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Tyris Elensar

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Tyris Elensar
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Gender Male
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Eva Elensar
Father William Elensar
Spouse Saedrial Elensar
Siblings Draven Elensar
Born Year -11, day 184
Imperial Service
Branch mind.png
Ministry of Industry
Positions Retired
Prior Service Minister of Industry
Awards None

Tyris Elensar is a former Minister and Branch Leader of the Ministry of Industry. Before joining the Galactic Empire, Tyris has worked for several factions, leading up to starting his own non faction group, and later faction, TransSec Transport & Security. After his faction dissolved, he accepted the offer by then Minister of Industry Guinar Ndengin to join the Empire and work as an Engineer in Myorzo Weapon Systems.


Tyris is not the biggest person around. Standing at just 1.73m, he is slightly smaller than the average male of his age. The seemingly lack of muscles, and his slim appearance only make him look smaller then he already is. His dark brown hair is often left short simply because of personal preference, and because he dislikes having to take care of his hair every day.

Inherited from his Naboo mom he has large, grayish eyes, but still has the usual reduced ability to look in the dark after living on Hapes almost his entire childhood, common to most Hapan. Only because of spending a lot of his time in space he has a slightly better ability to look in the dark.

His dressing style greatly depends on what he is doing. When out in the public, or when he is around other people he mostly wears semi-formal clothing, jeans with some sort of formal looking shirt.

During extended periods on board his ship, or when conducting manual labor he wears older clothes, or more preferred, grey jumpsuits.


"''Some people might not like your style, but it's of little effort to be polite''"
— 'Tyris Elensar'

Tyris is an easygoing and calm person, with an open look on life as it passes him day by day. Being friendly to everybody he meets, he is a great person to have some small chat with.

A small, self confident grin always plays around his lips whenever he is around different people, a trait he developed years ago, often mistaken for an arrogant personality.

Honesty and politeness are important to him, something which he can’t stress enough to his friends, much to their annoyance, and is often found saying that ‘Some people might not like your style, but it's of little effort to be polite’

Always in for some fun, he always tries to find a good balance between work and relaxation, and does his best to keep a good atmosphere around him, though most of the time during business, seriousness is at the order of the day for him. Messing around is something that he does not tolerate during those times.


Birth and early life

William and Eva lived a comfortable life on the Hapan home world, although Eva would have preferred to stay near her Nabooian family elsewhere it never caused an issue between them. Life on the seven mooned planet was tranquil for the most part, living under the auspices of the grand Hapan royal line. Wanting for little, the pair had only one problem in their path, conception of a child. Though with advanced medicines they were able to create a child for themselves whilst on the brink of losing all hope.

They ran a small but successful courier business together, stable enough to keep ticking over under the management of one of their employees while each of them rearranged their lives for the new arrival. Adjusting their lifestyles came easy to them both, after a few months everything just sort of settled into place. William, Eva, and the new arrival Tyris savored the childhood memories that were forged through the numerous family gatherings, holidays and random acts of Tyris which nobody could have predicted.

Lending a hand in the family business earned Tyris a wealth of experience and moral character, attributes that he might not have thought much of at the time but that would put him in good stead once he entered into the cold world of business later in life. The money he earned working helped pay his way through University, and with a tear in each of their eyes, a parental donation of some thousands gave him the seed money he needed to start making his own way in the galaxy.

Throughout his teenage years Tyris had become quite idealistic, such as so many are, he found himself spreading his wings in the direction of the New Republic. Subsequent disillusionment with the modus-operandi within the Republic's military saw him part company with the Rebels some seasons later. At that point it seemed appropriate for the young man to do some soul searching, take a trip around a few systems and figure out what would be right for him.


Tatooine, desert planet, the journey ended here in an uninspiring cantina that banned all droids from entering. Violence was common, though Tyris did well to avoid it at all times unless absolutely necessary. In such a place as Tatooine though, such a polite demeanor as he had could be both a burden and a boon. It was there that he met his good friend and continuing ally Hemi Cuda. A man whose moral compass was somewhat more jaded than Tyris, but whom he could get along with just fine.

Soon enough the pair of them had decided to forge an alliance, find a backer, and enter into the transport business. Not much later, TransSec Transport and Security was born. Their initial client base was small, and mostly only close friends.

The services TransSec offered where mostly the standard transport and security services one could find anywhere, though on numerous occasions they took on odd jobs for larger clients, like helping factions with planetary control issues.

After a year, business started slowing down and the pair of them soon realized they were hemorrhaging finance. Business became slower and slower until most of the crew they worked with decided to try their luck elsewhere. Deciding to call quits on TransSec for now, they decided each to head their separate ways for a while and work on a new business strategy. Where Hemi went is for another story, Tyris however was soon snapped up to work as a second in command for Myorzo Weapon Systems, apparently his good manners in business were well appreciated by the major players there.

Myorzo Weapon Systems

While the ambition of founding a transportation faction of his own was still a distant prospect, Tyris took the offer, and was soon put to work as Myorzo's second in command.