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Veynom's announcement from the Unknown Regions

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Every saga has a beginning ...

The Galaxy is still in turmoil since years. The Imperial Order is contested by treacherous rebels and dissident Imperials. Hate, fear, anger and death are daily emotions.

And it will be worse. On the 327th day of the 3rd year, a communication is sent through the Holonet. The used channel is a public channel which is strange as it was rarely used these days.

Slowly an image appears, the quality is low and you have to wait for a few seconds before recognizing the character. Then many wished they had not recognized him. For some, he means hope, for others he only means fear: Gorn Veynom, the retired Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy.


I come to you today with important news for our Empire. I have decided to interrupt my quest in the Unknown Regions in order to communicate to you all some information of the highest importance.

He pauses, the image is twisted by distortions.

The Unknown Regions have delivered some of their secrets to me. On an remote world, I have discovered remains of an old lost civilization and their technology, incredible technology. And I want it to serve our cause, our cause only.

I will send more information soon ... but my communications time is extremely reduced to the unique configuration of this solar system. The advantage is that none can track the origin of the transmission. The inconvenient is that I can only use a public channel of the Holonet ...

Long live the Empire ...

The image starts fading, a evil laugh can still be heard, mixed with parasites.