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Thomas Cherokee

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Thomas Cherokee
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Barab I
Mother Classified
Father Classified
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Born -Year 42, Day 294
Imperial Service
Branch Imperial Throne
Positions Advisor to the Throne
Prior Service
Awards LCX7Spw.png

Thomas Cherokee was the eleventh Emperor of the Galactic Empire.


The Life of an Imperial

Thomas Cherokee was born on the temperate planet of Barab I in the Outer-Regions of known space. His parents, both offices within the Galactic Republic Government of Coruscanti decent, traveled extensively, rarely seeing their son for most of his life. While their whereabouts were not reported, Thomas was educated extensively in some of the finest institutions across the galaxy, being transferred to Coruscant at a young age to ensure his aptitude was fostered quickly. Despite the growing threat of conflict brewing among the Core Worlds around Year -35 BCGT, Cherokee's focus remained on knowledge and power, understanding before the age of ten that persuasion, a calm mind, and knowledge of those around you could achieve anything. The years quickly passed and he watched as the Galactic Republic fell, unable to contact his parents to ensure their safety. Under the assumption of their deaths, Cherokee saw Hiram Drayson be declared the first Emperor of the Galactic Empire circa Year -2 BCGT and saw that anything was possible with the right aspiration, an aspiration he would once achieve himself in due course.

Cherokee had been serving as an Imperial Army solider for several years before the formal ascent of Drayson, quietly accumulating experience on the front lines during the fall of Republic forces, and sporadic conflicts with Zee Wolf's newly founded Rebel Alliance. He'd observed several transitions of power, serving under Emperors' Suntzu, Spytek and the first rule of the infamous Vodo Bonias, rising through the ranks of the Army and receiving the Army Command Medal for his skilled command. He had successfully overseen command of various Imperial campaigns against aggressors, ensuring the security of Imperial planetary bodies and their citizenry, rising the to rank of Brigadier General and Command General of the 4th Quadrant. After the successful completion of a campaign on Empress Teta, Cherokee returned to the Core Worlds to an unfolding mutiny under the leadership and Emperor Spytek. Numerous high-ranking colleagues from both branches of the Imperial military had grown discontent with the methods of the Emperor and defected to the Rebel Alliance, rapidly bolstering its strength in both followers and intelligence, which lead to the inevitable uprising of the Imperial Navy's Admiral Piett. Cherokee initially remained reserved and calculating as he decided to watch the chaos unfold, but after urging from his confidant and commanding officer Trey Connel, Cherokee began to voice his displeasure along with other key figures within the Imperial military.

Thomas Cherokee, Imperial Army Captain

Emperor Spytek abdicated the black throne of the Empire on Year 0 Day 122 CGT, but not before numerous factions began to maneuver supporters in efforts to usurp the throne. While forces of Gorn Veynom and Trey Connel eyed the throne, superior strength from Admiral Piett ensured that he ascended to the role of Emperor, in turn managing to avoid a Civil War in the process. Through his tactile approach to his support, Cherokee managed to remain unscathed by his support of Connel, using his skills in persuasion and diplomacy to not only bolster his standing with Army Commanding Officer Connel, who had risen to be Piett's Executor and Chief of State but also become one of the chosen few within Emperor Piett's inner circles. Through this relationship, Cherokee was given numerous choice assignments within the Empire, including serving as High Inquistor during the trial known as The Trial at the Imperial Core.

Gorn Veynom, was accused of treason by Trey Connel and relieved of his command within the Imperial Navy, while in turn, Trey Connel was relieved of his command as Chief of Staff due to similar aspersions made by Veynom. This incessant finger-pointing threatened to bring the Imperial cause to a stand-still, with the two highest officers serving the Emperor at each others' throats, while the Rebel Alliance continued their hostilities. Despite previously serving under the Chief of State in the Imperial Army, Cherokee was shown as impartial and able to put professional relationships aside for the greater good of the Imperial cause and was appointed as the independent adjudicator by the Emperor himself. Throughout evidence-gathering operations from both sides, including from Veynom's defense counsel Adar Machkhit, Imperial Security Bureau officers, and agents within Imperial Intelligence, Cherokee conducted his own convert, independent research to bypass potential bias from either side. Through this investigation, he quietly passed information onto Emperor Piett, which eventually saw the Emperor pardon both Veynom and Connel, primarily due to the evidence being identified as rebellious disinformation and propaganda. For his service at resolving another potential Civil War and putting the Empire above all else, Emperor Piett promoted Cherokee and transferred him to serve within both the Imperial Navy as a Vice Admiral, commanding the Second Assault Fleet and awarding him the Imperial Silver Star, while also installing him as Minister of Protocol within the Regional Government.

His new responsibilities gave Cherokee time away from the petty squabbles of the High Commanders and allowed him to focus on the structure of Imperial protocol and structures. While his efforts within the Second Assault Fleet were respected by his subordinates, he couldn't help but use his years of experience under numerous Emperors and the life of Imperial following to improve the rigor of its apparatus and ensure more stringent command structures. This tenure was short-lived however when Emperor Piett grew tired after repeated threats of Civil War, the treason trials, and lack of cohesion, and decided to abdicate the Imperial throne and retire to the Outer-Rim. After much internal gossip and concern around whether the throne would pass to Veynom or Connel, Chief of Staff and Executor, Trey Connel was named as the successor, a move that filled Cherokee was some admiration, having worked with the now-Emperor for many years. After offering the departing Piett the opportunity to utilize guest wings of the Cherokee Estate of Barab I during his retirement, he began to oversee the inauguration proceedings, eventually facilitating Connel's ascent on Year 1 Day 212 CGT.

The Dark Core

Despite his best efforts to help quell the dissent at Connel's ascension, Cherokee was forced to watch as an angered Gorn Veynom departed the Empire with numerous followers and an armada to form the Imperial Core. This sect threatened the galaxy at large as the Imperial cause was now split in two, while the threat of the Rebel Alliance remained on the horizon. Cherokee was officially brought into Imperial High Command under the rank of Grand Admiral and remained as Minister of Protocol. Despite the continued defections of many to Veynom's cause, Cherokee endeavored to enact protocols that would not harm the overall Imperial cause, ensuring that any who returned from the sect would not be discriminated against or treated as treasonous, given their views were still towards the betterment of the Imperial cause and methodology.

As the now Grand Admiral passed his forty-fourth birthday, Cherokee began to seek solace more frequently at his family estate on Barab I. While he never crossed paths with former Emperor Piett during his visits, he appreciated the solitude where he could recuperate and refresh his tired body from its duties of trying to avoid a galaxy further tearing itself apart. He'd fought numerous campaigns on the front lines and seen much success for the Imperial way of life, but he began to tire at the constant quests for power by so many around him, a sentiment he didn't need or share. As the Emperor was receiving increased pressure to step aside from colleagues and former Emperors alike, Cherokee used his holocommunicator to speak with his former Commanding Officer, suggesting that perhaps a new leader could return the splintered sect of the Imperial Core and the growing Sith Empire into the Galactic Empire. As their discussion concluded, Cherokee began to prepare his shuttle for a return to the Imperial capital, only to learn shortly thereafter of an attack that caused Trey Connel's Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle to explode en-route to the Imperial Palace. Throughout the hyperspeed journey back to the capital, Cherokee poured over all confirmed reports, potential evidence, and even rumors on holofeeds to ascertain the cause. The severity of the explosion meant that no bodily remains were recovered at the scene, with rumors rife that the Imperial Core or that Veynom himself had destroyed the vessel through a carefully planned attack. With his inability to review the crime scene personally, Cherokee grew frustrated at the sheer volume of unsubstantiated reports littering the holonet but also appreciated the humor of the Rebel Alliance not even being mentioned as a possible cause.

Portions of the Second Assault Fleet over Alderaan

Several days after his return to the capital, on Year 1 Day 320, Mccarthur became the seventh recognized Emperor of the Galactic Empire and one of his first directives was to name Thomas Cherokee as his second-in-command and Executor Heir-Apparent of the Empire. While he remained as Minister of Protocol as Executor, he resigned from his command and passed the Second Assault Fleet Command onto Commander Savk of the Imperial Navy. For several weeks, Cherokee worked with the new Emperor and second Executor, the Minister of Imperial Diplomacy, Charon, to find ways for the reunification of all Imperials until an unexpected development complicated matters. On Day 353 of the same year, a mere month after the explosion that rocked the capital, former Emperor Trey Connel was observed within the walls of the Imperial Palace. Following protocols Cherokee himself had instituted, the former Emperor was placed under observation and subjected to a variety of invasive tests to ensure his identity was legitimate. After a detailed plan and reasoning was presented to Imperial High Command by Connel and Cherokee's protocols were concluded, the Coruscanti native watched the galaxy react with bewilderment, surprise, and criticism as Connel was appointed Minister of Defense.

Cherokee counseled his Emperor on how the maneuver would further inflame tensions with the Imperial Core, but Mccarthur only escalated his efforts at discourse at the dawn of Year 2 CGT when he named Connel First Executor of the Empire, a maneuver that usurped both Cherokee and Charon in the line of Imperial ascension, effectively becoming second-in-command of the Empire, while remaining as Minister of Defence and primarily in control of the Imperial war machine. This was met with disgust by the followers of Veynom and even received a rare public rebuke from the Rebel Alliance. The moves of Mccarthur began to frustrate Cherokee as his counsel was seemingly becoming ignored. Key High Command meetings were scheduled without his knowledge and micro-management was grinding efforts to a halt. These issues were alleviated once Connel abruptly left the Empire, alive this time, and departed for the Unknown Regions, however, the reign of Mccarthur was far from smooth and both Cherokee and Charon found themselves having to bypass the Emperor as they began to quietly run the Empire themselves.

While operations with the Empire began to normalize, with Cherokee and Charon using their respective departments to maintain military stability, diplomatic normalcy, and economic growth, the Coruscanti faced a potential crisis when former Emperor Piett returned from his solitude within the Outer-Rim to Imperial space circa Year 2 Day 111 CGT. While the former Emperor and Cherokee exchanged pleasantries on numerous occasions in confidence, public discourse from Piett regarding Mccarthur's ascension was swelling within Imperial ranks. Despite his best efforts to explain recent events and quell the displeasure of Piett, the stubborn former Emperor seemed obsessed with displeasure at the fact Connel was not occupying the seat of power. Cherokee was displeased at the lack of involvement from Mccarthur, given the gravitas of the Emperor should have helped resolve the situation, but it was widely perceived that the Emperor was too soft and benevolent. Charon and himself were trying to keep the Empire together despite battles on numerous fronts, while the Emperor was conspicuously absent and unwilling to engage in any negotiations or assistance to reunite the Imperial armada.

Exhausted and overworked to the point of ill health, Cherokee decided to retreat to his compound on Barab I. He submitted a letter to the Emperor stating his opinion of no confidence, and that the Imperial dominance of old had floundered under the rule of Mccarthur. He urged that the Emperor relinquish the throne, for the greater good of the Galactic Empire. Cherokee was surprised to learn soon after that Mccarthur had indeed decided to abdicate the throne, but in a petty act of malice, stepped over Cherokee and appointed Charon as the new Emperor as his final act. In equal parts finding the pettiness humorous and petty, Cherokee began preparations to wind back his involvement in Government affairs to re-assess his role in the future of the Imperial ways, a tactile approach he had been unable to perform as of late due to his excessive portfolios. The Coruscanti was also witness to Emperor Piett's vocal displeasure of Charon's ascension. Refusing to engage in yet more petty squabbles of those in power, Cherokee watched holo-feeds and communications of a final act of defiance. Piett had met with representatives of both the Imperial Core and the Sith Empire, forging a partnership between both headstrong sects into what would become known as the Dark Empire on Year 3 Day 94 CGT, united against Charon and his Galactic Empire.

Tabloids Questions Cherokee's Identity

As he primarily acted as an advisor, Cherokee spent the next three years barely seen outside of his estate on Barab I. He would occasionally venture to the Imperial capital to visit dignitaries, advise the Emperor in person, or assess the state of various new developments across Imperial space, but his main involvement with the day-to-day affairs of the Galactic Empire was minimal. After an extended period with no communication and a lack of public sightings, rumors began to swell throughout tabloids and propaganda that the former Executor had passed. Similar articles were run by Cherokee who had fathered a child or used the time to invest in cloning technology due to Imperial scanners misidentifying individuals as the Executor throughout the years. Cherokee monitored the gossip columns from his estate, endeavoring to continue feeding the machine as a hobby, as he found joy in keeping friends and enemies guessing.

While he found humor in the escapades surrounding his existence, he grew increasingly concerned with the power growing within the Dark Empire. Cherokee was widely known as a skilled tactician and strategist and he believed he could see what the Dark Empire's leader, Vodo Bonias was orchestrating. To avoid being publicly outed or dragged back into the exhaustive conflict, Cherokee drafted numerous communications to Emperor Charon under the pseudonym Dannar SherGarr, advising him that everything was not as it seemed. Despite his efforts, the Dark Empire soon reunited under the banner of the Galactic Empire, with Greyson Uebles, former Minister of Defense under Vodo Bonias, taking up the mantel of Imperial Executor. While untrustworthy of the Executor and his true intentions, Cherokee focused his attention on gathering intelligence on the rumored fleet known as the Order of the Dark Hand under Vodo Bonias, intent on discovering its true intent. Numerous intelligence photos captured imagery of an individual of similar stature to Cherokee around Imperial worlds rumored to have witnessed this fleet, but this was never confirmed.

While Imperial reunification efforts began to show promise, Cherokee could see things falling apart at the seams. Forces loyal to Vodo Bonias and his former Defense Minister appeared to be preparing for hostile intent, while Imperial Security Bureau agents within the Charon regime were investing former Dark Empire personnel. Under the order of the Emperor, agents began to arrest key former Dark Empire personnel, a brash move which inevitably saw the Sith elements under Vodo Bonias seize the Imperial capital, forcing Charon into exile and the ascent of Greyson Uebles to the throne on Year 4 Day 133 CGT. Fearing for his safety, Cherokee once again retreated to his solace on Barab I, ceasing all propaganda operations about his status, and disappearing together from galactic view.

While he began to embrace his retirement at the tender age of forty-six, he spent most of his day reading ancient texts from the days of the Galactic Republic, along with documenting personal memoirs from his time as a young child, through to the inner workings of the Imperial Government. These musings were never made public, but Cherokee made sure his faculties remained sharp, and that he was never slipping into perpetual boredom or insanity in his solitude. He was also able to monitor the basic goings on of the galaxy and the Galactic Empire as he used encrypted, private channels that he'd maintained as redundancies during his time as Executor. This allowed him to maintain his tactical, strategic position should he find the need to engage publicly for the sake of the galaxy. Thankfully, such maneuvers were never required and he spent the majority of the next year tending to the neglected gardens across his estate, finally at a point of rest.

The New Order

Cherokee had spent his time outside the realm of politics wisely. He'd taken care of his health and remained steadfast in his need for continued education and insight. He'd silently observed from afar the inevitable rise of Vodo Bonias as Emperor for the second time in his life, and witnessed his once great love suffer at its plight. The Imperial way of life had continued to suffer as the Emperor focused more on his image over the lives of those in the galaxy, or the might of the Galactic Empire. Imperials had witnessed the assassination of Grand Moff Kirov Qel-Droma, the loss of the New Anzat Order as a vassal state which had been essentially gifted due to the intimidation of weak-minded leader, and the continued defection of the most skilled Imperials to other private sector organizations. As Grand Moff Daelin Zerk was given essentially command of the daily Imperial operations by the Emperor, many became alienated and micro-managed by an officer who was only capable of kissing the Emperor's feet, eventually saw to the exile of key Imperial personnel that became opposed to his leadership style and the rule of Vodo Bonias, a decision that would inevitably see to the formation of the New Imperial Order. Numerous individuals from the Emperor Charon era enlisted their support, including Admiral's Stratus, Slicer and Pangborn, while other sectors such as Seele, and Garen Karrade pledged public support. They had formed a strong supporter base but felt that a wise head was needed to help lead the sect against the Emperor, with Karrade and Seele setting course for Barab I.

A private meeting took place. Karrade and Seele were dressed in their old Imperial uniforms, while Cherokee sat and listened to their ideas in a robe. They explained that a base of operations was under construction on Kothlis within Bothan Space, with the once-Imperial aligned Kiner Corporation organizations operating as suppliers. Karrade would be Lord Steward and leader of the group, with its goal seeking the removal of the Vodo Bonias regime, and the reunification of all Imperials. Cherokee spent hours listening to developments and plans from his two compatriots, offering guidance and insights where he could, before being taken aback by the calling to be Executor of the New Order. Despite the impassioned speech, Cherokee was reserved, given his previous tenures as Executor to two Emperors, and his newfound joy of retirement. He was unsure if he wanted to step back into yet another Imperial Civil War. Initially reluctant, Cherokee accepted to position and the New Order revealed itself to the galaxy from Kothlis on Year 6 Day 318 CGT, with Thomas Cherokee officially appointed Executor and awarded the Distinguished Service Medal by the Lord Steward.

In time, the fledgling idealism grew and continued support and financing were accumulated by many displeased with the course of the Galactic Empire. While the New Order suffered some losses, namely the defection of Slicer and Pangborn back to the Bonias regime, this loss still had a silver lining. Through private discussions, the Admiral's were able to convey the incompetence of Grand Moff Daelin Zerk, orchestrating his banishment from the Galactic Empire. While the loss of Zerk was a step in the positive direction, it had another unintended consequence, the resignation of Garen Karrade as New Imperial Steward. In a statement to allow followers of the New Order, Karrade stated that while proud of the group's achievement, he felt his leadership style was blending too greatly with that of the demon he sought to flee, Vodo Bonias, and that his own goal was simply to see the removal of the inept Daelin Zerk. With this surprise, the Steward himself returned to the Galactic Empire, giving Thomas Cherokee the leadership of the sect on Year 7 Day 52 CGT.

Forces deploy during Operation Sandstorm

Among his first directives as Steward of the New Order, Cherokee abolished his position. Given the goals of the New Order were to see a true Emperor leading the Galactic Empire, Cherokee stated to all Imperials that the leader's throne was empty and that the Executor was the leader of the New Imperial cause. In addition the these efforts, he focused the Ministries of Regional Government and Industry on the advancement of Bothan Space, securing strongholds on Bothawui and additional planets throughout the sector, allowing the New Imperial Order to be recognized as an official Government operation in the eyes of the galaxy. They'd managed to stave off an attack by the Eidola Pirates under Teniel Djo and were seen as a legitimate, viable threat to the rule of Vodo Bonias.

Cherokee continued to spend his time negotiating with both the Galactic Empire and outside organizations when it was deemed beneficial, including the outcome of Operation Sandstorm. The Executor deployed New Imperial Navy, Army, and Industry forces to the desert planet of Tattooine, after betrayal within the SoroSuub Corporation left the planet vulnerable to incursion and takeover. Swiftly, New Imperial forces landed and restrained the SoroSuub personnel, while Army forces attempted to secure the numerous cities and encampments across the service. Despite their best efforts to secure the lands of the Jawa, New Imperial forces were overrun by forces of the New Republic and the Falleen Federation, two governments working in tandem under the Galactic Alliance banner, operating primarily from an Imperial-acquired Victory I-class Star Destroyer known as Shadowstone, captured by Falleen operatives during the days of the Battle of Beta. Despite his disheartened displeasure at the campaign loss, Cherokee used the opportunity to employ a new tact in the battle that had not been seen by the Vodo Bonias regime. instead of simply abandoning operations and leaving extensive damage to the planetary ecosystem, the Executor contacted New Republic leadership and negotiated the transfer of munitions and structures deployed on the planet for their credit market value. This maneuver ensured no intelligence loss for security, but also minimal financial losses due to reimbursement. This tactful approach meant no reputation loss for either the Executor or the New Imperial Order after the operation's conclusion, it instead saw an increase in public opinion and support for the position.

In tandem, while the New Imperial Order was making positive light in the realm of public opinion, Galactic Empire forces suffered a loss during the Battle of Kashyyyk, surrendering control of the Wookiee homeworld to the Rebel Alliance. While efforts were made to mitigate the embarrassment through the formation of the Imperial Union with the Hapes Consortium, the New Imperial Order continued to bolster its ranks while monitoring the growth of the diplomatic powerhouse. This observation operation increased dramatically after Moff Orphaea Imperium completed a hostile takeover of the Corporate Sector Authority, bringing many new worlds under the banner of the Bonias regime. Despite this success, Executor Arturus Goth was vocal in his disapproval of the takeover with Emperor Bonias. The two most politically powerful beings in the Empire were seen bickering publicly for weeks before Goth was inevitably removed from power by the Emperor. After the body of the Executor was found soon after, rumors of suicide and homicide swelled across Imperial space. With the loss of another ally, the Emperor was vulnerable, and Executor Cherokee saw an opening to potentially re-unify the Imperials.

With the Emperor engaging in negotiations with New Imperial Order personnel, Cherokee made his intentions clear, that the reunification would not simply be a return to the ways of old. The reunification would indeed culminate in the abdication of the Emperor for a second time, and the ascent of Cherokee to the throne after the completion of a designated transition period. With terms inevitably agreed, the Galactic Empire officially absorbed the operations of the New Imperial Order, and the Third Imperial Civil War was concluded, with Thomas Cherokee appointed Executor of the Galactic Empire on Year 10 Day 160 CGT. Weeks later, the Emperor renegotiated the terms of their agreement, refusing to step down from his position of power. Numerous compromises were proposed by Bonias, including granting Cherokee the title of Emperor but remaining as Executor, but all were refused. Not surprised at the about-face of the Emperor, Cherokee decided to remain as Executor and bide his time until the opportune moment. He used this period to reintroduce the Ministry of Industry to reorganize Imperial civilian operations, increased the purview and powers of the Imperial Security Bureau, and fulfilled various administrative duties that had become lax either due to the Emperor or previous High Command personnel.

After approximately a year, key Imperial personnel had grown tired of the largest absent and ineffectual leadership of the Emperor. With a sense of duty to the Imperial way, Moff Orphaea Imperium seized control of key Imperial assets and operations, effectively holding them hostage until the abdication of Vodo Bonias had occurred. Key systems including Corellia suddenly became vulnerable to outside attack with defense systems shut down, and Imperial tax havens stopped transferring their stipends to the Empire. The Fourth Galactic Civil War was underway, and Cherokee had all the acumen and tactical advantage to finally see the end of the Emperor's rule. During a secret meeting between Bonias, Imperium and Cherokee at the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, the Emperor accepted that the only way forward for the Galactic Empire was his abdication. This decision saw Cherokee, after multiple reigns as an Executor, ascend the Imperial throne, with Imperium named as Executor. Vodo Bonias departed Imperial space soon after aboard his personal Executor-class Star Destroyer, along with those loyal to him among the Sith Order.

The Emperor

For several weeks, the new Emperor sought to remove the stain of Vodo Bonias' rule from Imperial operations as he sought to institute additional policies to ensure stability for the Galactic Empire. One such decision saw the removal of Orphaea Imperium from the role of Executor. This move was viewed with some contention but given the optics of Imperium mutinously claiming the role, and the potential loss of trust by many Imperials facilitated the relegation of the Corellian back to his position of Coruscant Oversector Grand Moff, while Guinar Ndengin, a trusted confidant and whom many viewed as a mentee of Cherokee, ascend to the role of Executor. With the Imperial High Command back at strength and the Imperial Union resuming positive direction under Cherokee's tactile eye, the Coruscanti privately began planning his eventual return to retirement, with the Galactic Empire now back to a position of prominence. In one of his final acts, Cherokee directed Ministry of Industry personnel in tandem with COMPNOR resources to complete the purchase of the Ailon Nova Guard government and to assimilate all its territory and its subsidiary TransGalMeg into the Imperial regime.

After the takeover, the Emperor began to publicly voice his intentions of abdication to his trusted Executor. This began the slow, tactile process of operational handovers to ensure a smooth transition before the abdication was officially revealed to the galaxy toward the end of Year 12 CGT, just over a year since Cherokee assumed the throne. With Guinar Ndengin named his successor officially, and Seele nominated as Executor under Ndengin, Cherokee returned to Barab I to finally enjoy a well deserved retirement, offering his ear and voice when required as an advisor the Imperial Throne. Cherokee is widely recognized as one of the most important figures in Imperial history and was instrumental in navigating the Galactic Empire through numerous tumultuous periods under numerous Emperors. He privately maintains his Barab I estate, ensuring his privacy and a later life outside the limelight of the galaxy.

Executor of the Galactic Empire
Preceded By:
Thomas Cherokee
Year 1 Day 330 - Year 2 Day 200
Succeeded By:
Position Dissolved
Executor of the New Imperial Order
Preceded By:
Garen Karrade
Thomas Cherokee
Year 6 Day 303 - Year 10 Day 60
Succeeded By:
Position Dissolved
Executor of the Galactic Empire
Preceded By:
Arturus Goth
Thomas Cherokee
Year 10 Day 60 - Year 11 Day 291
Succeeded By:
Orphaea Imperium
Emperor of the Galaxy
Preceded By:
Vodo Bonias
Thomas Cherokee
Year 11 Day 291 - Year 12 Day 327
Succeeded By:
Guinar Ndengin