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Formation of the Imperial Core

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Citizens and Soldiers of the Empire,

for a long time the Empire stood for law and order in the Galaxy. Its mighty army and navy brought peace to thousands of worlds. The wise rule of our Emperor let the most industrious of our citizens flourish.

But now the Empire has fallen into unworthy hands. The Empire is no longer ruled by honor and justice, but by a bunch of beaurocrats and powerhungry courtiers. Trust has been replaced by terror.

We, the undersigned are sick and tired of arbitrary actions and senseless witchhunts. And we are not alone. We already lost too many upright and honest citizens since this powerhungry clique took over. Now it´s time to act. It´s time to bring back to the Galaxy what the Empire once stood for: Order, honor and trust.

Therefore we decided to part from this corrupt Empire to form a new Empire: the Imperial Core.

Join the Imperial Core now!

Grand Admiral Veynom

Navy CO, retired

Fleet Admiral Simms

Navy XO

Admiral von Esling


Moff Angusson

Calaron Sector Lord

Commodore Dreighton


Commodore Quaxo

5th Fleet CO

Commodore Peich

7th Fleet CO

Captain Uebles


Captain Samurai

11th Fleet CO

Commander ThrawnXXIV

4th Fleet CO

Commander Nugehan

17th Fleet CO

Commander Death Lord

7th Fleet XO

Commander Machkhit


Commander Thrawn

Ministry of Finance

Lieutenant-Commander Karrde


Lieutenant-Commander Todtstelzer

5th Fleet XO

Lieutenant Podalire

former IMD CO

Lieutenant Wold


Lieutenant (jg) Goth


Ensign Jodokast

INA and INPO Assistant

Fl-Sgt Corman

23rd Company CO

Message of Lord Simms to the members of the Imperial armed forces (proclamation of the Imperial Core)

/*** Urgent message from NHQ, Admiral Simms appears, out of his regular Admiral uniform,but dressed in a cloak instead, he looks very disappointed, along side with Admiral von Esling, Commodore Dreighton, Cmdr Machkhit and countless of other fleet COs and their men/women in the background ***

Greetings, Dark Side followers...

What we have here is failure to communicate. Some men, you just cannot reach, so we have what occurs in our own faction, plagues of false propaganda about the leaders of Naval HQ....falsified actions...which is the way they want it to be....well, they have it!

The Empire has entered an era of prophetic judgment. The gods of the Dark Side have been neglected. The Empire has failed to pay its tribute to the Lords of the Sith that watch over them, that protect them, that offer backing through the mighty arm of the Dark Side of the Force. This obviously raises a couple of questions.

Why do you think Piett was summoned?

Why do you think Veynom was summoned?

To answer those questions, you must first understand the abilities each one of these possess. Piett was the leader of the vehicle from which the preservation of the Dark Side was to be transported. That campaign of preservation was stunted by lack of growth, and by the stagnant condition of the Imperial High Command. Corruption existed at every level. The Dark Lords summoned Piett in order that retribution be paid. As the driver of this vehicle (Empire), he was responsible for its stagnant environment. He was responsible for its self destruction. Piett recognized that his sacrifice of himself to the Dark Lords, would preserve the Empire for at least a little while longer. What the Dark Lords have done with Piett remains to be seen.

What will happen next?

Obviously, the sacrifice kept the Sith Gods happy only momentarily, for things did not improve in the Empire. The new Emperor, Connel, was more deceitful than the first. He placed his trust in nobles and in earthling men. He place his trust in the sheer power of the Empire, as dominant military. However, he did not remember the words of Lord Darth Vader. Who put it quite eloquently, when he stated:

"Do not be so proud of this technological terror you've constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the force".

Connel lost sight of how the Empire became such a dominant power. It was not the intelligence of the officers. It was not the superior technology and resources at their disposal. Rather, it was the will of the Lords of the Sith. The Dark Lords of the Force that surrounds everyone of us. They allowed these things to take place. Emperor Palpatine only knew this too well when he recorded his findings in the book of anger. Connel allowed his tainted, corrupt group of untrustworthy soldiers crush the Empire into the ground even further. Granted, he boasts an organization that is more efficient. Yet, none of his officers are truely loyal or dedicated to the cause. Despite his position of authority, Former Emperor Connel has failed to raise the bar. In fact, he has lowered the bar, by promoting and former army buddies into positions of authority. He has disavowed Veynom, and has caused a restlessness in the heart of the Empire. Now the stirring must be brought to an end.

Veynom, a Dark Jedi Master, was summoned to calm the stirrings of the Gods of the Dark Side. To ease the minds of the Dark Lords of the Sith. A grace that will buy us true Imperials the time to completely burn with the fire the organization that has brought ostraciscm to us.

The true Imperials, in opposition to Connel, will restore the Empire to its former glory. The true Imperials will execute the Emperor if he fails to heed the calls for his resignation. The true Imperials will murder all who support him, that wish to remain in that tainted institution. The true Imperials will finally bring the Empire, up from the ashes and make it the most feared vehicle of the Dark Side the galaxy has ever seen..

All will proceed to the new NFG named Core (It will be ready tomorrow afternoon, Saturday Oct 7th)

I will lead this new power with Admiral GEsling at my side, when the SWCOM is operable, EMPEROR Veynom shall rule.

Lord Simms