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Patrick Martin

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Patrick Martin Jnr.
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Kristina
Father Patrick Snr.
Spouse Vanessa Salgado.
Siblings Marc Martin.
Children None.
Born Year -16 Day 178 (Hapan Year 4010)
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Retired
Prior Service Imperial Navy - Capital Pilot

3rd Imperial Fleet - Logistics Officer

Imperial Gaming Commission - Director

1st Imperial Fleet - Fighter Pilot

3rd Imperial Fleet - Operations Adjunct

3rd Imperial Fleet - Chief of Staff

3rd Imperial Fleet - Executive Officer

3rd Imperial Fleet - Commanding Officer

Trade Federation Market - Director/Imperial Representative

9th Imperial Fleet - Executive Officer

Awards Service Badges:




Fleet Commendations:




Personal Awards:






Lieutenant Patrick Martin (IMID: 1080126) is a retired Imperial Navy Officer and pilot and was the Logistics Officer of the 3rd Imperial Fleet. He was also the Director of the Imperial Gaming Commission and specialized in Bolo-Ball tournmanents. His personal motto was "Exitus Acta Probat" (The ends justify the means) which sums up his style of leadership in the military and in business.


Early Life

Teen Years

Adult Life

Vanessa Salgado

Picture of Vanessa on Wedding day
Following his assignment to the 1st Fleet, Patrick found himself getting to know Kuat well while on leave and it wasn't long before he made friends there. One young girl he became quite good friends with was Vanessa Salgado. They would meet up from time to time and Patrick would help her out with her financial questions and studies in college. Vanessa was a science student and hoping to herself join the Imperial Navy one day as a researcher. Her family were firm Imperial supporters and quite pleased with the relationship they witnessed blossom between the young couple. Against regulations Patrick maintained contact with Vanessa during his away missions. When news of his transfer to the 3rd fleet arrived Patrick knew they would be seperated for long periods of time and so proposed to her. Vanessa accepted and her family were pleased with her choice of the young Sergeant.

They mantained a strong relationship, albeit a very long distance one, for a couple of years. Then following Patrick's commission to the rank of Ensign the wedding was organised. Patrick returned to Kuat, taking leave from active duty for the first and only time in his career, to marry Vanessa. By this time Vanessa had completed her studies and was preparing her application for the Imperial Academy. Once married Patrick realised an Imperial career could be negative on the relationship and persuade Vanessa to not apply. Instead Patrick offered Vanessa her own research department, as part of the newly formed Auvasa Corporation. She was now a martin, and as such was entitled to a share of the wealth. Vanessa Salgado accepted this offer with great joy, she know had what she wanted; a loving husband and the ability to work on her own ship designs.

The couple have spoken about children but as of yet work has made it impossible to commit to parenthood.

His Majesty

Douglas VI

Patrick's power and influence outside the Empire has also grown with the help of the Martin family. For a brief period the Martin family, under Patrick's leadership, became the rulers of the planet Douglas VI in the Centrality sector, having paid the small settlement that was there to leave. During the preparations for supplies, men and equipment to arrive at Douglas VI the Douglas system quickly began changing hands to a new government, the NAO. Patrick knew the family had neither the wealth nor the security forces to keep it out of NAO hands. His reign as King of Douglas VI lasted only two months when he eventually handed power over to the CIS. Another suitable planet has yet to be found that satisfies Patrick's quest for power.

Auvasa Corp.

Following the death of his parents Patrick managed the family wealth well, investing in numerous ventures. It was only natural that a formal business would eventually be the way the Martin Family would go. Along with his brother Marc Martin, a Imperial Navy dropout and former director at Primus Medical, Auvasa Corp. was established as a small enterprise at the start of Year 9. The business took time to grow, however following the setting up of the R&D department now run by Patrick's wife, Vanessa Salgado, and the increase in staff things moved along alot faster. By Mid Year 9 the business expanded enough to be formally recognised galactically as a major company. Financially Auvasa Corp. is sound, a series of unfortunate and one off high costs have made is a hefty loss so far but recently things have begun to change and the outlook is very positive.

Imperial Career

Imperial Academy

Patrick arrived at the Academy not knowing what to expect. He had been a great student back in Unversity on Hapes but he knew finance and fighter piloting couldn't be more different. He took some time to settle in. His class was a mix of personalities and races, very few from Hapes. His instructor was Bryan Valoran, a man not much older than himself. His training went smooth enough, he achieved high scores in all off his courses apart from the Army field training that all pilots had to learn in case they were downed. Patrick never imagined himself being downed, he envisioned his career as a bridge commander not a cockpit pilot. Patrick graduated with a final grade of 93% day 91 of year 8, the following day his assignment papers arrived. He was being shipped out to the 1st fleet along with one of his classmates, Hiyo Rogo.

1st Fleet

Patrick arrived at the 1st fleet headquaters in Kuat. He was amazed at the rows of Star Destroyers lined up and all the fighter squadrons on patrol. It was the first time he had truly experience the glory of the Imperial Navy up close. Although he had been to Coruscant the transport shuttle he took went no were near the Imperial fleet based there.

Patrick's first commandering officer was to be Captain Axe Vulcan. However his direct superior would be Anu Skycreaper, head of the Beta group within the 1st fleet. Patrick learned a lot from both men during his time with the first. His first lessons coming almost instantaneously. Only a few weeks had passed when orders came in that there was a rebel assault taking place in the Imperial Sector of Darpa. The 1st fleet was mobilised to defend the sector. Patrick was eager to get his first taste of combat. He was assigned to escort a Carrack/S light cruiser and sweep a number of planets for ground forces. Patrick did this job well and a large number of enemy combatants were rounded up an executed. The mission came to an end officially on day 186 of year 8, with all those taking part being awarded a newly commissioned commendation. Patrick's first medal meant so much to him. It made this early period of his career a period of great success as it followed two promotions which had taken place during the mission.

Once back in Kuat the fleet returned to routine maneuvers and wargames. It was during this periods that Patrick met the girl that would become his wife, Vanessa Salgado. Back in the fleet Patrick's work rate continued to impress his superiors and on day 227 of year 8 he was awarded his first Letter of Commendation by Captain Vulcan. A few weeks later Patrick would recieve his six month service bars, the first milestone of any pilot or soldiers career in the Empire. This however was both a moment of joy and great sadness. The navy was being reformed, Patrick's time in the first was to end now. The Beta group of the 1st fleet was reassigned to the 3rd fleet, where it would become the bulk of a new 3rd fleet. By the time he had left the 1st fleet Patrick was a Flight Sergeant.

3rd Fleet

Flight Sergeant Martin and the other members of Beta Wing reported to their new CO Captain Arkhan Gambit and following a period of time acquiring equipment and organizing the fleet they setout for the Fakir Sector, newly captured from the Trade Federation, this was to be their home base. Patrick was stationed aboard the Victory Class Stardestroyer Raze.

The early days of the 3rd fleet were spent patroling and getting to know their new territory but soon they were called into action. The planet of Vakkar was chosen for a major developement project and the 3rd fleet was called in to act as security for the operation as well as transporting materials and workers around the planet. The fleet spent many months on the planet, Patrick shuttled 1000s of builders to the locations. During this time Patrick was promoted to the rank of Staff Flight Sergeant and shortly after celebrated with the rest of the fleet as it was named the best Imperial Fleet due to its excellent work on Vakkar.

Following on from this operation the fleet took time to reorganise, with the fleet now under a new commanding Officer Commodore Walter Boole. Once this was complete different units were assigned to different missions. Patrick took charge of a small unit to work with Navy High Command on a classified Scanning mission. This work earned Patrick the Wing Command award and a promotion to Master Flight Sergeant. Patrick celebrated his first year in Navy service with a nice amount of awards and a good rank. By this time his XO Anu Skycreaper had taken leave from the fleet and Patrick was promoted to the post of Operation Adjutant.

9th Fleet

Financial Supporter

Using his family's wealth Patrick has been in a good position to help the Empire expand. When the Imperial Outer Rim Authority was expanding into the Elrood sector, Patrick raised a large credit fund to help pay for the construction of cities across the planet Dega. This investment was paid back to Patrick along with a sizable profit. On day 124 of year 9 to honour his support for the expansion and stabilizing of this sector a statue of Patrick Martin was unveiled in the city of Dega along with others to those that also helped. Unfortunately the IORA has since gone rogue casting a dark shadow over the good work done by Patrick and others like him for the people of Dega.

Patrick continues to use his personal wealth to help expand the Empire and currently has one of the largest shareholdings in the NAMIS operation.

Imperial Gaming Commission

On Year 9 Day 113, the Imperial Ministry of Operations announced the creation of the Imperial Gaming Commission. Major Bacara Kex was made the Director of the Commission. Patrick joined the Imperial Gaming Commission upon founding and soon began work on various different [Bolo-Ball] projects. The first was a small Imperial member only league. This had relatively good success. Numerous leagues of a similar nature have been held since. Following on from the retirement of Bacara Kex, now a General, Patrick was installed as the new Commission Director. This heralded a new era of sports and seen the number of professional leagues and players soar. His love, Bolo-Ball, has been placed firmly at the center of the commission agenda and recieves large funding due to this.