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Rex Corwyn

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Rex Corwyn
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Khuiumin
Spouse None
Siblings Sister
Children None
Born Unknown
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions CO, 7th Imperial Fleet
Prior Service 1st Imperial Fleet XO, CoS
Awards [LOC4] [DIS3] [1IFC] [7IFC]

[GCP] [ILC1] [RSF] [DVT] [NAM] [DPGAR] [TPAD] [FOM2] [1IFRV] [IABG] [DB1] [7IF] [FSM]

Character History

Early Life on Khuiumin

Rexamet “Rex” Corwyn was born and raised on the planet Khuiumin to a moderately wealthy family. His father and mother both work, as logistics executive and public relations staffer respectively, for a corporation that mines varmigio, a mineral that is used in the manufacturing of hyperdrive engines. Rex led a happy and comfortable childhood, attending school and excelling in mathematics and physics. As a teen, Rex was scouted by a local Imperial recruitment officer and offered an opportunity to enroll in the Khuiumin Junior Military Academy on Lotide. Rex’s family was fully supportive of his decision to accept, as Imperial service was a tradition in his extended family and for many other families on Khuiumin.

Rex’s decision to become a member of the Galactic Empire was inspired by his surroundings. On Khuiumin, the native race, the Khui, are a people living in turmoil. When the Republic discovered the planet, the Khui were a peaceful, simple, and largely uncivilized race that contented itself with its limited means. Although colonized without mutual consent, the Khui accepted the Republic settlers with open arms and a thirst for knowledge of the galaxy. The Republic all but terraformed the planet, building cities and infrastructure to facilitate the mining of the planet's rich reserves of varmigio.

Many of the Khui were hired as laborers in the newly tapped mines. The simple natives were allured by the idea of money -- something their primitive society didn’t employ. Some Khui rejected the Republic way of life, choosing to stay in their forest and jungle communities, but many were excited by its exotic appeal. Those who did shun the newly offered way of life were influenced by it nonetheless, creating governing bodies and ruling their brethren with increasing force. Competing groups of Khui with differing political ideologies formed in protest of each other. Eventually, violence among groups became common. Some of the disputes were territorial and others were ideological. The Republic, at this point uninvolved in the interracial fighting, stayed neutral and focused on the development of the planet.

Shortly after the Republic dissolved and the Empire assumed control of the planet, some Khui terrorist groups began to form. These groups claimed to want independence from the Empire, but tended to focus on the control of varmigio mines as their goal. Now that their planet was on the galactic map, the Khui had learned that control over resources was the key to power. The terrorist groups frequently made miners their targets. Most of the miners attacked were Khui themselves, but this fact did not seem to lessen the terrorists’ resolve; those who worked with and for the Money Lickers (a name used to describe non-Khuis) were as guilty as the Money Lickers themselves. When the violence extended to non-Khuis, the Empire responded to it in kind. Terrorists were hunted down and murdered mercilessly. Often, Khuis who were not found to be instigators were killed anyways, to serve as examples to any would-be terrorists. (whether or not this tactic stemmed the growth of terrorists or bred new ones is a heated debate among Elroodi sociologists, anthropologists, and political scientists alike.) Whole sections of forest were burned down to disenfranchise Khuis. Despite their losses, the attacks continued and their numbers grew.

An event that changed everyone’s life on Khuiumin was the Lesser Usurpation, during which the largest anti-Empire Khui faction overthrew the planet government in a violent uprising and held control for almost a galactic week. (The ironically named Greater Usurpation, during which several factions banded together to overthrow the government, was a failure due to intra-group conflict.) During this time, the appointed leader of the Khui, Crealothan, ordered the property rights of the varmigio mines and all other resources to be handed over to the Khui, who would oversee mining operations and manage the planet’s economy. How they planned on accomplishing such a feat is still a mystery, as the Khui had little experience with, or knowledge of, economics. Those concerns were never realized, though, as the Khui reign of Khuiumin was quickly dissolved. The system governor ordered reserves of Imperial military units from all planets to descend on Khuiumin and “adjust” the militant Khuis. The battle between Imperials and Khui lasted for two days, the end of which saw the deaths of almost all of the Khui involved and many Imperial civilians, not to mention Imperial soldiers. The time following the Lesser Usurpation was relatively peaceful, as the other militant Khui groups were intimidated and demoralized by the Imperial war machine. Not long after, however, the remaining Khui militants began their terrorist campaigns again. No act of violence since has matched that of the Lesser Usurpation. Rex was an infant when during these events, but their effect would be a deep-seated stain on the consciousness of him and his people for years to come.

It was this conflict between Khui and Imperial that inspired Rex to become an Imperial Military member and serve for the betterment of the galaxy. He noticed that the Khui who integrated into civil society did not participate in the barbaric fighting of their nature-dwelling brothers and sisters. It was no coincidence; the order of the Republic, and now the Empire, elevated many of these simple people to civilized society. If the Empire could bring order and civilization the Khui, then why not the rest of the galaxy? It was a simple solution for a simple problem, in Rex’s mind.

Upon graduating from the Junior Military Academy, Rex decided to take a break from the rigors of academia. His counselor at the school, who was fond of Rex and thought he would make a good candidate for the Imperial Military, was disappointed. His parents were as well, but felt that Rex had the wisdom to make the right decisions for himself. Needing something to do with his time, Rex traveled back from Lotide to Khuiumin and got a job with the corporation that his parents worked for. He joined the logistics department and was trained to fly a ground freighter and some other vehicles, transporting raw virmigio from the local mines to a refinement facility several clicks away. The convoys of virmigio were subject to occasional raids from militant Khuis, so mercenary escorts were hired to accompany the shipments. Rex enjoyed talking with the mercs, some of whom were Imperial or Republic vets. They entertained Rex with stories of combat and life in other sectors across the galaxy.

Rex enjoyed flying and was good at it. Within three years he was assigned to interplanetary delivery, making trips between Khuiumin and Courkrus and skippering a heavy freighter. He found that he enjoyed space travel even more than terra hopping. On an especially important shipment (which, he heard, might be subject to pirate attacks) his freighter was escorted by a squadron of TIE fighters. It was enchanting for him, the way the Imperial pilots effortlessly flew in formation near his unwieldy freighter, making graceful movements in unison. This experience rekindled Rex’s desire to become a member of the Imperial Military. Several days later, he enrolled at the Elrood Branch Imperial Military Academy on Berea.

Imperial Navy -- 1IF

Rex graduated from the Imperial Academy, under the tutelage of Alendaar Zadak, at the age of twenty three at the rank of E-2 (Crewman). His assignment was with the 1st Imperial Fleet, under the leadership of Slicer (Commanding Officer) and Raum Cambions (Executive Officer). He was assigned to Phantom Group, led by Axe Vulcan, who would become Rex's mentor and close friend. Notable Imperials in this Group included Anu Skycreaper, Liner Sensbage, and Shimon Mon`dok. Within a short period of time, the 1IF would see leadership transferred to Kaine (with Vulcan as XO) and then to Vulcan, who would lead the fleet for several years to come.

Rex's first leadership opportunity came when he was made the XO of Carrier Group 1 (formerly Phantom Group) at the rank of Flight Sergeant and under then Ensign Liner Sensbage. The group engaged in its first combat mission when invading the New Anzat Sector and commencing offensive operations and intelligence gathering on the enemy. During this time, in an effort by Naval High Command to rebuild the Navy's officer corps, Rex was commissioned as an officer at the rank of Ensign. The mission was complicated when one of Rex's pilots, the notorious Daniel Slone, proved himself to be a traitor working for a known terrorist organization. The events of this indecent were dramatized by Rex and submitted in the first Imperial Literacy Contest, for which he won 1st prize.

Rex served faithfully under the guidance of Sensbage and Vulcan, and was soon given command over CG1. He chose Markus Saretti to be his XO; he would be Rex's "right hand man" for a long time to come. In CG1, Rex commanded notable Imperials such as Hiyo Rogo, Stefan Skyreaper, and Tec Vaan. Under Rex's leadership, the group carried out a mission in Darpa, overseeing the construction of Imperial facilities and arresting illegal Rebel builders in an effort the counter construction being done by the Rebel Alliance. This mission was overseen by then Minister Goth and was coordinated by then Rear Admiral Ramos Rob.