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Nikolaus Ephranor

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Nikolaus Ephranor
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Avandari Ephranor (deceased)
Father Xavier Ephranor
Spouse none
Siblings none
Children none
Born Year -14, Day 155
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
Positions Amber Region Governor
Prior Service Tapani Sector Adjutant

Kuat Sector Adjutant
Manager, Imperigroup
Fleet Commanding Officer, 2nd Imperial Fleet
Director, Imperial Gaming Commission
Group Commanding Officer, 1st Group, 2nd Imperial Fleet
Agent, Imperial Intelligence
Group Commanding Officer, 7th Group, 6th Imperial Fleet
Pilot, 7th Imperial Fleet

Awards 7931_ephranor.png

Grand Moff Nikolaus "Niko" Ephranor (Born Year -14, Day 155) is a citizen of the Galactic Empire, serving in his Majesty's Regional Government as the Amber Region Governor. He previously served in the Imperial Navy and Imperial Intelligence, as the director of the Imperial Gaming Commission, and as the manager of Imperigroup.

Early Life (Y-14 to Y11)

Xavier Ephranor; around Year 10.

Nikolaus Ephranor, who informally goes by "Niko," was born the only child to Xavier and Avandari Ephranor in Imperial City, Coruscant on Year -14, Day 155. He was born into a family of wealth, political intrigue, and dis-functionality. Xavier Ephranor was a long-term banking executive with ties all over the Galaxy. As a result of sound investments and a bit of luck, Xavier earned a hefty wealth early in his life. Most notably, while the rest of the planet suffered, he profited significantly during the Coruscant market crash of Year -22 after the Confederacy of Independent Systems invaded and attacked the Republic headquarters on Coruscant. These profits allowed him to start his own banking empire which spread quickly across the Core Worlds. Niko's monther, Avandari (deceased), was a Nabooian politician for a few years before meeting Xavier while on a diplomatic trip to Coruscant. They were married on Year -16, Day 342 in Coruscant, and Niko was born fewer than two years later.

Avandari Ephranor shortly before her sudden death in Year 13.

Niko excelled intellectually as a young boy. His father's career allowed him to travel across the inner Galaxy often, exposing him to the different cultures and offering him many life-changing experiences. Notably, the constant traveling drove Niko's curiosity with regards to space travel. This would ultimately lead to his pursuits in the Imperial Navy. Despite these travels, Niko was still offered a fine education by tutors that accompanied the family on every trip. The lack of long-term permanent residence, however, prevented Niko from forming any strong ties with anyone at any particular place.

A building on the grounds of the University of Coruscant under the control of the Galactic Empire; around Year 2.

Perhaps the most influential experience of his youth occurred on Year 0, Day 146. The Ephranor family was on a typical business trip to Corellia when a band of Rebel Alliance began an assault on the Ephranor family ship, the YT-1300 Vengeful Addiction, mistaking it for a ship of the Galactic Empire. Calls from the Ephranor family finally reached the attacking ship; the Rebels ceased fire and immediately escaped in to hyperspace. Despite the charges filed by the Ephranor family, no justice or compensation ever came. This exposure to the turmoil of the Galaxy opened Niko's eyes to the true problems facing the future of the Galactic civilizations.

Sick of traveling and finished with all knowledge impart-able by his tutors, Niko decided to attend University back home on Coruscant. The Ephranor family wealth allowed Niko to attend the prestigious University of Coruscant, now, under the control of the newly formed Galactic Empire, an all-human school. Niko entered the University on Year 1, Day 202, at the age of 15, and graduated nine years later with degrees in Astrophysical and Computer engineering.

As a child, Niko experienced first-hand the turmoil of the Galaxy. He saw the effect that the Galactic Empire had in improving the quality of the University and saw how the Galaxy began to fall in to place after the end of the Republic. After graduating from University, his father expected him to take his place in the banking industry and eventually take over his father's banking empire. Niko, to his father's surprise, had no interest in following in his father's footsteps. Immediately upon leaving school, Nikolaus visited an Imperial Recruitment Centre, enlisted in the Imperial Military, and joined the Imperial Academy.

Imperial Service (Y11 - Present)

Imperial Academy (Y11)

Nikolaus Ephranor entered the Imperial Academy on Year 11 Day 153 under the advisement of Zyr Kyrill. Still fresh in the mind, Nikolaus breezed through the Academy lessons and passed all exams with only one day's preparation. His work at University as well as his experience with space travel, politics, and leadership throughout his childhood offered Niko a strong advantage in the Academy. He graduated with Honors only a day after entering the Academy. Niko requested a position in the Imperial Navy and was assigned to the 7th Imperial Fleet as Crewman (then [E-3]).

Nikolaus Ephranor sometime just before entering the Imperial Academy, early Year 11.

7th Imperial Fleet (Y11 - Y12)

At the time of his assignment, Nikolaus served in the 7th Imperial Fleet under the command of Fleet Commanding Officer Markus Saretti, Fleet Executive Officer Stefan Skyreaper, and Fleet Signals Officer Wilhelm Draagvarg. In the 7th Fleet, he served alongside many distinguished Imperials including Dratt Darkstar, Miguel Arandano, Seric Bain, and Serena Moon. Nikolaus rose through the ranks quickly with the 7th Fleet. By the time of the Naval Reform of Year 12, Day 33, Nikolaus had served almost a full year with the 7th Fleet and had been named the Deputy Director of the Imperial Gaming Commission.

Imperial Gaming Commission (Y11 - Y15)

Nikolaus showed much interest in the Imperial Gaming Commission from his first days in the Empire. Just days after joining the Empire, he began working with the director of the Commission at the time, Patrick Martin, on some odd jobs. On Year 11 Day 162, fewer than 10 days after finishing the Academy, Nikolaus was offered the newly created position of Deputy Director of the Imperial Gaming Commission. He served under the Director Patrick Martin until his scandal and death around Year 11 Day 213. Mikel von Bianchi took the position of Director of the Imperial Gaming Commission after Martin's death and Nikolaus continued to coordinate events in the Commission as Deputy Director.

On Year 11 Day 322, the Commission experienced another blow as the long-time organizer for the Commission, Mark Hadrian, collected and stole the entry fees from the first iteration of the Imperial Boloball League. This unfortunate event required months to recover from, but Nikolaus assisted all those affected in regaining their stolen credits. Mark Hadrian was eventually arrested and prosecuted for his crimes.

Nikolaus was given the position of Director of the Imperial Gaming Commission on Year 13 Day 7. Niko served the Commission as Director, organizing games and raffles and managing the Commission's finances, for over two years. On Year 15 Day 93, Niko retired from IGC and passed the torch of Directorship to Otto Mustard.

7th Group, 6th Imperial Fleet (Y12 - Y13)

After the Imperial Navy reform of Year 12 Day 33, the 7th Imperial Fleet became the 7th Group of the 6th Imperial Fleet and Niko was promoted to the rank of Command Flight Sergeant under the new ranking system. He continued to serve under the Fleet Commanding Officer Markus Saretti, Group Commanding Officer Ardath Lemeth, and long-time friend and Group Commanding Officer, Miguel Arandano. After Lemeth's sudden leave, Arandano was assigned as Group Commanding Officer and another long-time friend, Dratt Darkstar, took the position of Group Executive Officer.

It was during this time, around Year 12 Day 175 to Day 240, that Nikolaus took his first extended leave from duty. He received word that his monther, Avandari Ephranor, had suffered a severe stroke and her health was failing. Niko took time off from his duties to visit her back on Coruscant. Luckily, her health recovered quickly and Niko was able to return to duty fairly quickly.

Soon thereafter, Darkstar was given the position of Group Commanding Officer of the 6th Group of the 6th Imperial Fleet, and Nikolaus replaced him as the 7th Group Executive Officer on Year 12 Day 246. All good things come to an end, however. On Year 12 Day 299, the 6th Imperial Fleet lost Markus Saretti who became the Navy Executive Officer and Daniel Ascarion replaced him as 6th Imperial Fleet Commanding Officer. On Year 13 Day 17, Arandano left the Imperial Navy and Nikolaus took over his position as Group Commanding Officer of the 7th Group. After fewer than two years of service, Nikolaus took the lead on the group he had been a part of since his start with the Imperial Navy. He had the honor of serving alongside Serena Moon as Executive Officer of the 7th Group during his command.

Private Imperial Investment Program (PIIP)/Imperigroup (Y12 - Y17)

Shortly after the Imperial Navy reform, and after the closing of the Imperial NAMIS program, Nikolaus organized the first incarnation of the Private Imperial Investment Program. This program was a real estate and asset pool open to current and past members of the 7th Imperial Fleet/7th Group opening for business on Year 12 Day 32. After about a month of operation it was already worth hundreds of millions of credits with dozens of Imperials participating.

Over a year later, on Year 13 Day 163, Nikolaus unveiled the redesigned investment program, known as the Private Imperial Investment Program. This incarnation of the program was offered to all members of the Empire, not just the 7th Group.

On Year 14, Day 312, PIIP was renamed to Imperigroup and began to grow exponentially. At its peak, Imperigroup had hundreds of Imperial investors and managed a multi-billion credit portfolio. The responsibility and time commitment required to manage the organization became too much for the already-busy Niko. He stepped down as the Imperigroup manager and announced the sale of Imperigroup on Year 17, Day 234, nearly six years after the start of the program. The Imperigroup investments were sold to the Honnete Mercantiles Capital Group and, ultimately, became part of the Galactic Central Bank.

Leaving the Imperial Navy

The Ephranor family ship, YT-1300 Vengeful Addiction

Nikolaus served as the Group Commanding Officer of the 7th Group for only a short time. On Year 13 Day 122, Nikolaus learned that his mother's health had taken a turn for the worse and she had passed away. Grieving, Nikolaus submitted his resignation to the Navy Commanding Officer, Senki Blackrain, in order to set his affairs in order back home. He intended on helping his father through this time. When Nikolaus returned to Coruscant, however, his father was missing. Friends and family said they hadn't seen Xavier since his wife's passing. Nikolaus organized the funeral and other necessities surrounding his mother's cremation. His father's house was empty and the family ship, the YT-1300 Vengeful Addiction was docked. Not knowing exactly what to do or how to contact his father, Nikolaus cleared out his belongings from the family home and loaded them on to the Vengeful Addiction. He locked up the house and left Coruscant in the YT-1300.

Imperial Intelligence (Y13)

After floating around in space for some time, Nikolaus decided that his mind would not be at ease without Imperial standards. His desire to return to the Empire overcame him, and he contacted the job opportunities board to look for a position.

Nikolaus Ephranor, after joining Imperial Intelligence, around Year 13 Day 134

Within a few days, Nikolaus had applied for a few positions, including one with Imperial Intelligence. He was accepted for the Imperial Intelligence position and was given the public rank of Agent on Year 13 Day 134. The classified nature of the position shrouds the details of his duties in mystery. However, it is known that he served this position well for the short time he did.

Return to the Navy: 1st Group, 2nd Imperial Fleet (Y13 - Y14)

Nikolaus Ephranor, after promotion to Commander, Year 14 Day 101

Only a few short months after joining Imperial Intelligence, Nikolaus was contacted by his old commanding officer, Markus Saretti, about an emergency necessity for a Commanding Officer of the 1st Group of the 2nd Imperial Fleet. A devastating turn of events left shattered the core group of personnel in the 2nd Fleet. Nikolaus was offered the position which he gratefully accepted; any blow to the Navy, his original home in the Empire, was a blow to him as well. He officially returned to the Navy on Year 13 Day 211 with the rank of Lieutenant. Within a few days, his former comrade from the 7th Group, Julius von Alard, was assigned as his Executive Officer of the 1st Group.

Commanding the 1st Group under Fleet Commanding Officer Markus Saretti was a trial by fire and ice. Nikolaus dealt with a lack of strong group membership, inactivity, and low morale. Another blow left Nikolaus without an Executive Officer as Julius von Alard took the reigns of the 2nd Group as its Commanding Officer. Eventually, old members returned or were transferred to the 1st Group, including Geo Gravis, who took the position of Executive Officer on Year 13 Day 85, and Szardra Kaika. Niko lead the 1st Group as its Commanding Officer in an attempt to rebuild the group to its former glory.

2nd Imperial Fleet Commanding Officer (Y14 - Y15)

On Y14 D298, after the loss of Admiral Saretti to inactivity, Niko was commissioned as the Fleet Commanding Officer of the 2nd Imperial Fleet. He remained as acting 1st Group CO until Commander Clarence took the position on Year 14, Day 304.

After commanding the Fleet for many months, Niko's health began to fail. The medical professionals he knew were at a loss trying to discover the cause of Niko's illness. Feeling unable to command the Fleet well due to his failing health, Nikolaus retired from his position as Fleet Commanding Officer on Y15 D78 and as Director of the IGC on Y15 D93.

Intermission (Y15)

For the next several months, Niko traveled the Galaxy looking for a cure to his illness while continuing the management of Imperigroup remotely. He returned to Coruscant briefly to visit his family and while there was treated by the prestigious family physician. Niko was diagnosed with degenerative brain disease accounting for all of his symptoms. After a short stay in the hospital, including a week-long span submerged in a Bacta tank, Niko was cured of the disease. Recovering, Niko returned to Imperial space to oversee some Imperigroup construction in Kuat Sector. There, he befriended Azhrarn Amaratha, Moff of Kuat Sector. Working together, Niko was able to assist Kuat government with construction on under-developed planets while also building for Imperigroup.

Kuat Regional Government (Y15 - Y17)

Niko's collaboration with Moff Amaratha ultimately blossomed into a placement into Regional Government on Year 15 Day 263. Ecstatic to be returning to service of the Empire, Niko was reinstated with the rank of Deputy Governor [O-7] and served the Sector using the skills in construction organization and planetary development he learned during his long tenure as Imperigroup manager. On Year 16 Day 139, Niko joined the Command ranks as Lieutenant Governor [C-1]. A few months later, after taking a hefty load of responsibility under the advisement of Moff Amaratha, Niko was promoted to Adjutant [C-4] and appointed Sector Adjutant of the Kuat Sector. He worked diligently for nearly a year bolstering the security and quality of life of all Imperial citizens in the Kuat sector.

Retirement (Y18)

Senior Adjutant Nikolaus Ephranor in early Year 20

The sale of Imperigroup near the end of Year 17 came as a surprise to many. Nikolaus was dedicated to the program for many years prior, and the unexpected announcement seemed to have a profound effect upon Niko. His colleagues in Kuat noticed a sudden change in his demeanor over the following weeks, to the point where Niko became extremely reclusive. Other than the occasional orders sent electronically to the regional staff, Niko was not seen nor heard. As another surprise, Niko submitted his letter of resignation to Moff Amaratha on Year 17 Day 317, about a month after the Imperigroup announcement.

Nikolaus was transferred to the Imperial reserves and left the Kuati capital on board his YT-1300. No one is sure where he went or what he did for this year, but when he finally re-appeared he seemed like a new person.

Tapani Regional Government (Y19 - Y20)

On Year 19 Day 14, Niko suddenly appeared at the Kuati capital. He was eager to return to service of the Empire, and the bleakness of his last few weeks in service was gone from his face. Niko hoped to return to the Kuat Region Government, but learned that Moff Amaratha was no longer serving in the Empire. Instead, he submitted his resume to RAD-RG and awaited appointment.

He was initially transferred to assist in the Corporate Oversector, but a sudden vacancy in the Adjutantship of the Tapani Oversector fit Niko's experience well. Thus, he was appointed Adjutant of the Tapani Oversector on Year 19 Day 19. He continues to service His Majesty's Regional Government in this position.

On Year 20 Day 17, Emperor Seele appointed Senior Adjutant Ephranor as acting governor of the Amber Region while Grand Moff Inwe Ventidius was on personal leave.

Amber Region Governor (Y20 - Present)

Following his four month tenure as acting Amber Region governor, Emperor Seele promoted Niko to Grand Moff and Amber Region Governor on Year 20 Day 148.

Ranks Held

Grade Insignia Rank Branch Start Date
[E-1] Recruit Imperial Academy Year 11, Day 153
[E-3] Crewman Imperial Navy Year 11, Day 153
[E-4] Flight Corporal Imperial Navy Year 11, Day 178
[E-5] Flight Sergeant Imperial Navy Year 11, Day 243
[E-6] Staff Flight Sergeant Imperial Navy Year 11, Day 274
[E-6] Command Flight Sergeant Imperial Navy Year 11, Day 281
[O-1] MO-1.png Ensign Imperial Navy Year 12, Day 150
[O-2] MO-2.png Lieutenant Junior Grade Imperial Navy Year 12, Day 233
[O-3] MO-3.png Lieutenant Imperial Navy Year 13, Day 12
Agent Imperial Intelligence Year 13, Day 134
[O-3] MO-3.png Lieutenant Imperial Navy Year 13, Day 211
[O-4] MO-4.png Lieutenant Commander Imperial Navy Year 13, Day 354
[O-5] MO-5.png Commander Imperial Navy Year 14, Day 101
[O-6] MO-6.png Captain Imperial Navy Year 14, Day 324
[O-7] MO-7.png Senior Captain Imperial Navy Year 14, Day 337
[O-7] RGO-7.png Deputy Governor Regional Government Year 15, Day 263
[C-1] RGC-1.png Lieutenant Governor Regional Government Year 16, Day 139
[C-4] RGC-4.png Adjutant Regional Government Year 17, Day 24
[C-5] RGC-5.png Senior Adjutant Regional Government Year 19, Day 326
[HC-2] RGHC-2.png Grand Moff Regional Government Year 20, Day 148

Positions Held

Deputy Director, Imperial Gaming Commission
Preceded By:
New Position
Nikolaus Ephranor
Y11 D162 - Y13 D17
Succeeded By:
Otto Mustard
Training Officer, 7th Group, 6th Imperial Fleet
Preceded By:
New Creation
Nikolaus Ephranor
Y12 D4 - Y12 D215
Succeeded By:
King of the Enlisted
Preceded By:
Artorius Byrd
Nikolaus Ephranor
Succeeded By:
Santiano Salazar
Group Executive Officer, 7th Group, 6th Imperial Fleet
Preceded By:
Dratt Darkstar
Nikolaus Ephranor
Y12 D246 - Y13 D17
Succeeded By:
Serena Moon
Group Commanding Officer, 7th Group, 6th Imperial Fleet
Preceded By:
Miguel Arandano
Nikolaus Ephranor
Y13 Day 17 - Y13 D122
Succeeded By:
Markus Saretti
Director, Imperial Gaming Commission
Preceded By:
Mikel von Bianchi
Nikolaus Ephranor
Y13 D17 - Y15 D93
Succeeded By:
Otto Mustard
Group Commanding Officer, 1st Group, 2nd Imperial Fleet
Preceded By:
Raffael Goschmitt
Nikolaus Ephranor
Y13 D211 - Y14 D304
Succeeded By:
Mick Clarence
Fleet Commanding Officer, 2nd Imperial Fleet
Preceded By:
Markus Saretti
Nikolaus Ephranor
Y14 D298 - Y15 D78
Succeeded By:
Sector Adjutant, Kuat Sector
Preceded By:
Nikolaus Ephranor
Y17 D24 - Y15 D317
Succeeded By:
Sector Adjutant, Tapani Oversector
Preceded By:
Ben Camden
Nikolaus Ephranor
Y19 D19 - Present
Succeeded By:
Amber Region Governor
Preceded By:
Inwe Ventidius
Nikolaus Ephranor
Y20 D148 - Present
Succeeded By:


Award Name
ACH.jpg Achievement Medal [ACH]
NMP.jpg Navy Medal of Progress [NMP]
UDS.jpg Unit Distinguished Service [UDS]
DDS.jpg Department Distinguished Service [DDS]
CMM.jpg COMPNOR Member Medal [CMM]
GCM.jpg Group Command Medal [GCM]
GAM.jpg Government Administration Medal [GAM]
LOCx7.jpg Letter of Commendation x7 [LOCx7]
ISM-6.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 6 Years [ISM-6]
IRM.jpg Imperial Recruitment Medal [IRM]
ICM.jpg Imperial Campaign Medal [ICM]
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate - Honours [IABG-H]
MIDx4.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches x4 [MIDx4]
MOS.jpg Medal of Support [MOS]
IMM-12.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting [IMM-12]
Obsolete Award Name
7th Imperial Fleet Retired Veteran [7IFRV]