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Ministry of Industry

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Ministry of Industry
Active Year 10 - Year 22
Motto Nothing comes from nothing
Headquarters Coruscant
Companies Imperial Mining Corporation
Myorzo Weapon Systems
Corellian Engineering Corporation
Magnaguard Manufacturing
Minister Position Disbanded
Director of Extraction Position Disbanded
Director of R&D Position Disbanded
Insignia mind.png
Government Galactic Empire

The Ministry of Industry, commonly referred to as MInd, was tasked with the development, production, and maintenance of the Galactic Empire's supremacy among the galaxy's economies prior to year 22. At the heart of the Empire's industrial might, the Ministry as a whole strived to ensure that the technology and infrastructure of the Empire give it a clear lead over its competitors.


MInd was formed in Year 10 to coordinate and streamline all aspects of Imperial resource gathering, production, and technological development. Without the Ministry of Industry, much of the galaxy's modern technology and advanced starships would not have be as easily accessible to the average Imperial citizen and their allies. It continued this service until the reforms in Year 22, where the ministry was amalgamated with the Ministry of Interior to help streamline the process of production, procurement and distribution of Imperial assets.

The Ministry of Industry was once the Empire's central coordinating industrial body, providing a communication platform for all the Empire's nationalised factions, known as the executive bodies. It was led by the Minister of Industry, who sat on the Select Committee and served as a member of Imperial High Command. The Minister was once assisted in day to day matters by the Directors of Extraction (responsible for all mining and prospecting matters), Production (Oversaw and coordinated the efforts of each of the production related NATs), and R&D (responsible for the Empire's ongoing research into new and innovative technological fields), however towards the end of the Ministry's life these positions were disbanded and matters were dealt with solely between the Minister and respective Executive Director of each corporation.

Imperial Mining Corporation

Raw Materials are the main focus of the Imperial Mining Corporation. As the major raw material supplier to the Galactic Empire, and its Ministry of Industry, the Imperial Mining Corporation prospects, mines and provides the materials used in every facet of daily life for an Imperial Citizen.

Overseen by the Executive Director, the Imperial Mining Corporation views itself as the foundation upon which the Galactic Empire is built. The Imperial Mining Corporation prides itself on efficiently supplying materials for the needs of the Galactic Empire, its subsidiaries, and its citizens.

Imperial Mining Corporation's vision is to be the most valued and respected mining company through industry leading performance. The key to achieving that vision is the ability to make a lasting and positive contribution toward sustainable development through the use of high end technology, techniques, and the protection of the health and well-being of our people.

Myorzo Weapon Systems

Quality Products, Quality Price. These are the two tenets of business that Myorzo Weapon Systems (MWS) is built upon. As principle suppliers to the Galactic Empire, and as their nationalized weapon producer MWS boasts a large arsenal of the galaxy's most advanced projectile, non-projectile, and heavy weaponry.

Led by a technically gifted and proficient Executive Director, Myorzo Weapons Systems sees the need to provide the best access to the latest gear to members of the Imperial Union, and as such their staff are some of the most enthusiastic about weapons in the galaxy. First and foremost the crew are weapons enthusiasts first, and the way they work reflects that passion.

As the premier supplier to the Imperial Union, and due to their futuristic and efficient production facilities Myorzo Weapon Systems are able to bring the Union's members the best weapons at the lowest price. In the case of Myorzo Weapon systems, cheap weapons doesn't mean sacrificing on quality.

So whether your looking for the latest side arm to stay with fashion, looking to outfit your hunting party with latest heavy weaponry, or maybe just a vibroblade for a bit of personal protection, Myorzo Weapon Systems has the product to suit your needs.

Corellian Engineering Corporation

Thousands of years ago, the demand for reasonably priced, reliable ships was high. These galactic vessels were needed for transportation, material hauling, and even as places to live. It was clear that to survive in the ship production trade, you would need to stand out from the competition. And one business did just this, they offered quality ships at competitive prices while giving excellent customer service. They are known as the Corellian Engineering Corporation or CEC.

Being led by a passionate and talented Executive Director, the Corellian Engineering Corporation is one of the jewels of the Galactic Empire's Ministry of Industry. With its modern workshops and access to leading edge technology, they offer the public: datacard rental, completed ships, and shipyard/factory management.

Achieve your wildest dreams and join the ranks of the galaxy's best ship producer. Help keep the galactic economy stable, supplying the public with great ships while supplying the Galactic Empire with amazing warships used to crush defiant rebels, terrorists, thieves, and pirates; making the galaxy a better and safer place. All the time while being paid an excellent salary with incentive schemes.

The CEC offers a variety of positions which are rewarding and fulfilling. Be a sales manager and sell ships the discerning ship buyer. Be a pilot and haul raw materials needed for ships production from all over the galaxy. Be a shipyard or factory operator and command teams of workers to create you've only ever dreamed of.

Be the envy of your friends. With the superior skills you gain in the Corellian Engineering Corporation you will be respected throughout the galaxy. Visit the CEC Careers Holosite for more details on how to join the marvel that is the Corellian Engineering Corporation; the backbone of the Galactic Empire. Join the best, be the best!

Some only reach for the stars, we live there permanently.

Magnaguard Manufacturing

"Quality", "Luxury", and "Precision" are words that define droids manufactured by Magnaguard Manufacturing (MM). We are the leading manufacturer of military-grade, medical, security and labour droids in the galaxy, and we guarantee that a droid purchased from us will meet the highest standard of quality, precision, and luxury. As one of the nationalized corporations of the Galactic Empire, we are the chief supplier of droids to both the Empire and the Imperial Union.

Lead by an Executive Director, our members are the most highly skilled, educated, motivated, and proud in the entire Galaxy. MM offers a large catalogue of the most advanced droids of the market.

Our droids can be used in maintenance and repair of ships, as we produce the two most advanced astromech droids in the galaxy. Our military department has the most feared]droid known to any sentient, the Destroyer Droid. Our security division provides you with the most advanced droids that cover every area, guaranteeing you to have the last bit of information before entering a unknown zone. Last but not least, we offerthe best medical droids from our health division, working with the highers standards and specifications offered by the Galactic Medical Association.

Our values and philosophies permeate through everything we do to ensure that we always remain true to our principles.This encompasses the pursuit of excellence and happiness as we focus in resource conservation and environmental sustainability. Strongly entrenched into the MM name by the legacy of Inwe Ventidius and Tyris Elensar, among others, we stand firm to our foundation while reaching for the stars to lead the galaxy in droidinnovation. As a result, we at MM actively seek to stretch boundaries and meet our own high demands.

Research & Development

The Directorate of Research & Development (R&D) is the backbone of the technological future. It is responsible for both improving existing designs and developing new technology. R&D is pursued on two fronts, the first being the Galactic laboratories and the universities.. The second front for R&D is the Nationalized Factions that have R&D representatives that work on manufacturing efficiency (reducing build time and raw materials for various items as well as easier maintenance/repair), item improvement (weight reduction, increased accuracy for weapons, increased maneuverability for ships/vehicles, etc.), and new items (better armor, engines, weapons, etc.) These institutions focus on long term advanced development projects that target exciting new technologies. The Directorate staff manages the galactic laboratories and provided grants to universities to support promising research taking place in those institutions.

Former Ministers