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New Imperial Order

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New Imperial Order
Political information
Type of government Authoritarian empire
Founding document
Head of State Imperial Throne
Head of Government Grand Vizier Guinar Ndengin
Commander-in-Chief Grand Vizier Guinar Ndengin
Executive branch Imperial High Command
Legislative branch Imperial Security Bureau
Judicial branch Imperial Security Bureau
Societal information
Territory Bothan System
Capital Kothlis
Official language Basic
Currency Imperial Credits
State religious body
National holiday Creation Day
Historical information
Formed from Galactic Empire
Date of establishment Year 6 Day 318
Date of reorganisation Year 10 Day 160 (reunified with the Galactic Empire)

The New Imperial Order, also known as the New Order and NIO, was a splinter faction from the Galactic Empire.


The New Order began as a growing movement of an Imperial group whose purpose was to restore pride and purpose to a Galactic Empire which they felt had lost its direction. Growing under the leadership of Emperors Connel and Mccarthur, the first true reign of the New Order began with the Empire of Emperor Charon. In early Year 4, the end of Emperor Charon's reign resulted in scores of high ranking Imperials, including most of Imperial High Command and a majority of senior Command-level officers, leaving the Galactic Empire.

Two years saw the assassination of Grand Moff Qel-Droma, the loss of the New Anzat Order as a vassal state, and the continued defection of Imperials to other groups. Many new and talented enlisted and officers joined and put forth great effort into defending their beliefs on the Empire and the New Order. As a result, on Year 6 Day 303, a group of officers and enlisted held a secret meeting to discuss the course of the Empire and the future of the New Order. They pledged their lives and treasure to the restoration of their perspective of what the New Order should be. The reformers seized control of an Imperial holonet transceiver and broadcast the group’s mission: to appoint an Emperor worthy of the Empire and the New Order.

Across the galaxy, believers in the New Order, both within the Empire and without, rallied to the cause. The group was immediately fortified with former Imperials and other volunteers eager to restore the New Order to the glory of years past. In addition to the scores of able-bodied persons that rushed to fill the group’s lines, citizens across the galaxy, remembering and desiring a return to the fair and steadfast rule of the Galactic Empire, contributed assets to ensure the success of the mission. Ten days after the initial broadcast, the reformers formed a group of their own, the New Imperial Order, and selected Garen Karrade as its Steward.

All that remained was to find the backing necessary to ensure the initial survival of a movement such as this needed in order to succeed. Businessman Jim Stratus, former Imperial Admiral, donated a large portion of his personal wealth, but even more was needed. The New Order was not entirely without means however, and so it turned to the Kiner Corporation. With the technical help and financial support of the cornerstone of KinerCorp, the Corellian Engineering Corporation, the revolution was truly able to begin and The New Imperial Order was able to prop itself up on the advanced infrastructure and assets selflessly donated to the NIO by KinerCorp.

It would not be long after the Order was formed that it would be baptized by fire. In a heartening show of solidarity, the loyal members of the Order turned their backs on those they deemed traitors. However, for all their perfidy, several resolute officers remained including Commodore Rawius Titan and Lieutenant Guinar Ndengin as well as dozens of enlisted faithful to the New Imperial Order.

The hardships of the Order’s infancy could not dampen its members' spirit or weaken their resolve. With the coming of the new year, on Day 31 of Year 7, Garen Karrade retired from his post as Steward in order to concentrate on personal pursuits, entrusting authority over the Order to the capable hands of Executor Thomas Cherokee.

As the fledgling order took its first steps toward establishing itself in the galaxy, its territorial integrity was challenged. The Eidola Pirates, seeking a base in the Bothan Sector, attempted to establish themselves on the planet of Dressel, right in the New Imperial Order’s backyard. The NIO military sprung to action, fending off botched contracted construction crews on Dressel while preventing Eidola from taking the planet.

Government and politics

Thomas Cherokee

Imperial High Command

The NIO's High Command was composed of the various branch and department heads, Ministers and Regional Governors. Each member of High Command had a respective area of specialisation and authority that they reported to The Throne regarding. The High Command was further divided into what is called the Inner Council, which included the Lord Steward, Executor, Grand Vizier, Director of Imperial Intelligence, Director of the Imperial Security Bureau, Commander of the Navy and Commander of the Army.

The Executor was the chief executive of the New Imperial High Command, and as such oversaw the High Command in its day to day functioning. A Member of the Throne, and the ultimate authority within the government, the Executor was responsible for the overall direction and cohesion of the NIO, and for assigning strategic objectives to the branch commanders.

The Chairman of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order, the Grand Vizier was responsible for the coordination of all branches within the New Imperial Order. The Grand Vizier was the second-in-command of the New Imperial Order, ensuring that the directives of the Executor were not left to abeyance.


The New Imperial Order's Select Committee, chaired by the Grand Vizier, met regularly within the Palace on Kothlis, which served as the seat of power for The Throne, and as the official headquarters for COMPNOR. Each meeting was attended by each member of the SelCom, and in the event that a member could not attend a meeting, proxies are not permitted. Protected by Royal Guards, SelCom meetings were among the most secure and secretive meetings within the NIO, with only Inner Circle meetings taking higher security measures.

COMPNOR was the only branch nonhumans were not allowed to enter in the New Imperial Order.


The two intelligence branches of the New Imperial Order were Imperial Intelligence and the Imperial Security Bureau. Imperial Intelligence was charged with the identification and analysis and minimisation of threats and opportunities outside of the New Imperial Order. Whereas the Imperial Security Bureau was charged with the maintenance of internal security through the identification, analysis and interception of threats within the New Imperial Order.


NIO's First Legion emblem

The two military branches of the New Imperial Order were the Army and Navy, which were responsible for securing and protecting New Imperial Order assets, personnel and interests. The Army provided for personal combat in both melee and ranged engagements, on planets, space stations and spacecraft. The Navy provided for all aspects of space and limited air combat involving capital ships, starfighters and freighters.

New Imperial Army

The New Imperial Army was led by the Army High Command, which consisted of the Army Commanding Officer and Army Executive Officer. Legions also had their own Commanding and Executive Officers. Within each Legion were Brigades, led by Commanding and Executive Officers.

NIO's First Fleet emblem

New Imperial Navy

The New Imperial Navy, led by the Navy High Command made up of the Navy Commanding Officer and Navy Executive Officer, was split into two branches: Fleet Command and Starfighter Command. Fleet and Wing Commanding Officers, assisted by their Executive Officers, reported directly to NHC. Lines and Squadrons, two to every Fleet and Wing respectively, had their own Commanding and Executive Officers.


Bothan Sector, home of the New Imperial Order

During the New Imperial Order's reign over the Bothan Sector, inhabitants of the sector saw the completion of several mass development projects. The Corellian Engineering Corporation provided the required economic foundation for the New Order to expand and develop the Bothan Sector. The Bothan Blasting Corporation was later founded to provide the ever-increasing New Order with required raw materials to continue the vast expansion work.

When the New Order assumed control of the basic infrastructure KinerCorp had begun laying down in Bothan Sector, the Sector was home to a mere 3 million inhabitants, most of which were native Bothans and Dresselians. Barely 9 months under the control of the New Order and its aggressive economic development plan, Bothan Sector’s population swelled over 100 million inhabitants and the New Imperial Order was recognized by many as an established and legitimate government.

Most of the population growth was due to the attractive social, economic, and educational opportunities the New Order offered to the citizens of the galaxy at large. Staggering numbers of humans poured into Bothan Sector due to well targeted opportunities afforded them, quickly surpassing the sector’s namesake indigenous non-human populations. The development of new construction techniques and methods on a Kothlis Moon early in Year 8 lead to the successes the New Order enjoyed in turning first Elantar in the Kothlis System, and then Dressel in the Dressel System into the veritable bastions of high civilization that they are today.

Society and culture

The Imperial Knights were an order of Force-practitioners loyal to the New Imperial Order. Led by Lord Eric Jackson, the Knights were fully trained in the ways of the Force but were unconcerned about its nature; they focused instead on simply learning to use the Force to help carry out the ideals of the New Imperial Order. The existence of the Imperial Knights was known to the average citizen, but the details of their actions were kept secret.