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Edward Canfield

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Edward Canfield
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Sarah Jane Canfield
Father Unknown (KIA)
Spouse None
Siblings Brother (older, deceased)
Children None
Born Year -10, Day 195
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions AXO
Prior Service 6th Brigade CO
Corellian Police Constabulary
Awards 8050_canfield.png

General Edward Canfield is a 23-year-old Corellian Imperial Army Officer, currently serving as Army Executive Officer and Commanding Officer of the 3rd Imperial Legion.


Growing Up

Edward Canfield was born on Corellia to Sarah Jane Canfield. He never knew his father, though his mother told him his father had been an Imperial officer, killed in action. The two had never been formally married, and as Edward grew older he very much suspected his father had simply 'bedded' his mother, due to their close proximity to the naval base on Corellia. Growing up though, Edward never wanted for anything, as his mother always seemed to have more than enough money. He attended the most prestigious private academy on Corellia, and was afforded an education few in his type of familial situation would ever see. It was during this part of his life that his views on the galaxy as a whole, as well as Aliens and government began to take shape. His mother was an ardent member of the COMPNOR party, and brought Edward up to believe and respect its tenants. He was taught that the Emperors New Order, was the light and beacon that would lead the galaxy, and humanity to its rightful place of dominance and security.
Near the end of his studies, his older brother who was a member of CORSEC was viciously stabbed by a drug dealer who happened to be a Rodian. The Drug dealer was eventually caught by the authorities, and Edward witnessed firsthand the Imperial Stormtroopers exact justice upon this creature, as he came to look upon him as. From this point forward, Edward began to see the galaxy for what it truly was.

Coronet Constabulary

When he came of age, Edward joined the local Coronet Constabulary, as a Police Constable. Here he experienced things, and took part in events that cemented his view on the galaxy, and the belief that the Emperor's New Order was the only thing that could unite the galaxy and bring peace and justice. He was twice decorated for bravery in the Constabulary as well as surviving three attempts on his life, all by some of the worst criminal elements of the Corellian underworld. While working with CORSEC a particularly violent Dug shot Canfield in the stomach with no warning. Canfield managed to survive this as well as two stabbings, one through his hand and the other barely being stopped by his stab vest.

Canfield working with two CORSEC Officers during the course of an investigation

During this time, Edward met Arek Lindemann, a Special Response Officer and soon to be friend. They served two years together, and finally deiced it was time they stepped up and did more with their lives, and on a much grander scale. They enlisted in the Imperial Academy.

The Galactic Empire

Upon graduating with honors from the Imperial Academy, Private Canfield made a name for himself in the 3rd Legion, the unit to which he was assigned, steadily climbing up the ranks. He eventually earned his Officer's Commission, and took command of the Army's 6th Recon Brigade, 'the Pathfinders', ensuring his rise through the Officer ranks as well. Having left control of the Pathfinders to then-Lieutenant Tyrren Montari, his XO, Canfield assumed command of the 3rd Legion as a Lieutenant Colonel, and he was shortly thereafter promoted to full Colonel in recognition of his service and performance in the pacification operation on Derra IV.

Imperial Ranks Held

  • Recruit [E-1]


Imperial Army NCM Ranks

  • Private [E-2]


  • Corporal [E-3]


Imperial Army NCO Ranks

  • Sergeant [E-4]


  • Master Sergeant [E-5]


  • Command Sergeant [E-6]


Imperial Army Junior Officer Ranks

  • 2nd Lieutenant [O-1]


  • 1st Lieutenant [O-2]


  • Captain [O-3]


Imperial Army Senior Officer Ranks

  • Major [O-4]


  • Lieutenant Colonel [O-5]


  • Colonel [O-6]


Imperial Army Junior Flag Officer Ranks

  • Brigadier General [C-1] (current)




Mentioned in Dispatches


Action Readiness Ribbon


  • Imperial Academy Honours Graduate*