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Matrel Byden

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Matrel Byden
Biographical Information
Race Human
Imperial Service
Branch compnor.png
Positions Retired
Prior Service Grand Vizier
Chairwoman of COMPNOR
Fleet Commanding Officer

Matrel Byden, also known as Targeter, was a highly decorated Imperial officer who served in various capacities in the Navy, Army, judiciary, and COMPNOR. Ensign Targeter joined the Galactic Empire in Year -3 and was assigned to the Second Naval Recon, Sword Squadron. She was quickly promoted to Lieutenant and executive officer of Sword Squadron in Year -2 and eventually was appointed to the bench in the newly-created Imperial Judiciary. After serving for several months in that capacity, she returned to the Navy and was appointed Vice Admiral Mccarthur's executive officer in the Red Fleet. Quickly proving herself as a leader, she was reassigned to the First Naval Recon as its commanding officer in Year -1.

Little is known of Byden's career between her command in the First Naval Recon and her appointment as ISB-General under Emperor Charon. It was during this period that she dropped her assumed name and became known as Matrel Byden.

Grand Vizier
Preceded By:
Orphaea Imperium
Matrel Byden
Year 10 Day - Year 11 Day
Succeeded By:
Executive Officer, First Imperial Legion
Preceded By:
Ralkata Tyrran
Matrel Byden
Y9D321 - Y9D351
Succeeded By:
Elysia Dragonsky