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First Imperial Fleet (Pre-Y12)

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18px-Soldier_stub.png This article is about The First Imperial Fleet (Pre-Y12) . You may be looking for The First Imperial Fleet (Post-Y12)

First Imperial Fleet
Abbreviations 1IF
Motto Dominatus Per Imperatum Consequit
Active Year 7 - Present
Branch tinynavy.png Imperial Navy
Garrison/HQ Kuat Sector
Fleet Command
FCO CAPT Kendan Tarr
FXO LTCMDR Vrogard Delahon
CoS Classified

The 1st Imperial Fleet, also known as 1IF or in naval environments just as "the First", is currently one of ten fleets serving in the Imperial Navy. Although the 1IF is like any other fleet in the Imperial Navy and can do anything from construction, reconnaissance and territory protections, it is usually first on the scene during enemy incursions into GE territory due to the central location of Kuat.

Fleet History

Fleet Creation

From Sector to Imperial Fleet

Around Year 7 Day 232, VADM Slicer back then Navy Chief of Staff sent out a Navy wide address. The Naval High Command has been working diligently on the reorganization of it’s forces. The factors of reorganization were many, but the final result would be in introducing new much larger, more powerful and very versatile Fleets.

The navy was rebuilt into four Fleets and each of them would come to bear the title of an “Imperial Fleet”. They would operate mainly as a defensive force but could easily switch to offensive if the need would arise.

Each Fleet was assigned to operate from a major sector, Kuat was the garrison of the 1IF. The reorganization went smoothly and the new garrison systems were borrowing equipment from the previous systems of the Sector Fleets, finally the reform was complete and the Fleets went on as Imperial Fleets.

The First Imperial Fleet was at that time under the command of Vice Admiral Slicer with Lieutenant Incubus Kaine serving as XO.

Fleet Commanders

VADM Slicer


LADM Machkhit


LT Prijo Sasha


Ramos Rob


LT Dujaan Korr


CAPT Raum "Incubus Kaine" Cambions


VADM Axe Vulcan


CAPT Kato Forn

Assigned to the 1IF on Year 9 Day 246 as XO of the fleet, LTCMDR Kato Forn was quickly and warmly welcomed into his new fleet. After only a short amount of time, the LTCMDR was promoted to a Commander and made the Commanding Officer of the Supreme 1st Imperial Fleet. He has lead the fleet on many missions so far and is fully trusted by his fleet members. At a recent navy meeting (Y10 D88), CMDR Forn was again praised for his excellent leadership of the 1st Fleet and was promoted to Captain [O-6].

On Year 11 Day 101, Captain Forn retired from the Imperial Navy after 3 1/2 years of service.

CAPT Kendan Tarr


Year 11 Day 101 marked the beginning of LTCMDR Tarr's command of the First Imperial Fleet, replacing Captain Kato Forn following the Captain's retirement. He transfered over from his previous position of Executive Officer in the 7th Imperial Fleet.

Current Fleet Status

Fleet Command

  • CO: CAPT Kendan Tarr
  • XO: LTCMDR Vrogard Delahon


Mission in Chorios

FCO during mission - CAPT Kato Forn

During the new change in command of the 1IF to CMDR Kato Forn and LTCMDR Veneslas Jerankav, the 1st was in the middle of a mission in the Chorios system in the Meridian sector. The mission of the 1st fleet was to secure and patrol the Chorios system after the defeat of Renegade Inc. at the hands of a secret Imperial fleet. After a time in the system, a number of small enemy ships from both the New Republic and the Falleen Federation showed up in an attempt to gain control of the recently vacated planets in the Chorios system. Their effort was in vain, as is the normality with such rebels, as they found that Imperial construction had already begun and they had no chance of gaining the planets. As soon as the brave Imperial constructors were to safety and the area was deemed safe, the 1IF returned to its patrol of the Kuat system.

"Stolen Ship" Training Scenario

FCO during mission - CAPT Kato Forn

While patrolling the Kuat system as normal is all well and good, Commander Forn decided that the pilots needed a convincing training scenario to keep them alert and to hone their skills for later missions. Directly after the Imperial Meeting it was announced to the fleet that two personal ships had been stolen and were probably on a course for the deep core worlds to be sold to an illicit buyer. Members of the fleet were given hints of destinations and other clues to find the ships. The mission was not completed due to member inexperience in the specific type of mission and a shortness of time due to an upcoming mission.

Operation Dim Light

FCO during mission - CAPT Kato Forn

Operation Dim Light was a reconnaissance mission carried out by the 1st Imperial Fleet early in Year 10. Upon receiving orders from NHC, the fleet deployed to the Brak Sector, specifically to areas controlled by the Black Sun criminal organization. After spending a short time scanning the area, the fleet returned to its home in the Kuat system. All reports concluded that the Black Sun had little to no infrastructure in the Brak sector and that all claims to power were simply propaganda.

Operation Eternal Fields

FCO during mission - CAPT Kato Forn

During this mission, the 1IF used a large fleet of Interdictor Star Cruisers to blockade the rebel stronghold at Tandell. The blockade was initiated when the entire fleet performed a synchronized hyperspace jump into the system, arriving in system at nearly the same time. Once the blockade was initiated, it successfully cordoned off the system from any ships, severely disrupting rebel operations in the system. The 1IF left Tandell on Year 11 Day 74 after accomplishing their primary objectives in the system and gathering valuable scanner information for Naval High Command.

Fleet Motto and the Philosophy Behind It

New Motto

The new motto of the 1IF is -- Dominatus Per Imperatum Consequit -- Supremacy achieved through Order — The 1st Imperial fleet is, because of its central location, in a key position to strike at and defend against enemies. Through order, planning, and the execution of orders in a quick fashion the response time of the 1IF is very low and its effectiveness high. This is why the 1st Imperial Fleet is also known as the Supreme 1st Imperial Fleet

Old Motto

The old motto of the 1IF is -- First in Battle, Last in Defeat --

The Poem

Draconian Legacy

Dragons of old left us a word, A codex of honor and death to obey, Bringing the Empire to every world, Leave the last breath for all to say:

“They came like a thunder, In cities of steel, The ground was shaking from burning light, We had no choice, we had to kneel, In front of ultimate power and might”

The last thinking minds of feeble race, Will be our Fleet in glorious time, Continuing it’s way through outer space, And echo of words in ancient rhyme,

Whoever defies us or strike our own, In heart of his weakness we will hit, We do not forgive our flesh and bone.

For this is 1st Imperial Fleet!

Fleet Awards

Fleet Specific Awards

[1IFFW] Honorary 1IF Fleet Wings - Currently not in use

Awards Won

[DPGAR] Darpa Garrison - Received for participating in the Darpa Campaign.
[TPAD] Adkinien - Received for participating in building the first tax planet.

Fleet Banners

  • Old banner (Imperial Art Team - Ryan Roche)


Notable Imperials

Fallen Imperials

  • Shimon Mon'Dok

Shimon was among the first few aliens who joined the GE and reached the Officer level. He wasn't very talkative and a rare sight in the public, but he did his duties with loyalty and efficiency that only an Imperial Officer would know of.

  • Mark Coyle

Mark was a young and ambitious man, who quickly navigated through the ranks of the Imperial Navy and was gifted with the talent to sense the Force. Unfortunately he has left this world and his friends in the Fleet as he was killed in action.



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