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Battle of Beta

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Battle of Beta
Galactic Civil War
Date late Year 5
Location Loronar
Result Decisive Imperial victory
Galactic Empire Falleen Federation
Commanders and leaders
Greyson Uebles
Zechs Darius
Eldric Kuraine †
IMS Sovereign
9 Star Destroyers
3 Imperial Army Battalions
Libra Battlestation
Casualties and losses
Minor King Kuraine killed

Libra battle station destroyed

The Battle of Beta, also known as Operation Beta and the Beta Campaign, was a historic battle between the Galactic Empire and the Falleen Federation, then ruled by King Eldrik Kuraine, in late Year 5. An uncharted system, Beta was first discovered by the Empire during the search for Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom.

Imperial forces were victorious in the battle, with minimal loses, assisted by the defection of a senior member of the Falleen Federation. The massive Falleen Federation-controlled space station Libra was destroyed, and the entire population (an estimated three billion sentients) of Ul Yanin killed, mainly by the Imperial Army. Kuraine and his consort were also killed by the Sith Lord Thraken Solo onboard the stolen Imperial Star Destroyer Shadowstone, although the Empire failed to recapture it.