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Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Unknown
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born Unknown
Imperial Service
Branch Imperial Throne
Positions Retired
Prior Service Emperor of the Galactic Empire

Grand Admiral, Imperial Navy

Awards Unknown

"One last thing to remember, Recruit! I am the Empire! My word is law! Do my bidding and you will rise up through the ranks into positions of power and authority. Defy me, and you will be destroyed!"
— Excerpt from Emperor Piett's Imperial Recruit Welcome Speech

Piett was the fifth Emperor of the Galactic Empire and a former commanding officer of the Imperial Navy. He was a strong, albeit conservative Emperor who brought back some stability to the Empire after a turbulent period known as "The Dark Years". He was also a powerful Force Sensitive, trained in the Dark Side of the Force.

Personal History


Grand Admiral Piett, around Year 0.

The Rise of Piett

As a young man Piett volunteered for the Imperial Navy, and was soon assigned the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Crimson Guard and the position of Executive Officer of the First Naval Recon where he went on to build a successful career. Upon the resignation of Captain MacBeth he was promoted to Captain, later to Commodore, and then to Admiral, for having the most active and fastest growing fleet in the Empire. He was finally promoted to Grand Admiral and commander of the Imperial Navy upon the dismissal of Grand Admiral Thrawn for gross incompetence. He commanded the Imperial Navy with an iron fist. His time in the Navy would later have a large influence on his reign as Emperor. He considered Spytek, the Emperor at that time, to be weak and together with Admiral Veynom he started a revolt which resulted in the abdication of Spytek. Piett was one of three claimants to the Throne, competing with Admiral Gorn Veynom and Trey Connel, Commanding Officer of the Imperial Army. Veynom briefly succeeded in seizing control of the Empire, but met stiff resistence from Connel and his supporters. Having far more military assets at his disposal, Piett quickly sidelined the others and seized control of the Empire, preventing a civil war from erupting. Veynom and Connel eventually accepted Piett as the new Emperor, marking the beginning of his rule that would last about a year.

A Strategy for the Empire

Emperor Piett had a very clear vision of the strategy that the Galactic Empire should implement to rule the galaxy and crush any opposition. That vision was quickly shared throughout the Imperial High Command at the very start of his rule. Veynom attained the rank of Grand Admiral and became the new Commanding Officer of the Imperial Navy. Piett issued several so-called Imperial Strategy Notes to his High Command in which he explained his vision for the future of the Empire. The main focus of his reign would be the expansion of the Imperial military and the search for hidden rebel bases, considering the Imperial Navy his key to success. His policies greatly favoured the Navy, partially due to his naval background, and led to a greatly improved and stronger Imperial Navy with Grand Admiral Veynom at its helm. Piett's policies not only benefited the military, but greatly stimulated the nation's industry and economy.

Despite these successes, Piett's plans were conservative and failed to adress the structural weaknesses of the Empire. Throughout his reign, Piett maintained the inefficient structure laid out by his predecessors. Because of these shortcomings, his policies could not reach their full potential and the advancement of the Empire was greatly slowed down.

Isolation and Retirement

In the final weeks of Piett's reign, the Empire began to suffer from internal disputes and petty squabbles. These squabbles eventually culminated in Connel accusing Veynom of plotting to overthrow the Emperor. In response, Piett relieved both Veynom and Connel of command, as well as their supporters. As the situation deteriorated, Grand Admiral Veynom, Admiral Gunther von Esling and Surface Marshal Trey Connel were arrested and tried for High Treason. They were eventually acquitted of all charges and released again, as the Emperor could not lose his highest ranking officers and risk many of their supporters defecting.

Following the acquittals, Piett abdicated as Emperor and travelled to the Unknown Regions, seeking out an unknown threat and to train in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force. Before his departure, he left Trey Connel, his Chief of Staff by then, in charge of the Empire. Soon after, Connel officially assumed the Imperial throne on Year 1 Day 212. Piqued by Piett's choice of successor, Veynom decided to depart the Empire for the Unknown Regions as well. Despite Veynom's departure, his most loyal followers soon rebelled against Connel's rule and formed their own separatist government, the Imperial Core, claiming Veynom to be the only true Emperor.

Return from the Darkness

Piett, honed in the ways of the Sith, briefly returned to the known galaxy on Year 2 Day 111. Having appointed Connel as his successor, he was disappointed to learn that Mccarthur was now seated on the Imperial Throne. As such, Piett voiced his support for the Imperial Core. He was later involved in the merger talks between the Core and the Galactic Empire. Despite being unable to reunite the two, he succeeded in founding the Dark Empire, which was a merger of the Imperial Core and the Order of the Sith. He served as the head of the Dark Empire High Command for a brief time, before returning to the Unknown Regions when the Dark Empire revealed itself to the galaxy. He has not been seen since, although some believe that the Sith Lord still lives and may return from the Unknown Regions one day, more powerful than ever.

Piett's legacy is a mixed one. Though his rule gave strength and prosperity to the Galactic Empire, it was beset by structural problems and the petty rivalry between Gorn Veynom and Trey Connel, planting the seeds for the Second Imperial Civil War. To this day, it remains a topic for debate as to whether these problems were the fault of Piett himself, or if it was simply his bad luck to have presided over them.

Inaugural address of Emperor Spytek

[Inaugural address of Emperor Spytek]

Emperor of the Galactic Empire
Preceded By:
Year 0 Day 122 - Year 1 Day 212
Succeeded By:
Trey Connel