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Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Unknown
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Classified
Imperial Service
Branch Imperial Throne
Positions Retired
Prior Service Emperor of the Galactic Empire
Awards Unknown

Mccarthur was the seventh Emperor of the Galactic Empire and the second ruler in a dynastic triumvirate which began with Emperor Connel and ended with Mccarthur's successor, Emperor Charon. Emperor Mccarthur is often criticized by some Imperial historians for his un-Imperial-like benevolence. He was also accused by his detractors of needlessly increasing bureaucracy within the Empire. Nevertheless, Mccarthur was a very popular man and deserves recognition for helping to rebuild the Empire after a large number of Imperials had defected to the Imperial Core during Connel's brief tenure as Emperor.

Personal History

A Man of Loyalty

Mccarthur joined the Galactic Empire in Year -1. Throughout his career, he was a loyal and dedicated Imperial officer who served in a variety of positions, including Naval Ensign, Ambassador, Executive Officer of the Naval Fleet, Commanding Officer of the Naval Fleet, Commander of the Royal Guard, Director of Naval Intelligence, Commander of Army Quadrant IV, and many others. Mccarthur's uncommon career through several disparate positions coupled to a strong character led to some tension and frictions with the more conservative Naval officers. An anecdote reports that during his assignment as Commanding Officer of the Naval Fleet, Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom stated in front of the entire Imperial High Command that a second Super Star Destroyer should be produced and assigned to Mccarthur's fleet: one to carry Mccarthur himself, and the second one to carry his ego.

Ascension to the Throne

When Emperor Trey Connel decided to abdicate, his shuttle mysteriously exploded while on its way to the Imperial Palace. Although no official declaration had been made by Connel before his presumed death, Mccarthur was declared the new Emperor with the support of Connel's close advisors. The new Emperor's first decision was to appoint Thomas Cherokee, Minister of Protocol under Piett, as his Executor, thus second-in-command of the Empire and heir-apparent to Emperor Mccarthur. While Executor, Cherokee also continued to serve as Grand Admiral and Commanding Officer of the Imperial Navy.

The Three Executors

Only ten days later, the new Emperor decided to appoint a second Executor for the betterment of his New Order. Mccarthur chose Minister Charon to join his line of succession. Like his fellow Executor, Charon also retained his old post of Minister of Diplomacy during his tenure as Executor. To prevent infighting should he ever become incapacitated or die before being able to name a successor, Mccarthur declared that the Executors would succeed him in order of appointment, making Cherokee the most likely successor to Mccarthur.

The first few weeks of Mccarthur's reign were rather hectic, as on Year 1 Day 353, Trey Connel arrived at the Imperial Palace and entered Imperial service once more. Connel was appointed Minister of Defence, although this decision was heavily criticized by the Imperial Core, amongst others. Unphased, Mccarthur even took it a step further by making Connel his First Executor on the first day of Year 2, placing him in front of Cherokee and Charon in the line of succession. This time would later become known as the "Reign of the Three Executors". It did not last long however, as Connel retired on Year 2 Day 81. Miraculously, there hadn't been any violent conflicts between Mccarthur's three heirs.

Rebuilding an Empire

The primary concerns of Mccarthur during his reign were repairing Imperial finances and restoring Imperial prestige. To this end he enacted a number of popular measures. However, these acts of benevolence displeased Imperial separatists such as the Imperial Core who claimed the Empire under Mccarthur had become soft and lost sight of a more important issue: to defeat the rebels. Their objections fell on deaf ears as the majority of the galactic populace reveled in the reign of an honourable and just Emperor. Mccarthur's policies of appeasement were admired throughout the entire galaxy and earned him great popularity and praise. This greatly frustrated the Rebel Alliance, as their recruitment efforts were severaly damaged, unable to convince citizens to take up arms against such a loved Emperor. After half a year of Mccarthur's reign, the Imperials had become more well-liked by the general populace than the rebels, a paradoxical situation viewed as intolerable by both the frustrated rebels and the militant Core.

On Year 2 Day 140, the unthinkable happened: the Rebel Alliance, led by Supreme Commander Shae Briston at that time, proposed a peace treaty to the Galactic Empire. The Alliance explicitly stated that "Mccarthur was far too kind a ruler to revolt against". Their peace offer sent shockwaves throughout the galaxy as many sentient beings pondered what the universe would be like without the Galactic Civil War that had dominated much of their lives. Two days later, Mccarthur rejected the peace offer on the grounds that the Empire does not, nor will it ever, negotiate with terrorists. He further demanded the unconditional surrender of the Rebel Alliance. Although his stern reply temporarily quelled accusations that he was unfit to lead the Empire, Mccarthur's image as a benevolent and kind ruler now became a liability.
Briston received a lot of criticism for what he had done and despite attempts to write it off as a false offer to test the Emperor, Shae Briston stepped down as Supreme Commander of the rebels eight days later.


By the middle of Year 2, Mccarthur became less energetic, partially due to his age but also beleaguered by mounting accusations of being unfit to lead the Empire. Rumours surfaced that the entire Empire was practically run by his two Executors, Cherokee and Charon. On Year 2 Day 212, Mccarthur retired and named Charon his successor, despite Cherokee being the oldest Executor.

Emperor of the Galactic Empire
Preceded By:
Trey Connel
Year 1 Day 320 - Year 2 Day 212
Succeeded By: