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Regional Government

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Regional Government
Active ca. Year 1-Present
Leadership Council of Moffs
Headquarters Coruscant
Regions Emerald
Council of Moffs
Chair High Moff Kef Drenall
Emerald Grand Moff Thea Corine
Amber Grand Moff Mordus Nordstroem
Ruby Grand Moff Aurren Takla
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Government Galactic Empire

Regional Government is an Imperial civilian branch to ensure proper management of the Empire. The Emperor delegates authority for the localized management of regions, oversectors, sectors, systems, and planets to a complex series of Imperial Governors that form a hierarchy to manage the application of Imperial law, development programs, and the safety of the Empire in a regional capacity; providing flexibility for the diverse and different needs that each planet and system presents. These governors, falling under the auspices of an Imperial High Command member appointed as the High Moff.


The mission of the Regional Government is to exercise planetary, system and sector management to ensure the safety, prosperity, and continued development of the Galactic Empire in-line with The Throne's directives. Regional Government seeks to achieve its mission through:

  • Working with the various branches of the Empire to ensure a consistent and adaptable ‘whole of government’ approach is taken to the administration of Imperial territory.
  • Managing government and non-government development of each planet within the Empire.
  • Managing government and non-government development of each system within the Empire.
  • Directing military units to ensure the protection of Imperial planets, systems, citizens, infrastructure and resources.
  • Providing expert and timely advice to the Imperial High Command on localized developments and issues.
Regional Government Construction Project


The contemporary Regional Government is largely the result of reforms implemented by Thomas Cherokee upon his appointment as Executor in Year 10 Day 60. This reorganisation resulted in the new post of High Moff and created the Council of Moffs. The Empire was subdivided into a variable number of Imperial Sectors, each overseen by a Moff to whom the Emperor delegated responsibility for the protection and good governance of the territory. Prior to this reform it was often hard for the Emperor to consult with all of the Sector Governors on matters of the day to day administration of Imperial Sectors, or to have the ability to consult in detail regarding issues facing the multiple Sector Governors. The newly created Council would guide the Regional Government and allow for greater coordination of effort.

In addition to the Imperial Sectors were the Oversectors which had a greater need for attention to detail, organisational skills, governing experience, and operational expertise, which was provided in the form of a Grand Moff. Oversectors could be formed in response to situations such as consistent enemy attack, large geographic disposition with a higher number of planets, or locations of special projects. Often on the frontiers of Imperial territory, Oversectors were granted extensive military resources to bring the area more fully under the Imperial Governor’s control.

With minor adjustments this structure remained in place until Year 17 Day 323 when Emperor Guinar Ndengin announced the creation of three new Regions to replace the former Imperial Sectors. Because of the sheer size of these new Regions they would be permanently subdivided into Oversectors. The new Oversectors would supervise the general governance of Imperial controlled worlds, freeing the Regional Command to focus on more strategic concerns.

Regional boundaries were redrawn on Year 22 Day 282, coinciding with an Empire-wide structural reorganisation. The galactic core was split evenly into two regions, with responsibility for the Deep Core Oversector split between the Emerald and Ruby regions. No longer holding territories in the coreward Kuat Oversector, the Amber region was consolidated in what was traditionally referred to as the Corporate Oversector, with the aim of enabling more concerted efforts in the expansion of the Empire's territory in this more contentious territory. As well as territorial alterations, the restructure also revived the position of Chairman of the Council of Moffs and introduced Regional Coordinator roles to assist governors in managing the regions.


The galaxy has long been defined according to considerable geographic swaths of space, wherein lie the constituent worlds and citizenry of the Galactic Empire. The Empire is divided into many strategic and political regions that include several thousand inhabited worlds ruled directly by Imperial Governors. The responsibilities of Regional Government are commonly broken down into four key spheres.

The Galaxy

The galaxy is ruled exclusively by the Emperor. Laying claim to the entire galaxy, the Galactic Empire works tirelessly to bring law and order to not only the Core worlds, but the far reaches of the Outer Rim in a bid to improve the lives of all beings of the galaxy. As the sovereign of the Empire, The Emperor is also the Ruler of the Galaxy, and it is by their mandate alone that Imperial Governors are appointed to enforce their will over specific Regions of the galaxy, and to protect sentients from chaos and barbarism.

The Council of Moffs

With multiple, expansive Regions within the Empire's territory, it is often hard for the Throne to consult with all parties on matters of day-to-day administration, and many of the issues confronting the Regional Governors could be addressed collectively and through shared knowledge and experience.

The Council of Moffs is a body established within Imperial High Command to ensure its members share knowledge, expertise, and work together to discuss issues that affect branch operations or Imperial territory. To this end, each Regional Governor is granted a seat on the Council. To oversee the Council of Moffs and act as Chair of the Council, the Emperor appoints a High Moff.

The High Moff

As the identified conduit of affairs for the Regional Government, the High Moff is a singular point of information and day-to-day management of Regional Government, and as such is considered the de facto leader of the branch. The High Moff is responsible for the administration, policy, training and logistics of the branch, and reports directly to the Throne to advise on branch matters.


A geographically huge portion of Imperial Territory which alone rivals the expanse of most governments throughout the galaxy, a Region is overseen in the Emperor’s name by a Regional Governor. Regions enable for more concerted leadership at a strategic level by grouping two or more Imperial Oversectors into one overarching administrative region that enables the sharing of military, economic, and supporting resources across Oversectors and to where the highest strategic priority exists.

Regional Governors - The Grand Moffs

The Regional Governor is the direct representative of the Throne in the Region and is charged with the oversight and coordination of an Imperial Region, and as such is responsible for ensuring the prosperity and security of their assigned domain. It falls to the Moff to oversee the mediation of the peace, address such issues as taxation as defined by the Imperial Treasury, and to represent the needs of the populace to the Council of Moffs, or to arrange for relief to be granted through the Imperial Government. To achieve this the Regional Governor commands their allocated Regional Government personnel, alongside coordinating with other branch assets and personnel. The Regional Governors are advisors to the Throne and Imperial High Command on the administration of Imperial territory and expected to consult on strategic and administrative matters as required.

Regional Coordinators

Due to the large purview of the Regional Governors, the Regional Coordinator is charged with directly assisting the Regional Governor in the oversight and coordination of an Imperial Region, and as such is responsible for overseeing the efforts of the Region’s Oversector units towards the governance and administration of Imperial worlds. They are able to focus more on the day to day running of their assigned region, ensuring that the goals and expectations of the Regional Governor are being met. The Regional Coordinators are advisors to their respective Regional Command and provide leadership and subject matter knowledge on the management of Imperial territory.


To further assist in the governance of Imperial territory, some of the larger regions have been split into multiple oversectors. Oversectors contain multiple Galactic Sectors with close geographic, political and social ties to enable the better management of Imperial assets within their territory. The Oversector is typically part of a Region, though they may be governed outside of the regional structure in rare circumstances.

The majority of Regional Government staff work within an Oversector, overseen by an Oversector Governor. Oversector Staff take on a wide range of operational and administrative tasks within their assigned territory.

Oversector Governors

The governmental and administrative affairs of Regional Government within an Oversector are managed by the Oversector Governor, who ensures that the targets of Regional Government within the Oversector are met and are responsible for implementing the visions and orders of Regional Command on a smaller and more manageable scale. Furthermore, they are also available to act as subject matter experts on their assigned domains where and when it is needed.


  • Amber
    • Corporate Oversector
      • Chorlian
      • Corporate
      • Tynquay
      • Wyl
    • Sith Worlds Oversector
      • Sith Worlds - Oversector Capital
      • Mortex
  • Emerald
    • Coruscant Oversector
      • Arkania
      • Azure
      • Bormea
      • Coruscant - Imperial\Oversector Capital
      • Darpa
      • Delle
      • Dolomar
      • Fakir
      • Farrfin
      • Kanchen
      • Kliap
      • Krenher
      • Lytton
      • Ollonir Boundaries
      • Shwuy
      • Torranix
      • Uoti
      • Wyloff
    • Kuat Oversector
      • Barma
      • Baronos
      • Belnar
      • Haldeen
      • Humbarine
      • Kilbanis
      • Kuat - Capital
      • Shelsha
    • Deep Core Sector
      • Deep Core Security Zone - Oversector Capital
      • Koro-Teta
      • Sector 5
  • Ruby
    • Corellian Oversector
      • Byblos
      • Corellian - Oversector Capital
      • Duluur
      • Duro
      • Emmo
      • Morobe
      • Parfadi
      • Parmorak
      • Quanta
      • Testarr
      • Varvenna
    • Tapani Oversector
      • Abregado
      • Atrisian CW
      • Botor Enclave
      • Daupherm States
      • Herglic Space
      • Illodia
      • Phu
      • Questal
      • Sern
      • Tapani - Oversector Capital
      • Weemell

Port Authority

The Imperial Port Authority is a sector-bound agency which provides space traffic control and maintains infrastructure critical to the transportation network and hyper-lanes within Imperial Territory. It is tasked with safeguarding all traffic between Imperial space and planetary bodies and space stations within the Empire and also plays a vital role in security.

Established by Emperor Charon in Year 3, the Imperial Port Authority (IPA) has jurisdiction under Imperial Law, to prevent the entry of restricted items into Imperial Territory as well as any smuggling activities and are permitted powers of search and seizure of any suspicious vessel, vehicle or person found in Imperial territory, which includes all hyper-lanes running through it.