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Altair Ahad

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Altair Ahad
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Red Cap
Mother Ahab Ahad
Father Rebekka Ahad
Spouse none
Siblings Charon Ahad
Children none
Born Year -15 Day 98
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Prior Service Commanding Officer, 5th Brigade
Awards IAM.jpg ISM-2.jpg ICM.jpg IABG.jpg MID.jpg

Captain Altair Ahad was born in a miniscule mining colony, on the small nearly resource-stripped planet of Red Cap. The people of Red Cap are caught in a harsh never ending cycle of poverty and oppression. Altair worked for the mine until he had saved up enough money to leave Red Cap and never look back. Soon Altair found himself on Tattooine. He made a living by bartending and working security for a small cantina. Frustrated that he was still stuck doing nothing with his life, Altair decided he needed more. After seing a tattered Imperial Army recruitment poster, Altair quickly contacted the Empire's recruiting service. After securing a ride off Tattooine, he arrived at the Imperial Academy and has never looked back. Altair Ahad now serves in the Imperial Army, as the Brigade Commanding Officer of the 5th "Inferno" Brigade, Second Imperial Legion.


Early Years

A young Altair.

Not much is known about Altair's early life. Other than he worked for the mine until he had saved up enough money to leave Red Cap. On his home planet nearly everyone who called the rock home, were colonists brought in to work the mines. The colonists soon became like mindless drones, knowing only work. It was an unofficial and unspoken rule that everyone was expected to work for the mine until the day they were to old to work or died. Soon after Altair came of age to work in the mines, he realized he wanted more out of his life. He was not content with merely wasting away his small existence. This rebellious streak in him was noticed by his parents and his fellow workers who ostracized and ridiculed him for his dreams. Although outcast, Altair continued to work the mines day in and day out, with the hopes of making something out of himself. Once he had saved up enough money to leave, he quickly made his way off the world that he considered his prison. Altair soon found himself on Tattooine, with no friends and very little money leftover from his exodus. The first few months were hard for him and he began to doubt his decision to leave Red Cap. He soon found work at a small cantina and as he worked there his doubts began to double. Soon he began to regret his decision to leave Red Cap. His doubts and regrets soon manifested themselves into depression and despair. One day while walking to work one morning Altair saw something that would change his life forever. On a wall of a building was a tattered and faded Imperial Army Recruitment poster. Altair quickly realized that this was exactly what he was looking for, this was his way out of the gutter.

The Army

Once Altair had contacted the Imperial Recruiting Service he used what little money he still had to secure a ride off of Tattoine, and to the nearest Imperial Recruiting Depot. Soon after he signed his life away, Altair arrived at the Imperial Academy on Carida. While there he learned the basics of being a Stormtrooper. Altair learned to march in step, how to effectively utilize his armor, how to operate and maintain his E-11 blaster rifle, and many other useful skills. The Academy was one of the most challenging things Altair had done with his life, but he would'nt trade it for the world. The Imperial Army picked him up when he was at one of the lowest points in his life, and it built him back up stronger than he ever was before.

Right out of the Academy Altair was assigned to the Imperial Army. Private Altair was not sure of himself when he first arrived. He was not sure if he could match up to the combat hardened veterans that surrounded him. Soon how ever his initial fears and doubts gave way to a sense of belonging that he had never experienced before. After serving in the Army for awhile, Altair felt he truly belonged to it. It seems to have become like a family to him.

Altair's first mission, while serving with the Army, was to assist in training a garrison of Stormtroopers. Altair jumped into this mission head long, working his troopers to exhaustion everyday. Through all of the rigorous PT Altair trained with his troops. Despite being a rookie himself Altair did not hesitate giving out orders and generously handing out extra PT to those troops who attempted to slack off. Modeling his leadership style off that of his instructors on Carida. When time for live-fire exercises came around Altair's training platoon excelled and passed the ordeal with flying colors. Reflecting upon Altair and themselves all the blood, sweat, and tears they had shed to serve the Empire. When orders came through it was apparent that the this mission was at an end and he would be moving on to a new mission in a new unfamiliar place. Altair hated to leave behind these troopers he had trained and had forged a bond with. However this was the Army and Altair would have to appear unaffected, lest he be seen as a weak fool in front of his peers and superiors. So with a final order Altair dismissed his troopers, formed up with his unit, and boarded the waiting transports, destined for a far away land.

Soon Altair found himself bound not only to the Army, but also to the newly formed Imperial Assault Force. It was surprisingly quick how fast the two units meshed together and became one cohesive unit. Before they knew it Altair and the rest of the AF were deployed in their first mission together: Operation Stellar Ageis. Throughout the Operation, Altair served with the ferociousness and efficiency demanded by this new unit. Searching planet after planet, system after system, relentlessly searching out enemies of the New Order. Altair distinguished himself during this endeavor and was promoted to Sergeant and eventually to Sergeant First Class. During one leg of the mission Altair was grievously injured and was placed in the Imperial reserves, commanding a small planetary militia, to recover.

2LT Ahad as BXO.

Altair recovered and returned to active service in the Imperial Army as a Second Lieutenant.



Ever since the Imperial Academy Altair Ahad has been fiercely loyal to the Galactic Empire and especially to the Army. He tries to keep a cool head even under the most stressful of situations, but will occasionally need assistance to overcome frustration and panic once they set in. Altair has also struggled with periods of deep depression throughout his life. Likely the result of his bleak childhood and adolescence in the colony he was raised in. These bouts are brought on by failure and helplessness in situations he feels he has no control over. This mentality has also given him one of his defining traits. Altair naturally steps into leadership roles, constantly doing everything in his power to maintain positive control of every situation he is put in. As well as zealously attempting to regain that control once lost. Another side effect of his life on Red Cap is that following orders is very easy for him, given it is issued from a cause he believes in, such as th Empire. No matter the order Altair will give his all to complete it. Altair does not openly despise non-humans, but believes them to be lacking in nearly every aspect life. In his mind Humans are the future of the galaxy. He believes that unless non-humans can prove themselves above the cut, they are simply lazy deceitful scum who only wish to take advantage of the Empire's efforts to improve the galaxy. He is however, a soldier in the Imperial Army, therefore a professional, and will keep his beliefs to himself when need be. In addition to non-humans, Altair spitefully despises rebels and all enemies of the Empire. Considering them merely a road bump on the path of progress. Due to his time spent in the Assault Force, Altair has picked up vast amounts of naval terminology, such using the words as decks for floors and hatches for doors. As well as using "Aye Sir" as a response to a command. Altair tends to use these and other terms in entirely Army settings absentmindedly. As such, he may sometimes need to be reminded of this.


Before his injuries Altair was a fitness and martial arts enthusiast. He spent hours a week in both the gym and on the mats. Honing his body and his skills. Knowledgeable on many different ways to work various muscle groups, he can probably tell you why you aren't getting the most out of your workout. In addition to fitness, chances are he can help you with various lethal and non-lethal, armed and unarmed, techniques to disable opponents. Since his injuries Altair has begun to fall back into his routine of hitting the gym and increasing his combat readiness, but now focuses on the mental side of the it all,much more then he previously did. He has always been intrigued with history, but during his recovery this interest has spread to an interest in all manner of literature. One of Altair's favorite pastimes is telling obviously exaggerated stories of Army and its various units to new recruits.


Altair is fairly stocky at 5'8 and 178 lbs. His broad shoulders are one of his defining features. As a result of being in the Imperial Army he is in top physical condition.

5th Brigade Commanding Officer
Preceeded By:
David Terrio
Altair Ahad
Y12D350 - Y13D176
Succeeded By:
Deryk Ysenm
5th Brigade Executive Officer
Preceeded By:
David Terrio
Altair Ahad
Y12D282 - Y12D350
Succeeded By:
Agramon Kane