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Azhrarn Amaratha

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Azhrarn Amaratha
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Jorya Nikana ni'Shaia - Amaratha, deceased
Father Genovin Wes Amaratha, deceased
Spouse married <details classified>
Siblings 3 <details classified>
Children 2 <details classified>
Born Year -24
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
Positions Chairman of the Council of Moffs

Imperial Treasurer
Count of Voon

Prior Service CEO Kuat Drive Yards

Director of Production, Ministry of Industry
Senior Adjutant of Corellian Sector
Governor of the Kuat Sector

Awards 7890_amaratha.png

"A good engineer never fails to test the limits of every possibility."
— Azhrarn Amaratha

Azhrarn Amaratha serves as Chairman of the Council of Moffs of the Galactic Empire with the rank of High Moff. Replacing his governorship of the Kuat Oversector for the role of overseer for the Regional Government as a whole. Formerly Azhrarn was the Sector Adjutant of the Corellian Sector and before that the Director of Production in the Imperial Ministry of Industry. Prior to his time in the Empire he was the 'Technician' (CEO) of the Kuat Drive Yards. Azhrarn is a member and de jure head of the Coruscanti House Amaratha. In Year 17 on Day 322 Azhrarn was raised to imperial nobility and dubbed the Count of Voon by then Emperor Guinar Ndengin.

Appearance and Personality

Azhrarn usually wears fine tailored suits or his uniform and lately much less his labcoat. Cufflinks in the shape of the KDY logo show his roots in the Kuat Drive Yards. Often Azhrarn can be found tapping away on his datapad or pondering economic charts, logitics reports or financial figures. Prefering a hands-on approach he doesnt shun getting his his hands dirty while he shows his workers or builders how the job is done.

Azhrarn has a naturally quiet demeanor preferring to think first and only then speak, but once set on a specific course he commits himself fully, talking energeticly as he puts another new project on track. Pragmatic above all else Azhrarn is an effective if sometimes ruthless adminstrator, when it comes down to it, to him workers are simply just another form of assets.

Though he is prone to a degree of patronizing arrogance, it is not born out of malice. It stems out of perfectionism, not just feeling better than anyone else but actually trying to -be- better than anyone else. When faced with a clearly more skilled counterpart he will grudgingly swallow his pride, but immediately set off to try and learn every advantage to other holds over him.

His long association with cut-throat corporate boardrooms and political arenas has made Azhrarn rather paranoid in nature, the careful observer will notice him never eating or drinking before taking his "medication" for his stomach, in truth these medication are strong anti-toxins.


Born into House Amaratha among the Coruscanti social elite, Azhrarn was schooled by the finest tutors. From a young age on it was certain he would follow his father's footsteps into spaceship engineering. Azhrarn studied Hyperspace Engineering at Kuat University and later Capital Spaceship Design at the Imperial University of Coruscant. After graduation he applied at Kuat Drive Yards and was accepted.


Although many of the social elite on Coruscant had grown rich on the corruption of the old Republic's senate, Azhrarn has always been genuinely disappointed in the concept of democracy. Although he can understand the theoretical advantage of such a system, he believes that in the end it will always lead to chosen politicans draining wealth out of greed and wasting precious resources and time in useless and endless debates and procedures that will turn any society into a weak powerless shell with no progress to greatness. The freedom democracy propagates is just an illusion upheld by weak unambitious men and women. With the rise of the Empire Azhrarn became a staunch supporter of the New Order, the focus and desicion-making power in the hands of one man finally beginning to push the galaxy forward. Strengthened in his conviction by the surge in technological development and discovery of hundreds if not thousands of new worlds as the Empire stretched to bring all into the fold under a banner of Order.


Over the years and during various jobs Azhrarn has come into contact with many different cultures and he has developed an interest in studying the languages. He is known to speak or at least understand the following languages:

  • Galactic Basic Standard
  • High Galactic
  • Huttese
  • Minnisiat
  • Cheunh (understands it perfectly, still has trouble speaking it)
  • Ugnaught (understands it)

Although it is unknown if he can speak it, it is known Azhrarn has a basic understanding of the written ancient sith language.


Azhrarn's greatest passion is his work, it is said he runs calculations, schematics and accounting sheets in his sleep. Next to his fondness for linguistics he holds one hobby that even others would consider sports. Azhrarn has been an avid fencer since his youth, he has been formally trained in various styles and he enjoys studying more archaic styles on his own. His weapon of choice is a 3 feet long cortosis enhanced blade, that has the Amaratha-crest dragon ornamentaly worked into the hilt. Although his work keeps him busy most hours of the day he practises reguarly.

Azhrarn never partakes alcohol in any quantity that it affects his mental abilities. His known vice is his smoking of cigars, preferably the high range exclusive kinds.


Kuat Drive Yards

Azhrarn started his working career with Kuat Drive Yards, a shipbuild corporation that was at that time privately owned but working on a contracter basis for the Galactic Empire, as well as selling to the public. During his traineeship he served about a year in the logistics department and then transfered to the production department. Growing frustrated with the amounts of time lost in logistics, Azhrarn slowly became obsessed with efficiency, tirelessly trying to shorten supply lines and improve on the flow of goods and resources. After several months as factory overseer he was promoted to manage all factories on the planet Borothain, permitting him to take his planning a higher degree. Reorganisations began in the placement of factories, centralising production centres and putting a stop to constant retooling of factories. Over time his zeal and dedication drew the attention of the owner of the Kuat Drive Yards; Myn Kuat. Azhrarn's keen mind and skill at administrating and planning kept his career advancing rapidly and soon found himself rising to the position of Director of Production. As director he had control over the planning and development of all KDY's factories and shipyards. He instituted a more efficient work schedule and a system that encouraged and rewarded employees to wrok beyond the mere call of duty. Eventually Azhrarn became Assistant Technician (2nd in command) of the corporation and assumed more and more duties of the companies leader as Myn Kuat focused more on his studies of the Force. Defacto Azhrarn was now the leader of one of the largest ship manufacturers in the Galaxy. When Myn Kuat accepted a position in the Galactic Empire, Azhrarn exchanged his defacto leadership for the actual position. He served as Technician of KDY for about a year and under his guidance the company saw enormous progress in the development of the planets under KDY's control. Investing heavily in the strengthening of the infrastructure and economic strength and resources to fuel the rapidly growing ship manufacturer. Monthly profits rose from a bare 10 million to well over 100 million credits. These times also saw the founding of Kuat Systems Engineering, a daughter company that specialised in the construction of Vehicles. Despite the succes Azhrarn started to become weary of leadership and began grooming replacements and assumed a position of advisor to the companies' board of directors. After a retirement of several months, during which he completed another study in Galactic Economics and Finances, Azhrarn was urged into resuming the position of Technician of the Kuat Drive Yards, attempting to bring calm and order again after some chaotic changes in the board of directors.

Galactic Empire

With growing tension between the owner of KDY and the Empire and following an offer from the then Minister of Industry; Guinar Ndengin, Azhrarn formally accepted the position of Director of Production in the Galactic Empire on year 11 Day 320, forcing him to put down his position as leader of the Kuat Drive Yards once more. Eager for new challenges on an even greater scope Azhrarn started enthousiasticly. Soon though the high level of communication required between the various deputy directors and himself, having to fill in for the oft absent new Minster of Industry and his desire to continue his work in the field began to wear him down. Though on a larger scale his work in the Production Department didnt bring him the new experiences he craved. At the end of Year 12 Azhrarn assisted in setting up and forming a new department of RADE; the Imperial Treasury (RAD-IT). Shortly after in year 13 Azhrarn transferred to Regional Government and became part of the command staff of the Corellian Administrative Sector, rising to become Sector Adjutant. In early Year 15 he applied and was appointed Moff of the Kuat sector once more joining the ranks of Imperial High Command.
In Year 17 Azhrarn succeeded Niven Scherbankov as Chairman of the Council of Moffs with the rank of High Moff and became part of the Empire's Inner Circle.


The County of Voon

On Day 322 of Year 17 during the Imperial Meeting Azhrarn was raised to imperial nobility and dubbed the Count of Voon by Emperor Guinar Ndengin.

<.Emperor_Ndengin> High Moff Amaratha, join me on the podium please.
<.Emperor_Ndengin> I would like you to bear witness to one of the many facets of my predecessor, Thomas Cherokee.
High Moff Amaratha rises and joins the Emperor
<&HMOFF_Amaratha> your majesty?
<.Emperor_Ndengin> Namely his unwavering dedication to the Empire and the Imperials that served him.
<.Emperor_Ndengin> He never failed to recognise Imperials of worth or note.
<.Emperor_Ndengin> And it is therefore that I would like to carry on in that tradition.
<.Emperor_Ndengin> I have had the pleasure of knowing you for many years now. From the promising Technician in the erratic Imperial ally that was Kuat Drive Yards to your tenure in the Ministry of Industry.
<.Emperor_Ndengin> From your duties in the Imperial Treasury to overseeing the branch of Regional Government.
<.Emperor_Ndengin> Your loyalty and integrity are paramount, exemplary even.
<.Emperor_Ndengin> It is therefore that I am honoured to be able to elevate you to the ranks Imperial Nobility.
<.Emperor_Ndengin> Now kneel.
High Moff Amaratha kneels
<.Emperor_Ndengin> In recognition of your loyalty.
<.Emperor_Ndengin> In recognition of your integrity.
<.Emperor_Ndengin> In recognition of your service.
<.Emperor_Ndengin> I now title you Count Amaratha of Voon.
<.Emperor_Ndengin> Rise, Count Amaratha, and be recognised.
Emperor Ndengin takes a step back and applauds

Heraldric description Count of Voon:
Parted per bend tenne and argent, chief dexter dragon passant toward sinister sable, armed argent langued sanguine, base sinister serpent erect sable, langued gules.

House Amaratha

houseamarathalogo.jpgHouse Amaratha traces its lineage back around 7,000 years priding itself on a legacy of excellent spaceship engineers, politicians and stockbrokers. The house made its fortune in shipbuilding and galactic trading. The last few centuries has seen an almost unbroken traditional connection with the Kuat Drive Yards. House Amaratha sided with the Imperials in the Rise of the Empire and remained loyal to the Emperor during the NIO uprising, but remained a supporter of the reconciliation movement. After the GE and NIO merged again the House's involvement in Imperial politics grew, its scions rising to more influential positions. With KDY's allegiance shifting to the Trade Union the involvement of the house with the corporation has diminished significantly.

Service Record

Year 6 Day 279 - Year 12 Day 320 : Kuat Drive Yards
Year 11 Day 320 - Year 12 Day 315 : Imperial Ministry of Industry as Director of Production
Year 12 Day 82 - Year 12 Day 315 : Imperial Regional Government - Coruscant Oversector as Acting Sector Adjutant
Year 12 Day 305 - present : Resource Allocation Department - Imperial Treasury
Year 12 Day 315 - Year 13 Day 138 : Imperial Regional Government - Corellian Sector as Lieutenant Governor
Year 13 Day 138 - Year 13 Day 339 : Imperial Regional Government - Corellian Sector as Governor
Year 13 Day 340 - Year 16 Day 21 : Imperial Regional Government - Corellian Sector as Sector Adjutant
Year 15 Day 123 - Year 17 Day 349 : Imperial Regional Government - Moff of the Kuat Sector
Year 17 Day 074 - present : Chairman of the Council of Moffs
Year 17 Day 322 - present : Count of Voon
Year 18 Day 111 - present : Minister of Interior


Year 11 Day 325 :
<LTCMDR Delahon> I am very pleased to announce that you have "graduated" from Imperial Basic Training with a final score of 99.7%, earning you the [IABG-H] (Imperial Academy Honors Graduate).

IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate - Honours (Y12 D325)
IMM.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting (Y13 D097)
COB.jpg Commissioner of Betterment (Y13 D133)
CMM.jpg Compnor Member Medal (Y13 D200)
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation (Y13 D235)
IMM-12.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting with Laurals (Y13 D266)
GAM.jpg Government Administrion Medal (Y13 D275)
COBx2.jpg 2nd Commissioner of Betterment (Y13 D275)
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches (Y14 D209)
LOCx2.jpg 2nd Letter of Commendation (Y14 D363)
CMP.jpg COMPNOR Medal of Progress (Y15 D023)
IMC.jpg Imperial Medal of Commendation (Y16 D357)
CSA.jpg COMPNOR Service Award (Y17 D077)
ICM.jpg Imperial Campaign Medal : Pursestrings (Y17 D128)
LOCx3.jpg 3rd Letter of Commendation (Y18D020)