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Vincent Lytear

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Vincent H. Lytear
Biographical Information
Race Human (Anaxsi)
Gender Male
Homeworld Anaxes
Mother Kelen Karsati-Lytear
Father H. Aldous Lytear †
Spouse Elenya Lytear (née Cardael) †
Children Seras Lytear, Brenich Lytear
Born Y-41, Day 352
Imperial Service
Branch mind.png
Ministry of Industry
Positions -Deputy Director, Kuat Systems Engineering (Last Held)
Prior Service -Director of Imperial Intelligence (GE)
-Director of Imperial Intelligence (NIO)
-Chief of Operations, Imperial Intelligence (NIO)
-Commander, Imperial Army (NIO)
-Captain, Imperial Navy (GE)

Vincent H. Lytear (Y-41, Day 352 - Y13, Day 67) was the 18th Director of Imperial Intelligence. He was also the New Imperial Order's Director of Imperial Intelligence prior to "Re-unification", NIO's Army Commanding Officer prior to its dissolution, and a naval officer of the Galactic Empire (obtaining the rank of Captain) during the reign of Emperor Charon. He is the Founder and Director of the Cardael Group and served as a member of the New Imperial Order's delegation during merger discussions with the Empire. He also served with the Imperial Ministry of Industry (MInd) as CEO/Deputy Director of Kuat Systems Engineering. Vincent was assassinated in Year 13 by Diabolus`ut Persolvo who'd been supplied information by former KSE employee Arri Shor.

Early Life and Schooling

Vincent Lytear was born in Pols Anaxes, Anaxes, the son of Kelen (née Karsati) and H. Aldous Lytear, Anaxsi natives with a business in wine making. He was raised on his parent's winery outside the Sirpar Hills and attended several private grammar schools. He continued his education at Belmar Institute, a university preparatory school where he became involved in student politics. In his 11th year he was Vice President of the Student Body and became President in his 12th year.

In Y-24, he was accepted into the Galactic Republic Naval Academy (later to transition into the Imperial Naval Academy in Y-22 with the establishment of the Galactic Empire) and graduated the top 5% of his class in Y-20 with Honors, a degree in Sentientology, and receiving a commission as an Ensign in the Imperial Navy.

Professional Career - Pre-Merger

Imperial Navy

Vincent Lytear's early military career began when he was commissioned as an Ensign and started a two and a half year training course on-board the IMS Ranger to become a naval aviator. While there, he earned a reputation as a "boorish book-type"; consistently found in his quarters (when not on duty) studying anything from the characteristics of his craft, the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle, to the history of the early Coruscant time period. Lytear began as a sub-par flyer, often times viewed as careless or reckless, impressing none of his trainers but managing with enough skill to secure his wings. His flight skills improved over time, and he was viewed as a good pilot, albeit one who tended to "push the envelope".

Upon his completion of upgrade training aboard the IMS Ranger, Lytear was assigned to the Victory-class Star Destroyer Sceptre, a warship of the Empire’s 1st Fleet, as one of six shuttle pilots. It was aboard the Sceptre that Vincent first found an interest in Capital Command and on his off-time began studying for the entrance exams into Fleet Command School. During duty hours, Lytear distinguished himself amongst his peers by accepting a lion’s share of the squadron’s additional details (e.g. Pilot/Controller Liaison) including several details for the ship’s Captain. The result of this dedication was an early promotion to Lieutenant and favorable notes by the vessel’s Imperial Security Bureau operative placed into his personnel file highlighting a “…fervent dedication to the Galactic Empire’s mission and the propagation of the tenants of the New Order amongst the ship’s crew...”

On Y-16 Day 67, Lytear - by then a Lieutenant Commander, was accepted into the Imperial Navy’s Fleet Command School. It was during his time there that he would meet and eventually marry Elenya Cardael, a SAGroup administrator, while attending local COMPNOR rallies. This was rumored by some as a political move to ensure his good standing with the Commission, but known to his closest friends, their union was in fact one of love. His most vocal antagonist in this regard was fellow officer and student, Krogg Zorin, whom many considered to be Vincent’s chief rival for Distinguished Graduate. This rivalry would reach its climax in the final days of training during exercise “Blowback”.

Lytear, in command of the smaller force and charged with the defense of an Imperial outpost adrift in space, would defeat Zorin with a feigned retreat from the unarmed station, drawing his opponent’s vessels within close proximity of their prize. Gambling that Zorin would forgo the immediate destruction of his objective to come to grips with his rival, and seeing his gambit pay off, Vincent ordered the detachment of several unused modules of the station directly into Krogg’s approaching vessels. In the ensuing destruction and chaos, Vincent was able to re-direct his own fleet in the disabling and capture of the remaining ships - suffering zero casualties or lost vessels himself. He would leave the school as Distinguished Graduate and having earned a posting aboard the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Chimaera.

It would be three years aboard the vessel before Lytear would rise to its command. This would be a position he held for an additional four years and his time aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer he would later account as some of his most accomplished in service to the Empire despite never having participated in any of the conflicts between the Imperial Military and the Order of Darkness.

In the waning days of his command (Y-9) of the IMS Chimaera, Lytear was offered a posting on Coruscant working for 1st Fleet Headquarters. He accepted on grounds of dedicating time to his family (his eldest daughter having been born that same year) and the opportunity to affect changes on a branch-wide scale; particularly in areas concerning the advancement of New Order ideals in Navy policy. It was believed that at this juncture, Vincent – who’d largely remained ignorant of Imperial politics, was dismayed by the rise of the Sith within the Empire under the leadership of Vodo Bonias. Though not an outspoken opponent of this growing organization his work with Fleet HQ and COMPNOR was effectively aimed in counter-acting Sith influence amongst 1st Sector personnel.

It was later surmised by himself that it was this self-same approach to what he’d considered the “Sith problem” that stalled what had previously been a comfortable rise in the navy’s ranks (Promoted to Captain in Y3). He would maintain his posting on Coruscant into the final moments of Emperor Charon’s reign until the call to defect was issued, and during one of the mass exoduses – slipped away with his wife and child.

Sienar Technologies


Imperial Army - NIO


Imperial Intelligence - NIO


Professional Career - Post-Merger

Imperial Intelligence - GE


Ministry of Industry - GE

On Year 12 Day 327 the Ministry of Industry announced Lytear as the new CEO of Kuat Systems Engineering as a replacement for the out-going Deputy Director, Draven Diesel.


En route to conduct routine inspections of KSE facilities located on Solag, his transport piloted by former employee Arri Shor diverted to just outside of the system where the Nikto pirate Diabolus`ut Persolvo boarded the ship and shot the Deputy Director while he slept. It was Arri's intent to assume leadership of the corporation and divert the recently completed production of dozens of AT-ATs and Lambda Shuttles being developed by Solag's factories. What the Wookiee hadn't accounted for was DDIR Lytear's granting of privileges to KSE employee Vidar Sicarius the night prior to his death (in order to finalize production of Solag's factories) that prevented his usurpation of the corporation. Thus, the two traitors succeeded only in Vincent's assassination but failed in their attempts at robbing the Empire in hundreds of millions of credits in Imperial hardware.

Vincent's body was not recovered. A marker was placed by his family at their estates on Anaxes.

Family tree

                                  [Ibram Lytear †]
                                        + (3 or 4 generations)
                         |                             |
             [UNKNOWN]---+---[Viktor Lytear]       [H. Aldous Lytear †]---+---[Kelen Karsati-Lytear]
                                                             |                          |           
                             [Elenya Cardael †]---+---[Vincent H. Lytear †]        [W. Iban Lytear]    
                                         |                 |
                                  [Seras Lytear]         [Brenich Lytear]