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Deryk Ysenm

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Deryk Ysenm

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Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Deryk Ysenm
Imperial Army

Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Unknown
Father Hymes Ysenm
Spouse N/A
Siblings N/A
Children N/A
Born Y-32 D25
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Prior Service
Ministry of Industry
  • Chief of Operations, Magnaguard Manufacturing

Imperial Army

  • Army Signals Officer
  • 5th Brigade Commanding Officer
  • Legion Signals Officer
  • 5th Brigade Executive Officer


  • Deputy Director, ICR

Awards 7923_ysenm.png


Description and Personality

Deryk Ysenm is an adult Human male of average height and weight. He has black hair and hazel eyes. Deryk can typically be found wearing his Imperial Army-issued Stormtrooper Armor, though on occasion he places it to the side, instead wearing his Imperial Officer uniform.

Origins of the "Ysenm" Name

It is said that the name "Ysenm" (yeh-sen or sen) was derived more than two centuries ago, when two prominent families of Tatooine were joined in marriage by their offspring. The names of the two families are unknown and often speculated in rumors, though the actual names have been lost in the pages of history. The two different pronunciations of the name came from four generations of the family that when asked, pronounced the name differently to different circles. Thus, the name now has two different acceptable pronunciations, which Deryk has come to live with.

Before Imperial Service

Early Years

Deryk was born and raised on Tatooine by his father, Hymes. His mother had left before he could remember. His father never spoke of her, and if he had asked, he was beaten. Growing up in such an environment had it's benefits, however. Deryk's father often took him hunting for womp rats near Beggar's Canyon. The local government of Tatooine had offered a bounty of ten credits per rat due to overpopulation, and so to earn money Deryk and his father often went hunting together. After one day of hunting, they would often bring home fifty to sixty rats, the lowest they had ever brought home was eight. They nearly made a living from doing this. They were also moisture farmers, but rarely brought in enough water to bring to market, but rather they used the water for themselves. Occasionally, bandits or thieves would make attempts to steal water, mostly to maintain themselves or their groups in the intense desert heat. Hymes wasn't shy or cautious about shooting bandits, he often gloated to Deryk about several that he had killed during the late hours of the night. Although Deryk had never witnessed it, he believed his father wholly.

When he reached the age of 17, Deryk knew that soon he and his father would part. He worked up the courage, and asked his father what had happened to his mother. In a fit of rage, Hymes lashed out at his son, striking him in the face hard enough to knock him to the ground. As Deryk rose to his feet, his father demanded that he leave at once, and so he did, never to return.

Mos Eisley

Deryk stuck around Tatooine. Not because of his love for his home planet, but because he needed money for his own ship. If it was one thing that his father had taught him, it was never to trust the scum that occupied Mos Eisley, especially pilots. Instead, he continued hunting womp rats, often visiting the same area that he knew his father would hunt just a few days prior. Once his father would visit the area, there would be nothing there to hunt. He did this purposely, knowing his father would know who had been there first. His nights were often filled with alcohol and women, though neither meant anything to him. One night, he had a little too much of both. Another patron named Dak that had been interested in one of the women that Deryk had been with all night, demanded that Deryk give her to him, and that Deryk pay him for the heartache he had caused him. With a chuckle, Deryk refused, spurring the attention of three other patrons that were friends with the Dak. As they rose from their chairs to head to assist their friend, a blaster bolt ripped through Dak's chest and struck one of the three men in the head. Deryk, using the barrel of his blaster, pushed Dak's limp body away from him. As the body fell backward to the ground, two more blaster bolts flew across the bar, each hitting their intended targets before they could even draw their own weapons. Little had Deryk known, as he holstered his blaster, that his luck was about to change.

The Job

Deryk Ysenm's first ship, Ghost Wind.

It was the next day, Deryk awakened from his long sleep and donned his gear as he always had before going on a hunt. As he exited his door, there waiting for him were three men. The first and most prominent was in a very expensive suit. He introduced himself as Odomok, and went on to tell Deryk how impressed he had been with his performance at the cantina the previous night. Deryk shook his head, telling the man that he only meant to defend himself. Odomok nodded, telling Deryk that he had a client that was in need of his skills. Curious, Deryk followed Odomok, and was introduced to Max. Max was a wealthy owner of a conglomerate of moisture farms that were nestled just outside of Mos Eisley. Max explained to Deryk, that for months, several bandits have been robbing his farms of extracted water and selling it themselves on the black market. Not only were they stealing from his farm, but by selling water on the black market, the bandits had forced him to sell his extracts at an extremely low rate in order to stay in business. Deryk knew what had to be done, something his father had often done in the past.

Each night, Deryk set up a post atop a mountain peak, approximately a kilometer from the farm. He watched intently, and for several nights, nothing. Finally, the last night, his thermal scope indicated the presence of something more than the vaporators hard at work. There were sentients moving about, six of them to be exact. They were in groups of two, each of them going to the vaporators and gathering water. Deryk knew his first shot had to be good. At a kilometer, he knew, the shot should be fairly easy with no heat from the twin suns to disrupt the path of his blaster bolt. With care, he lined up his first shot, or rather, let it line up itself as he squeezed the trigger. Before the shot was heard, a blaster bolt ripped through the chest of the first two men, lined up perfectly. The other four men, had not yet known that their friends were now dead. Deryk squeezed off his second shot. This time though, only one of the two men went down, but soon followed the second. The last two men were now alert to the presence of a sniper, and were making their way back to their speeder. Deryk panicked, firing off two consecutive bolts, the second of which ripped through the lower calf of the first fleeing bandit. The second stopped and grabbed him to drag him out. Deryk thought how strange that was. Typically bandits fended for themselves. Rarely would they go back for a comrade, but rather shoot their comrade themselves so that they wouldn't have to split the prize money. No matter, Deryk fired a third bolt, killing the man in tow just before he was loaded into his speeder. As Deryk took aim for the last bandit, he squeezed the trigger only to find his powercell was empty. He watched as the last man sped off in a speeder. "Good," he thought. He'll tell his friends and they won't come back.

Max could not be more pleased with the results, paying Deryk very well for his efforts. Along with the credits that Deryk had made from slaying womp rats, he now had enough money to buy his own ship, and within a week he had, naming her "Ghost Wind", after the eery sounds that occupy Beggar's Canyon when the wind blows through it.

Over the next two weeks, Deryk spent most of his time making small repairs to his ship, a craft he had learned primarily from his father as well. When he had bought it, the shield system, weapons systems, and life support were all not working. It wasn't long before he had all but the weapons systems up and running.

Never to Return...

About a month after Deryk had slain five of Max's moisture farm intruders, Max was approached by the Mos Eisley law enforcement. Unbeknownst to him, three of the slain men were members of the Mos Eisley Police, along with the single survivor. It was well known that the police here were corrupt and of course, claimed that they were undercover to bust a corrupt street gang. Max knew it wasn't true, but also wasn't willing to spend the time in jail himself. It wasn't illegal to kill bandits and thieves, but it was to kill police. Max gave them Deryk's name, and told him where he'd be.. with the Ghost Wind. With no other choice, Deryk was forced to flee Tatooine, knowing he couldn't return, at least for the next twenty years. He had little else he could do. Everyone he had ever known was on Tatooine. But then, it dawned on him. He would join the Imperial Academy.

The Galactic Empire

At the Imperial Academy

Simiyiar-Class Ship, Imperial Storm.
"You’re here rather early, Recruit, not everyone is here yet, but you’re in the right place. I’m Lieutenant Seren Ngo, your Training Officer."
Seren Ngo

In year 12, on day 205, Deryk Ysenm began his studies at the Imperial Academy. His instructor was Lieutenant JG Seren Ngo. The initial confusion that every new recruit goes through was overcome quickly as he pressed on his studies at the academy with the help of his instructor. Deryk did very well on his exams, scoring perfectly in Doctrine and Policy, Communication, Protocol, Military Concepts, Civilian Concepts, Construction, and General Duty. On year 12 day 208, Deryk graduated from the Imperial Academy with the average score of 96.64%.

Because of his exceptional grade average, Deryk was promoted to Corporal [E-3], given his first award, the Imperial Academy Basic Graduate-Honors Ribbon, and assigned to the Imperial Army.

New life, New Ship

As Deryk began his Imperial Service, he realized that his ship, because of it's rarity, would make himself easier to find, especially now that it sat in one place while he was off training with his Brigade. Within a month of joining the Empire, Deryk found himself a new ship, a Simiyiar-class which he aptly named "Imperial Storm", as a representation that his life had gone through a period of turbulence and came out on the other side, shining anew in the brightness of the sun. His old ship was sold, albeit for much lower than it was worth, but Deryk didn't care. He wanted rid of it and that was that.

Service in the Imperial Army

Corporal Deryk Ysenm as a squad leader (left back), preparing his squad to undergo weapons and tactics training at the Basic Imperial Infantry Course (BIIC).
Command Sergeant Deryk Ysenm aboard his AT-ST. The image was recorded by Command Sergeant Agramon Kane during Operation Frostbite. The inscription just above the heavy laser cannons reads, "Free Rebel Photos, Look Here, Smile, Wait for Flash!"
"Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge. It brings out all that is best; it removes all that is base. All men are afraid in battle. The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty. Duty is the essence of manhood."
— George S Patton

On year 11 day 208, Deryk Ysenm, now a Corporal, began his career in the Imperial Army.

Deryk was sent to the Basic Imperial Infantry Course where he was to learn what it means to be an Imperial Soldier. He was trained in the use of the Empire's most modern weaponry and specialized tactics. It was also there that he was first introduced to the the famous white armor worn by all Imperial Stormtroopers of the Imperial Army. After donning this armor for the first time, Deryk knew that he too wanted to be a Stormtrooper. Deryk's training was long and rugged, but eventually he graduated ahead of his peers and was assigned to the Second Imperial Legion.

During his first assignment, Deryk took up standard duties with the legion; patrol duty, guard duty, and combat patrols. His brigade participated in many exercises, operations, and even an Imperial Campaign, in which Deryk received the Imperial Campaign Medal for his contributions. Many of the exercises and operations took place on uninhabited worlds where no man had set foot on before. These operations were where Deryk shined as he was consistently involved and taking the lead on most orders. Deryk also played a large role in the equipment distribution to the entire Imperial Army. First, working closely with Lord General L'Annan herself, and eventually at his own Legion level, ensuring that his own soldiers had the equipment they needed.

It wasn't long before his leaders began to see his potential. Deryk's BCO soon moved up into a new LCO position, and his BXO took over the duties of BCO. First Lieutenant David "Dark Trooper" Terrio recognized Deryk's potential. As now Captain Terrio moved into the position of Legion Commanding Officer, he remembered Deryk well, now a Master Sergeant, and appointed him as the Legion Signals Officer. Deryk would maintain this position for more than seven months before finally relinquishing it because of his increased duties. Throughout his career, his leadership changed many times, but there were always two officers that had the biggest impact on him; Colonel Terrio and Captain Altair Ahad, his most recent former Brigade Commanding Officer. As Captain Ahad had no choice but to move to the reserves, Deryk was appointed the Brigade Commanding Officer of the 5th "Inferno" Brigade. It had not been the way Deryk wanted to take his first command, but knew that Captain Ahad had left him big shoes to step into. Deryk accepted the challenge with dignity and honor, vowing to serve as honorably as Captain Ahad.

Deryk served in the Imperial Army as the Brigade Commanding Officer of the 5th Brigade, 2nd Imperial Legion, until Year 13, Day 332. Through service and dedication to duty, Deryk stood out from his peers, setting his standards for service high above par. It wasn't long however, until Deryk had personal matters that he needed to attend to. Knowing this, he set himself a date in which he would retire from service. The now General Terrio was not happy about Deryk's decision, but nonetheless, respected it. One problem remained however; the fifth Brigade was still without an Executive Officer, and as such, without a successor. Deryk knew he needed someone to one day fill his shoes. His options were limited. Though other had claimed that she may reject his offer, Deryk decided to extend the offer to Command Sergeant Amne Zailyn. Lieutenant Zailyn proved to be an exemplary candidate. She immediately dug in on her work, taking on Deryk's leadership methods and practices. He began to give her increased responsibilities, and it wasn't long before he knew that she would be his replacement.

On his retirement, General Terrio remarked that he had lost not only a "model commander," but also an "indispensable friend and confidant." The following is an official transcript of his departure.

*** Lightning paints the southern façade of the durasteel skyscraper towering over the northeast corner of Fort Entor. The quantum Cerberus perched on the setback at the sixtieth floor snarls defensively toward the Army base below before receding ominously into the embrace of the night's torrent. In the mud, stormtroopers of the 2nd Brigade, covered in black ponchos and gripping their E-11s confidently, patrol the perimeter. Two Lambda shuttles occupy the base's landing pad to the southeast. At the southern entrance of the skyscraper, two squads of foreign stormtroopers mull about wordlessly. Two second lieutenants supervise their throngs--one bears the insignia of the 2nd Legion, the other, the 5th Brigade.

In an office on the fifty-seventh floor, General Terrio, his uniform bleeding indistinguishably into the heavy atmosphere that buffets the Fort beyond his office window, strokes his right cheek idly. An old male Captain speaks to him with familiarity, his voice deep and aged; as the soliloquy continues, David's expression sinks. Eventually, the Inferno quiets, having reached the end of his prepared tragedy, and for some time only the sound of the thrashing winds and the heavy rain echo through the General's office. It was a moment each would remember for whatever time he had left in the Galaxy. And then the rain too quiets, cuing the General's response. ***

"Deryk. Hearing you say this now, I can't help but reflect briefly on the magnitude of your contributions to this army, not to mention the 5th Brigade. When I was a Second Lieutenant, on Year 12, Day 211, I stood beside Nathaniel as he welcomed you into the 2nd Legion and the 5th Brigade. You were a Corporal, with freshly minted Honors bars. In fact, you have been a subordinate of mine since that day. On the one hand, it's like I'm losing a son--a pain I can't really know, I admit, not being a father."

"But on the other hand, you have been more than a subordinate--though disparate in rank, we have always been something like equals. When Captain Ahad retired, I described you as a quiet maven and an excellent teacher. These words rang even truer after you assumed command of the 5th Brigade. You are truly a model commander, and I have always been a student of this--your student. And through the often heroic efforts of you and Captain Kane, there's no doubt that the 2nd Legion has been the most combat-prepared and efficient legion in this Empire. But even before you were a commander, you were an indispensable friend and confidant. And today I recognize that I am losing all of these things."

"We have seen and done much. Sometimes they were troubling; sometimes, they were even terrible. Yet we picked our battles well, and we were tactical together. Through our trials and the risks we took, we're still here. And we have each honored the Colors--not only of the Legion, but also, I think, of the Army. For my part, I had a hell of a time doing it."

"My friend, I can only hope that you find happiness in retirement, and pride in our victories, which hopefully remain vivid in memory."

"Please write from the Unknown Regions."

*** As Deryk departs from the skyscraper, his stormtroopers draw close and begin their march toward the landing pad. David remains standing, staring quietly out the window, watching the lightning strike viciously and repeatedly around the base. His focus is immovably fixed on the squad from the 5th Brigade until the moment that the Inferno's shuttle becomes ensconced in the storm, at which point the General slumps back into the chair at his desk. He rubs his temples with his middle finger and his thumb. Finally, he takes a deep breath, visibly anguished and drained. ***

Deryk left General Terrio's office that day regretting his decision to leave, but leaving was his only option. And one day -- perhaps -- he would return, and rekindle his friendship in General Terrio and the now Second Lieutenant Zailyn. Maybe even Ahad would have returned, but that was just wishful thinking. He allowed his mind to wander to a better place as the shuttle scurried up through the storm clouds and into orbit where his ship awaited to ferry him to his destiny.

Service Record


Current Rank: Lieutenant Colonel [O-5] (ret.) MO-5.png

Imperial Army

Grade Insignia Rank Time Held (Combine Time) Time Held (Real Time)
[E-1] ME-1.gif Recruit Year 12 Day 205 - Year 12 Day 208 June 24th, 2011 - June 27th, 2011
[E-3] ME-3.gif Corporal Year 12 Day 208 - Year 12 Day 287 June 27th, 2011 - September 14th, 2011
[E-4] ME-4.gif Sergeant Year 12 Day 287 - Year 13 Day 001 September 14th, 2011 - November 30th, 2011
[E-5] ME-5.gif Master Sergeant Year 13 Day 001 - Year 13 Day 040 November 30th, 2011 - January 8th, 2012
[E-6] ME-6.gif Command Sergeant Year 13 Day 040 - Year 13 Day 142 January 8th, 2012 - April 20th, 2012
[O-1] MO-1.gif Second Lieutenant Year 13 Day 142 - Year 13 Day 223 April 20th, 2012 - July 11th, 2012
[O-2] MO-2.gif First Lieutenant Year 13 Day 223 - Year 13 Day 277 July 11th, 2012 - September 2nd, 2012
[O-3] MO-3.gif Captain Year 13 Day 277 - Year 14 Day 158 September 2nd, 2012 - May 6, 2013
[O-3] MIO-3.gif Senior Engineer Year 14 Day 158 - Year 14 Day 334 May 6, 2013 - November 1, 2013
[O-5] MO-5.png Lieutenant Colonel Year 14 Day 334 - Year 15 Day 295 November 1, 2013 - September 17, 2014


Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by
ISM-3.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 3 Year [ISM-3] Year 15 Day 203 ISB (Award Update)
ISM-2.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 2 Year [ISM-2] Year 14 Day 203 ISB (Award Update)
EAM.jpg Exercise Achievement Medal [EAM] Year 13 Day 328 ACOMD
BCM.jpg Brigade Command Medal [BCM] Year 13 Day 290 ACOMD
CMM.jpg COMPNOR Member Medal [CMM] Year 13 Day 221 ISB
ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 1 Year [ISM-1] Year 13 Day 205 ISB (Award Update)
IMM.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting [IMM] Year 13 Day 114 ISB
ICM.jpg Imperial Campaign Medal [ICM] Year 13 Day 106 The Throne
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate - Honors [IABG-H] Year 12 Day 208 LT Seren Ngo

Appointed Duties

Chief of Operations, Magnaguard
Preceeded By:
Saedrial Elensar
Deryk Ysenm
Succeeded By:
K. Petermind
Army Signals Officer
Preceeded By:
Santiano Salazar
Deryk Ysenm
Succeeded By:
David Terrio
5th Brigade Commanding Officer
Preceeded By:
Altair Ahad
Deryk Ysenm
Succeeded By:
Amne Zailyn
5th Brigade Executive Officer
Preceeded By:
Agramon Kane
Deryk Ysenm
Succeeded By:
Tec Vaan
2nd Imperial Legion Signals Officer
Preceeded By:
Ben Sereta
Deryk Ysenm
Succeeded By:
Draelor Nah`utal
Deputy Director of ICR
Preceeded By:
Deryk Ysenm
Succeeded By: