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Black Lodge

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Black Lodge
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Unknown
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Born Unknown
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
Positions Retired
Prior Service Imperial Navy
Imperial Army
Awards Unknown

Black Lodge is a retired Grand Admiral and former Executor to the Throne. He commenced his service in the infantry of the Imperial Army in Year -1 BCGT, during the first reign of Vodo Bonias and was swiftly promoted, commanding a squad, a division and the infantry corps in turn. Early in Year 0 Black Lodge was promoted to Command General. Subsequently he served as Commander of the Imperial Army. Despite having risen through the ranks of the army, Black Lodge was promoted to Grand Admiral and continued to serve loyally through the reigns of Connel, Mccarthur and Charon. By Year 3 he was in command of the First Assault Force, a joint Army-Navy formation that served as the Empire's mobile reserve. Late in that year he led the First Assault Force in a brief occupation of Tatooine, before handing control over to the Hutts who were then allied to the Empire.

After the merger between the Galactic Empire of Connel and the Dark Empire, Black Lodge became Commander of the Imperial Navy; making him the only officer to hold the top positions in both branchs of the Imperial Military. Unlike most of his peers who had served on the High Command of Charon, the Grand Admiral choose to remain in the Empire after Emperor Uebles seized the throne and was given the post of Military Chief of Staff in addition to command of the Navy. From his flagship the Imperial Star Destroyer Nemesis Black Lodge commanded the combined fleets that fought at the Battle of Beta. Along with Jennifer Dreighton and Vodo Bonias, he was one of three individuals to simultaneously hold the post of Executor. Ultimately Black Lodge resigned soon after Jennifer Dreighton, revealing that Vodo Bonias was about to be raised to High Executor and that he refused to serve under the Sith Master.

Despite this, when Vodo Bonias subsequently assumed the throne he nominated Black Lodge as his Executor, but although he held the post on paper for some months he never accepted the appointment or returned to active service.

Preceded By:
Jennifer Dreighton
Black Lodge
(with Jennifer Dreighton and Vodo Bonias)

Year 4
Succeeded By:
Gunther von Esling

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