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1st Imperial Fleet

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18px-Soldier_stub.png This article is about The 1st Imperial Fleet (Post-Y12) . You may be looking for The First Imperial Fleet (Pre-Y12)

1st Imperial Fleet
Abbreviations 1IF
Motto "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum"
Active Year 7 - Present
Branch navy.png

Imperial Navy

Garrison/HQ Coruscant Oversector
Fleet Command
FCO Fenris Soontir
FSO Position Vacant
GCO Robert Gauge (9th Group)
GXO Position Vacant (9th Group)
GCO Position Defunct
GXO Position Defunct

"Nothing can stop the First!"
— Rear Admiral Ranson Sharp

The Imperial First Fleet/First Imperial Fleet is one of three numbered fleets in the Imperial Navy. It is headquartered in the Coruscant Oversector and is the Navy's operational fleet tasked with defending the Imperial Capital and its surrounding sectors within the Emerald Region. Known for its outstanding discipline, traditions, and performance that have seen it highly decorated, the First Fleet sets the example for the Imperial Navy. The First Fleet as it is today was established in Year 17 as part of a series of Imperial Military reforms that saw it absorb the 5th Imperial Fleet. Since that time, the fleet has been deployed on numerous occasions throughout its area of operations. The fleet proved instrumental in the Battle of Churnis (also known as Operation: Minsk) where it stalled Zann Consortium forces until the 1st Imperial Legion arrived; and again in securing the Wynth System for the Empire. The commander of the First Imperial Fleet is Fleet Admiral Fenris Soontir.


wVlV5hE.png 1st Imperial Fleet Commanding Officer wVlV5hE.png 1st Imperial Fleet Signals Officer

Fenris Soontir


Position Vacant

Iy8ZcPa.png 9th Group Commanding Officer Iy8ZcPa.png 9th Group Executive Officer

Robert Gauge


Position Vacant


Previously operating as the 5th Imperial Fleet, the 1st Imperial Fleet was garrisoned in the Kuat Sector for five years before it was reassigned to the Coruscant Sector during the restructure of the Imperial military in Year 12. The 9th and 10th Fleets, stationed in the Meridian Sector, were disbanded and absorbed into the 1st Fleet, before reforms of the Imperial Military in Year 17 also saw the 5th Imperial Fleet incorporated under the same banner. The Emperor's far-reaching reorganisation of the Imperial territories in Year 18 established the former Imperial Sectors as six Oversectors that would span three Regions, with the Emerald Region (containing the Coruscant and Deep Core Oversectors) becoming the fleet's Area of Operations.

Its former mottos have been "Nihil aliud scit necessitas quam vincere", "Dominatus Per Imperatum Consequit", and "First in Battle, Last in Defeat".

Operation: Minsk

Otherwise known as the The Battle of Churnis, Operation: Minsk took place within the Churnis Sector, seeing the 1st Imperial Fleet alongside it's counterparts the 1st Imperial Legion taking up offensive operations against the Zann Consortium alongside other governments and organisations that wished to take control of the Churnis Sector.

The 1st Imperial Fleet saw action halting the initial advance of the Zann Consortium's ground forces across the Sector up until the arrival of the 1st Imperial Legion which brought about the stall of the Consortium's offensive, from that point on the fleet began conducting intelligence operations and air to ground co-ordination with the 1st Legion to bring about the withdrawal of all Consortium forces within the Sector. Joint-Arms operations during the conflict lead to the arrest of two individuals wanted by Imperial Intelligence for crimes against the Empire, Fleet Admiral Igorod Krakatoa the commanding officer of the Triumvirate Navy and leader of their Operations within Churnis and an arrest of a Sunguard Officer that lead to the subsequent arrest of Imperial Defector Borijov Goerke.

Operations within the Churnis Sector lead to the 1st Imperial Fleet being awarded a Campaign Medal.

Operation: Eagle Eye

Spanning from early-Year 13 to early-Year 14, Eagle Eye led to the discoveries of the Ralltiir and Wynth systems in the Darpa and Wyloff sectors, respectively. The former resulted in the Battle of Ralltiir and the latter tied directly into Operation: Bamako. Eagle Eye was a joint operation by both the 9th and 10th Groups that involved scouring the Coruscant Oversector for hidden systems.

Operation: Bamako

In early Year 14, Imperial exploration forces discovered the Wynth system, deep within the Wyloff Sector, igniting a race between Imperial and hostile forces to secure the new system first.

The 1st Fleet, along with elements of the 1st Imperial Legion and members of the local Regional Government, was quickly mobilized and dispatched to the newly found system. Upon arrival, the 10th and 9th Groups established a perimeter around the system's lone planet, Wynth, while the Regional Government and 1st Legion Personnel landed on the planet and began build several bases and cities to secure the planet. During these efforts, the 1st Fleet successfully established a no-fly zone in the surrounding area, enforced by constant patrols and the emplacement of satellites throughout the system.

After several days, the Operation successfully concluded with the system being successfully secured, with planetary shields and defenses established. In recognition of the efficiency and hard work of the 1IF during the Operation and for securing a new System for the Empire, the Fleet was awarded a Unit Distinguished Service, an unprecedented second for any unit in the Imperial military.

Operation: Pegasus

A hidden system search conducted once more by the 9th and 10th groups (prior to the amalgamation of the 10th into the 9th), Pegasus was a multi-year operation that took place between early-Year 14 and early-Year 16. The operation ran its course in multiple phases punctuated with other pressing concerns at the time. While the officers of the 1st Fleet executed their mission flawlessly, Pegasus was ultimately unsuccessful in discovering any further hidden systems following Operation: Eagle Eye.

Operation: Alsakan Tessent

Late in Year 15, the 1st Imperial Fleet received an alert that Alsakan, an Imperial world located deep in the Coruscant Sector, had declared itself independent of the Empire. Fleet Commanding Officer Captain Sal Takla immediately set the Fleet status to Yellow and mobilized the Fleet for a rapid response. In a matter of days, the Fighting 1st had assembled a small fleet of ships to secure the planet. Threatened by a possible Imperial landing, the government of Alsakan accepted an offer from Imperial diplomats to peacefully rejoin the Empire, ending the confrontation. While the 1st conducted small patrolling efforts and landed some assets on the planet, the Fleet demobilized and lowered the Fleet alert level back to Green and resumed their preceding training exercises.

Operation: Varactyl

Originally envisioned as a routine operation, Varactyl was a joint operation beginning Year 16 D60. It involved the 1st and 3rd Fleets taking over security of the Kuat sector as the 2nd Fleet was deployed outside of its area of responsibility. The 1st Fleet was tasked with performing standard patrols and reconnaissance while the 3rd dispatched a task force to operate as a Quick Reaction Force. As with the 3rd Fleet, the 1st was divided into two groups--one remaining to defend the Coruscant Oversector and the other en route to the Kuat sector.

Early in the morning of D66, an emergency request was sent out over the holonet by Moff Azhrarn Amaratha--an unknown Galactic Alliance task force had launched an attack on the Trellen system in the Humbarine sector. Imperial forces reacted immediately to the request. The 3rd Fleet's QRF was en route to the Trellen system and reinforcements had been requested by Senior Captain Sal Takla from the elements of the 1st still in the Coruscant oversector. In coordination with Kuat SCOMD, Imperial forces divided into teams for each planet and conducted coordinated slabbing. The mission was now to prevent loss of planetary and system control at all costs.

Less than 15 hours later Lieutenant Commander Zirroc was the first of the Imperial forces to arrive in-system, reporting New Republic and Holowan-affiliated starships and heavy freighters. The elements of the First involved in the Trellen system largely focused on the planets Trellen II and III, resulting in the two worlds being decisively secured for the Empire. While the First's contribution to the operation was instrumental in achieving victory, the fleet's success was largely overshadowed by Imperial Intelligence's capture of several key Galactic Alliance figures.

Operation: Sway

Operation: Sway was a month-long operation beginning Year 17 Day 92 and culminating on Year 17 Day 120. The operation began with the discovery of the Uviuy Exen system in the Shuwy sector. Immediately, the alert was raised and a tactical appraisal of the situation was sent to SCOMD with the intention of gaining control of the system's sole planet. Within the hour the First Fleet's advance party had been deployed while a second team was tasked with marshaling the fleet's heavy equipment. Due to the time disadvantage, however, the end state of gaining control was seen as optimistic. Shortly thereafter, the 1st Legion was brought into the fold as the ground forces that would occupy the planet. Command of the military forces in the operation was given to Lieutenant Commander Kef Drenall. Later in the operation, they would be joined by RGOV units.

When the Fleet's advance party arrived in-system, they discovered that forces belonging to the Knights of the Fountain had beaten them to the system and declared martial law on the planet. Additional Non-Imperial Entities, along with enemy of the state A’Zol Surek were later discovered on the planet. 19 hours after the alert was received, the advance party had established a beachhead on the planet preventing them from being shielded out. 1IF forces continued slabbing remaining planetary grids. The establishment of the beachhead was far beyond NCOMD/SCOMD's wildest expectations.

Following initial contact with Knights of the Fountain forces, they were directed to contact Imperial High Command for negotiations while hotel cities began construction. In order to preserve a state of non-aggression, orders were changed so that build projects were limited in scale. Entering negotiations was strongly recommended to SCOMD, due to the restrictions placed on Imperial Forces to achieve their goals without arresting or further construction.

Within two days, the planet was entirely slabbed. Advance Party was moved to atmosphere layer to provide sensor coverage and NIE reports, while 9GCO and CPT Veselov (1BXO and acting leader of Army ground forces in the operation) of the 1BDE monitored incoming traffic at system layer. By the end of the first phase, the entire planet was slabbed with 15% of said slabs secured by the Empire. Control of the planet remained contested.

At this point, Imperial objectives on the planet changed from securing control to organizing system and atmospheric patrols in order to secure construction efforts and allow RGOV to build a Golan II in orbit. Concurrently, negotiations between the Empire and the Knights of the Fountain began.

Zane Apex was spotted in-system and began harassing Imperial builders causing the Imperial forces to re-focus their efforts to track and deter intruders. Command General Zhaff Orikan and Lord Admiral Jacen Varos arrived to assist in operations, noting that Imperial teams on the planet were well-coordinated but in the end failed to achieve the desired results.

At 104 hours, planetary control changed to Knights of the Fountain and regular atmospheric and system patrols resumed. Additional builders were assigned to expedite the building of cities and parks, assisting in Imperial negotiations. The skill with which Imperial forces coordinated their patrols paid off in dividends later in the op when it became necessary to track the locations of Thogork Kronos and Molly Smith. Yet another NIE was found in the form of Blaise Kenobie's Starkiller after an extensive search by Captain Vladamiur Veselov's forces. GEN Peares also impressed tracking enemy forces.

Three weeks after discovery, the system was secured by Imperial satellites and Scorpion Pirates ships belonging to the aforementioned Molly Smith and Thogork Kronos were discovered. Imperial forces began to track them in preparation of arresting operations. 24 days after discovery, planetary control finally changed to the Galactic Empire (Y17 D116). All NIEs were logged and arrests were prepared. Focus now shifted to the Scorpion Pirates threat where many builders were apprehended (a majority of arrests overseen by BGEN Sigmund Von Ismay) and transported to the ISD Relentless. This led to Imperial operations winding down.

Although control of the sector was ultimately achieved through a diplomatic victory, the mission was successful in achieving its objectives and surpassing expectations, contributing to the end state. Several personnel, from both the 1st Fleet and the 1st Legion, were awarded for their readiness and execution of orders during the operation.


The 1st Imperial Fleet is composed of two subordinate Groups led by Fleet Command. The two Groups work in concert to deter enemies of the Galactic Empire within their assigned region. The complementary nature of both Groups is further enhanced by a continued effort to refine tactics and techniques through joint exercises with the Imperial Army. Should the need arise, the Fleet is designed to allow both Groups to operate independently; this allows the Fleet greater strategic and tactical flexibility to address threats.


9th Group


'The Emperor's Fist'

"Ferte Manus Certas"

The 9th Group functions as an assault unit within the 1st Imperial Fleet. Its current commanding officer is Commodore Robert Gauge.

The 9th Group serves as part of the 1st Imperial Fleet, protecting the all-important capital of the Galactic Empire, the Coruscant Oversector. There can be no mistakes for these pilots as the security of the Imperial Capital and surrounding worlds serves both a strategic and symbolic purpose as the center of the Empire.The 9th Group, in conjunction with elements of the 1st Imperial Legion, works to safeguard the Coruscant Oversector from enemies of the Galactic Empire.

To that end, the pilots of 9th Group have a long history of being one of the most effective units of the Imperial Navy, earning themselves the title of "The Emperor's Fist". The pilots of the group would earn their first two unit-wide awards for a pair of discovery and capture operations. Operation Eagle Eye would see the pilots, and the First Imperial Fleet as a whole, win a Unit Distinguished Service Award for the successful discovery and capture of the Ralltiir system. Not long afterwards, the pilots would find themselves in a challenging battle for the capture of Wynth, another newly discovered system. In an unprecedented feat, the Emperor's Fist and the First Imperial Fleet would be awarded a second Unit Distinguished Service award for their service in Operation Bamako. Later, the pilots of the Emperor's Fist would find themselves embroiled in Operation Minsk for the defense of Churnis sector, alongside the First Imperial Legion and Oversector staff. A long operation would see its end in the form of a decisive Imperial victory against the Zann Consortium and Triumvirate Coalition. This operation would see the pilots of the Emperor's Fist with their third award, an Imperial Campaign Medal.

While the history of the Emperor's Fist is long and bright, the day-to-day routines of the pilots of the group are no less important. The Imperial Capital and Coruscant Oversector is one of the most beautiful and important places in Imperial space. With billions of residents and millions of tourists, apart from the vital military resources, within the Oversector, the Emperor's Fist serves as an impenetrable shield, protecting each person from the enemies of the Empire. No ship passes into the Oversector without having been inspected by a pilot from the group, whether it be from an iconic, implacable Imperial Star Destroyer or from a row of endless, uniform TIE fighters. Each resident and tourist can enjoy the beauty of the Oversector without a shadow of a worry, because of the tireless efforts of these pilots. On the other hand, when an enemy of the Empire dares to trouble the Oversector, the pilots of the Emperor's Fist show exactly why they are called a fist. Now transformed into a sword of the Oversector and the Empire, the pilots strike decisively, living up to the command of their motto ("Ferte Manus Certas" or "Strike with a Sure Hand").

The men and women of the 9th Group hone their skills in preparation of conflict through near-constant exercises, hidden system searches, routine patrols, build wars, and joint operations with their Army brethren.


13th Group

"Semper Vigilans."

The 13th Group was a unit of the 1st Imperial Fleet, responsible for defence and stability in the Deep Core Oversector within the Emerald Region of Imperial Territory.

The 13th was assigned to replace the 11th Group in the middle of Year 18. During the transition, a large number of key personnel were retained from the 11th Group, transferring their own expert knowledge of the Oversector's natural phenomena and practised affinity with a primary force of Victory Star Destroyers to the 13th.

Boasting a close affiliation with the Imperial Academy, naval units within the Deep Core have traditionally exercised exhaustive effort in keeping up to date with naval strategy and advancements and the 13th was no different. Training remained a continuous operation for the unit, with a focus beyond the obvious objectives of reconnaissance, planetary control or defence and more guided to the strategic sensibilities of efficient deployment, manoeuvring and engagement tactics of its forces.

The 13th Group was the 1st Fleet's dedicated Reconnaissance Group until its deactivation during Y20, their officer corps and expertise integrated into the still active 9th Group.

11th Group

"Praemonitus, Praemunitus."

The 11th Group, founded on Day 221 of Year 12, was responsible for the defense of the three massive sectors that make up the Deep Core Oversector. Originally equipped as a Heavy Assault Group, the unit had taken on the role of the more tactically malleable Assault Group. Training for the unit traditionally included reconnaissance, build war, and planetary defense; with a focus on securing large swathes of territory. Due to its close proximity to the Imperial Academy, the unit worked tirelessly to keep its officers up to date with Naval strategy and to ensure that they had the skills necessary to succeed in the field. The 11th was one of two groups assigned to the 1st Imperial Fleet, defending the very heart of the Empire from attack.

The accomplishments of the 11th included the extensive building assistance to Regional Government on Kalist III, as well as completing improvements to OverSector-wide defenses. Training exercises were continuous, and often focused on the efficient deployment and maneuvering and engagement of capital vessels. A serious focus on the effective use of capital ships continued to be a hallmark of the 11th; this yielded excellent results in trials.

With hundreds of thousands of sentient beings passing through the Deep Core daily, the 11th Combat Group worked endlessly to serve and protect the loyal citizens of the core worlds. Their Star Destroyers could often be seen guarding the most critical hyperspace routes and way stations scattered throughout the core, the extensive use of which saw the addition of a Victory Star Destroyer to their emblem. Thanks to the unit's continuing efforts, the Deep Core was never successfully attacked during its service period.

Honoring it's brief stint as a solely reconnaissance oriented unit, the Group's motto was "Praemonitus, Praemunitus" or "Forewarned, Forearmed."

The 11th Group was the 1st Fleet's second Assault Group until its deactivation in mid-Y18. The Commanding Officer at the time of its deactivation was Commodore Hatori Hoorl.

10th Group


'The Overwatch'
"Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum"

The Tenth Group was part of the 1st Imperial Fleet and was responsible for the Protection of the Coruscant Oversector against any and all threats that dared venture forth.

The Core Duty of the Tenth Group alongside the Ninth Group was to provide over-watch protecting the Imperial worlds and their citizens within the Coruscant Oversector, alongside upholding the New Order through:

  • Defending and Maintaining Security in the the Imperial Capital;
  • Consistent and Routine Patrols of the Coruscant Sectors and their Planets;
  • Liaising and Coordinating with Regional Government & Imperial Army Commanders to Maintain Strong Protection of our Sectors;
  • Training and Developing Combat Tactics through Scenario's and Operations;

  • Awards and Honours


    Awarded for Operation: Minsk, specifically the Battle of Churnis.


    Awarded for the Fleet's actions during Operation: ████████


    Awarded for Operation: Bamako, securing the Wynth system for the Galactic Empire.

    Fleet Activities

    Aside from carrying out the 1st Imperial Fleet's main duty of protecting Imperial territory and interests in the Coruscant Oversector, members of the Fighting First also participate in various activities intended to both raise morale and establish a stronger sense of community within the Fleet.

    1IF Music Department

    Pioneered by the Fleet's younger members, the 1st Imperial Fleet's music department has become a great source of pride for the Fleet's members. One of the more popular songs written by the department is the Fleet's new official march "Nothing Can Stop the First", the first song ever composed by the Department.

    Fleet March: "Nothing Can Stop the First"

    Blue Royale Cantina

    Originally known as the "Xenon Cantina", the recently reopened and renamed Blue Royale Cantina serves as the Fleet's premier location for R&R, as well as various friendly activities. These activities include the Fleet's Bi-Annual Pazaak Tournament and Christmas Raffle. When the pilots and officers of the First are enjoying some downtime, they can often be found discussing their exploits among the stars or swapping stories about hunting during the Sharp Cup.

    Aside from the Blue Royale's leisurely aspect, the Cantina also serves a site for many Fleet members to pay homage to past and present heroes within the Fleet. The prime example of this is the Cantina's famous Fleet Wall of Fame, which honors former Fleet Commanding Officers and displays memorabilia from every engagement, campaign, or operation in the Fleet's history.

    Sal Takla Memorial Fund

    The Sal Takla Memorial Fund was established in memory of Commodore Sal Takla. The fund provides support for Fleet events and incentives for excellence by its members. The Memorial Fund serves to honor and recognize the ultimate sacrifice of Commodore Takla; an Imperial officer betrayed and cut down in his prime. Recipients of incentives from this fund are reminded of the long lineage of the 1st Imperial Fleet and of an exemplary Imperial.

    From the ceremonial detail honoring Commodore Takla, courtesy of Admiral Kef Drenall:

    "Commodore Takla is a fine Imperial, he upheld the finest of traditions within the Imperial Navy and served to his posting as Fleet Commanding Officer of the 1st Imperial Fleet with dedication, skill and professionalism. Those that served with the Commodore can reiterate his excellence throughout his unit which will be sorely missed.

    The loss of an outstanding officer such as the Commodore is something that we should not forget, we should remember our lost comrades, their sacrifice and their lives that they dedicated to an oath of upholding and preserving the New Order, defending and protecting the space and skies of all Imperial realms for the Emperor and all Imperials. An oath we should all remember and remind ourselves why we do our duty.

    We dedicate our lives to the space and skies, the realm we protect and the realm we serve in, many of us not seeing ground for years at a time, absolute in our devotion and dedicated to our oath. It is only befitting that we cast the caskets of our comrades into the dark abyss, to guard our space and watch over us in spirit as they did in life."

    Order of Precedence

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    Second Imperial Fleet

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