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Arya Solus

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Arya Solus
Biographical Information
Born Year -5 Day 273
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes, Hapes Cluster
Father Geralt Solus (Missing)
Mother Hera Solus (Deceased)
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Political Party COMPNOR
Profession Minister
Signature ylMJnGF.png
Imperial Service
Branch compnor_archive.png
Positions Countess Farffin
Minister for Interior
Select Committee Member
Secretary of Imperial Holonet Services
Prior Service - Imperial Intelligence
Intelligence Agent
Prior Service - Imperial Security Bureau
Chief of Corrective Services
Regional Liaison
Prior Service - Imperial Army
5th Brigade Executive Officer
3rd Brigade Executive Officer
3rd Brigade Commanding Officer
Army Logistics Officer
Army Commanding Officer
Chief of Imperial Military Staff
Prior Service - COMPNOR
Academy Commandant,
Academy Dean, IBT
ISMC Moderator
Director, RAD-IA
Deputy Director, IGC
Prior Service - Other Factions Infantry - New Republic,
Fleet Member - Trade Federation
Awards 8884_solus.png

Lady Arya Solus, OES, the Countess Farffin, currently serves as Minister for Interior. Additionally, she serves in secondary capacities as a member of the Select Committee, the Secretary of the Holonet Services Team and is a standing member of COMPNOR for her services rendered. She has notably served in a range of positions, most prominently standing as the first Chief of Imperial Military Staff in the Imperial Military and the last Army Commanding Officer. She has held numerous positions of varying tiers across the Empire previously, ranging from the Academy, Imperial Security Bureau, Brigade Command positions, Imperial Intelligence and more.

40px-Imperial_Emblemsvg20copy.png Personal Information


Standing at a modest height of 5'7 and a member of the Hapan race, this redhead is considered by many to be quite handsome. She has pearly blue eyes and tanned, white skin.

Arya is usually found wearing some sort of Imperial uniform - always to a high quality and standard, she is the model officer many aspire to. Whatever way you see her, she has an Army and COMPNOR badge pinned to a coat lapel or imperial uniform.

Pre-Imperial History

Early Life

Arya was born on the planet Hapes and as she grew up was considered a beauty, even by the standards of the Hapans. Under the the Hapan government, the planet itself flourished greatly in the years Arya was there. Arya herself was born to a mainly lower class family, yet still managed to have a half-decent upbringing. Her early years were her easiest, spent learning basic skills that almost every other person does and making friends as a child would. When she hit her teenage years she began attended the best school her busy, working Father could afford. At this point, her Father was called away from a desk position with the Hapan armed forces into naval service, away on the frontlines. Thus, her love for ships was born. Taking an interest into what her Father was doing while at school, as much of her time as possible was spent learning about flying, various ships and that general line of research. Getting two years or so into her education, Arya and her childhood friends began to get involved in a gang within the area – while not as bad as anywhere like Courscant or Tattooine’s gangs, they were still a force that could be reckoned with. She soon began running odd jobs for its lower-placed members, gaining favour within the gang as her own school grades and life began to slip. She was soon given her gang initiation to become a full-fledged member after being a general dogsbody for long enough – kill a person. At the age of 16, she went around to the coordinates given and it turned out to be one of her old childhood friends. At this point she decided against the gangs, having not really wanted to be in it in the first place, only there to be ‘cool’. Due to Arya’s stupid choices, the gangs took revenge on her family, burning down her home and flaying her Mother, leaving the body to hang at the front of the house for everyone to see. Her father came ‘home’ soon after on an RnR break, assisting with getting Arya some basic accommodation to sort her out, however Arya was too ashamed with herself to do anything of the sort in terms of getting her life back on track. She soon became depressed, realising everything that had happened over the last few years was all her fault.

Arya during her service with the Trade Federation.

Soon after, a visiting group of military contractors came around recruiting, to which somewhat drew Arya’s interest – she could leave the planet and probably get killed in the process, dealing with the shame she had given her family in the process. Leaving at the age of 18, Arya joined this contractor group and began training up with them. She was on a very small pay and got a fair bit of abuse from the other members, however they geared her up and trained her well enough as a fighter – which she was average at. Her real time to shine with the contractor group came on a standard protection mission when it began to turn upside down. A lucky shot by a rebellious gang took out their groups pilot, leaving them without one – apart from Arya, whom had recently began training as a first mate under him. She took up the controls to get them out of the area and excelled, not only getting them out of a sticky situation but managing to still complete the mission with her flying skills. Taking time to finish learning to fly, it quickly became apparent that Arya was a natural, gifted pilot. While not up there with the flying aces of past, she was still an incredibly competent pilot and there were few whom could best her within the sector they operated within.

The Trade Federation

Having gained a respected position within her group and a large amount of fighting and flying skills, she decided it was time to move onwards onto something bigger and better. Having worked around the Hapan cluster and sectors nearby, she had seen a lot of advertisement for the trade federation. Taking note of their benefits for being with the TF, she decided that spending some time with them to amass herself some money before moving on would be a good idea and decided to join up. Leaving her contractor group she was gifted the Firespray-class Interceptor which she named “Havoc”, after the group. She moved on to join the Trade Federation Navy, scoring high marks in the military skills areas. She was posted to the second fleet as a crewman, under Rear Admiral Jhanu Khaizuu. After a short time served in a number of taskings, she grew disgruntled with an apparent lack of communication and direction from both her commander and other members of the TF as a whole. She decided to move on, heading to the New Republic after hearing mixed stories, though most good.

New Republic

She joined the NR quickly, graduating its academy at speed and with conviction. She was noticed to by a number of NR personnel, and eventually assigned to one of two battlegroups within the NRAF. She served in its army, continuing a number of tasks she was accustomed with and also joined a number of departments. Most notable was that of the Recruitment team, the Military Liaison Office, ARGH!(Morale) and Republic Diplomacy Command. However, some time after being within the NR she began to grow disillusioned with its workings and a number of members within. She secretly got in contact with Imperial Intelligence to see if she was able to come to the only place she knew would be of good service in the Galaxy. She gained confirmation and prepared to leave as a number of arguments and votes of no confidence's broke out within the NR. She left the NR, keeping it quiet as she left to head to Prakith and began the Imperial Academy.

40px-Imperial_Emblemsvg20copy.png Imperial History

UFQZvc.png Imperial Academy

Arya during an exercise with her unit.

Arya arrived on Prakith to complete the Academy, the third academy she had been through in her travels across the galaxy. This one was different to the rest and much harder, requiring her utmost concentration and various skills to complete it. During her time there she met a number of people and served under her training officer, Kal Eysar. Completing the academic training in a short time and to high standard, she graduated the Academy on year 17, day 200 with honors and was assigned to her first choice, the Imperial Army, as a fresh, green Second Lieutenant.

rFfkRm.png Imperial Army

Humble Beginnings

Completing her basic training, Arya was moved to the home of the Army to complete her platoon and unit command training. After a few weeks of study she graduated with honours, posted to her brigade and given both her own unit and tasking. She performed these diligently and to a high standard, resulting in a promotion to First Lieutenant on Year 17, Day 270. She continued that way afterwards with the same unit, developing both herself and others to a high standard. After her promotion, she attended the Emperor's 5th Year Anniversary Gala Ball with Prefect Jano Baskardi and upon return to her posting and carried on with previously assigned duties to a high level of skill. Due to this, she was awarded with a Letter of Commendation for her diligence and initiative. Shortly after, she was also promoted to Captain as she continued previous assignments to the high standard expected of her at this stage in her career. Continuing for some time at the rank of Captain and at the high standard she was known for, she caught the attention of 2nd Legion commander, Nathaniel Durane as a potential candidate for a staff position, and was approached. Offered the position of 5th Brigade Executive Officer she accepted and her posting was confirmed on Year 18, Day 50.

The Inferno's

Assigned to the 5th Brigade as its new Executive Officer, Arya took up the position with ideas ready to bring to the table and a determination to succeed. She continued onwards in this position displaying the same drive and determination she held before. Some time after taking up the mantle of Executive Officer, she took a chance on applying for the Imperial Scenario Moderating Committee. She was accepted to this position and brought new ideas to the table, assisting with ongoing projects. She continued in this way for some time, making preparations and assisting her commanding officer while at the same time learning a great deal in relation to the management of a brigade. Some time afterwards spent learning the management of a brigade and preparations to eventually assume her own command, she was contacted by the now Lord General Nathaniel Durane to change her assignment - She would be going home to her original brigade as its Executive Officer.

Back to the Shadow's

Returning to the Shadow Guard, Arya immediately took up work and began making changes as the units Executive Officer, a position that hadn't been properly filled since she left the brigade herself. With no Brigade Commanding Officer at that time, she took up the mantle with considerable assistance from the Legion Commanding Officer, Edward Canfield and began bringing the brigade up to standard. After some time within the brigade, at an Imperial Monthly Meeting, she was awarded the 'Imperial of the Month' award for 'doing an outstanding job in role as Brigade XO'. Some time after receiving the award, she took up official command of the brigade as its Commanding Officer. She had hoped she wouldn't go the way of most of the previous ones with short services or issues in the brigade; she had some expectations to fulfill under the watchful eye of her LCO.

New Horizon's

Following onwards with her brigade and appointing herself an executive officer in the form of Vidar Sicarius, she began the process of bringing the brigade and its personnel up to scratch of the high standards it was once known for. During this time, a number of meetings occurred with various personnel, most notably that of the Academy Commandant at the time, Angelus Devaron. This began to plant seeds within her mind of her future career and where it may lead; it may not in fact be within the Army for ever as she had once planned.

compnor_archive.png COMPNOR

Onwards and Upwards

Having made her choice and making an application, after a short period of verification checks and otherwise she was inaugurated into COMPNOR as the Imperial Basic Training Dean - a prestigious position that held high respect and authority over the recruits; and therefore future junior officers of the Empire as a whole. She left her brigade under the watchful and experienced eye of her executive officer as she turned her eyes towards her new career path - that as a civilian within the elite branch of COMPNOR. Progressing within the branch as the esteemed dean of the imperial basic training program, Arya began implementing small changes for the betterment of the academy. It was at this point that her boss and mentor, the current Academy Commandant Angelus Devaron vanished without a trace. Arya took up the mantle of the acting commandant for some time until being confirmed within the role. She took up position in her new office, rolling out larger changes than before and recruiting her own replacement. It was at this point she was approached by an old mentor and friend, now Lord General Nathaniel Durane.

Return to the Army

Durane approached Arya with the intention of talking about times, yet at the same time mentioned that the head of logistics for the Army was an open and vacant role. The such role Arya had aimed for since joining it as a lowly Lieutenant. She applied with the intention of carrying on her current job at the same time. A few weeks later, this was approved and she took up the mantle of a General within the Army once more - this time as the Army Logistics Officer and as a full ranked C-4 General. It was during this time as both ALO and more so in her role in COMPNOR as Academy Commandant that she met Elaine von Veritrax, at the time an ISB Chief. Another member of COMPNOR, they got on quite well and met on numerous occasions. Her manner and devoutness to the political party of COMPNOR grew on her, prompting Arya to mature more so than she had - dying her hair away from her natural ginger to blonde, taking up a more refined version of herself as opposed to what the Army had molded her into.

Arya at a state event as CIMS.

rFfkRm.png Imperial Army

Higher Command

During her time in service as ALO and Commandant Nathaniel Durane, the current Lord General, decided it was his time to retire and move away from his long time in the Army and High Command. As he stepped away and without an Army Executive Officer, Arya began stepping up to the task of acting as the interim ACO up until an appointment was made with assistance from Executor Graeda L'annan. Arya applied for the role of ACO and after an interview and test with the Throne, she was appointed as Lord General and Army Commanding Officer.

Through this time she also participated in and saw to the reform of the empire under Emperor Seele and the subsequent change to Empress Ventidius. It was at this stage she attended the Coronation as Army Commanding Officer and left as the Chief of Imperial Military Staff, the new IHC role for the military from the reforms. She served in this position for some time, before seceding the reins to Cihl Rezik.

compnor_archive.png COMPNOR

RADE And Beyond

Getting a point of her career, she moved away from the Military and back into COMPNOR once more. Serving the Grand Vizier and Minister of the Interior within RADE, assisting with the military reform still and other additional civilian work.

II_Archive.png Intelligence

Internal Security

After a short time serving within RADE, she accepted and moved into a position within Imperial Intelligence as a member of the Bureau for Imperial Security. After some time of work, Arya was offered and accepted the Chief of Corrective Services, working on the prisons system and other work within ISB. After a time serving, she transferred internally from ISB into Intelligence itself.


Arya served as an agent within intelligence at the behest of a friend, Director Veritrax. Much of the work she did has and will remain classified for a considerable time.

compnor_archive.png COMPNOR

Ministerial Prowess

With the change of throne and reshuffling within areas, Arya was accepted to move away from Intelligence to her much more experienced roots within COMPNOR to serve as the Minister of Interior.

House of Lords

County of Farffin Heraldry

On Year 25 Day 83 (February 17th, 2024), Emperor Jai Meridan I ennobled Arya as a Countess of the Empire and was landed as the Countess of Farffin.

WIP: heraldry

40px-Imperial_Emblemsvg20copy.png Service Record

Ranks Held

Grade Insignia Rank Time In Grade (CGT) Time In Grade (OOC) Positions
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Year 17 Day 197 - Year 17 Day 200 12th June, 2016 - 15th June, 2016 Recruit
Grade Insignia Rank Time In Grade (CGT) Time In Grade (OOC) Positions
[O-1] MO-1.png 2nd Lieutenant Year 17 Day 200 - Year 17 Day 270 15th June, 2016 - 24th August, 2016 Legionnaire
[O-2] MO-2.png 1st Lieutenant Year 17 Day 270 - Year 17 Day 350 24th August, 2016 - 12th November, 2016 Legionnaire
[O-3] MO-3.png Captain Year 17 Day 350 - Year 18 Day 117 12th November, 2016 - 25th March, 2017 Legionnaire
5th Brigade Executive Officer
ISMC Moderator
[O-4] MO-4.png Major Year 18 Day 117 - Year 18 Day 197 25th March, 2017 - 12th June, 2017 5th Brigade Executive Officer
ISMC Moderator
3rd Brigade Executive Officer
[C-1] MC-1.png Brigadier General Year 18 Day 197 - Year 18 Day 290 12th June, 2017 - 13th September, 2017 3rd Brigade Commanding Officer
ISMC Moderator
Grade Insignia Rank Time In Grade (CGT) Time In Grade (OOC) Positions
[C-1] PGC-1.png Assistant Secretary Year 18 Day 289 - Year 19 Day 156 12th September, 2017 - 2nd May, 2018 Academy Dean, IBT
ISMC Moderator
IGC Deputy Director
[C-4] PGC-4.png Secretary Year 19 Day 156 - Year 20 Day 66 2nd May, 2018 - 2nd Feb, 2019 Academy Commandant
Academy Dean, IBT
ISMC Moderator
IGC Deputy Director
Grade Insignia Rank Time In Grade (CGT) Time In Grade (OOC) Positions
[C-4] MC-4.png General Year 19 Day 163 - Year 20 Day 66 9th May, 2018 - 2nd Feb, 2019 Army Logistics Officer
RAD-IA Director
Academy Commandant
ISMC Moderator
IGC Deputy Director
[HC-3] MHC-2.png Lord General Year 20 Day 66 - Year 22 Day 282 2nd Feb, 2019 - 4th Sep, 2021 Army Commanding Officer
[HC-2] MHC-2.png Lord General Year 22 Day 282 - Year 23 Day 58 4th Sep, 2021 - 23rd Jan, 2022 Chief of Imperial Military Staff
Grade Insignia Rank Time In Grade (CGT) Time In Grade (OOC) Positions
[O-6] PGO-6.png Senior Administrator Year 23 Day 58 - Year 23 Day 116 23rd Jan, 2022 - 22nd March, 2022 RADE, Holonet Services
Grade Insignia Rank Time In Grade (CGT) Time In Grade (OOC) Positions
████ IIO-5.png Agent Year 23 Day 116 - Year 23 Day 350 22nd March, 2022 - 11th November, 2022 ISB, Holonet Services
[O-5] PGO-5.png Administrator Year 23 Day 311 - Year 23 Day 318 3rd Oct, 2022 - 10th Oct, 2022 ISB, Holonet Services
[C-5] PGC-5.png Senior Deputy Minister Year 23 Day 318 - Present 10th Oct, 2022 - Present ISB, Secretary of Holonet Services
████ IIC-2.png Chief Year 23 Day 350 - Year 24 Day 128 11th November, 2022 - 3rd April, 2023 ISB, Holonet Services
████ IIO-5.png Agent Year 24 Day 128 - Year 24 Day 23 3rd April, 2023 - 15th July, 2023 II, Holonet Services
Grade Insignia Rank Time In Grade (CGT) Time In Grade (OOC) Positions
[HC-1] CMP-HC1.png Vizier Year 24 Day 231 - Present 15th July, 2023 - Present Ministry of Interior, Holonet Services

* In July 2023, the rank names and images were changed. To reflect names and state of ranks prior to that, they have been preserved as they were prior to this change.


Code Ribbon Name Date Awarded (CGT) Date Awarded (OOC) Awarded by
[IABG-H] IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Graduate - Honors Year 17 Day 200 15th June, 2016 Imperial Academy
Code Ribbon Name Date Awarded (CGT) Date Awarded (OOC) Awarded by
[LOC] LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation Year 17 Day 326 19th October, 2016 LCOMD
[ISM] ISM.jpg Imperial Service Medal Year 18 Day 23 21st December, 2016 Imperial Security Bureau
[LOCx2] LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation Year 18 Day 58 24th January, 2017 ACOMD
[IMM] IMM.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting Year 18 Day 113 20th March, 2017 Imperial Security Bureau
[IAM] IAM.jpg Imperial Activity Medal Year 18 Day 152 28th April, 2017 LCOMD
[LOCx3] LOCx3.jpg Letter of Commendation Year 18 Day 168 14th May, 2017 ACOMD
[IOM] IOM.jpg Imperial of the Month Year 18 Day 174 20th May, 2017 SELCOMM
[ISM-1] ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal (1 Year) Year 18 Day 206 21st June, 2017 Imperial Security Bureau
[LOCx4] LOCx4.jpg Letter of Commendation Year 18 Day 287 10th September, 2017 ACOMD
Code Ribbon Name Date Awarded (CGT) Date Awarded (OOC) Awarded by
[LOCx5] LOCx5.jpg Letter of Commendation Year 18 Day 356 11th November, 2017 Angelus Devaron
[IMM-12] IMM-12.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting - Oakleaf Year 19 Day 71 6th Febuary, 2018 Imperial Security Bureau
[CSA] CSA.jpg COMPNOR Service Award Year 19 Day 148 24th April, 2018 Grand Vizier
[CMM] CMM.jpg COMPNOR Member Medal Year 19 Day 148 24th April, 2018 Grand Vizier
Code Ribbon Name Date Awarded (CGT) Date Awarded (OOC) Awarded by
[MID] MID.jpg Mention in Dispatches Year 19 Day 177 23rd May, 2018 Grand Vizier
[ISM-2] ISM-2.jpg Imperial Service Medal (2 Years) Year 19 Day 201 16th June, 2018 Imperial Security Bureau
[LOCx6] LOCx6.jpg Letter of Commendation Year 20 Day 21 18th December, 2018 Nathaniel Durane
[ICM] ICM.jpg Imperial Campaign Medal Year 20 Day 110 18th March, 2019 The Throne
[ISM-3] ISM-3.jpg Imperial Service Medal (3 Years) Year 20 Day 201 16th June, 2019 Imperial Security Bureau
[OIS] OIS.jpg Order of the Imperial Seal Year 21 Day 11 8th December, 2019 Emperor Seele I
[ISM-4] ISM-4.jpg Imperial Service Medal (4 Years) Year 21 Day 201 15th June, 2020 Imperial Security Bureau
[IVM] IVM.jpg Imperial Victory Medal Year 21 Day 246 30th July, 2020 Emperor Seele I
[MOS] MOS.jpg Medal of Support Year 22 Day 4 30th November, 2020 Emperor Seele I
[ISM-5] ISM-5.jpg Imperial Service Medal (5 Years) Year 22 Day 201 15th June, 2021 Imperial Security Bureau
[OES] OES.jpg Order of the Emperor's Seal Year 22 Day 320 12th October, 2021 Emperor Seele I
[ISS] ISS.jpg Imperial Silver Star Year 22 Day 320 12th October, 2021 Emperor Seele I
[IBS] IBS.jpg Imperial Bronze Star Year 22 Day 320 12th October, 2021 Emperor Seele I
[MOM] MOM.jpg Medal of Merit Year 22 Day 320 12th October, 2021 Emperor Seele I
[COB] COB.jpg Commissioner of Betterment Year 22 Day 320 12th October, 2021 Emperor Seele I
[BCM] BCM.jpg Brigade Command Medal Year 22 Day 320 12th October, 2021 Emperor Seele I
Code Ribbon Name Date Awarded (CGT) Date Awarded (OOC) Awarded by
[CSA-3] CSA-3.jpg COMPNOR Service Award - 3 Years Year 23 Day 60 25th Jan, 2022 GVIZ Jai Meridan
Code Ribbon Name Date Awarded (CGT) Date Awarded (OOC) Awarded by
[ISM-6] ISM-6.jpg Imperial Service Medal (6 Years) Year 23 Day 201 15th June, 2022 Imperial Security Bureau
[CISA] CISA.jpg Certified Imperial Security Agent Year 23 Day 290 12th September, 2022 Patrick Bisson
[LOCx7] LOCx7.jpg Letter of Commendation Year 23 Day 290 12th September, 2022 Patrick Bisson
[IISA] IISA.jpg Imperial Intelligence Service Award Year 23 Day 344 5th November, 2022 Elaine von Veritrax
[IMC] IMC.jpg Imperial Medal of Commendation Year 24 Day 34 30th December, 2022 Leeanna Mailhot
[GCA] GCA.jpg Good Conduct Award Year 24 Day 124 30th March, 2023 Patrick Bisson
[CMP] CMP.jpg COMPNOR Medal of Progress Year 24 Day 130 5th April 2023 Jai Meridan
[IBSx2] IBSx2.jpg Imperial Bronze Star Year 24 Day 188 2nd June 2023 Inwe Ventidius
[ACH] ACH.jpg Achievement Medal Year 24 Day 188 2nd June 2023 Inwe Ventidius
[ISM-7] ISM-7.jpg Imperial Service Medal (7 Years) Year 24 Day 201 15th June, 2023 Imperial Security Bureau
[IISA-1] IISA-1.jpg Imperial Intelligence Service Award (1 Year) Year 24 Day 212 27th June, 2023 Elaine von Veritrax
Code Ribbon Name Date Awarded (CGT) Date Awarded (OOC) Awarded by
[ACHx2] ACHx2.jpg Achievement Medal Year 25 Day 55 20th January 2024 Leeanna Mailhot
[ICON-5] ICON-5.jpg Imperial Conduct Medal (5 Years) Year 25 Day 58 23rd January 2024 Imperial Security Bureau
[DDS] DDS.jpg Departmental Distinguished Service Year 25 Day 64 29th January 2024 Jai Meridan
[CSA-5] CSA-5.jpg COMPNOR Service Award - 5 Years Year 25 Day 83 17th Feb, 2024 GVIZ Marcus Elensar

Positions Held

Ministry of Interior
Minister of Interior
Y24 D231 - Present
15th July, 2023 - Present
Imperial Holonet Services
Secretary of Holonet Services
Y23 D318 - Present
10th Oct, 2022 - Present

Expand this section to see former positions.

Imperial Gaming Commission
Deputy Director
Y18 D303 - Present
26th September, 2017 - Present
Imperial Scenario Moderating Committee
Y18 D112 - Y19 D359
19th May, 2017 - 21st Nov, 2018
5th Reconnaissance Brigade, 2nd Imperial Legion
Preceded By:
Fede Vonrico
Executive Officer
Y18 D50 - Y18 D148
16th January, 2017 - 24th April, 2017
Succeeded By:
John Bell
(On day 191)
3rd Assault Brigade, 3rd Imperial Legion
Preceded By:
Executive Officer
Y18 D148 - Y18 D197
24th April, 2017 - 12th June, 2017
Succeeded By:
Vidar Sicarius
3rd Assault Brigade, 3rd Imperial Legion
Preceded By:
Wilhemly Quel'Sara
Commanding Officer
Y18 D197 - Y18 D290
12th June, 2017 - 13th September, 2017
Succeeded By:
Vidar Sicarius
Imperial Academy
IBT Dean
Y18 D290 - Y19 D156
13th September, 2017 - 2nd May, 2018
Imperial Academy
Academy Commandant
Y19 D156 - Y20 D101
2nd May, 2018 - 8th March, 2019
Imperial Army
Army Logistics Officer
Y19 D163 - Y20 D66
9th May, 2018 - 1st Feb, 2019
RAD-IA Director
Y19 D163 - Y20 D66
9th May, 2018 - 1st Feb, 2019
Imperial Army
Army Commanding Officer
Y20 D66 - Y22 282
1st Feb, 2019 - 4th Sep 2021
Imperial Army
Chief of Imperial Military Staff
Y22 D282 - Y23 D58
4th Sep, 2021 - 23rd Jan, 2022
RADE Officer
Y23 D58 - Y23 D116
23rd Jan, 2022 - 22nd March, 2022
Imperial Security Bureau
ISB Amber Region Liaison
Y23 D116 - Y24 D86
22nd March, 2022 - 20th Feb, 2023
Imperial Security Bureau
Chief of Corrective Services
Y23 D350 - Y23 D128
11th Nov, 2022 - 3rd April, 2023
Imperial Intelligence
Y24 D128 - Y24 D231
3rd April, 2023 - 15th July, 2023


Qualification Type Date Awarded (CGT) Date Awarded (OOC)
Armour-M-B.png Basic Armour Year 18 Day 130 6th April, 2017
Infantry-M-S.png Advanced Infantry Year 21 Day 73 8th February, 2020