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Jennifer Dreighton

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Jennifer Dreighton
Biographical Information
Imperial Service
Branch HChPHNA.png
Order of the Sith
Positions RETIRED
Prior Service Army CO, Imperial Core
Lady Protector, Imperial Core
Executor, Imperial Throne

Nennifer Dreighton joined the Empire and 3rd Recon Fleet in late Year -1. With the remodeling of the fleet into the 2nd Imperial Fleet, she became the XO of the 21st Sector Fleet

When Commodore Veynom became Grand Admiral, she followed him to Naval High Command and took over the Imperial Naval Personnel Office (INPO).

She was one of the leading officers who decided to leave the Galactic Empire and form the Imperial Core. After Emperor Piett had left and Connel has usurped the throne, life in the Empire had become difficult for those who were seen as followers of Veynom. Forming the Imperial Core was a way to stay true to her beliefs when there it was no longer possible to do so in the Empire.

Dreighton served the Core as second of command under Lord Protector Simms. She usually ran the Core on a daily basis, as Simms - or Darth Knyte, as he more and more liked to be called - was more and more occupied with his studies of the Dark Side of the Force.

With the galaxy wide message from Grand Admiral Veynom ("From the Ashes") Dreighton assumed command of the Core, while Darth Knyte joined the newly emerging Sith group, led by former Emperor Piett.

Allthough they were unable to complete their mission as was planed, the combined efforts of the Imperial Core and the Sith led to the creation of the Dark Empire under Emperor Vodo Bonias.

During the reunification talks between the Dark Empire and the Galactic Empire Dreighton was one of the representatives for the Core.

After the reunification she served as Vice Admiral as best as she could. She never had any other intentions than serving the Emperor faithfully, but had found herself in a situation where this was difficult to do, being kept in assigmments with fancy titles and nothing to do. So it is not without irony that it was her arrest by ISB-General Byden ordered by Grand Admiral Black Lodge that eventually let to the downfall of Emperor Charon. The arrest was for insubordination (to Black Lodge) and had nothing to do with Charon himself. The conditons of the reunification treaty required a certain format for the trial to which Emperor Charon refused to comply with eventually leading to him being removed as Emperor of the Galactic Empire.

Under Emperor Uebles Dreighton held the positon of Vizier and Director of COMPNOR and later Imperial Executor.

When Emperor Uebles stepped down and Emperor Bonias assumed the Throne for the second time, Dreighton resigned her post and left to explore other possible ventures in the galaxy.

Preceded By:
Correll Aintab
Jennifer Dreighton
(with Vodo Bonias and Black Lodge)

Year 4
Succeeded By:
Black Lodge