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Imperial-Rebel peace treaty

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During Mccarthur's reign, the command of the Rebel Alliance proposed a peace treaty to the Empire. Several days later, the offer was revoked and the command claimed that it was simply a ruse against the Imperial High Command. However, support for the Rebel Alliance was significantly shaken, making it at best a pyrrhic victory. The same day, Mccarthur reiterated the Empire's demand for unconditional surrender.

Rebel Offer

Formal Annoucement to the Empire

The Rebel Alliance brings forth this formal request to the Empire.

It is asking if the Empire will create an elected position to act as another Executor for the people, the Rebel Alliance will put down arms. This position will have to have some powers to help every individual in the galaxy. The Rebel Alliance wants to have peace and equality in the Galaxy. And if the Empire is truly willing to reform its ideals, which it has started to do, to where is it possible for peace and equality to become a reality then the Alliance is willing to stand down. If the Empire has been truly honest in making equality the cornerstone of their Government then both the Empire and the Alliance are both winners. The goals of the Alliance have been achieved and the Empire can continue to improve the galaxy without disruptions.

Also, as Supreme Commander of the Rebel Alliance, I am also asking for the pardon of any member of the Alliance past and present. For this and the reforms I mentioned above, the Alliance will put down our arms and if the pardons are agreed upon and are honestly given, I will surrender to any punishment.

A couple last points, The Alliance will not betray any of it allies. Our allies wanted the same thing we wanted peace in the galaxy and if the Empire agrees to this proposal then they have nothing to worry from the groups which were our allies.

And the final point is this. This proposal is not an open-ended agreement. If we do not get a public response over the Empire's News by Monday, April 23 2001, the offer will be voided. If the Empire is truly out to look after the well being of all in the galaxy then it will come to a decision quickly because this proposal is a win-win for everyone involved.

PS. The Rebel Alliance will continue to operate as it has up to this point and will await the Empire's reply.

Supreme Commander Shae Briston

Commander in Chief Rebel Alliance

Imperial Response

Response From the Imperial Throne

The Empire does not, nor will it ever negotiate with terrorists. The proposal was not granted an audience because the Rebel Alliance has no right to offer such a proposal. Any right to a voice in the Imperial system was forfeit when they took up arms against the Imperial Government. The only manner in which the Rebel Alliance will have peace with the Empire is through a full and unconditional surrender or total annihilation.

The Rebel Alliance, along with any other common brigands of the galaxy shall be dealt with accordingly. You shall meet your fate upon the terms I dictate.

Emperor Mccarthur

Imperial Throne