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Jano Baskardi

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Jano Baskardi
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Father Carth Baskardi
Mother Rhea Baskardi
Spouse Single
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -7 Day 70
Imperial Service
Branch RegGov-Med.png
Regional Government
Positions Staff Member Imperial Archivist

Acting Dean

Prior Service Training Officer
Awards 8855_baskardi.png

Jano Baskardi is a Staff Member in the Regional Government of the Galactic Empire, Acting Academy Dean and retired Chief Magistrate of the planet Daupherm. He currently holds a part-time position at the Imperial Archives, helping to catalogue the expanses of Imperial space.

Early Life

Jano was born the only child of Carth and Rhea Baskardi, and grew up in the bowels of Coruscant's vast undercity during the twilight years of the Old Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire. His mother and father ran a shop and a few other small businesses in an effort to put food on the table and perhaps move to greener pastures. In spite of their constant efforts, they never quite managed to escape from the dark depths of the undercity, thanks in part to the extortionate and corrupt local Republic officials, who seemed no less vulturous than the common criminals of the district.

As soon as Jano was born, his parents pinned all of their hopes on him. Although it was a constant struggle to to pay for his education, it brought dividends as the boy showed talent in mathematics and writing.

The household lived far below the galactic city's skyline and it was many years before Jano got a chance to see sunlight and stars; when he finally did visit the upper levels the boy was struck in wonder at the opulence of the city's structures, the vastness of the night sky and the great starships whizzing around between the two. His father told him stories of his uncle, who had been a spacer in the outer rim for many years and brought back the various souvenirs which now decorated their cramped undercity apartment, before disappearing without a trace early on in the Clone Wars. As he grew older, Jano found fascination in this collection of odd alien weapons, artifacts and items of clothing or jewelry; when he could scrape together the money for transportation, he would travel to the Imperial Archives and other museums and libraries around the planet in an attempt to learn more about the wider galaxy.

In the CSF

As the Empire suffered a period of instability following the fall of Emperor Charon, the undercity gangs grew bolder, culminating in three nights of riots, during which the Baskardis' shop was torched, and Jano's father injured his arm. During the riots, he saw people he had known for years turning to violence and looting in order to survive; this filled him with sadness, anger and an iron-cast determination to avoid falling into the same trap. Jano has ever since held a deep-seated hatred of injustice and chaos that made him a natural friend to the Imperial authorities. As a teenager, he would often spy on local gangs for his friends in the local Coruscant Security Forces branch. After completing his education, Jano worked as a part-time junior clerk in the branch. He later trained as a detective under the famous CSF Captain Kallak Tarr, under whose command he participated in a number of drugs busts against the illicit death sticks trade and a major investigation into a string of swoop gang murders. With the Ndengin era came great strides in tackling the undercity's problems, and order was restored to many of the middle and lower levels of Coruscant.

Although things were improving on Coruscant, Jano decided he'd had enough of the grimy, oppressive planet. It had suffered the depredations of democratic incompetence for millenia, and its towering structures seemed to have been built as a prison; designed to crush the hopes and dreams of countless many under ten trillion tonnes of duracrete. With this in mind, Jano took his first tenuous steps into the galaxy at large. With a recommendation from the CSF, he applied at an Imperial recruitment branch and was accepted. His parents tried to discourage him from leaving, fearing they could not manage without his help and protection, but Jano insisted that he had no future at home. This disagreement did not hold him back and he set off for the Academy a few days later.

Imperial Career

The Academy

Jano hesitantly boarded the shuttle at the Coruscant starport, and found himself surrounded by a curious mixture of people. There were several others like him, who had escaped the grind of undercity life- even a couple of hopeful class C aliens- but the majority were wealthy children of the urban elite. As he sat in the shuttle (and indeed for the rest of his stay at the academy), he heard them talk about a Coruscant he barely knew; a Coruscant that they would actually miss. Smiling, he consoled himself with the thought that he'd at least be one of the few recruits who didn't suffer from homesickness. Touching down at Prakith on Y17 Day 103, he was assigned to instructor Maulak Khaos for immediate basic training.

Although overwhelmed by the opulence of the Academy, and the terror of his first trips into space, Jano found he was quite quick to grasp the fundamentals of Galactic history and Imperial law. Graduating with honours, Jano didn't hesitate in choosing the branch where he believed he could make the greatest impact: Regional Government.

Regional Government

Following graduation, the now Junior Superintendent Baskardi was contacted by superior officers and given transportation to his first assignment on the frontiers of Imperial space. He settled in to his new duties with great enthusiasm; acting as a magistrate, construction overseer and administrative official for a system undergoing fledgling Imperial colonisation. Over time he made considerable progress in establishing an effective local government and completing essential infrastructure projects in the area.

Several months into his full-time service as an Imperial Officer, Baskardi found himself returning to the Academy as a Training Officer, splitting his time between Prakith and his Sector. This was an initially odd experience, but he found fulfillment in assisting new personnel both at the Academy and within Regional Government.

As Year 17 drew to a close, Jano returned to the capital to attend the Emperor's 5-Year Anniversary Gala with then-Lieutenant Arya Solus. He was coming 'home' (although he hardly considered it such) for the first time since the day he had caught that shuttle to Prakith many months ago. This finally afforded him a look at the other, more opulent side of the planet where he had spent most of his life; he found the Imperial Palace remarkably impressive.

Upon returning to his Sector, Jano found a Prefect's badge lying on his desk, and next to it a note in his Moff's hand, which read "Get back to work". With his RGOV duties growing more complex by the day, Baskardi decided with some regret that he would have to leave the Academy.

At the start of Year 18, Jano took part in the Regional Government hunt, a friendly competition for trophies on a hunting reserve world. Due to his inexperience, the Prefect had a near fatal run-in with a Krayt Dragon, but thankfully survived.

A few months later, the Imperial Academy was hit with the consequences of a major COMPNOR propaganda campaign, seeing a two-fold rise in recruit numbers, and Jano was brought out of retirement to teach recruits once more, thanks to a hidden clause in some documents he had signed upon becoming a TO. He soon realised how much he had missed these duties, and mentoring the next generation of Imperials.

Assignment to Daupherm

Around this time in Imperial space, a small planet named Daupherm saw its corrupt and unstable government collapse after a vote of no confidence, a coup and a series of riots. Jano was sent to investigate, taking a small team of functionaries, technical advisors and Bureau personnel to assist him, but declining to bring any military assistance that might antagonise the populace.

When the now Senior Prefect arrived, he found a world in complete disarray. Deciding that drastic action was required, he trained up a new, enormous and well-paid planetary police force drawn from conscription by lot and declared a state of emergency. Once he had pacified the streets, his RegGov taskforce began following the money to work out what was causing this instability. Suspicion was soon cast, although with scant evidence to support it, that certain aristocratic families were exporting a potent agricultural product as illicit drugs and had engineered the disorder to protect their operations. Jano's immediate reaction was to blockade the starports.

Senior Prefect Baskardi conducting negotiations with the nobility

As the planet's economy ground to a halt and debts mounted up, the mission looked to have been a failure, but after two weeks members of the older Tapani noble families came forward to confess all before their businesses collapsed. After the worst of the criminal element had been arrested, Jano convened the planetary assembly of lords and made a deal: the nobles could keep their land holdings, but would need to surrender lease to large tracts of it for new housing and Imperial facilities; drug production could continue on a smaller scale, but the product was to go to Thyferra for medicinal purposes; finally, the offspring of the planet's leading families were to attend education at Imperial colleges and schools offworld to ensure their loyalty. Now appointed magistrate, Baskardi stayed for several more months to oversee the paying down of the world's debts, the rebuilding of its economy and to hand over power to a new civilian administration.

Break and return

Exhausted by the Daupherm crisis, Jano took a career break to pursue various hobbies, including a year-long study programme for the University of Corellia on the history of the Deep Core region.

In Year 20, Jano returned to Regional Government under a new Moff and with a new set of tasks to perform. The retirement from active duty had allowed Jano to immerse himself in Imperial culture and history; upon his return he soon took up a writing/administrative position at the Imperial Archives, and once again returned to teach at the Imperial Academy. Using his expertise, he eventually settled into a role assisting the Dean, Beric Staghorn, as Senior TO.


A strong believer in the importance of order, Baskardi is faithful to the Empire to an almost naive degree, and always seeks to act in its interests and for the benefit of its citizens. Although he tries to be warm and friendly to colleagues and civilians under normal circumstances, Jano has little tolerance for incompetence, criminality or corruption on their part, and will show a more persistent and ruthless side when he detects this in any form. The officer rarely insists on doing things by the book, but expects results nonetheless, and emphasises the importance of purity of intentions.

He is also distinguished by a strong degree of curiosity about things, stemming from his love for history and galactic cultures, as well as from his past as a CSF detective. As such, he often gets buried in minute details, and annoys planetary officials by interfering in law enforcement cases and security matters, or by trying to rat out cases of perceived impropriety. Although inevitably involved in galactic politics, Jano is quite unable to grasp intrigue or to take actions to further his own interests; this continued naivety and selflessness might hold back his career.

Jano's hobbies include reading, long walks and a new-found love for flying fast ships.

Imperial Service Record


Grade Rank Insignia Branch Date
[T-1] Recruit MT-1.png Imperial Academy Year 17 Day 102
[O-1] Junior Superintendent RGO-1.png Regional Government Year 17 Day 110
[O-2] Superintendent RGO-2.png Regional Government Year 17 Day 175
[O-3] Senior Superintendent RGO-3.png Regional Government Year 17 Day 233
[O-4] Prefect RGO-4.png Regional Government Year 17 Day 301
[O-5] Senior Prefect RGO-5.png Regional Government Year 18 Day 83
[O-6] Assistant Governor RGO-6.png Regional Government Year 20 Day 132



Abbreviation Ribbon Name Date Awarded By Citation
[IABG-H] IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate - Honors Year 17 Day 110 The Imperial Academy
[MID] MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches Year 17 Day 149 Regional Government
[LOC] LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation Year 17 Day 216 Regional Government
[IAM] IAM.jpg Imperial Activity Medal Year 17 Day 250 Regional Government
[MIDx2] MIDx2.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches x2 Year 17 Day 270 Regional Government
[MIDx3] MIDx3.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches x3 Year 17 Day 294 The Imperial Academy
[IMM] IMM.jpg Imperial Meeting Medal Year 18 Day 21 Imperial Security Bureau
[DDS] DDS.jpg Departmental Distinguished Service Year 18 Day 61 Azhrarn Amaratha
[GCA] GCA.jpg Good Conduct Award Year 18 Day 83 Destra Kami
[MIDx4] MIDx4.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches x4 Year 18 Day 133 Daniel Ascarion
[MIDx5] MIDx5.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches x5 Year 18 Day 137 Daniel Ascarion
[ISM-1] ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 1 Year Year 18 Day 139 Kathleen Tate For a year's active service
[LOCx2] LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation x2 Year 18 Day 162 Destra Kami
[MIDx6] MIDx6.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches x6 Year 20 Day 106 Regional Government Classified Operations
[IMM-H] IMM-H.jpg Imperial Meeting Medal - 12 Year 20 Day 126 ISB Participating in 12 IMMs
[LOCx3] LOCx3.jpg Letter of Commendation x3 Year 20 Day 188 Regional Government Classified Operations
[ISM-2] ISM-2.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 2 Years Year 20 Day 197 Patrick Bisson For two years' active service