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Imperial High Command

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Imperial High Command (IHC) is a council of advisors and aides to the Emperor, with each member commonly charged with the administration of a specific division or branch within the Empire, or a Region or more of Imperial territory. This organization is composed of the branch leaders, Sector and Regional Governors, and government staff with significant remit across the entire span of the New Order. This collection of people comprise the upper levels of command in the Galactic Empire and are considered amongst the most powerful and influential people in the galaxy. Each is responsible for the strategic and operational performance of their assigned remit, as well as being collectively responsible for the overall implementation of the Emperor's strategic direction.

Imperial High Command

The Throne

forum_read.gif Emperor

Jai Meridan

forum_read.gif Executor

Cihl Rezik


forum_read.gif Chairman of COMPNOR

Marcus Elensar

forum_read.gif Minister for Interior forum_read.gif Minister for Culture

Arya Solus


Leeanna Mailhot

Regional Government

forum_read.gif Chairman of the Council of Moffs

Kef Drenall

forum_read.gif Governor of the Amber Region forum_read.gif Governor of the Emerald Region forum_read.gif Governor of the Ruby Region

Mordus Nordstroem


Thea Corine


Aurren Takla

Imperial Military

forum_read.gif Chief of the Imperial Military Staff

Hatori Hoorl

Imperial Intelligence

forum_read.gif Director of Imperial Intelligence

Elaine von Veritrax

Order of the Sith

forum_read.gif Dark Lord of the Sith

Darth Draxes