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Greyson Uebles

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Greyson Uebles
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Amon Uebles
Children {{{children}}}
Born Unknown
Imperial Service
Branch Imperial Throne
Positions None
Prior Service Emperor of the Galactic Empire

Executor, Imperial Throne

Awards Unknown

Greyson Uebles, also known as Darth Cypher, was the ninth Emperor of the Galactic Empire. His reign was marred by numerous defections of officers still loyal to his predecessor Charon. However, he also presided over one of the greatest military victories in Imperial history at the Battle of Beta.

Personal History

Early Life

Count Greyson Uebles was born as the youngest scion of an aristocratic family on Coruscant. His elderly father held an honorary seat in the Galactic Senate after retiring from duty in the Republic Navy. His father was disgusted by the rampant corruption within the Republic and became an outspoken allegiant of Hiram Drayson's New Order. His two sons, Amon and Greyson, enlisted in the famed Coruscant Naval Academy in order to follow the military tradition of their forebears.

Greyson's older brother Amon graduated with highest distinction and was eventually assigned to a fleet where he later perished in battle against the Rebel Alliance. His father never recovered from Amon's death and passed away several weeks later, struck by grief. Greyson would forever remember who caused the death of his brother and father; thus, his hatred for the Rebel Alliance would control the rest of his life.

Imperial Career

During either the reign of Emperor Spytek or Piett, Uebles joined the Imperial Navy. As he rose through the ranks, he became part of the group of senior Naval Officers close to Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom, including Admiral Darth Knyte, Admiral Jennifer Dreighton and Admiral Gunther von Esling. After Emperor Connel took the throne and Veynom disappeared to the Unknown Regions, Uebles briefly transferred to the newly formed Imperial Intelligence, where he was the first Deputy Director. The growing unrest amongst Veynom's former supporters spilled over though, and he defected to the Imperial Core.

Within the Imperial Core Uebles rose fast, holding the posts of Navy Commanding Officer, Praetorian Guard Commanding Officer and eventually deputy to Lady Protector Dreighton. After the merger between the Imperial Core and Sith Empire formed the Dark Empire he became Minister of Defense.

The subsequent reunification of the Dark Empire and Galactic Empire saw Uebles become Executor to Emperor Charon, making him (at least nominally) the most senior of the former Dark Imperials.


Despite the unification, divisions remained between the Sith and Charon's loyalists. These came to a head when Vice Admiral Dreighton attempted to take command of a combined fleet stationed at Alderaan. Emperor Charon responded by ordering the arrest of Dreighton for disregarding the chain of command; in turn the Sith launched a coup and stormed the Imperial Palace. When the dust settled, Uebles sat upon the throne and revealed himself to be a Sith Lord and former apprentice of Emperor Piett.

Having seized the Empire though, Uebles found it difficult to rule. Resignations began almost immediately, with numerous officers loyal to Charon refusing to serve under the man who overthrew him. Little more than a month into his reign Executor Connel Aintib attempted to launch a counter coup; while unsuccessful, it added to the ongoing chaos within the Empire. While the Imperial military eventually stabilised under the leadership of Grand Admiral Black Lodge and Brigadier General Durand, the civilian divisions struggled to recover well into the reign of his successor.

Amongst the most visible losses was the Shadowstone, a Imperial-class Star Destroyer that was seized by the Falleen Federation when Moff Vir Calder defected. In response to this the Galactic Empire launched Operation Beta, a massive offensive involving two fleets, three battalions of the Imperial Army and almost the entire Sith Order. While the Shadowstone was not recaptured, the Imperial forces triumped, destroying the Space Station Libra and scouring the planet Ul Yanin of life while the Falleen King Eldrik Kuraine was slain by the Thraken Solo. The Operation provided a great boost for Imperial morale and provided a backdrop to the elaborate celebrations of the anniversary of Uebles taking the throne.

Greyson Uebles disappeared from the eye of the galaxy shortly afterward, the victim of an experiment involving Sith Alchemy. He was succeeded by his High Executor, Vodo Bonias.



Uebles' legacy is a mixed one. While the Empire bled experienced officers chafing under his rule after Charon, the victory at Beta resulted in perhaps the strongest surge of pro-Imperial feeling in the Empire's history, as well as crippling the Falleen Federation for many years. Throughout his reign critics of Uebles suspected him to be a frontman to Vodo Bonias, but a number of Imperial High Command members resigned rather than serve Vodo.

Emperor of the Galactic Empire
Preceded By:
Greyson Uebles
Year 4 Day 134 - Year 5 Day 158
Succeeded By:
Vodo Bonias