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Kuat Drive Yards

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Kuat Drive Yards
Leader Garon Lennister
Foundation Date Year 5 Day 115
Type Ships
Professions Ship Production Faction
Members classified
Emblem LogoKDY70X70.jpg
Motto Driven to excel!
Application Process
Affiliation Trade Federation


Kuat Drive Yards, commonly referred to as KDY, is one of the most famous and oldest shipbuilding companies in the galaxy. KDY has a reputation as one of the larger corporations in the galaxy and is owned by the Trade Federation.


The company was founded on the world of Kuat by a group of human aristocrats known as “the Ten” during the early years of the Galactic Republic. These merchants, led by the Kuat Family, joined together with the intent to create the largest, most efficient shipyard in the galaxy. It was “the Ten” that constructed the first of the many orbital shipyard complexes that would later ring the entire planet of Kuat.[1]

After early difficulties, the shipyard grew rapidly in both size and prestige, gaining a reputation as a first-class shipbuilder. Then the years of expansion began, no longer content with just being a first-class constructor, Kuat Drive Yards wanted to become the biggest shipyard in the galaxy. Through determination and a predatory ambition to be the best KDY began taking over some smaller companies, merging their assets with their own. Five hundreds years ago, the dream that had started with “the Ten” became reality; Kuat Drive Yards began producing some of the largest, most-powerful ships in the galaxy.

KDY was led through a "golden age" of sorts by Lord Myn Kuat. He signed a number of agreements with Emperor Vodo Bonias, leading KDY to become the primary ship-producer of the Galactic Empire along with Sienar Fleet Systems. KDY, however, was never owned by the Galactic Empire; it was merely a very close ally.

During the regency of Arturus Goth, Kuat seized control of KDY's factories and held hostage a number of Imperial workers and a host of Imperial-owned Star Destroyers. The stand off ended with no bloodshed as Emperor Bonias was able to convince his friend Kuat to return the ships and the workers to the Empire. However, it was this incident that caused the termination of Arturus Goth's reign as Regent, which prompted Goth to take his own life.

Sometime after the reunification of the Galactic Empire and the New Imperial Order, Kuat left the Empire, taking KDY with him. He sold the company's vast production capabilities to Viceroy Jansen and the Trade Federation.

Today Kuat Drive Yards focuses on building ships for the Trade Federation. They sell a number of ships publicly, including, but not limited to the Firespray-class Interceptor, Marauder-Class Corvette, YT-2400,and YT-510.

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Kuat Drive Yards


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