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Cihl Rezik

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Cihllian "Cihl" Rezik
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Cortina
Mother Laida Koss
Father Everin Rezik
Spouse Isra Barassen (m. Y-8; died Y10)
Siblings 3
Children 2
Born Y-29, Day 346
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions CIMS
Prior Service NCoS, 3FCO, 8GCO, 8GXO, CAPCOM
Awards 9042_rezik.png

Cihllian "Cihl" Rezik (Y-29 Day 346 - Present) currently serves as Chief of the Imperial Military Staff, is a member of Imperial High Command, and is a Writer for the Imperial News Bureau. He attended the University of Coruscant under an athletic scholarship awarded by the Cardael Group prior to transferring into the Imperial Academy at Prakith. He previously served as Navy Chief of Staff and Fleet Commanding Officer of the 3rd Imperial Fleet.

Early Life and Education

Born Y-29 Day 346 in the Daupherm States Sector on the planet Cortina. He is the first of four children to scientists Everin Rezik and Laida Koss, both of whom were employees of Karsati Biolabs, which was in turn contracted by the Galactic Republic's Department of Agriculture and Non-Sentient Creatures. Cihllian had two younger sisters - twins Alaasi and Estermada - and a younger brother named Natthias, who was a decade younger than Cihl, but whom he shared the closer relationship.

As the Republic was reformed into the Galactic Empire, Rezik's parents became early adopters of the policies espoused by COMPNOR, particularly in regards to its pro-human agenda, which ensured little disruption in their daily lives and, in the case of his father, a lucrative promotion to Senior Project Manager within the newly established Imperial Research Division. Cihllian himself, a young teenager, was enrolled in Cortina's chapter of the Sub-Adult Group, where he excelled in many of the provided athletics activities and developed the foundation of his loyalty to the New Order.

University of Coruscant

Cihl enrolled in the University of Coruscant under an athletics scholarship in Year -11, choosing to Major in Non-Sentient Zoology with the aim of securing a career within the Imperial Environmental Preservation & Refocusing Authority (IEPRA). For much of Cihl's year at university he managed to maintain average grades. A teacher's note would indicate that, while he exhibited the potential to receive high marks, he was often distracted in studies by more "worldly" concerns transpiring outside of the classroom.

Imperial Academy

Accepted into the Imperial Academy after one year in university, Cihl would become enamored of the traditions emphasized by the Galactic Empire and find purpose in the structure and military lifestyle introduced in his Basic Military Courses. He would later graduate with Honors, earning his commission as an Ensign in the Imperial Navy.

Professional Career

Dates given reflect the OOC timeline, rather than IC, for simplicity and record keeping.

Imperial Navy

Grade Insignia Rank Promotion Date (CGT) Promotion Date (OOC) Positions
[O-1] MO-1.png Ensign Year 19 Day 77 12th February, 2018 CAPCOM
[O-2] MO-2.png Lieutenant Junior Grade Year 19 Day 195 10th June, 2018 CAPCOM
[O-3] MO-3.png Lieutenant Year 20 Day 46 12th January, 2019 CAPCOM
[O-4] MO-4.png Lieutenant Commander Year 20 Day 248 2nd August, 2019 8th Group Executive Officer
[C-1] MC-1.png Commodore Year 21 Day 48 14th January, 2020 8th Group Commanding Officer
3rd Fleet Commanding Officer (Year 21 Day 237)
[C-2] MC-2.png Rear Admiral Year 21 Day 248 1st August, 2020 3rd Fleet Commanding Officer
[C-3] MC-3.png Vice Admiral Year 22 Day 128 3rd April, 2021 3rd Fleet Commanding Officer
Navy Chief of Staff (Year 22 Day 275)
[C-4] MC-4.png Admiral Year 22 Day 282 4th September, 2021 Navy Chief of Staff
[HC-2] MHC-2.png Lord Admiral Year 23 Day 58 23rd January, 2022 Chief of the Imperial Military Staff


Cihllian was accepted as a Writer for the Imperial Information Service in Year 20 Day 206 (21st June, 2019). This later converted into a Writer's position for the Imperial News Bureau on Year 22, Day 282 (4th September, 2021). On Year 23 Day 58, this was upgraded to reflect writers having an official rank within COMPNOR of "Senior Aide".

Grade Insignia Rank Promotion Date (CGT) Promotion Date (OOC) Positions
[O-3] PGO-3.png Senior Aide Year 23 Day 58 23rd January, 2022 INB Writer

Personal Life

Marriage and Children

Cihllian was married to Isra Barassen in Y-5, just a year after the two would meet on assignment with IEPRA. They would have two children, a son (born Y-4) and a daughter (born Y-3). In Y10, Isra was admitted to Corellia's Coronet Hospital due to an upper respiratory complication. She would contract Kozema during her stay, which would compound her pre-existing condition, and passed away only five days later.


Cihl has heterochromia iridis with one green eye (left) and one brown eye (right).

He is the manager/owner of Nubia United, of the Imperial Bolo-Ball League (IBL).