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Jai Meridan

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Emperor Jai Meridan
Darth Tempestatis
Biographical Information
Race Human (Formerly Falleen)
Homeworld Falleen Prime
Mother Classified †
Father Prince Jace Meridan Huruk'Rah †
Spouse N/A
Siblings N/A
Children N/A
Born Year -6 Day 270
Imperial Service
Branch Imperial Throne
  • Emperor of the Galactic Empire
  • Sith Master
Prior Service


  • Chairman of COMPNOR
  • Director of Imperial Information Service
  • Imperial Art Society

Ministry of Industry

Imperial Navy:

  • Enlisted Pilot
  • Officer
Awards 8484_meridan.png

Jai Meridan is a 35 year old Human male, and is the Emperor of the Galactic Empire.

The End

The Comm Station lit up in the corner of the room. Jai looked over, his stomach doing somersaults. This was going to be it, the message to find out whether his father had survived the latest threat to the Federation. Pulling himself together, which was no mean feat for a 11 year old, he stood straight and marched over to the comm unit, with all the grace and regal bearing of one accustomed to a Royal Court, feeling the hum of the sublight engines through the deck plates. He clicked the message on, and the controlled smooth voice of his father issued from the speaker. "Jai my son, if you are receiving this message then the mission has gone well, and we have succeeded in freeing our people from the leashes tied to us by that lunatic Kuraine. I however have fallen on the field of battle. Know that everything I have done was for the best of our people and the stability of the Galaxy. I have made arrangements, which your guards should already be actioning, for you to head to one of my lesser known estates to continue your education and training. There is no way for me to tell how the fallout from my actions will be perceived by the Falleen Royal Court, and I have no way to protect you now except this." Jai steadied himself as the ship shifted in to Hyperspace, and the transmission crackled "Know that my death will be essential to protect the Falleen People and I make this sacrifice willingly as a member of the Royal Clan. Do not harbor any ill-will towards the Empire if they have killed me. I hope that you will understand in time, why my actions were necessary."


Early Life

Jai Meridan was the only child of Prince Jace Meridan Huruk-Rah, former Nathran of the Royal Clan and now heir apparent to the fourth Royal Line of the Falleen people. His early life was spent as part of the Royal Court of Falleen, and as such was accustomed to the privilege of his station and rank. He was schooled by the finest tutors of the Royal Clan in the History of the Falleen People, and all the skills required for Military Command and Government Service. Jai however had a father who saw the benefit of learning more about the Galaxy rather than just home affairs, so at the age of 10, a human male called Karth Lynn was hired as his mentor and tutor in the affairs of the Galaxy. There was a Xenophobic aspect to the Falleen Royal Court, despite the colorful nature of the species that had flocked to the Federations Banner and served in its offices and military. So the relationship between the two was slightly strained at first, but over time Karth's passion for teaching, coupled with his piloting skills and genuine affection for his charge, brought about Jai's interest in Archeology. The pair would often taken trips into to planets in nearby systems in Falleen territory, which were used for to teach Jai about history and archeology, they also polished his skills in survivability, piloting and astronavigation, which were things omitted by his Royal Tutors as something not necessary for a Prince to know.

Childhood Images

Falleen Prince Jai Meridan age 10yrs

Royal Duty

Not long before Jai's 11th birthday, saw another one of these expeditions, a little bit further afield towards the Core of the Galaxy. Jai bade farewell to his father, not knowing it would be last time they spoke, and he boarded Karth's unmarked Sprint Shuttle. As the shuttle headed towards orbit, Jai noticed that the Federation fleet appeared to be amassing as though planning for some massive operation. Jai thought back to the night before when walking the halls of the Royal Palace, towards his fathers wing of the Palace he remembers seeing the hooded holograms speaking in hushed tones coming from the Comm Room at the edge of the chambers. Clearly some threat to the Federation had been discovered and the Military, and no doubt the Princes of Falleen, his father included, would be heading to face the threat, this seemed to have being happening more and more recent months, since the coronation of Eldrik Kuraine as King. Jai knew both the thoughts of his father, and that of some of the other Royal Prince's thoughts on the King's foreign policy, and knew that it would be inevitable before long that something would have to be done about him. The clean lines of the Guardian Cruisers always caught Jai's eye, and he dreamed that one day he would follow his fathers footsteps to command one of those majestic ships. With one last glance at the fleet and Falleen Prime out of his view port, Jai acknowledged Karth's order to pull the Hyperdrive levers and send the ship accelerating to light speed.

This was one of the longest trips that they had ever been on together, spending days in Hyperspace towards the Out-Rim, during the trip, Karth had spoken at length of conversations he had had with his father about problems involving King Kuraine, and how there no doubt would be a time when something would happen involving him. He also told Jai how his father had confided him that something was coming to a head and the mustering of the fleet was probably something to do with it, and also the reason why they were taking such a long trip away from Falleen at the advise of Jai's father.

On their 3rd day in Hyperspace a holocomm signal was received broadcast from Falleen Prime that would chance Jai's life forever. Karth initially received a message, and he told Jai that he should go to his quarters, as his father had sent him a message he would be better off seeing in private. Jai walked into his room, and paused for a time feeling very nervous about what he was about to see. What shocked him more was that Karth's voice had been awfully tight, and over the last few years he had started to understand Human physiology, and the fact that his tutor had paled significantly probably was not a good sign. Jai locked the door to his quarters, and had felt beneath the deck plates that the ship had dropped out of Hyperspace. The message wasn't good. It involved Jai's father sending a pre-recorded message that outlined that the Federation fleet had been involved in a massive engagement with the Galactic Empire. His father told him that this message meant that he had died in the battle, and that the King would also be dead. It also instructed him to stay away from Falleen. The ship had headed back into Hyperspace by the time he went back to the Cockpit to speak with Karth. Clearly there was more information that Karth had been told, knew or had received, but Jai was a patient person, and trained to school his feelings, and although saddened he would never see his father again, he was proud that his father had paid the ultimate sacrifice for the good of their people.

After another 2 days of Hyperspace they arrived in the Abregado system. Jai was surprised to find out that this was in territory governed by the Galactic Empire and that his father would have an estate here. Karth confided that he was from Abregado-Rae, the inhabitable planet in the system, and that this was were his father had hired him. Clearly his father had been planning for an eventuality like this for a long time.

The Hidden Prince

Over the next 8 years Jai lived with Karth on the estate, not needing credits due to the vast sum left from his fathers estate, and to disavow suspicions, Karth took on a job for the local Imperial University, as an archaeologist and history lecturer, with Jai posing as an alien orphan assistant called Derrick. Over time Jai's appearance changed and he grew, and as part of his "been in hiding" he allowed his hair to grow out, and even so far as to mimic more human styling in his appearance. As they traveled ancient ruins on the Outer Rim Jai often looked out for information on the Falleen people, and over time gleaned the articles that he was looking for, in relation to the famed Battle of Beta, which was seen as a huge success for the Imperial Navy, and saw the removal of the King of the Falleen, Jai noticed that his father was noted as a minor casualty, but there was never really any more information or specifics on how he died. Jai remembered what his father had said in his final message, that no matter what he saw, never to blame the Empire if they caused his death.

Abregado-Rae Imperial University

Jai as Derrick working with Karth Lynn


A metamorphosis!! (More to Follow)

The Change

Jai in a private hospital room undergoing the change

A New Beginning

Im....Human, Im free Thats all Jai could think for weeks after he was released from the hospital. After 8 years of seclusion or hiding who he was, he was no longer identifiable with his past. Who would believe this tall Human he saw in the mirror would hold the memories of a Falleen Prince. A fresh start was needed. Now he could do whatever he wished with his life, no longer tied to the estate on Abregado-Rae, nor travelling as a servant child to his long time mentor. As he adjusted to his new circumstances, Jai and Karth fabricated the death of his former self, discretely paying discrete clone masters to create a body with his former genetic material. Which they buried in the grounds of the estate. To all intents and purposes Jai became a nephew of Karth, and assumed his name Jai Meridan again. Who would attribute a 30 year old human with a 20 year old Falleen. Jai spent some time at the University he had worked at for so many years as an assistant, guest lecturing with his mentor, which was a high point of his life to point. He had found in Karth the father that he had lost, and now they were even the same species which made that fantasy even more believable.

But after only 6 months the possibilities of this new freedoms started to make Jai yearn to set out on his own, and discover the galaxy. After 8 years of living under the protective shield of the Galactic Empire, Jai considered that service with them would help him discover the galaxy, give him a new fresh purpose and maybe indirectly follow in his fathers footsteps.

Adapting to being human

Jai and Karth prepare for class

One last surprise

The day before Jai left for the academy he found Karth sitting silently with a datapad on a terrace in the garden. It was unusual for Jai to find his mentor pondering in such a way outside of doors. So curious he walked over joining him. Jai waited patiently knowing that when he was ready Karth would speak with him. Maybe it was Karth's advancing years or maybe he was upset that their journey together was coming to and end. Eventually Karth spoke: I wasn't sure whether I was going to show you this, but I think now that you have made the decision yourself you should read a message your father gave me all those years ago Handing Jai the datapad and reading through it, Jai was amazed to find out that in the end his father had been working hand in hand with the Emperor himself and the Dark Lord of the Sith to bring about not only the end of King Eldrik Kuraine, but also bring the Federation closer to the Galactic Empire and ultimately keep its neutrality and out of the Galactic Civil War. Jai handed the datapad back to Karth, and they spoke together for a long time into the night reminiscing about times shared. This truly was an ending.

It only just fits

Jai wears his Falleen Royal Armor one last time

Imperial Academy

Jai left the next day and within the week he had arrived on Coruscant and enrolled at the Imperial Academy. After completing his basic training, he made choices to follow a career into the Imperial Navy, it was during this time he earned the call-sign of 'Whiplash' for forgetting to dial the inertial compensater to the correct settings for his fellow students in the passenger section during a training flight. Nearly the whole class had to spend the day using bacta patches to heal themselves after that slight error. Jai was well liked however, and along with several other recruits in his study group went on to Graduate from the Academy with Honors. Jai was promoted to the rank of Flight Corporal by his Tutor, Senior Training Officer Krakonico Petermind and he was posted to the Imperial Navy.

Imperial Navy


Ministry of Industry


Military Service Record

Ranks Held

Grade Insignia Rank Time Promoted Promoted By
[E-1] T1.png Recruit August 2013 N/A
[E-3] ME-3.gif Flight Corporal September 2013 Master Engineer Krakonico Petermind
[E-4] ME-4.gif Flight Sergeant October 2013 Lieutenant Junior Grade Chris Star
[O-1] MO-1.png Ensign November 2013 Senior Captain James Hudson
[O-2] MO-2.png Lieutenant Junior Grade December 2013 Commodore James Hudson

Imperial Military Service Awards

Abbrevation Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded By
[IABG-H] IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate - Honors Year 14 Day 278 Master Engineer Krakonico Petermind
[LOC] LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation Year 14 Day 318 Captain James Hudson
[LOCx2] LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation Year 14 Day 341 Commodore James Hudson
[LOCx3] LOCx3.jpg Letter of Commendation Year 15 Day 78 Lord Admiral Daniel Ascarion

Imperial Military Images

Enlisted Junior Officer
jm1.jpg jai_navy2.jpg

Ministry of Industry Service Record

Ranks Held

Grade Insignia Rank Time Promoted Promoted By
[O-1] MIO-1.png Junior Workman February 2014 Executive Director Saedrial Elensar
[O-2] MIO-2.png Workman March 2014 Executive Director Saedrial Elensar
[O-3] MIO-3.png Senior Workman May 2014 Executive Director Saedrial Elensar
[O-4] MIO-4.png Engineer August 2014 Executive Director Saedrial Elensar
[O-5] MIO-5.png Senior Engineer December 2014 Executive Director Saedrial Elensar
[C-1] MIC-1.png Line Manager April 2015 Executive Director Saedrial Elensar
[C-5] MIC-5.png Executive Director June 2015 Emperor Guinar Ndengin

Ministry of Industry Positions

Preceeded By:
Hub Manager - Imperial Mining Corporation
Year 15 Day 209 - Year 16 Day 4
Succeeded By:
Preceeded By:
Chief of Operations - Imperial Mining Corporation
Year 16 Day 4 - Present
Succeeded By:

Ministry of Industry Service Awards

Abbrevation Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded By
[LOCx4] LOCx4.jpg Letter of Commendation Year 15 Day 78 Executive Director Saedrial Elensar
[ISM] ISM.jpg Imperial Security Medal Year 15 Day 87 ISB Major General Zhaff Orikan
[LOCx5] LOCx5.jpg Letter of Commendation Year 15 Day 106 Grand Vizier Inwe Ventidius
[MID] MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches Year 15 Day 180 Executive Director Saedrial Elensar
[ILA] ILA.jpg Imperial Literacy Award Year 15 Day 233 Grand Vizier Inwe Ventidius
[CMM] CMM.jpg COMPNOR Members Medal Year 15 Day 233 Grand Vizier Inwe Ventidius
[ICM] ICM.jpg Imperial Campaign Medal Year 15 Day 237 Moff Wummer Malephar
[MIDx2] MIDx2.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches Year 16 Day 4 Executive Director Saedrial Elensar
[CSM] CSM.jpg Corporate Service Medal Year 16 Day 45 Executive Director Saedrial Elensar
[CSM-1] CSM-1.jpg Corporate Service Medal Year 16 Day 84 Executive Director Saedrial Elensar
[PMM] PMM.jpg Project Management Medal Year 16 Day 140 Executive Director Saedrial Elensar
[IMM] IMM.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting Year 16 Day 144 ISB-LT General Zhaff Orikan
[IMM-12] IMM-12.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting Year 16 Day 144 ISB-LT General Zhaff Orikan

Ministry of Industry Images

Workman Ranks Engineer Manager
jm3c.jpg TBC TBC

COMPNOR Positions

Preceeded By:
Grand Vizier
Year 18 Day 111 - present
Succeeded By:
Preceeded By:
Imperial Information Service - Editor - Iron Will
Year 15 Day 291 - Year 21 D41
Succeeded By:
Preceeded By:
Imperial Information Service - Holosite Content
Year 15 Day 215 - Year 18 D184
Succeeded By:
Preceeded By:
Art Team Member
Year 15 Day 215 - Y 20 D 67
Succeeded By: