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Incubus Kaine

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Herbert Marshall "Incubus" Kaine
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Koros Minor
Mother unknown
Father unknown
Spouse n/a
Siblings Asenour Kaine - brother (Deceased)
Amelia Kaine - sister (Missing)
Children None
Born Year -47
Imperial Service
Branch IN_mini.png
Imperial Navy
Positions High Inquisitor
Prior Service Galactic Empire, Imperial Core, Dark Empire, & Astrelworks
Awards [NAA][BEA][NBA][NMOL]

Understand that what I am about to do is drudge up over 10 years of information that should have been better documented and or recorded. Much of this is both IC and OOC, so deal with it :)

Before there was the Star Wars Combine, the Star Wars Simulation was a popular community of fans and role-play enthusiasts; this is where the story of Incubus Kaine begins. In eighth grade, my friend introduced me to the Star Wars Simulation. He had a character by the name of Don Juan. He showed me the website, told me the stories of the Black Sun, Warlord Vodo, and many others that I have forgotten through time. Needless to say, I was captivated…I wanted to join right then and there, but there was one problem. The Simulation was closed…the program staff had abandoned it or there was a loss of interest. For whatever reason the SWS was over…oh, the despair.

About one year later, my friend informed me that there was a new game online called the Star Wars Combine. He then explained it was created by some of the original members of the SWS. I jumped on board and created my first character in 1997, Incubus Kaine. By now, Don Juan was a Lieutenant Commander in the Galactic Empire’s Navy and after weighing out the options, Incubus Kaine enrolled in the Imperial Navy. Don Juan was able to pull some stings, and I was assigned to his fleet, the Imperial 9th Fleet.

Back in the days when Incubus Kaine was a crewman, there was not much to do in the overall game. At this point, there was little instant messaging and therefore, a majority of communications where done via email. I vaguely remember getting promoted to the rank of Flight Corporal, however, Incubus’ career became much more active when he received a promotion to Flight Sergeant. Flight Sergeant Kaine was appointed as Fleet Security Officer and was appointed to monitor any and all means of communication for security breaches and traitorous activity. Then one day, Incubus was approached by a high ranking member of the Imperial Naval Intelligence Service (INIS). Under orders of Director Gesling, INIS was embedding internal agents in all the fleets. Each fleet had an undercover agent, and these agents worked in pairs. Incubus was matched up with a member of the Imperial 8th Fleet, and it was our jobs to observe anyone and everyone in our fleet for traitorous acts or talk. We were instructed that we could report anyone to INIS, and if they were of rank Lieutenant or lower, they could and would be arrested on spot. Anyone that we reported with a rank higher than Lieutenant would have an official investigation conducted by INIS.

Incubus served in this manner for a short time and elevated himself from the enlisted ranks to become an Imperial Officer in the Navy with the rank of Ensign. Then all hell broke loose, our beloved Emperor, Piett was stepping down from the throne. A dramatic power struggle followed between the Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy, Gorn Veynom and the leader of the Imperial Army, Connel. When the dust settled, Piett chose Connel to succeed him. This enraged many of us naval personnel who had grown very fond of our Grand Admiral. Many of them, including Incubus Kaine, swore loyalty to Grand Admiral Veynom. In a personal contact with the Grand Admiral, Incubus informed the Grand Admiral that he could no longer serve an empire who turned on its greatest soldier…and with that Ensign Incubus Kaine left the military and enjoyed the life of a Galactic Citizen.

Incubus enjoyed his life and distanced himself from anything military, but was troubled with the tendencies he was noticing in the Empire. The Empire was changing and not for the better. It almost felt as though it lost its core values. Inside his mind, Incubus felt the drums of revolution beating…but he knew not what or where to go. One day, he noticed a holovid that announced the defection of many high ranked Imperial Naval officers. Many of which, Incubus came to know and respect personally. It took some time, but he eventually succeed in getting a message to the once-Grand Admiral seeking information on how to join their cause of reform and re-establishment of a true Imperial Empire.

Veynom pointed Incubus in the direction of a long time Imperial officer, Jennifer Dreighton. Dreighton was coordinating the group of imperials who by now had established themselves as the Imperial Core. Dreighton was able to arrange extraction for Incubus from Galactic Empire Space to the Imperial Core’s base of operations in the galaxy’s deep core region. With the extraction, Incubus Kaine defected from the Galactic Empire, donned on his new black officer uniform, and joined the ranks of the Imperial Core.

Incubus was able to maintain the officer rank of Ensign in his new assignment within the Imperial Core’s Naval Forces. Kaine worked with many familiar faces moving ships and going on scanning missions. There were also times that Kaine took civilian freighters into Galactic Space to pick up new recruits or various other missions, that high command sent him on.

Then like a dark tide rising, the Imperial Core was transformed yet again. The Sith and the Imperial Core came together to create a stronger military power under the leadership of the Sith. The Dark Empire was born. At the time of the creation of the Dark Empire, Kaine was at the rank of Second Lieutenant, which equates to today’s Lieutenant jg (junior grade). Reassigned to a newly structured fleet, Kaine was sent out to the Teta System. His mission was to scan the system and prepare for naval occupancy. He worked closely with the Dark Empire’s Army who was also going to be making a base in the system.

As the Dark Empire grew, so did the success of Kaine’s career. In a stunning round of promotions, Kaine was promoted to the rank of Captain from Imperial (DE) High Command. Captain Kaine was now assigned as the fleet commanding officer of the newly established Teta Fleet. It during this time, that Kaine became co-workers with a Sith by the name of Samus Augill. Samus Augill, a jawa Sith, was assigned to Kaine’s fleet as the Fleet Executor Officer. The pair was very odd, especially for Kaine who was known as a supporter of the anti-alien policies of the Dark Empire. Odd as the situation was, both Samus and Kaine worked very well and prospered in Teta.

Kaine became very comfortable with the Teta System. In fact, he had all his personal affects and residence moved from his Hapan homeworld to Koros Major. Whether it was his naval career or with his decision to order a fleet sized ration of soap from the Emperor’s highly controversial Alien-Soap Factory, Kaine must have found some favor with the Dark Empire’s Emperor, Warlord Vodo. Kaine received the greatest promotion in his career thus far. The Emperor had selected Captain Kaine to be a member of his personal fleet, The Order of the Dark Hand. The Dark Hand Fleet was comprised of the Dark Empires most elite members…not many even knew of its existence. However, shortly after rendezvousing with the fleet, Kaine was actually called back to the Dark Empire’s regular navy.

The Dark Empire’s fleets were consolidating, instead of many smaller fleets, Naval High Command, had elected to consolidate its fleets into one massive fleet known as the Bastion Fleet. Captain Kaine was recalled from the Dark Hand Fleet to be the commanding officer of this new fleet. Up to this point, the Naval High Command had always maintained their individual roles as a fleet commander as well as their duties as Naval Command. The Navy had grown so large that they felt obliged to remove themselves from the day to day operations of the fleet and leave those tasks on the shoulders of the newly promoted Commodore Kaine. In addition to his role as fleet commander of the Bastion Fleet, Kaine was held a spot on the Naval High Command as an advisor because of his direct contact with all the navy’s service men.

The Bastion Fleet was very large and demanded many hours of attention to maintain the level of excellence that was expected from both Naval Command and Imperial High Command. During his stay as Bastion Fleet Commanding Officer, the fleet continued its routine routes, escorts, transports, and all the typical operations that one could expect out of a navy. The Dark Empire was not in any direct military conflict or war with any specific faction, but the nature of being ran by the Sith and being listed on the Galactic Empires most wanted list, made tensions very tight and could be straining on all its men.

At the height of its power and influence in the galaxy, the Dark Empire began positioning itself to fulfill its destiny…siege control of the galaxy and restore the true spirit and soul of the Galactic Empire. In a stunning turn of events that sent ripples across the entire galaxy, the Dark Empire and the Galactic Empire began a long series of talks and summits that eventually lead to the merge of the two Imperial factions.

more to come -----