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Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Unknown
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Born Unknown
Imperial Service
Branch Imperial Throne
Positions None
Prior Service Emperor of the Galactic Empire

Executor, Imperial Throne
Minister of Diplomatic Relations

Awards Unknown

J. Charon was the eighth Emperor of the Galactic Empire. He is considered by many to be one of the most influential political figures of modern Imperial history. Many consider Charon to have brought the era started by Connel to new heights, transforming the Galactic Empire into a Galaxy-wide superpower. He is the last of the three Emperors that gave shape to the New Order before the return of the Sith. The political rivalry between Connel and Veynom has been compared to that between Charon and Bonias. This rivalry dominated Imperial politics for nearly 10 years and arguably caused three Imperial Civil Wars. Emperor Charon is thus a central figure in the examination of modern Imperial politics. Sadly, due to the destruction of many records by Vodoists, much of Charon's reign remains undocumented and a lot of information was rewritten by his enemies.

Personal History

Continuing A Legacy

Little is known about Charon's early career, but he is believed to have served in the Imperial Navy for a period before joining the nascent bureaucracy. Under Connel he became Minister for Diplomatic Relations, a position that he retained as Executor.

Having served as the second Executor of Emperor Mccarthur for about a year, Charon was familiar with his mild and just policies and would be influenced by them during his own reign. Despite being second in the line of succession, behind Thomas Cherokee, Charon was named Mccarthur's successor upon the latter's abdication of the Throne. After assuming control of the Empire and taking up the mantle of Emperor, Charon undertook extensive reforms of Imperial laws and government. He also heavily centralized the bureaucracy of the Empire, which had remained unchanged and outdated since the rule of Emperor Piett.

His reign knew many successes, such as the conquest of the Tatoo system, extending the Empire's reach all the way to the Outer Rim. He awarded governance of the new system to the Hutt Council, which had sworn loyalty to the Emperor. He also established the Imperial Port Authority on Year 3 Day 59, an organisation that still functions many years later.

The Encroaching Darkness

During Charon's reign, the Dark Empire was forged by the Imperial Core and the Sith Order under the influence of two Sith Masters and former Emperors, Piett and Vodo Bonias . While Charon succesfully expanded his Empire, it became increasingly difficult for Bonias to keep his Dark Empire together, suffering from constant rebel attacks, nearly resulting in the loss of Bastion, their headquarters. The Sith warlord eventually came to Charon and proposed a reunification of the two Imperial factions. Charon did not trust the Sith, but due to reasons unknown, finally agreed to the proposal. Some believe that Gorn Veynom had discovered something in the Unknown Regions and threatened Charon with it to expedite the merger.

On Year 3 Day 290, the two Empires merged and Count Greyson Uebles was appointed Executor as part of the agreement that had been made. Many Dark Empire officers were similarly integrated into the Galactic Empire in a variety of positions. Some of these officers would later use their positions to overthrow Charon.
As the months passed, the merger between the Galactic Empire and Dark Empire appeared succesful, but there were still many obstacles. Suspicion and in-fighting were rampant. The Empire was still divided in two camps. Charon and Vodo, each with diametrically opposed political visions and methods, shared a bitter rivalry during the remainder of Charon's reign. This led to supporters of Vodo Bonias being called "Vodoists" and those of Charon "Charonists". Bonias never intended to leave the Throne in Charon's hands and secretly prepared to overthrow him. Emper Charon had allowed him to maintain his own fleet in the Empire, the Dark Hand Fleet, that incorporated many of his loyal and high-ranking officers as well as several Dark Jedi. This way, Charon attempted to keep those loyal to the Sith away from the rest of the Empire. Vodo also managed to preserve the secretive Majestic-12 intelligence branch which had been part of the Dark Empire and consisted of the Warlord's most faithful agents. Although Bonias undertook several attempts to expand the MJ-12, his plans were often thwarted by the Imperial Security Bureau, which rounded up and executed all officers found to be working for the Sith.

Return of the Sith

Charonists were extremely suspicious of the Dark Hand Fleet. When the fleet's Commanding Officer, Vice Admiral Jennifer Dreighton tried to circumvent the Chain of Command and attempted to take command of the combined fleet at Alderaan without authority, Emperor Charon ordered General Matrel Byden of the ISB to arrest her. This gave Bonias the excuse he needed to initiate his coup d'état. During an attack by the Rebel Alliance on a vital Imperial research station, the Imperial Palace on Coruscant was suddenly stormed by the Sith and their troops. Despite being relatively small in size, the band of conspirators succeeded in taking over the Palace, having caught the Emperor and his Royal Guard by surprise. Only Director Seele of Imperial Intelligence, Director Byden of the ISB and the Emperor himself managed to escape the Palace alive, accompanied by only a handful of guards. The Sith deposed Charon as Emperor on Year 4 Day 133, hoping to restore their absolute control over the Empire and effectively return the Empire to its pre-Piett state. They installed Count Uebles on the Throne and many amongst them believed the coup had been succesful.

The overthrown Emperor was very popular and still counted many supporters throughout the entire galaxy however. The coup led to an exodus of many Imperial officers and would later result in the creation of the New Imperial Order. Charon withdrew himself from the galactic scene, but before disappearing he warned that Uebles was simply a puppet of Bonias and that the worst was yet to come. His predictions would later come true, when Bonias replaced his protegé on the Throne. By this time, most Charonists would have resigned already in disgust, signalling the beginning of the Third Imperial Civil War. The reign of the Sith would also cause a severe blow to the image of the Empire and the morale of its citizens, from which it would only recover many years later with the conclusion of the Fourth Imperial Civil War and the ascension of Emperor Cherokee.

Letter of Resignation

[Letter of Resignation]

Emperor of the Galactic Empire
Preceded By:
Year 2 Day 212 - Year 4 Day 133
Succeeded By:
Greyson Uebles


  • Charon never wore a uniform and insisted on wearing a suit, considering a uniform to be "too militaristic".
  • Only a few people know the true first name of this Emperor. He often used the initial "J" instead of his full name.