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Crueya Vandron

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Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Gender Male
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Classified
Father Classified
Spouse Reina Kaine
Siblings N/A
Children N/A
Born Classified
Imperial Service
Branch mind.png
Ministry of Industry
Positions Expelled
Prior Service - Imperial Regional Government Command Staff

- Imperial Resource Extraction Command Staff
- Imperial Regional Government Command Staff
- Magnaguard Manufacturing Command Staff
- Imperial Investment Council
- Imperial Gaming Commission
- Galactic Archive Intern
- Cloud City
- Bothan Blasting Corporation

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"''The Galactic Empire offers many chances for glory, but only in service to the Emperor. Not even a Sith has free reign to pursue their own interests at a detriment to the ideals of the New Order.''"
— 'Mikel von Bianchi'


Crueya Vandron was a former Director in MInd and Sith Lord. He was stripped of his Imperial citizenship and membership in the Order of the Sith after it was determined by the Imperial Throne that he had committed crimes against the Empire by selling restricted Imperial technologies to known enemies of the New Order. This course of action was taken by direct order of the Emperor upon his consideration of the facts and circumstances.


Crueya Vandron stands five feet and eleven inches tall, with short, dirty blond hair. With light blue eyes and well defined jaw structure, he can often pass for younger then he really is. The only known tattoos is that of the Vandron house crest which is placed on his left chest. He has a small scar over his left eye, which is well hidden behind his brow. Two more scars cover his right rib cage from a sparring match he had when he was younger.

Early Life

The exact date of Vandron’s birth is unknown. There are few records of his existence before his transfer to Cloud City. It is rumored that he is a member of a lesser noble family of Hapes, but no official birth certificates can be found. Four and a half years before his transfer to the Imperial Nationalized Faction Cloud City under the Ministry of Industry, Crueya was a student at the Royal Hapen University. During his four and a half years at the University, he studied Galactic History and Political Administration. While at The Royal Hapen University, he was a member and later captain of the University’s fencing team. At the end of his second semester he attended a fencing tournament hosted by the University, in order to see a fellow female student. It was at this event, watching the duels flurry their foils in blurs of great speed, that he discovered his love of historic and civil combat. Crueya had always detested baster pistols, considering them messy weapons that any mindless brute could wield. The knife, the foil, and the saber all required a high level of skill to wield that few could master. The next day he joined the Royal Hapen University’s Historic Weapon Team, with a focus in sabers and knifes. 

Joining Cloud City

Crueya Vandron, at a mining site.

Crueya Vandron joined Cloudy City as a Senior Workman. Cloud City was run at the time by Operations Manager Norrec Morussian, under the supervision of Darth Mentus. The Ministry of Industry was still a new creation, following the reunification of the Galactic Empire and the New Imperial Order. Between an Empire Reborn, and Grand Moff Imperium’s annexation of the Corporate Sector Authority, The Galactic Empire found itself with a larger number of nationalized factions and a new economic force to be reckoned with. Now The Empire had two nationalized Mining Factions under its command; Cloud City and Bothan Blasting Corporation. Soon after the Ministry of Industry’s creation, its command staff decided that it would be more effect for the two factions to work as one. Since then, logistical operations have been carried through in order to prepare the two important factions to merge. 

While waiting for the merger to go through, the day to day mining and logistical operations within Cloud City continued. Vandron was assigned to one of the massive capitals ships of cloud city, a Modular Star Hauler, in order to move the most raw materials in the fastest amount of time. While on his trips delivering Raw Materials to fuel the Imperial War Machine, Vandron became interested in the Galactic Economy. His economic prestige had not been as high as it once was, before the destruction of his family's estate during an uprising. It was in his research and initial trading that Vandron met the Sector Adjutant of Dolomar Eric Zahm. With The Sector Adjutant's help, Vandron made around ten million credits in his first day of trading. This was the real start of his side career as an economic trader. 

At the same time, Clerk Vandron started looking for work to do in the Empire in addition to his duties in Cloud City and the Ministry of Industry. Contacting The Resource Allocation Division Empire, a few branches of The Commission for the Preservation of the New Order, and numerous Regional Government Sectors. All of the responses either required a transfer from Cloud City to that department, or were met unfavorable. Though he was unable to find a part time job in any of these divisions, he decided to continue his study of galactic history. During his studies while continuing his usual raw material transport runs, he came across The Galactic Archives. In accessing and studying from the Galactic Archives, he found an opening for a job as an internship. The position would allow him to work while staying in Cloud City, and would allow him to continue his pursuit of increasing is education. With this first small step in the Internship, he took a small step into The Commission for the Preservation of the New Order.

Cloud City - Bothan Blasting Corporation Merger

The Ministry of Industry had witnessed great administrative advancements. As well as a large boost in its production capabilities, over the past few months; which proven to be rewarding for Imperial Citizens. The merging of Sienar Fleet Systems and Corellian Engineering Corporation was the first step in streamlining the administrative and production capabilities of the Ministry of Industry. This step was followed by another of its kind, except this time, regarding Cloud City and Bothan Blasting Corporation. Though this merger had yet to be completed, Imperial citizens generally believe that it will be as beneficial and successful as the merge between Seinar Fleet Systems and Corellian Engineering Corporation. The merger of Cloud City and Bothan Blasting Corporation had been planned for quite some time, but the logistics of merging the two biggest mining conglomerates were daunting. 

Operations Manager Crueya Vandron, as he can often be seen in The Legionnaires Arms Tavern. (#Legionnaires-Arms)

Both Cloud City and Bothan Blasting Corporation officials had been working night and day to prepare the factions for their merger into Imperial Resource Extractions. Imperial Resource Extraction operations and influence would extend from the Core Worlds to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, and that constitutes a large amount of logistical wrangling in order to mine and transport the raw materials needed to build everything from the most basic Imperial uniform, to our prized lambda class shuttles, to the most feared super star destroyers; and as one could well imagine, managing these operations on a day to day level requires a vast logistical and administrative framework, and of course paperwork. During these daunting months, Senior Technician Crueya Vandron was essential in administrating the merger. Having transferred between the two factions multiple times, the Senior Technician was leading the management of assets and operations to prepare the factions. 

Appointment to Regional Government

Apparently Crueya Vandron's work in the Ministry of Industry did not go unnoticed. His former Deputy Director, Lord Mentus, had been keeping tabs on his progress. During one of Senior Technician Vandron's trips to the Imperial Resource Extraction Central Headquarters on Coruscant, he was summoned for a meeting with the Deep Core Sector Staff. The exact records of the meeting have disappeared, but it is known that several Sith Lords were present, and Crueya Vandron left officially appointed as a Provisional Prefect in the Deep Core Regional Government, known to many as the Sith Sector. Leaving the meeting, it was clear to Vandron that he now was not only a member of the Deep Core Sector Command Staff, but he also was still expected to excel in his duties in Imperial Resource Extraction. This marked a time of great work, and indeed great stress, for Crueya.

During this time, Imperial Resource Extraction would soon become its own Directorate, and Deputy Director Norrec Morussian was promoted to the rank of Director and became an official member of Imperial High Command. Raw Material prospecting and extraction rates rose, and Cloud City only became more profitable. New raw material mining hubs were prospected and developed in multiple sectors with the assistance of the military under the supervision of Ministry of Industry official. The Deep Core Sector's own mining network was developed and the foundation of it is still running today. In time, Crueya Vandron would come to be promoted to the rank of Assistant Manager, which only solidified his position as third in command of the Directorate of Extraction.

But the added stress of holding two command staff positions would take its toll. Suffering from kidney issues due to his heavy drinking, Crueya was forced to take a leave of absence from activity duty for a short period of time. He would take his leave and travel to private medical facilities in the Hapes Cluster for his recovery. During his treatment, Crueya would come to research further into his family history, and finally come to terms with his families end. After a year of inactivity, the land where his family's vineyard once stood was now a valley of overgrown grass. Crueya set to work rebuilding the vineyard during the remainder of his leave of absence.

Return to the Ministry

Crueya Vandron would return to Imperial Space two months later, with a new kidney and a lesser habit of drinking. His family's vineyard was once again established and his leave time had run up. Upon returning he once again was appointed to the Directorate of Extraction's Command Staff and resumed his duties as third in command. But soon after returning, he found that the remainder of the work left from the merger had been finished, and all of the production hubs which he helped to developed had been finished and were operating efficiently. Imperial Resource Extraction was running smoothly without him, and to his surprise, Deputy Director Morettius was working.

Lord Minister Guinar Ndengin would soon recall Assistant Manager Crueya Vandron to the Ministry headquarters on Coruscant for a meeting. Arriving at the meeting, he found himself standing before The Minister of Industry and the Director of Production. They told him that they had hoped he had enjoyed his leave of absence, because he wasn't going to be getting another one of any substance period any time soon. He was to reassigned to Magnaguard Manufacturing's Command Staff, and was expected to bring the dedication and efficiently he and shown at Cloud City with him.

Promotions and Assignments

  • Year 10 Day ?: Joined Cloud City
  • Promoted To: [E-4} Senior Workman - Year 10, Day ? 
  • Promoted To: [E-5] Clerk - Year 10, Day ? 
  • Promoted To: [E-8] Senior Technician - Year 10, Day 347 
  • Appointed To: Imperial Resource Extraction, Chief of Operations - Year 10, Day 347
  • Appointed To: Imperial Resource Extraction, Command Staff - Year 11, Day ?
  • Appointed To: Imperial Regional Government - Year 11, Day ? 
  • Promoted To: [O-2] Provisional Prefect - Year 11, Day ? 
  • Appointed To: Imperial Investment Council - Year 11, Day ?
  • Appointed To: Imperial Regional Government, Sector Command Staff - Year 11, Day ?
  • Promoted to: [O-6] Assistant Manager - Year 11, Day ?
  • Promoted to: [C-3] Operations Manager - Year 11, Day ?
  • Appointed To: Magnaguard Command Staff - Year 11, Day ?


  • Crueya Vandron has no relation to a "Sate Vandron".
  • Crueya Vandron's first ship was the Baudo-class Star Yacht "Piece of Eden" which he still owns to this day. The ship was awarded to Crueya by then Deputy Director Ventidius.
  • Crueya bought the first two Zeta-class Long-Range Shuttles ever produced by Corellia Engineering Corporation, and still owns one of them, the "Alpha Chi". The other he gave as a gift to his friend Darius Morettius.
  • Crueya is one of the few known to be fluent in the "Crueyite" language.
  • Crueya once returned after a short vacation to find that Darius Morettius had one of his Cult of Dar rituals in his office. The cleaning bills to remove all of the goats blood from the carpet and ceilings are pending.
  • Vandron once spent two weeks hauling raw materials in the Corellia Sector with Vizier Vaan as his wingmate, and became notorious in the sector after their clubbing escapades.

"''Nothing is true... Everything is permitted''"
— 'Crueya Vandron'


Crueya Vandron, Imperial Ministry of Industry, Y11 - Present.
Crueya Vandron, Imperial Security Bureau, Y11D320 - Present.
Lord Crueya Vandron, Duke Liberalis.