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Imperial Core

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Imperial Core


Political information
Type of government Authoritarian empire
Founding document
Head of State Imperial Throne
  • Emperor (de jure)
  • Lord Protector (de facto)
Head of Government Lord Protector
Commander-in-Chief Lord Protector
Executive branch
Legislative branch
Judicial branch
Societal information
Capital Bastion
Official language Basic
Currency Imperial Credits
State religious body
National holiday
Historical information
Formed from Galactic Empire
Date of establishment Year 1 Day 307
Date of reorganisation Year 3 Day 94 (merged with the Sith Order into the Dark Empire)

The Imperial Core (also known as the Core) was a separatist movement composed of Imperial officers who objected to the rule of Emperor Connel. These officers believed that Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom was the true Emperor of the Galactic Empire and that Connel had usurped the Imperial throne. Two years after its formation, the Imperial Core merged with the Sith Order to create the Dark Empire.


On Year 1 Day 212, Emperor Piett, who had reigned for just over a year, abdicated in favour of Trey Connel and disappeared into the Unknown Regions to answer a summoning through the Force. Many believed that Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom, the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Navy, should have been heir to the Throne, resulting in a civil war.

Die-hard supporters of Veynom - among them, many Imperial officers and enlisted members of the military - rebelled against Connel's rule. During this time, Veynom also received a similar summoning through the Force. Before departing for the Unknown Regions, Veynom arranged for the formation of the Imperial Core, placing himself as Emperor with his former executive officer and friend, Fleet Admiral Simms, as Lord Protector.

Over the course of the next half year, the Imperial Core drew support from many pro-Imperial Systems, becoming a sizable government in their own right. Lieutenant General Jennifer Dreighton and First Lieutenant Corman commanded the Army, while Count Greyson Uebles and Captain Onijaya led the Navy.

Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom

On Year 2 Day 329, Simms stepped down as Lord Protector to focus on his Force training and appointed Dreighton as Lady Protector. Around this time, Veynom made an announcement from the Unknown Regions that had major ramifications across the galaxy. Members of the Imperial Core were able to decipher his message and rushed to a previously unexplored region of the Outer Rim, discovering an old Death Star. The weapon itself proved to be incomplete and irreparable, though the Core were now had possession of a veritable treasure trove of lost information and data. Additionally, it granted them a great deal of prestige in the galaxy as more systems and people flocked to the banner of the Imperial Core.

Some months later, the Sith Order - led by Vodo Bonias and accompanied by Simms (now known as Darth Knyte) - merged with the Imperial Core to create the Dark Empire.