnessed the attack from the steps of the Stronghold Palace, standing beside Prefect Groft.

Walter shed a silent tear. The murder of his mother had galvanized the resistance movement, with William as its defacto leader. Having his father killed was the only pathway Walter could see that would secure the future of Thyferra.


Walter's living district had been hit had by debris and stray fire in the final battle of the civil war. On returning to his family home, Walter discovered that his sister had been missing since the day of the final battle. After twelve months Sierra Watts was declared deceased, and what Walter inherited was vastly different to what his parents left when they passed. In addition to a number space-worthy vessels, the Watts estate had expanded significantly to include stakes in a number of significant corporations across the planet. Walter marveled at the success his sister had attained.

To get the estate in proper order, Walter took extended leave from the Military and focused on consolidating his estate. In the following months Walter determined there was enough capitol in a number of bacta refinement and alazhi processing companies that a super-corporation formation was conceivable. To focus more attentively on his business pursuits, Walter resigned from Military service and formed Atlas Industries, a conglomerate of companies that, over several years, expanded to include several critical industries on the planet.Atlas Industries established itself as the leading super-corporation on Thyferra when Walter brokered a long-term tender with the Galactic Empire.

Joining the Galactic Empire

As part of the negotiations to secure the tender for Atlas Industries, Walter agreed to join the Galactic Empire. In just a few weeks Walter liquidated his non-corporate assets, including his family home, and enacted a policy on the Atlas board to use his seat as a tie-breaker for any board-related decisions. To this date there have been no instances of the tie-breaker being required. As such the running of Atlas has been largely out of his hands.

As part of his arrangements with Atlas Industries, a new project began to establish a deep space production hub in the core.

Imperial Service

Ministry of Industry

After quickly completing Imperial Basic Training, Walter accepted his first posting in Kuat Systems Engineering, the Ministry of Industry branch. Life in the Ministry was particularly timultuous during Walter's first months, with several enemies of the Empire striking out at the Ministry's production effort and personnel. Despite the instability in leadership of KSE< Walter shone through as a ideal candidate to fill the void of leadership in the corporation, and in just a few months had assumed the role under supervision of a retired former CEO.


During a routine hyperspace journey, the Tabder-class Heavy Hauler 'Hue Jass' experienced a critical hull failure. An undetermined fault caused a significant explosion and hull tear in the center of the ship, causing it split almost perfectly in half. Recovery crews located the bow of the vessel some weeks later, with all occupants deceased and a number of crew, including Walter, missing along with the stern of the vessel. A grueling six months ensued, where by a number of he survivors on board the barely functioning stern half perished. Walter and three other survivors were ultimately rescued.


Walter wasted no time returning to full duties once he had recovered. He wasn't long back when he and another survivor, [REDACTED], decided to marry. This union was a short affair, as Walter discovered the truth of her allegiance to the Death Watch. This discovery resolved the mystery of the Tabder, as in her final moments she admitted to planting a series of explosives to allow nearby Death Watchman to steal the valuable tabder load and abduct a number of missing Imperials. Further details of the incident are classified, however it is known that [REDACTED] and an unknown member of the Death Watch were found dead in unusual circumstances.

The Sith Order and Imperial Army

Walter was summoned to the office of Darth Taral, where his strong sensitivity to the force was revealed to him. To facilitate the new commitment to training in the ways of the Force and of the Dark Side, Walter submitted a transfer request to the Imperial Army.

As well as participating in a number of secret Sith training missions, Walter also thrived in his posting to the 6th Brigade under Nathaniel Durane. He quickly attained the posting of Executive Officer on the 6th Brigade, and again in short time was appointed as Commanding Officer of 3rd Brigade. Whilst employed with the Imperial Army, Walter received an office with Imperial Intelligence as Military Intelligence Officer.

Imperial Navy

After a successful period of service to the Imperial Army, a position in the Imperial Navy Command loomed large. After the appointment of the current Navy Training Officer Jacen Varos to the honored posting of Navy Commanding Officer, the sought after vacancy was advertised Empire-wide. After a grueling selection process, Walter was honored with the appointment of being the new Navy Training Officer.

The Byblos Affair


Return to the Ministry

Walter's road to recovery following the Byblos Affair determined that a posting outside of the military services would be appropriate for the foreseeable future. The decision was an easy one, given his previous service. Walter returned to the Ministry as a Hub Manager and began work with Magnaguard Manufacturing almost immediately.

Service Record


Grade Insignia Rank Time Held (Combine Time) Promoted By
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Y15 D1 - Y15 D13 Not applicable.
[O-1] MIO-1.png Junior Workman Y15 D13 - Y15 D180 Executive Director Saedrial Elensar
[O-2] MIO-2.png Workman Y15 D180 - Y15 D295. Minister Tyris Elensar
[O-3] MIO-3.png Senior Workman Y15 D295 - Y15 D350. Executive Director Artemis Imperium
[O-6] MIO-6.png Master Engineer Y15 D350 - Y16 D186. Minister Tyris Elensar
[O-5] MO-5.png Lieutenant Colonel Y16 D186 - Y16 D340 --Branch Transfer--
[O-6] MO-6.png Colonel Y16 D340 - Y17 D123. Major General Nathaniel Durane
[C-1] MC-1.png Commodore Y17 D123 - Y17 D209. --Branch Transfer--
[C-4] MC-4.png Admiral Y17 D209 - Y17 D315. --Navy Restructure--
[C-2] MIC-2.png Group Manager Y17 D315 - Y18 D121 --Branch Transfer--
[C-4] MIC-4.png Managing Director Y18 D121 - Current. Grand Vizier Jai Meridan


Ribbon Name
IMC.jpg Imperial Medal of Commendation [IMC]
OSM.jpg Order of the Sith Member [OSM]
PMM.jpg Project Management Medal [PMM]
LOCx10.jpg 10x Letter of Commendation [LOCx10]
IAMx3.jpg 3x Imperial Activity Medal [IAMx3]
ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal [ISM-1]
CSM-1.jpg Corporate Service Medal [CSM-1]
IRM.jpg Imperial Recruitment Medal [IRM]
CSA.jpg COMPNOR Service Award [CSA]
SSA.jpg Sith Service Award [SSA]
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduation - Honours [IABG-H]
MIDx4.jpg 4x Mentioned in Dispatches[MIDx4]
MOS.jpg Medal of Support [MOS]
IMM-12.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting Award - 12 [IMM-12]


Branch Unit Position Service Dates
Ministry of Industry Kuat Systems Engineering Hub Manager Y15 D210 - Y15 D352
Ministry of Industry Kuat Systems Engineering Acting Chief Executive Officer Y15 D352 - Y16 D187
Ministry of Industry Imperial Mining Corporation Part-time Assistant Y15 D331 - Y16 D2
Ministry of Industry Magnaguard Manufacturing Hub Manager Y17 D315 - Y18 D121
Ministry of Industry Magnaguard Manufacturing Chief Executive Officer Y18 D121 - Current.
COMPNOR Imperial Academy Training Officer Y15 D229 - Y16 D281
COMPNOR Imperial Academy Assistant Dean Y17 D113 - Y17 D203
COMPNOR Imperial Centre for Recruitment Recruiter Y15 D331 - Y16 D130
COMPNOR Imperial Centre for Recruitment Deputy Director Y16 D130 - Y17 D19
COMPNOR Imperial Centre for Recruitment Director Y17 D19 - Y17 D109
COMPNOR Imperial Centre for Recruitment Recruitment Support Officer Y17 D109 - Y18 D22.
COMPNOR Imperial Scenario and Modding Committee Committee Member Y15 D342 - Y16 D222
COMPNOR Imperial Art Society Graphics Assistant Y17 D77 - Y18 D22.
Imperial Army 6th Brigade Executive Officer Y16 D234 - Y17 D12
Imperial Army 3rd Brigade Commanding Officer Y17 D12 - Y17 D123
Imperial Intelligence Military Intelligence Military Intelligence Officer Y16 D268 - Y17 D116
Imperial Navy Navy Command Navy Training Officer Y17 D123 - Y17 D315