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Hiyo Rogo

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Hiyo Rogo
Biographical Information
Race Thyferran
Homeworld Thyferra
Mother Dianna Worit Rogo
Father Rorran Rogo
Spouse None
Siblings Juliet Rogo Ferlong and Tiberius Rogo
Children None
Born Year -19 Day 242 (age 29)
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions None
Prior Service 3rd Imperial Fleet Chief of Staff

3rd Imperial Fleet Operations Adjunct
Imperial News Bureau Senior Staff
Imperial News Bureau Editor-in-Chief
1st Imperial Fleet Member

Awards DB1.jpg

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Hiyo Rogo was a Ensign in the Imperial Navy. Born on Thyferra into one of the many Corporate households, he lived a relatively comfortable early life and pursued a career in medicine with the company's blessing. Following the conclusion of his studies and acceptance in the medical group, Biotech, Hiyo became disgusted at the horrible things that beings of the galaxy could commit and leave for doctors, such as himself, to fix. After roughly 6 months, he left and enlisted in the Galactic Empire and became enrolled in the Imperial Academy. Since that time, his homeworld has been seized and occupied by criminals and terrorists and his youthful idealism has faded. Despite this, he has risen through the ranks of the Imperial Navy to become the Third Imperial Fleet's Operations Adjunct.


Early Years

Born the second child of three, Hiyo Rogo was raised in a modest corporate apartment in Xozhixi City. As a child, his intelligence and determination were noted and fostered, with the hope that a good employee could be raised for the Company's benefit. His mother and father, having failed with his older sister in that respect, devoted much attention to Hiyo and producing jealousy in his younger brother, Tiberius. Something that would come back to haunt the family at a later time. Regardless, it went unnoticed and attention and care was fairly consistent throughout Hiyo's childhood. Upon reaching the age of 16, he was put into a unique medical program that fostered his love of medicine and research, as well as providing a basic medical education to build upon at a later time. After 2 years of this, he was graduated with a company grant to continue his education elsewhere. Choosing to do so, he spent the next 8 years in various medical institutions throughout the Mid Rim and the Core Worlds. Following this, he was accepted into a medical corporation for which he had great hopes.

A Period of Doctoring

Joining Biotech Year 7 Day 245, Hiyo spent a considerable amount of time waiting on Thyferra for a transport ship to arrive. During this time he decided to branch out and explore the local environment more. After a couple weeks of this, the transport finally arrived and Hiyo greeted and talked with the pilot briefly before leaving his homeworld, never to return again. Not long after being picked up by Biotech, he was flown out to the location of his assigned vessel, a YT-2400. Boarding it, and preparing to fly the first ship of his life, outside of the simulators, sent a slight chill up his spine. After a pre-flight check, and several minutes of anxiety, he was off and bound for the Meridian Sector and the corporate headquarters of Biotech, Nim Drovis. Upon arriving he was welcomed with open arms and assigned a transport and EMT role, providing medical services when necessary but with a prime duty to merely transport supplies and patient to hospitals runs by the corporation.

Hiyo fulfilled this job to the best of his ability for several months before doubts began to cross his mind. Viewing all the carnage produced by a squabbling political system and angry that people would sit back and let this happen with little regard for the people lost in the conflict of a Galactic Civil War. His decision to leave the group firmly cemented in his mind, Hiyo was allowed to transport himself to a newly purchased Consular-Class Cruiser, his first personal vessel, and leave.

Winding Road

With a gentle hum, the Consular lifted off from Nim Drovis and set it's course for Corellia. An old friend of Hiyo's, Valashu Vordor, was to meet him there and they were then to pick of a weapons cache Hiyo had acquired. However, he was nowhere to be seen. Much to Hiyo's chagrin, Valashu's family had reported him missing several days before his arrival...and nothing had come of it. Another person from Hiyo's life had been stolen from him, made doubly painful with news from his family. His brother, Tiberius, has left the family in a huff. This alone was not surprising, but his actions afterwards were. Tiberius had stolen a company ship, as well as the vital bacta it was carrying, and fled to join some organization known as the Rebel Alliance. Anger rising in his blood, Hiyo left Corellia quickly, with the intention of picking up his new weapons and searching for his brother himself. However, after acquiring the weapons, and mulling over things, he came to the conclusion that the only way to stop this senseless violence in the galaxy was to establish order. The Galactic Empire provided that order.

Days at the Academy

Upon gaining acceptance in the Empire, Hiyo was enrolled in the Imperial Academy and began his training. Receiving FSGT Bryan Valoran as his class teacher, no time was wasted beginning his studies. During his stay in the academy, Hiyo began to socialize with other Imperials over the holo lounge, and became familiar with many. After a month of grueling study and work, he was asked to come to the Dean's office, Rann Van at the time, and was given a datacard. Contained within it was his final score, just shy of honors, and his first assignment. He was to join the First Imperial Fleet.

Service Record

Recruit [E1]

mil-e1.gif Imperial Academy Recruit

Cadet [E2]

mil-e2.gif Graduated from Academy, Rank: Cadet

Crewman [E3]

mil-e3.gif Promoted, Rank: Crewman

Flight Corporal [E5]

mil-e4.gif Promoted, Rank: Flight Corporal

Flight Sergeant [E5]

mil-e5.gif Demoted, Rank: Flight Sergeant

Staff Flight Sergeant [E6]

mil-e6.gif Promoted, Rank: Staff Flight Sergeant

Master Flight Sergeant [E7]

mil-e7.gif Promoted, Rank: Master Flight Sergeant

Chief Flight Sergeant [E8]

mil-e8.gif Promoted, Rank: Chief Flight Sergeant

Flight Officer [E9]

mil-e9.gif Promoted, Rank: Flight Officer

Command Flight Officer [E10]

mil-e10.gif Promoted, Rank: Command Flight Officer

Ensign [O1]

MO-1.gif Promoted and Commissioned, Rank: Ensign

Imperial News Bureau

Joined: Year 8 Day 145

Projects Worked On: INS Broadcasts, GNS Broadcasts, and Administrative Work

INB Editor-in-Chief
Preceded By:
Garen Karrade
Hiyo Rogo
Year 9 Day 170 - Year 9 Day 244
Succeeded By:
Jathrin Thoyan