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Saedrial Elensar

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Saedrial Elensar
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Gender Female
Homeworld Classified
Mother Classified
Father Classified
Spouse Tyris Elensar
Born Y-14 D191
Imperial Service
Branch Ministry-of-Industry-Seal.png
Ministry of Industry

Order of the Sith

Positions Current:
  • CEO of Imperial Mining Corporation
  • Volunteer Recruitment Officer [ICR]
  • Art Team Member
Prior Service CEO of Kuat Systems Engineering; CEO of Imperial Mining Corporation; Volunteer Recruitment Officer [ICR]; Art Team Member
Awards 8096_elensar.png

Executive Director Saedrial Elensar was the leader of Imperial Mining Corporation, the Empire's prolific mining firm that operates under the auspices of the Imperial Ministry of Industry.


The field was in disarray from the battle that had just taken place. The smell of wood burning, mixed with flesh was heavy in the air. The smoke thick and the sound of death could be heard by miles. Among all that destruction was a small voice on the air, the cries of a small creature was out there. The ears it fell upon weren’t sure what to do, so as he sifts through the piles of dead bodies, he comes across a pair of blood red eyes staring at him, with tears welled up in them. Not normally an emotional person, but somehow he was captivated by them, the need to protect the creature urged him to swiftly take it away from the field.

Bending down he offered his hand.

Shaking her head in disbelief as to what was happening around her, she couldn’t make herself move. She fought her best, did all she could to protect those around her, but they were beaten. Falling down, and wiping the tear’s angrily from her eyes and can do nothing but sit. The stench around her was strong enough to make her vomit. But she wouldn’t show such weakness, even to the dead. Lifting her head up, she sees a shadow coming towards her. Thinking it was her husband coming back to her, she struggles to get back up. But instead it’s a different figure thinking it was the end she lifted her head up ready to face her death. What she didn't expect was the face of a Kel Dor staring down at her, and more shocking, the hand that was offered.

She stared.

Looking behind her at the world around her, she turns back, taking the hand. Little did she know the world that she has taken into by accepting this hand. Hard work, labor, dirt, grime, droids, the world for which she had fought against joining, resisting for years against her husband. She had no interest what so ever, all she wanted to do was get back at the enemy that took away so much. She wanted to sabotage ships, locks, and anything else in her path. So she did was she was very good at. Sticking her heels in and not letting go. Refusing to aid in her so called “family”, being told how and what to do was not going to happen.

But somehow with the kindness from a certain Kel Dor known as Radu Cosmin and her husband Tyris Elensar, she was beginning to be ok with what was going around her. Now not only did she have her trust in Tyris, but now also in Radu. Could she afford such trust? Or would this end up stabbing her in the back?
Despite the closeness in age, she was beginning to see her rescuer as a father, more time spent with him was shaping her, giving her more want to get out of her shell. Learning the ways of the Empire gave her more control, and the thirst for more knowledge. She slowly began taking more interest in the work she was at first made to do. The picking up and shoveling materials into ships and flying them around, was quite a boring job, but she could do it on her own. No yapping, no annoying co-workers, just her, her ship, space, and the job she was given to do.

Slowly as time went on, she felt more confident in her work and even asking for more. When she felt it was something she did not like, she would stop all productions. Everything at a standstill, she wasn’t afraid of pissing off her leader, officers, and her husband knew this all too well. What did it matter to them, she could do her work, or not. But as with everything, somehow, they would send her just enough work to keep her interested. When she was sure no one was watching she would sneak into the factories, and produce mass amount of the trash cans, she fought so much against.

Now some years have gone by, memories plague her, of the good times, where she is now, and the reflection of the road ahead. What did it hold for her, and what could she have learned that will help her along the way.

Thinking back on her father, she feels a stinging coming to her eyes.

Seeing him so weakly, and watching the life seep out of him, she feels at loss. Her world is crashing down, and there is no way to climb out. Turning to look at her husband, she sees the same confused emotions in his eyes concerning Radu. He is the same age as her; he is young, healthy, what possibly could strike him down. Did he just have no will left to live? Despite all the turmoil in her, she just silently sits there with him, making sure he knows she is there. The bond they have shared over the years was apparent. The impact on this family he has had. He would most defiantly be missed, but never forgotten.
Blinking back the sting, she turns back to her work at hand. Staring at the parts, wrench in hand, she grabs a destroyer droids arm, yanking it to her, and not paying attention to what she is doing, she grabs a battle droids body. She begins to put the pieces together, when she gets lost in another memory.

“I sense great things to come from you, you will do well following my footsteps, and I see you going very far here in Magnaguard” whispered out Radu.

Shaking her head and refusing to listen to what he is saying, she answers “I am not taking your place, I barely know what I am doing here anyway, I have wasted over a year on my own personal hissy fit. How could I ever amount to being as good as you are? How could I ever climb to your position here. Your shoes, mister, are way too big.”

Chuckling at her, he replies “Very simple my dear, you have a fire in you I haven’t seen in ages. You may seem you don’t care, but given your own devices, you get your work done, and then some. You will do fine, with a little refining, and a tad bit of attitude conditioning you will do fine.”

Shaking her head back to reality she looks down to inspect her work. Blinking at the creation she has made, the emotions of the memories over takes her. She picks up the droid and slams it against the factory wall, satisfied at it exploding into pieces all over the room.

Grabbing her coffee, she walks over the sorry excuse of a table and sits on it, taking a sip of the dark liquid starring up at her, yet another memory comes to mind...

“I would like to formally announce Senior Engineer Saedrial Elensar as third in command of Magnaguard Manufacturing, our new Chief of Staff. I know she will do a great job in this position.” Tyris announced to the entire Galactic Empire. It is done, she thinks to herself, feeling a little weight rest on her shoulders. The rebellious side of her ready to run away and say no to the work, say no to the title, and just go back to her own ways. But her father made her hold to a promise on his death bed, and be damned if she will turn her back on it.

“Saedrial, I want you to stay here, look after the group, you will grow well. You will learn more then you ever thought you would. I want you to take my position here when the time is right.”

Be damned if she will defy him, and this clan that she has grown accustomed to. She will do her best, she will continue on.

Shaking her head, and remembering the cup in her hand bringing it to her lips as a more recent memory comes to mind, sipping slowly she slips back into her thoughts...

Feeling a hand on her shoulder, she looks at the owner and into the eyes of Vuusek, her Commanding Officer in this clan, the one whom she has taken her orders from since the beginning almost, between him and her father, she was never left idle for long. She looked up to him, had a lot of respect for his knowledge and skills. Second in command to the faction, her husband’s right hand man, someone who she enjoyed to tease. Reflecting on her time around the Quarren, she remembered all the times she would annoy him with her with her airheaded ways, but at the same time all the fun times, and tricks that were played. She looks back at him “Hey Vussey what’s up?”

She watches him take a deep breath before responding “Well, I am leaving for a while, to stretch my legs, and work on some of my own projects. I know this is bad timing, but I have to do this. You will carry on this clan just as you have until now. I see you leading alongside Tyris’ side, just like you should make me proud kid.”

She blinked up at him, no words forming or coming out, nothing but silence fell between the two. He then patted her on the back, set his tools aside, and turned to the door way. Turning back, he waves back his final goodbye, and then walks through the door way.

Taking a deep breath she looks at the tools Vussek left behind, yelling for him to come take them, but realizing her words are fallen on deaf ears. She turns back to the tools, running her hands over them. She wipes the stupid tear out of her eye, and pushes the tools away.

Anger takes back over, the cloud settles in her, and she yells at nothing and everything at once. Shoving what she was working on away from her, yelling again for good measure. She just got the position of Chief of Staff, she is just now spreading her wings, what the fuck will she do now? How can she do this? Just now learning how to run a hub all by herself, her father’s passing, and now this. How she wanted to run. Damn that promise. Even without it, how could leave the side of her husband like that, when there was no one else to fill the shoes. Could she shoulder both weights so soon? Is this something she could really do? It doesn’t matter if she can or not. She has to, and she will!

Shaking her head once more to rid herself of the memory, she looks down at her now cold coffee shrugging she gulps it down before returning to her work. Patting the dust out of her overalls, she takes in a deep breath, suddenly so very tired from all the memories swirling around her. Every length she came and the job she still has to do. She will stand on her own two feet; she now has many goals ahead of her. If it wasn’t for the people in her life, all the encouragement, she would still be where she was. Messing things up and fucking up her family. Now look at her. She can successfully run a hub or two probably more. She can now see herself more as a leader, and flow to her own drum. She hopes one day, she can effect, help, and encourage another.

Maybe one day, she might even run her own clan.

Derra Virus

Early in year 14 a terrible virus outbreak was in our midst and nothing could be done about it. As much as our armed troops tried, it was spreading to fast, for some the effects were more noticeable then others. But for one individual it showed quite strongly.

Laying in the sickbay of the MInd Headquarters was a slight figure, one that's normally full of strength and power, but at this time and place, sickness was ravaging all over the persons body. She was breathing heavily and sweat covering her entire body. Hunger had left her, and what little that stuck to her bones, was quickly leaving her, making her look like a child on the bed. Medical droids racing in and out trying to stabilizer her best they could, being sure to send reports of any changes to the Minister.

As she lays there Saedrial begins to think to herself "why am I feeling so strange? What is this power surging through me, taking over my movements. It's as if I cant control anything, this is my body dammit, you do as I say!" Trying to sit up, she puts her hand on the side of the bed, and try as she might, her body is so heavy, she cant move it. Letting out a frustrating breath, she gives up. Closing her eyes, she sleeps. Days, weeks, months. Time stood still or went faster then the speed of light, nothing was quite sure, all that was known, is change was happening. Change that welcomed or not, it was coming. Like tiny little workers, working from the inside of her body and out, her hair began to change, the once lush short lavender locks, began to grow. With this new growth came light, lilac tones, and soon pure golden sun was adorn on her head. Almost angelic feel came over the figure on the bed, a hue was illuminating her. The droids not sure what to do, as they are programmed to think one way. Now they are displaying "Cant Compute" on their systems; standing idle when all they can do is just record the events unfolding in front of their screens. More changes start to happen, her nose begins to take lengthen and become more narrow, her lips fill out a bit more. and her legs grow more and shapely. The outward changes seem simple, but they are taking a toll on the person, going through the changes. She is writhing inside, wanting to scream out, but remains mute. The pain is describable, why is this happening to her, why was she so weak to contract this virus to begin with. There is to much work for this inconvenience to occur.

Saedrial's Office

Location: Classified

Walking in you will take notice of a room in disarray.

A large desk that dominates most of the room, its look is of tarnish. On the right side of the desk is a computer, an old model as Saedrial has been far too busy to bother updating it. Alongside the computer is some prototype droids she had been working on before her job reassignment, droids with bodies of battle droids mixed in with destroyer heads and smelter legs. Alongside the droids, you will see the beginnings of vehicles in brainstorm as well.

On the left side of the desk sits a single lamp, with its shade tilted to the side, littered with oily finger prints. Random papers everywhere, with coffee cup stains on them. Her chair is that of tattered fabric from use and old age, stuffing attempting to break loose. On the other side of the desk is another set of chairs for guests, those in pretty good working order, if you don’t mind the odd tilt or dent in them.

In the corner behind the desk, is 4 filing cabinets, filled to the brim with papers. Saedrial has a habit of keeping hard copies of her works, as well as in her data pad. When she walks to the filing cabinets, she often has to use her chair, as the cabinets are just a bit too tall for her to completely get into them.

On the walls there is peeling wall paper, on the back wall, is a plaque with awards on them, the frame they are in tilts to the left so slightly that its barely noticeable expect to the detail oriented. A tad bit of glass missing as well. Take notice of the floor. There is a trash can, full of oiled rags, changed one would swear only just last week. In the corner behind the door stands an old wooden coat rack with 5 pegs, on it are 2 coveralls one of blue and one of black if held up you will see the name “Saedrial” sewn on them. 3 pairs of pants lay on another peg, a red pair, black, and green, a worn black leather jacket, and on the 4th peg held a white tank top.

On the opposite side of the door, on the wall is a dart board, and on it with the darts appears to be the once upon a time, the face of, well no one quite knows. Could be that of Eidola, or Barney the dinosaur, but whatever it was, it’s now just tiny bits of what was. Walking outside the room, you will notice a name plate on the door, hanging on only one nail and it swings every time you open or close the door. Below the name plate is another sign, "Beware, great mind at works, enter at your own risk"

Imperial Personnel Profile

Before Derra Virus Physical Description

Height: 5'2
Weight: 110 lbs
Build: Slim
Skin Colour: White
Eye Colour: Red
Hair Colour: Purple

Addendum: Wiring from behind the neck

Saedrial: Enlisted to JO
Saedrial: JO to SENG
Saedrial: MENG and CofO
Saedrial: DDIR and CEO of KSE

After Derra Virus Physical Description

Height: 5'8
Weight: 130 lbs
Build: Slim
Skin Colour: White
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Blond

Addendum: Wiring from behind the neck

Saedrial: ED and CEO of IMC

Ranks Held

Grade Insignia Rank Time Promoted Promoted By
[E-2] MIE-2.gif Junior Workman June 2010 Recruited by Tyris Elensar
[E-6] MIE-6.gif Senior Clerk January 2011 Deputy Director Crueya Vandron
[O-2] MIO-2.gif Engineer April 2011 Deputy Director Crueya Vandron
[O-3] MIO-3.gif Senior Engineer January 2012 Deputy Director Tyris Elensar
[O-4] MIO-4.gif Chief Engineer March 2012 Deputy Director Tyris Elensar
[O-5] MIO-5.gif Master Engineer August 2012 Deputy Director Tyris Elensar after completing the Imperial Academy
[C-5] MIC-5.gif Deputy Director August 2012 Emperor Guinar Ndengin
[C-5] MIC-5.png Executive Director November 2013 The Throne


Abrevation Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded By
[ISM] ISM.jpg Imperial Service Medal Year 13 Day 191 ISB
[CSM] CSM.jpg Corporate Service Medal Year 13 Day 191 ISB
[IABG-H] IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate - Honors Year 13 Day 253 Zhaff Orikan
[CMM] CMM.jpg COMPNOR Member Medal Year 13 Day 268 Wyatt Gabriel
[IMM-12] IMM-12.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting Year 13 Day 353 Zhaff Orikan
[MMP] MMP.jpg Ministerial Medal of Progress Year 14 Day 78 Eric Zahm
[IRM] IRM.jpg Imperial Recruitment Medal Year 14 Day 79 Zhaff Orikan
[OSM] OSM.jpg Order of the Sith Member Year 14 Day 266 Mikel von Bianchi
[SSA-1] SSA-1.jpg Sith Service Award - 1 Year Year 14 Day 226 Mikel von Bianchi
[LOC] LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation Year 14 Day 341 Tyris Elensar
[IAM] IAM.jpg Imperial Activity Medal Year 15 Day 23 Inwe Ventidius
[MMP-2] MMP.jpg Ministerial Medal of Progress x2 Year 15 Day 24 Tyris Elensar
[ISM-3] ISM-3.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 3 Years Year 15 Day 24 ISB
[CSM-3] CSM-3.jpg Corporate Service Medal - 3 Years Year 15 Day 24 ISB
[MID] MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches Year 15 Day 142 Lord Seele


Preceeded By:
Vussek Kaos
Chief of Operations-Magnaguard Manufacturing
Year 13 Day 200 -Year 13 Day 289
Succeeded By:
Deryk Ysenm
Preceeded By:
Vincent Lytear
Chief Executive Officer- Kuat Systems Engineering
Year 13 Day 289 - Year 15 Day 59
Succeeded By:
Vidar Sicarius
Preceeded By:
Antares Brenner Nuroudo
Chief Executive Officer- Imperial Mining Corporation
Year 15 Day 59 - Y16 D192
Succeeded By:
Preceeded By:
Imperial Recruitement Centre - Volunteer
Year 14 Day 213 - Y16 D192
Succeeded By:
Preceeded By:
Art Team Member
Year 14 Day 302 - Y16 D192
Succeeded By: