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Destra Kami

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Destra Kami
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Ellia Rhade-Kami
Father Malcolm Kami
Spouse None
Siblings Risa Kami
Children None
Born Year -14, Day 173 [30 years old]
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
Positions Moff of Tapani Sector
Prior Service Sector Adjutant of the Coruscant Oversector

Governor of Lytton Sector

Awards 8299_kami.png


Early Childhood and Early Life

Destra Kami, second child to Ambassador Malcolm Kami and famous violinist Ellia Rhade, was born thirty-one years ago on Coruscant into a wealthy distinguished family bringing forth a respected line of diplomats and politicians. While he enjoyed a carefree childhood of comfort and the best education credits could buy, it was also one of solitude as the young Destra, being the son of the Ambassador of Alderaan to the Galactic Empire, never stayed in one place long enough to make any real friends and most of his schooling was given by private tutors. Before he could even walk the youngest Kami had already seen Coruscant, Corellia and Procopia, more planets than the average Human sees in their entire life, and the huge variety of different cultures Destra would grow up in over the following years not only sparked his interest into following into his father’s footsteps but also shaped his future affinity with culture, music and art.

Destra and Risa

Over the course of Destra’s childhood his only recurring friend came in the form of his sister Risa Kami. Three years older, the proud inheritor of their mother’s musical talent and at times an immutable source of frustration and sibling rivalry, she was also the one constant factor in the young Destra’s life; the only friend that wouldn’t fade into obscurity and the sole person he could always confide in. It created a strong bond that no one could ever get in between and, even long after they both went their separate ways with Destra returning to Alderaan to enroll into the Alderaanian Diplomatic Academy and Risa enrolling into the Procopia Conservatory of Music, the two siblings would continue to stay in touch, even raising their sibling rivalry to outperform each other to the level where they both graduated with honors.

Service to Alderaan

Service Record


Pre-Enlisted Removal

Grade Rank Promoted by Time awarded (Combine Time) Time awarded (Real Time)
[E-1] Recruit Imperial Academy Year 13 Day 291 2012-09-18
[E-3] Assistant Regional Government Year 13 Day 294 2012-09-21
[E-4] Senior Assistant Slicer Year 14 Day 53 2013-01-23
[E-6] Superintendent Slicer Year 14 Day 123 2013-04-03
[O-2] Provisional Prefect Slicer Year 14 Day 219 2013-07-08

Post Enlisted Removal

Grade Rank Promoted by Time awarded (Combine Time) Time awarded (Real Time)
[O-6] Assistant Governor New Rank classifications Year 14 Day 339 2013-11-05
[O-7] Deputy Governor Wummer Malephar Year 15 Day 137 2014-04-17
[C-1] Lieutenant Governor Niven Scherbankov Year 15 Day 260 2014-08-18
[C-2] Governor Wummer Malephar Year 16 Day 49 2015-01-19
[HC-1] Moff Guinar Ndengin Year 16 Day 88 2015-02-27


Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate - Honours ([IABG-H]) Year 13 Day 294 Imperial Academy
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation (LOC) Year 14 Day 53 Slicer
MID.jpg Mentioned In Dispatches ([MID]) Year 14 Day 123 Slicer
IAM.jpg Imperial Activity Medal ([IAM]) Year 14 Day 123 Slicer
LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation x2 (LOCx2) Year 14 Day 282 Slicer
ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal ([ISM]) - 1 Year Year 14 Day 315 Imperial Security Bureau
ICM.jpg Imperial Campaign Medal ([ICM]) Year 15 Day 236 The Throne
GAM.jpg Government Administration Medal ([GAM]) Year 15 Day 236 Niven Scherbankov upon recommendation of Wummer Malephar
IMM.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting ([IMM]) Year 15 Day 266 Imperial Security Bureau
ISM-2.jpg Imperial Service Medal ([ISM-2]) - 2 Year Year 15 Day 351 Imperial Security Bureau
LOCx3.jpg Letter of Commendation x3 (LOCx3) Year 16 Day 21 Wummer Malephar
ICMx2.jpg Imperial Campaign Medal x2 ([ICMx2]) Year 16 Day 49 The Throne
IMM-12.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting - 12 ([IMM-12]) Year 16 Day 85 Imperial Security Bureau