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Tyrren Montari

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Tyrren Montari
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Celeste Montari
Father Darien Montari
Spouse Ciatri Montari
Siblings Aspharr Montari
Children None
Born Year -11 Day 73 (age 25)


Imperial Service
Branch domi.png
Imperial Intelligence
Positions In reverse chronological order:
  • Imperial Intelligence Agent
  • Military Intelligence Officer
  • Recruiter
  • 6BDE Commanding Officer
  • 6BDE Executive Officer
  • Legionnaire
Prior Service domi.png
Imperial Intelligence

Imperial Academy
Imperial Army

Awards vQ1iKzf.png

Tyrren Montari (born Year -11 Day 73) is perhaps best known as the commanding officer of the 6th Brigade during their deployment for Operation Sovereign Canopy. During his time in the military, Montari served as a Military Intelligence Officer for the Department of Military Intelligence and as a Recruiter for the Imperial Centre for Recruitment. He rose to the rank of Major before retiring from military service on Y14 D204 to become a full-time agent for Imperial Intelligence, where he served for some months before becoming a private citizen.


Tyrren Montari was born on Coruscant along with his fraternal twin, Aspharr Montari. Born into the upper middle class, the Montari twins were raised by their father, Darien Montari, a career politician, and their mother, Celeste Montari, a doctor. With no other immediate family to speak of, the Montaris were very close and the brothers were nearly inseparable.

In primary school, the brothers developed a reputation for being troublemakers, though it didn't take long for their father to catch wind of and put an end to their antics. As a politician, their father understood the desire to show strength, however he also believed in a strong sense of moral and ethical behavior. He did his best to pass his humble nature on to his sons.

Tyrren and Aspharr Montari

Tyrren took after his father's example and quickly changed his image from a rule-breaker to a courteous member of his school's junior military program. He quickly rose through his unit's ranks showing an aptitude for leadership. Tyrren was a model cadet, always leading by example and rarely allowing himself to lapse into the haughty attitude common among the upper crust.

When he wasn't drilling with his fellow cadets, Tyrren could be found at a nearby garage, assisting a family friend and shop owner repair various vehicles. It was through this part time job that Tyrren grew to enjoy repairing ships and, although not as well as his brother, pilot them.

What the Montari brothers lacked in family numbers, they made up for in friends. Aspharr and Tyrren didn't have an entourage, but they never seemed to have trouble getting along with most people. The characteristic can be attributed to their father's skill with words and his inherent charisma, both of which he passed on to the Montari twins. In school, Aspharr and Tyrren earned above average grades, though they were never perfect students, and both excelled in athletics. Tyrren preferred boloball, while Aspharr was known for his grav-ball skills.

Shortly after his graduation, Tyrren's father introduced him to Ciatri Norayen, a junior politician and Darien's assistant. Tyrren and Ciatri began dating and eventually Tyrren proposed. Ciatri agreed to marry him, and they were happily wed soon thereafter; Aspharr served as Tyrren's best man.

Tyrren and Ciatri Montari

After the wedding, Tyrren decided to attend the Academy with the intent of joining the Imperial Army. He and his brother, who had decided to join the Empire's Navy, made their way to a nearby landing pad and were picked up in separate shuttles, and ferried to the Academy grounds. Shortly after the brothers left, Tyrren's wife decided to join them at the Academy in order to further her own career and join the Regional Government.

Upon graduation, Tyrren enlisted in the Imperial Army. His instructors, upon going through his aptitude tests and school records, noticed his penchant for leadership, and high marks in his classes. They attempted to sign him up for Officer Training School, but Tyrren insisted on enlisting. For his marks, he was given the rank of Corporal. After training, and two tours including Operation Isolated Axiom, Tyrren decided that it was time to become an officer in His Majesty's Army. Tyrren was sent to the Imperial Army Training Centre, located on Carida and then to Command Courses located on his homeworld of Coruscant. He graduated and was given the rank of Second Lieutenant.

Appearance and Behavior

Tyrren Montari enjoying a glass of Whyrren's Reserve

At just over 1.85 m and 80 kg, Tyrren is fairly average in height and weight for a humanoid, though his muscle tone is more defined than most. His physique is most typically described as a boloball player; a sport in which he excelled. He has short dark brown hair from his father and light blue eyes from his mother, typical of his Coruscanti ancestry. He has high cheek bones and a defined chin which he keeps shaven to a light stubble against Imperial regulation. Tyrren's most distinguishing mark is the small mole on the right side of his face, halfway between his nose and upper lip. Montari's appearance makes it seems as if he was sculpted specifically for military service.

From a young age, Tyrren was accustomed to clothing that most would deem uncomfortable for daily wear. His father's status as a Coruscanti politician made keeping up appearances a daily family duty. By the time he was a teenager, wearing a full suit was common practice for Tyrren. When not wearing a suit, Montari generally wears a jacket of some sort out of habit. Since joining the Imperial Army, Tyrren is most typically found wearing his uniform in place of his usual suit and tie, though it is fairly common to see him lounging in lighter clothing when off duty. His light skin and lighter eyes force him to keep a pair of sunglasses around more for practical use than as a fashion statement; they are usually found sitting on top of his head when not on his face.

Tyrren can almost always be found with a drink in hand when off duty. Some say it has become a problem, though Tyrren vehemently denies the accusation, stating that it is his way of handling the stress of duty. His favorite drink is whiskey, with a preference to various Corellian blends, especially Whyrren's Reserve. He also enjoys fine Coruscanti wine, but is most commonly found drinking lomin ale or lum; a byproduct of his time spent as an enlisted man.

Imperial Service

Imperial Academy

Tyrren received a personal welcome from the Academy's Assistant Dean, Kent Amba, who met him at his shuttle upon arrival and showed him around campus. Montari took to his studies quickly and worked hard to improve his slightly above average grades into outstanding scores. He studied Leadership, Customs and Traditions, Military Operations and Tactics, Goal Setting and Accomplishment, as well as a battery of health and physical fitness courses. Montari scored especially high marks in his medical courses, most likely due to the long talks he had with his mother about her work. He also learned about the Empire as a whole, and learned many new skills to help him in his career. Tyrren's scores weren't perfect, but his hard work resulted in a 96% overall grade and Honors status.

While on break and not studying, Tyrren spent most of his time in the mess, either drinking or in the simulators. While his proficiency was in ground combat, Tyrren had a knack for piloting. Though he was never as skilled as his brother, Tyrren could best some of the mid-ranked naval candidates regularly, and even some of the better pilots on a good day. Despite the fact that his brother and wife were on the same campus, he was rarely able to interact with them; free time was minimal and schedules didn't seem to match up. Due to this fact, Tyrren didn't make many long term friends, but ended up with several acquaintances.

When all his courses ended, and all his tests were completed, Tyrren was summoned to the Heraldic Hall by the Assistant Dean. Tyrren has stated that he recalls standing in awe at the history of the room. The multitude of banners hanging like stalwart reminders of the ever-expanding Empire and those who gave their lives to make it possible. He was given the rank of Corporal for his Honors status, and put in his papers for transfer to the Army. Tyrren received his assignment within the week and was sent off without fanfare into the beginning of his career with the Imperial Army.

Imperial Army

After his graduation and subsequent alcohol-driven celebration, Tyrren was quickly shipped off without being able to say goodbye to his wife or brother. Though he was dismayed that he wouldn't see either of them for some time, Tyrren was determined to thrive in his new role. Tyrren's Executive Officer, Trex Varax, was sent to pick up the newly minted Corporal after he had been shipped to Diamal. The pair made one stop en route to link up with the rest of the brigade and stumbled upon a group of bandits. Being soldiers with the Imperial Army, they made quick work of the group and were on their way to the unit in no time.

Corporal Montari after joining 6th Brigade

Tyrren quickly proved himself during training missions earning his promotion to Sergeant and a Letter of Commendation from his CO, Edward Canfield. The first large scale assignment Tyrren undertook was an Army-wide initiative; soldiers from every unit in his Majesty's Army took part. Operation Isolated Axiom was a massive effort, culminating in a more forward thinking ground force as well as improved unit cohesion and better understanding of standardized tactics. During the operation, Varax decided to end his service with the Army, leaving a vacancy in Brigade Command. After promotion to Master Sergeant, Tyrren was offered a headquarters position and served as Canfield's Executive Officer.

Montari retained this position throughout the operation, and earned the Exercise Achievement Medal upon its completion to go along with the Mentioned in Dispatches award he earned during its early stages. After the operation's completion, Tyrren continued on in his role as XO, and was eventually promoted to Command Sergeant. He was then sent to further his education at Officer Training School, and became a Second Lieutenant. He returned to the 6th Brigade and continued his role as Executive Officer under then Major Canfield.

Things were going exceedingly well for the 6th Brigade, and the 3rd Legion as a whole. Suddenly, however, 3rd Legion CO Nathaniel Durane was appointed Army Logistics Officer leading to freshly promoted Colonel Canfield taking over the Legion. After a short time comanding the brigade unofficially, 1LT Montari accepted the assignment full time and became the fourth Commanding Officer of the 6th Brigade on Year 14 Day 4 Combine Galactic Time. Tyrren took his long time friend and fellow Legionnaire, Navarro de Molay, as his Executive Officer.

Tyrren's first assignment as BCO was a joint training exercise with units from the Imperial Navy. However, he was pulled away from the operation early as preparations had begun for Operation Sovereign Canopy; the Empire's first push into the war ravaged region of Derra IV. Preparations lasted some time, but eventually the 3rd Legion was on the ground. The battles were ferocious, with high casualties on all sides.

Soldiers of 6th Brigade including CPT Montari and CPT de Molay taken during Operation Sovereign Canopy

Enemy forces from the Galactic Alliance had been entrenched on the planet for quite awhile, and used the local droid factories to their advantage, sending cheap and renewable troops to slow the Empire's assault. The combination of the Alliance's pre-constructed defenses and use of security droids made any gains by the Empire extremely difficult to attain and much more remarkable. By the end of the 3rd Legion's rotation on the planet, the Alliance forces decided to retreat, leaving their autonomous forces to be slaughtered by the combined forces of 3IL and the newly arrived 2nd Legion. Tyrren worked with 2IL leaders such as Lieutenant Colonel Agramon Kane, then Captain Lane Rendell, and then Captain Amne Zailyn to clear the planet's major cities of roving death squads, liberating the local populace from danger. Enemy forces on Derra IV were not completely pacified, but the 3rd Legion's rotation ended leaving the planet in the capable hands of the 2nd Legion.

For their efforts on Derra IV, the 3rd Legion and all attached units were awarded the Unit Distinguished Service award. Tyrren also earned the Battle Efficiency Medal for his specific efforts, and was even called Droid Bane by the Lord General after an especially grim fight. Tyrren was also awarded the Imperial Campaign Medal with the Sovereign Canopy clasp.

Imperial Intelligence

On Y14 D212, Major Montari resigned his commission in the Imperial Army and transferred to Imperial Intelligence as a full-time Agent. Due to the classified nature of his position, little is known about his duties and day to day activities working for Imperial Intelligence.

Part-Time Positions

Department of Military Intelligence

Tyrren was appointed as a Military Intelligence Officer on Year 13 Day 267. As a Military Intelligence Officer, Montari is the primary link between Imperial Intelligence and the sector. He provides battlefield intelligence to the sector commanders in order for them to make better decisions regarding operations. He acts as the go between for his assigned sector and its units and Imperial Intelligence.

Imperial Centre for Recruitment

As a recruiter for the Imperial Centre for Recruitment, Tyrren works alongside members from all parts of the Empire. He and other recruiters including his brother, Aspharr, provide a means for new members to find answers to any questions they may have. Tyrren is new to the ICR, but has proved a competent member of COMPNOR.

Imperial Bolo-Ball League

After the departure of former boss Daniel Ascarion from the Imperial Bolo-Ball League club Meridian Hammers at the end of season 5, Tyrren was offered the position of manager. The former owner of the Hammers decided to sell the team to a group of wealthy bacta producers who moved the team to Thyferra. They chose to change the name of the team to Thyferran Hammers, and created a monumental new stadium, Zalxuc Field. The Hammers have enjoyed mild success under Montari's management, being elevated to the Superior League after his first year as manager. The Thyferran side also won the Emperor's Cup in Montari's inaugural season, coming from tenth seed to win the entire cup. In season 7, the team managed a fourth place finish in the Superior League, and dropped out of the cup in the semi-final stage. The club has earned team of the month honors three times under Montari.

Season League GP W D L GF - GA Diff
Season 7 Imperial Superior League 18 10 3 5 45 - 24 21
Season 6 Imperial Sub-League A 12 11 0 1 60 - 12 48

Service Record


Imperial Army

Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time) Time held (Real Time)
[E-1] ME-1.gif Recruit Year 13 Day 66 - Year 12 Day 70 Feb 3rd, 2012 - Feb 7th, 2012
[E-3] ME-3.gif Corporal Year 13 Day 70 - Year 13 Day 115 Feb 7th, 2012 - Mar 24th, 2012
[E-4] ME-4.gif Sergeant Year 13 Day 115 - Year 13 Day 131 Mar 24th, 2012 - Apr 9th, 2012
[E-5] ME-5.gif Master Sergeant Year 13 Day 131 - Year 13 Day 232 Apr 9th, 2012 - Jul 19th, 2012
[E-6] ME-6.gif Command Sergeant Year 13 Day 232 - Year 13 Day 287 Jul 19th, 2012 - Sep 12th, 2012
[O-1] MO-1.gif 2nd Lieutenant Year 13 Day 287 - Year 14 Day 4 Sep 12th, 2012 - Dec 3rd, 2012
[O-2] MO-2.gif 1st Lieutenant Year 14 Day 4 - Year 14 Day 82 Dec 3rd, 2012 - Feb 20th, 2013
[O-3] MO-3.gif Captain Year 14 Day 82 - Year 14 Day 204 Feb 20th, 2013 - Jun 21st, 2013
[O-4] MO-4.gif Major Year 14 Day 204 - Year 14 Day 212 Jun 21st, 2013 - June 29th, 2013

Imperial Intelligence

Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time) Time held (Real Time)
[O-2] IIO-2.gif Agent Year 14 Day 212 – Present June 29th, 2013 – Present


Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Honors Graduate (IABG-H) Year 13 Day 70 (07-02-2012) Kent Amba
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation (LOC) Year 13 Day 115 (24-03-2012) Brigade Commanding Officer
ISM.jpg Imperial Service Medal (ISM) Year 13 Day 262 (18-08-2012) Imperial Security Bureau
IMM.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting (IMM) Year 13 Day 266 (22-08-2012) Imperial Security Bureau
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches (MID) Year 13 Day 320 (15-10-2012) Nathaniel Durane
EAM.jpg Exercise Achievement Medal (EAM) Year 13 Day 328 (23-10-2012) Graeda L'Annan
MIDx2.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches x2 (MIDx2) Year 13 Day 354 (19-11-2012) Nathaniel Durane
UDS.jpg Unit Distinguished Service (UDS) Year 14 Day 107 (17-03-2013) Graeda L'Annan
BEM.jpg Battle Efficiency Medal (BEM) Year 14 Day 107 (17-03-2013) Graeda L'Annan
ICMx2.jpg Imperial Campaign Medal x2 (ICMx2) Year 14 Day 164 (12-05-2013) Edward Canfield
IMM-12.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting (IMM-12) Year 14 Day 170 (18-05-2013) Imperial Security Bureau
ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal (ISM-1) Year 14 Day 170 (18-05-2013) Imperial Security Bureau

Memorable Quotes

"Tonight, we dance, for tomorrow they release the dogs."
— Corporal Montari the day before a deployment

"The gravity of the battle means nothing to those at peace."
— Sergeant Montari discussing war with fellow soldiers during downtime

"The world is fluid. We must also be fluid."
— Master Sergeant Montari speaking to his unit's newest additions

"Now, here's the reality of it. You don't want to be walking off with any regrets. Be annoyed, go cry. You're on the line between breaking point and breaking through. In struggle, you find strength. Now get over that line, dig for that extra inch. Take the best you can do, and do better. Every second is a moment in time, but this second.. is a moment in history."
— Command Sergeant Montari while drilling his soldiers

"Leaders don't have the luxury of a glorious death. Glory, for a leader, is bringing his men home in one piece."
— 1LT Montari to his Executive Officer

"Evening, Captain."
"Evening, Captain Amne."
"Greetings, Captain."
" Hello; Captain, Captain, Captain, Captain."
Amne Zailyn, Navarro de Molay, Lane Rendell, Tyrren Montari, and Draco Creed on Derra IV


6th Brigade Commanding Officer
Preceded By:
Edward Canfield
Tyrren Montari
Y14 D4 - Y14 D204
Succeeded By:
Navarro de Molay
Military Intelligence Officer
Preceded By:
Ikurei Serper
Tyrren Montari
Y13 D267 - Present
Succeeded By:
6th Brigade Executive Officer
Preceded By:
Trex Varax
Tyrren Montari
Y13 D172 - Y14 D4
Succeeded By:
Navarro de Molay
King of the Enlisted
Preceded By:
Sirius Constantine
Tyrren Montari
Y13 D239 - Y13 D287
Succeeded By:
Soren Cas