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Imperial Mining Corporation

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Imperial Mining Corporation
Leader Lirri Elysar
Formed Year 13 Day 226
Form of Government Production, Mining
Executive Branch
Website http://www.swc-empire.com/Public/Industry/

Imperial Mining Corporation is the Galactic Empire's nationalised mining faction, providing all the materials for the needs of the Empire.


Raw Materials. Thats the name of the game for the Imperial Mining Company. As the major raw material supplier to the Galactic Empire, and its Ministry of Industry, the Imperial Mining Company prospects, mines and provides the materials used in every facet of daily life for an Imperial Citizen.

Overseen by a visionary Executive Director Saedrial Elensar, with a nose for a node, the Imperial Mining Company see itself as the foundation on which the whole of the Galactic Empire is built upon. The Imperial Mining Company prides itself on efficiently supplying materials for the needs of the Galactic Empire, its subsidiaries and its citizens.

Imperial Mining Company's vision is to be the most valued and respected mining company through industry leading performance. The key to achieving that vision is our ability to make a lasting and positive contribution toward sustainable development through the use of high end technology, techniques, and the protection of the health and well-being of our people.


Since the time of the Republic, Cloud City, was a small but minor provider of Tibanna gas from a backwater part of the galaxy, and was founded by a Devaronian male called Paraix of Argoth. Going against the grain of public opinion the Baron Administrator kept Cloud City out of the influence of the Mining Guild setting up Cloud City, as a trade hub outside the Core for several other corporations.

In Year 3 Cloud City further cemented its shady reputation out of the main stream when the appointed Lady Dyvel Price as their Baron Administrator. Lady Price, a disgraced former Imperial Admiral with associations with the Black Sun crime syndicate, lead the company for a short time keeping the company in obscurity. Also during Year 3 Blue Sabre Transportation was involved in a hostile takeover engineered by Darth Knyte of the Dark Empire. With the reintegration of the Dark Empire into the Galactic Empire, Blue Sabre Transportation was bought by former Imperial Moff, Uther Von Kaldreon.

Over the next 3 years, Cloud City went on to have numerous leaders, some of which were notable Imperials including Moff Jake Kiltar, and former Imperial Minister Gabriella Storm. on Day 64 of Year 6 Uther Von Kaldreon saw an opportunity to buy Cloud City and went on to merge it with his own Blue Sabre Transportations forming a NewCo called Cloud City and BSTwhich became a nationalized company of the Galactic Empire.

This arrangement lasted until Year 8 when due to a dispute on material rights, Uther Von Kaldreon looted the entire company setting himself up as Emperor of a new government called Infinite Empire. Kaldreon was removed and former Imperial Naval Officer, and pirate Orphea Imperium was requested to help in restoring the ailing company. Imperium seeing an opportunity to return to the Imperial fold abandoned his Regency of Thar, and returned to Imperial's mining corporation. During the next 6 months, Imperium worked to rebuild a failing and broken company, using new staff in rotation, with an unprecedented recruitment drive, using the wealth of the Empire to re-establish the company. Imperium approached the Imperial High Command, with an idea for Cloud City to develop a planet of its own along with another mining company Centarra Mining, a private company that assisted in supplying the Empire whilst Cloud City was been rebuilt. Although this allowed Imperium to build his own wealth, the untimely assassination of Quard Ithan saw the project with the Empire only 50% complete.

As a result of his success with Cloud City and Centarra Mining, Orphea was offered a position as Minister of Truth for the Empire, and a seat on the Imperial High Command, however due to health reasons he declined, and also left Cloud City, in the control of former Centarra Mining Deputy Chief Executive Officer Eric Zahm. Cloud City however was again a working company. Over the next few years the company carried on in strength with Eric Zahm and the Sith Azrakh Raleep controlling the company.

However in early Year 10, Jacen Varos was installed as the temporary CEO after the untimely disappearance of both CEO and Deputy CEO, this position was made permanent in mid-year 10. Jacen Varos continued in this position until later in Year 10, when Norrec Morussian took over the company. This coincided with re-integration of the New Imperial Order and the Galactic Empire.

With the integration of the New Imperial Order it is important now to mention the history of the Bothan Blasting Corporation. Bothawui Mining had a similar history to that of Cloud City, providing raw materials to the Bothan Sector since the time of the old Republic. However in Year 6 a rival economic power in the form of the New Imperial Order (NIO's) nationalized company KinerCorp emerged and over the next 3 years an economic battle was fought between the two companies. KinerCorp won this battle and using their economic might, bought out Bothawui Mining and combined the two companies creating Bothan Blasting Corporation. This company became one of the economic drivers of the New Imperial Order and continued as a 2nd but more successful nationalized mining corporation of the Galactic Empire when the New Imperial Order reintegrated. Notable CEO's of Bothan Blasting Corporation include Ralic Feali, Charles Slayden and Darius Morettius.

Upon the merger of Galactic Empire and the New Imperial Order, it became apparent that there would no longer be the need for two nationalized Mining Companies, and a project would be undertaken to merge the two companies into one larger one. This job fell to the two CEO's Norrec Morussian and Darius Morettius. On Day 104 of Year 11, both Bothan Blasting Corporation and Cloud City & BST's stories finally merge and Norrec Morussian was appointed CEO of the new Company under the banner of Cloud City (Imperial Resource Extractions). Such was the working relationship between the two CEO's rather than be re-assigned, Morussian requested that Morettius be allowed to continue on as Deputy CEO, which was granted, and this is the first time in the history of the Ministry of Industry where 2 Deputy Directors were part of the same Nationalized Company.

In Year 12 saw the end of Morussian's reign at Imperial Resource Extractions. The core of the company, including Morettius and Operations Manager Crueya Vandron were victims of their own success and were appointed to lead RADE and MagnaGuard Manufacturing respectively. Morussian appointed LT Governor Wummer Malephar as the new Director of Extractions and Leader of Cloud City.

On Day 226 of Year 13 it was decided that fresh impetus was required to rejuvenate and give Cloud City a fresh start. The Ministry of Industry dissolved Cloud City, currently lead by long time Engineer and servant Ben Tzadikim, and created a new Mining Company called Imperial Mining Corporation.

Towards the end of Year 14, Antares Nuruodo was officially installed as CEO of the Imperial Mining Corporation. His tenure however was short lived, as the Ministry saw the need to bring fresh impetus to what had become one of the most important factions in the Ministry of Industry. On Day 59 of Year 15 following her success in re-invigorating the failing Kuat Systems Engineering, Executive Director Saedrial Elensar was brought in to replace outgoing CEO Antares Nuruodo and a new chapter for the Imperial Mining Corporation was begun.

Former Leaders

Wummer Malephar
Ben Tzadikim
Tyler Struan
Antares Nuruodo
Saedrial Elensar
Aurren Takla
Marius Moto
Kuuda Ki
Lirri Elysar