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Patrick Bisson

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Patrick Bisson


Rear-Admiral Bisson on the bridge of the VSD Archon
Biographical Information
Birth Year -7 Day 258 CGT
Age 32
Race Hapan
Homeworld Coruscant
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Signature iFtye5x.png
Imperial Service
Branch compnor.png
Department ISB-sm-square.png
Imperial Security Bureau
Rank ISB-Director
  • Director of the Imperial Security Bureau
Prior Service navy.png
Imperial Navy
  • CO,13th Recon Group of the 1st Fleet
  • Signals Officer, 1st Fleet
  • XO, 9th Assault Group of the 1st Fleet
Imperial Intelligence
  • Chief of the Imperial Security Bureau
  • Chief of Imperial Surveillance
  • Chief, Emerald Region Liaison
Awards 8023_bisson.png

"This dossier has been redacted of classified information and is approved for public release."
—Imperial Security Bureau

Patrick Bisson, formerly a Rear Admiral in the First Imperial Fleet. He served as the 13th Group Commanding Officer. After he retired from the Navy, he was recruited into the Imperial Security Bureau, where he rose to the rank of ISB-Director.


Early Life

Earliest records indicate Patrick Bisson is a Hapani male born on Coruscant. Limited records existed until he enlisted in the Imperial Navy and was accepted into the Coruscani Pilot Institute Y11.

Enlisted Service

At CPI Patrick was surrounded by the children of famous military families. He grew to resent the pilots who had everything handed to them and worked hard to outdo them. The immense pressure he put on himself and his lack of piloting skills caused him to finish below the average of his squadron.

Patrick served in the Imperial Navy in the Imperial Navy Starfighter Corps running border patrols with the █████████ Fleet for two years reaching the rank of Master Flight Sergeant [E-4]. Upon reaching the senior enlisted ranks, his CO had observed his leadership of the junior enlisted's. He would mentor them and pass on tips he had picked up over the years, this led his commanding officer to assign Bisson as Alpha-class Gunship flight leader where he excelled in the slower, heavier-hitting fighters using tactical manoeuvers to beat faster interceptors in battles.

After two years of service, Patrick was honorably discharged when his Naval group was disbanded.

Post Tour

After the Navy, he worked for an arms dealer fulfilling government contracts and supplying private military corporations. Rumors indicate Patrick was involved in the proliferation of Binders, the galaxy's answer to the monopoly on Stun-Cuffs held by the Falleen Federation.

Attack on Freedom

On Y13 D050 - Patrick arrived at the Trading station "Astraeus Terminal" for a sales meeting with representatives from an Imperial-aligned private military corporation. While he was having drinks in the galley celebrating a recent business transaction, a message came across the holo screens behind the bar, a symbol of the New Republic appeared, while a voice read out a manifesto. The thermal bomb ripped through the interior of the station. He was left scarred and with missing limbs. The attack left over three thousand civilians dead with rebel insurgents claiming responsibility shortly after.


Patrick was brought to Grand Republic Medical Facility on Coruscant. It was there he received his cybernetic arm implant and spent weeks in bacta recovering from his burns. The twisted remnants of flesh on his face became a constant reminder of the sacrifices required to maintain order in the galaxy. Despite the whispers and sidelong glances, he embraced his disfigurement as a symbol of commitment to the Imperial cause. Upon discharge from Grand Republic, he re-applied to the Imperial Navy. Due to his disabilities, he was not eligible to return as a pilot but was offered an officer commission if he could pass the Academy.

Officer Commission

Y14 D105 - Patrick was commissioned and received command training at Prefsbelt IV Naval Academy, a prestigious fleet institution modeled after the ancient warrior traditions of Coruscant. Upon graduation, he was given the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade [O-2] and his first command was of an anti-fighter carrack in the █████████ region where he showed an aptitude for managing his crew. He reached the rank of Lieutenant Commander [O-4] during his tenure as a Carrack Captain.

Operation Pittin

It was during Operation Pittin that he first took command of the group through the succession of command and was able to rally the men together and destroy the raiding fleet. This got him noticed by Fleet command and began his ascent to command. ADM Drenall awarded him a letter of commendation: "For leadership qualities and initiative both worthy of a potential commander and necessary in order to bring Operation Pittin to a (semi-)successful resolution."

9th Assault Group Executive Officer

Y18 D052 - Patrick was sworn in as an executive officer of the 9th assault group and given command of an Imperial Star Destroyer where he served under three commanding officers never missing a report and receiving praise from his superiors for his attention to detail, experience, leadership, and organization. It was during his command of the ISD Eternity he received his bronze CAPCOM qualification badge by the recommendation of Commodore Euler.

Command Tier

Y18 D345 - Patrick was promoted to the rank of Commodore and assigned to the command-level position of 1st Fleet signals officer for what may be the longest term in 1st Fleet history, providing some long-needed stability to the department.

13th Recon Group Commanding officer

Y19 D105 - Commodore Patrick Bisson was appointed to replace Commodore Turk Killian as the 13th group CO. The group had stagnated and he was brought in to return the unit to its elite status within the Navy. Immediately upon his arrival to Deep-Core, the group was launched into operation "Olympus Divided" to ready the group for a war that was closer than anyone expected.

War in Hosnian (Declassified Y20 D241)

Midway through year 19, then-Rear Admiral Bisson was involved in operations to secure the Hosnian system from New Republic forces.

On year 19, day 188 the Hosnian system was discovered by members of Tresario Star Kingdom. Following the proclamation of Imperial ownership by Emperor Seele, the 13th group under the command of Rear Admiral Patrick Bisson, was given its marching orders: to mobilize as a quick response force to secure the system for the Empire. Upon arrival in Hosnian, the 13th was reinforced by the Swiftsure Joint Task Force comprising multiple naval groups and army brigades. Appointed as commander of the forces tasked with system-level reconnaissance, he and the other reconnaissance elements tracked and scanned all movement of enemy and neutral ships entering and departing the system--while simultaneously aiding with system-level logistics.

The enemy forces were mainly composed of privately owned ships, likely some form of militia, and it was over a month before the New Republic was able to muster a single military vessel within the system. Despite their enemy’s lackluster response the battle was not fought without losses, Rear Admiral Bisson’s second in command Lieutenant Commander Du` Bas Tyra was captured by New Republic forces. Choosing not to allow the New Republic to use him as a bargaining chip, he took his own life while in captivity.

For his role in ensuring that Operation: Swiftsure was a success, he was awarded the Imperial Campaign Medal [ICM] and his eighth Letter of Commendation [LOC-8].


Letter of Commendation: Awarded for contributions to Operation: Swiftsure. For constant vigilance and continual availability for all secondary tasks at hand while on assignment as a system sentry in Hosnian. Rear Admiral Bisson's recon aided in the redirection and forewarning of planetary units and his outstanding dedication, reliability, and performance served as a fine example for junior officers.

Group Command Medal

After 6 months of commanding the 13th Recon Group through exercises and operations, he received the [GCM] with a positive review from Navy Command.


From Navy Commanding Officer Graeda L'Annan:
Awarded for serving with distinction and efficiency in the role of Commanding Officer for the 13th Reconnaissance Group for the last 6 months. Bisson is a highly competent commander, displaying a keen eye for detail and a hand for organization, no doubt courtesy of his past as both an Executive Officer and as FSO. Bisson shows a good grasp for both combat tactics and strategy, and is also a highly active and thorough commander on a personal level, as exemplified by his many and detailed recon reports during Operation ████████.

Civilian Career

Imperial Security Bureau

"More men are guilty of treason through weakness than any studied design to betray."
—François de La Rochefoucauld
Achievement Medal


From Director of Imperial Intelligence Tec Vaan Consistently look to improve themselves, their subordinates, and Imperial Intelligence as a whole through the implementation of new policies and procedures.

Imperial Intelligence Medal of Progress


From Emperor Seele of the Galactic Empire For meritorious and lasting contributions to Imperial Intelligence, the Imperial Intelligence Medal of Progress is awarded to Patrick Bisson. His leadership of the Imperial Security Bureau has been punctuated by diligent commitment to continual improvement of operations and practices undertaken in the preservation of the Galactic Empire.

Kidnapping and murder of Krakonico Petermind

In early Y22, Patrick's former commanding officer from the ninth group who had retired from Imperial service was kidnapped by the infamous criminal Adrian Owen. Adrian attempted to extort the ransom of 1.2 Billion credits from the Chief of ISB himself in exchange for the life of his former CO. Imperial policy of not negotiating with criminals was carried and Krakonico Petermind was murdered by Adrian in cold blood while still in captivity.

8131_owen.jpg 8187_petermind.jpg
Adrian Owen Krakonico Petermind

The Imperial Security Bureau issued a warrant that morning for the arrest of Adrian Owen for capital crimes signed by the Bureau Chief of Imperial Security Patrick Bisson.

In Y23, The Bureau of Analysis received classified intelligence that Adrian Owen intended to access Imperial Space to collect stolen assets he acquired from Krakonico. The plan for capture was refined by the Ubiqtorate and there was a high level of confidence for success.

In the early hours of Coruscant local time, elite members of the Imperial Security Bureaus Counter-Terrorism cell deployed under the direct supervision of Bureau Chief Bisson. Forcing their way aboard the vessel the operatives laid waste to those who would oppose the will of the Empire. The ensuing close-quarters combat within the narrow halls of the ship was ruthless and ultimately led to the triumph of the Empire. The rumors were that Owen was personally killed by the Bureau Chief himself but he would not comment on the raid when asked.

ING Article "Ultimate Revelation"


Current Imperial ID Card

A Hapani Male of average height and a military build. He is usually seen in his white Imperial Security Bureau uniform. His duty belt around his waist holds his personal firearm, a Relby K-23 with black grips, and various other bureau tools. His face is covered by a black cloth obscuring his face and eyes. When attending Imperial Navy gatherings he wears his naval saber on his belt, awarded to him upon his promotion to Rear Admiral. Outside of formal events he prefers to keep it on display in his office as a reminder of his accomplishments in the military.

Service Record

Imperial Navy

Sub-Group Grade Insignia Rank Position Promoted (Combine Time)
Academy [T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Student Y11 D55
████████ [E-2] MT-2.png Crewman INSC Y11 D60
████████ [E-2] ASJDOKE.png Flight Corporal CAPCOM Y12 D193
████████ [E-3] 5jJ5MBA.png Flight Sergeant CAPCOM Y12 D273
████████ [E-4] Nar42S5.png Master Flight Sergeant CAPCOM Y12 D329
████████ [O-2] MO-2.png Lieutenant Junior Grade CAPCOM Y14 D105
████████ [O-3] MO-3.png Lieutenant CAPCOM Y18 D112
9th Group [O-4] MO-4.png Lieutenant Commander CAPCOM Y18 D259
9th/13th Group [C-1] MC-1.png Commodore COMMAND Y18 D345
13th Group [C-2] MC-2.png Rear Admiral COMMAND Y19 D166-Y19D349

Imperial Intelligence

Sub-Group Grade Insignia Rank Position Promoted (Combine Time)
ISB ████████ ████████ ████████ AGENT Y19D349
ISB ████████ ████████ ████████ CHIEF Y20D79
ISB C-5 IIC-5.png Bureau Chief CoISB Y20D142-Y24 D268


Sub-Group Grade Insignia Rank Position Promoted (Combine Time)
Directorate IHC-1 ISB-HC1.png ISB-Director Director of the Imperial Security Bureau Y24D268


Silver CAPCOM wing

Certified Imperial Security Bureau Agent

Certified Imperial Intelligence Agent


Admiralty Saber "Eternity"

Awards and Commendations (In sequential order of precedence)


Ribbon Name Date Awarded (Combine Time)
ACH.jpg Achievement Medal [ACH] Y20 D341
IIMP.jpg Imperial Intelligence Medal of Progress [IIMP] Y22 D320
IMC.jpg Imperial Medal of Commendation [IMC] Y20 D65
ICON-5.jpg Imperial Conduct Medal (5 Years) [ICON-5] Y25 D58
CMM.jpg COMPNOR Member Medal [CMM] Y24 D268
CIIA.jpg Certified Imperial Intelligence Agent [CIIA] Y23 D107
CISA.jpg Certified Imperial Security Agent [CISA] Y20 D79
GCM.jpg Group Command Medal [GCM] Y19 D322
LOCx9.jpg Letter of Commendation x9 [LOCX9] Y24 D268
LOCx8.jpg Letter of Commendation x8 [LOCX8] Y20 D161
LOCx7.jpg Letter of Commendation x7 [LOCX7] Y19 D285
LOCx6.jpg Letter of Commendation x6 [LOCX6] Y19 D44
LOCx5.jpg Letter of Commendation x5 [LOCX5] Y18 D346
LOCx4.jpg Letter of Commendation x4 [LOCX4] Y18 D286
LOCx3.jpg Letter of Commendation x3 [LOCX3] Y18 D155
LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation x2 [LOCX2] Y18 D104
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOCX1] Y18 D71
IAM.jpg Imperial Activity Medal [IAM] Y19D120
IVM.jpg Imperial Victory Medal [IVM] Y21 D250
ISM-8.jpg Imperial Service Medal 8 Year [ISM-8] Y24 D288
ISM-7.jpg Imperial Service Medal 7 Year [ISM-7] Y23 D294
ISM-6.jpg Imperial Service Medal 6 Year [ISM-6] Y22 D296
ISM-5.jpg Imperial Service Medal 5 Year [ISM-5] Y21 D287
ISM-4.jpg Imperial Service Medal 4 Year [ISM-4] Y20 D285
ISM-3.jpg Imperial Service Medal 3 Year [ISM-3] Y19 D319
ISM-2.jpg Imperial Service Medal 2 Year [ISM-2] Y19 D20
ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal 1 Year [ISM-1] Y18 D107
ISM.jpg Imperial Service Medal 6 Month [ISM] Y18 D107
CSA.jpg COMPNOR Service Award [CSA] Y25 D83
IISA-4.jpg Imperial Intelligence Service Award 4 Year [IISA-4] Y23 D339
IISA-3.jpg Imperial Intelligence Service Award 3 Year [IISA-3] Y23 D22
IISA-2.jpg Imperial Intelligence Service Award 2 Year [IISA-2] Y22 D18
IISA-1.jpg Imperial Intelligence Service Award 1 Year [IISA-1] Y21 D49
IISA.jpg Imperial Intelligence Service Award 6 Month [IISA] Y20 D166
ICM.jpg Imperial Campaign Medal (Hosnian) [ICM] Y20 D110
IABG.jpg Imperial Academy Graduate [IABG] Y12 D332
MIDx4.jpg Mention In Dispatches X4 [MID-4] Y21 D49
MIDx3.jpg Mention In Dispatches X3 [MID-3] Y20 D223
MIDx2.jpg Mention In Dispatches X2 [MID-2] Y19 D346
MID.jpg Mention In Dispatches [MID] Y18 D225
MOS.jpg Medal of Support [MOS] Y18 D264
IMM-12.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting [IMM-12] Y19 D92
IMM.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting [IMM] Y19 D40