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King of the Enlisted

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King of the Enlisted was an unofficial title bestowed to the most senior enlisted member of the Galactic Empire, traditionally passed from one holder to the next. The title represents a seniority amongst peers, particularly in relation to the enlisted channel. It is here they have an overall authority in the room, attributed by their higher access level. Actual authority outside the scope of the room's moderation is limited in scope as the title is not sanctioned by the Galactic Empire.

The title originated in Year 6, when the Enlisted ranks were changed from their earlier six rank structure to the much larger fourteen. All senior Enlisted were elevated several ranks depending on their seniority. One enlisted member, Tnsumi Shine, was granted the continued use of the rank Flight Officer, which had risen from E-6 to E-12, now at the class of Warrant Officer. He was the first of the Galactic Empire's Warrant Officers, and would be the only one for many months. He tried to instigate a reform known as an Imperial Sergeant Major, though ultimately failed in it gaining official recognition. He continued to push for high standards and discipline within the enlisted corps nonetheless, eventually rising to the rank of Chief Warrant Officer, or E-14.

The term Imperial Sergeant Major eventually morphed into what is now known today as King of the Enlisted, a private celebration amongst the enlisted corps of their senior-most member, and was officially put to writing in the description of the enlisted channel when the first King was presumably killed in a hyperspace abort near Corellia. Since then it has been tradition for the outgoing Kings to have their mark added in the channel's description, hidden from public except when specifically searched for with the chanserv info command.

The tradition eventually died out in Year 14 as the final person to hold the title became an officer and nobody was elected to replace him. Sixteen men and one woman reigned as King of the Enlisted. Though anyone of the highest Enlisted rank was eligible for the title, all eighteen monarchs were humans. In addition, fifteen of them were serving in the Imperial military at the time of their reign.

List of monarchs

In chronological order:

  1. Tnsumi Shine (King Eternal)
  2. Marcus Veers
  3. Krakonico Petermind
  4. Artorius Byrd
  5. Nikolaus Ephranor
  6. Santiano Salazar
  7. Raffael Goschmitt
  8. Lilith Sarka
  9. Lucmark Warren
  10. Sirius Constantine
  11. Tyrren Montari
  12. Soren Cas
  13. Khajan Prax
  14. Adrian Owen
  15. Teveoji Var
  16. Jake Addison
  17. Koiaas Sisk