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Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Unknown
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Classified
Imperial Service
Branch Imperial Throne
Positions Retired
Prior Service Emperor of the Galactic Empire
Awards Unknown

Spytek was the fourth Emperor of the Galactic Empire. His reign was marred by several defections and conspiracies against him. One of his most important realisations was the implementation of the Combine Galactic Time in almost the entire galaxy.

Personal History

Spytek rose to prominence during the short reign of Suntzu, being a personal favourite of the Emperor. Surviving records about Spytek, like many of the early emperors, are scarce

A Damaged Inheritance

After many scandals and the desertion of several officers forced Vodo Bonias to abdicate, his Executor, Spytek was named Emperor. His predecessor left him a crumbling and failing Empire and Spytek was not competent enough to take on the many problems plaguing the Empire. He allowed an atmosphere of intrigue and suspicion to be cultivated within the Imperial ranks. The trend of desertion continued amongst officers and mutiny after mutiny occurred. Many high-ranking officers defected to the Rebel Alliance, becoming highly influential amongst the terrorists. The policies enacted by Spytek, his 'policy of rapprochement' in particular, were harshly criticized by other influential Imperials, amongst them Admiral Gorn Veynom. Spytek responded by refusing to promote personnel who he considered unqualified and unfit for higher positions.


Angered by the weakness and mistakes of the Emperor, Grand Admiral Piett urged the officers of the Imperial Navy to overthrow him. Under the leadership of Piett and Veynom, the revolt succeeded. On Year 0 Day 122, Spytek resigned as Emperor and released a speech to the galaxy in which he defended his policies and reign. After his abdication, several claimants to the throne appeared such as Admirals Veynom and Piett and General Connel, the commanding officer of the Imperial Army. Many feared another civil war would erupt, but Grand Admiral Piett used his superior military strength to end the conflict before it truly began, ascending the Imperial Throne. The supporters of Piett greatly exagerated the infamy of Spytek in historical records, but several years later, Imperial historians under Vodo Bonias would depict Spytek in a more favorable light.

Spytek left Imperial space and joined the Black Sun crime syndicate to serve as the personal advisor to Princess Gabriella Storm. His further life remains shrouded in mystery.

Preceded By:
Vodo Bonias
Year -1 Day 200 - Year 0 Day 122
Succeeded By: