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Emerald Region

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The Emerald Region is one of the three constituent regions controlled by the Empire. Highly developed and steeped in history, it is often considered one of the most important swathes of galactic space, encompassing the Coruscant and Deep Core Oversectors. An economic powerhouse, the Region is the beating heart of business and enterprise, providing a hospitable environment for new ideas to flourish under the aegis of the Empire. Politically, its influence cannot be understated as this region has been the home of the galactic capital for millennia. The current governor of the Emerald Region is Grand Moff Zhaff Orikan.

Emerald Region
Oversectors Coruscant Oversector
Deep Core Oversector
Galactic Sectors Arkania

Coruscant - Imperial Capital
Ollonir Boundaries

Deep Core Security Zone - Oversector Capital
Sector 5

Grand Moff Thea Corine
Historical events
Infrastructure Imperial Intelligence

Imperial Army
Imperial Navy
Regional Government
Ministry of Industry

Controlled By Galactic Empire

The Emerald Region

Renowed throughout the galaxy as the cradle of human civilisation, the Region is considered by most sentients as the most developed and traversed region of space in the galaxy. Its splendour is unrivalled, with its constituent oversectors boasting a rich history and cultural heritage, a heritage that is often intertwined with their central role in galactic politics and economics.

The region is protected by the 1st Fleet and 1st Legion who maintain a prominent military presence to ensure it remains free of piracy as well as rebel and criminal incursions. Highly decorated units, the military of the Emerald Region is steeped in a glowing history of exemplary service and decorum in the maintenance of Imperial primacy.

Coruscant Oversector

The heart of the Galactic Empire, the Coruscant Oversector stretches from the edges of the Deep Core region, through the Core, and to the edges of the Colonies region. Residing within the prominent sector is the planet Coruscant, the galactic capital since time immemorial. The Oversector is considered the seat of Imperial authority. This is embodied best by the grand spires of the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, which houses his Majesty, and his Imperial High Command. The Oversector has always been one known for the entrepreneurship of its inhabitants, with an unparalleled financial services sector based around the banking system of Zug. Additionally, the Oversector contains a high concentration of industrial activity. Though less talked about, the Oversector is home to other historic sites, such as the Brass Soldiers in Axum, a collection of 35,000 soldier statues on the planet Axum.

The Oversector is also a hub for many branches within the Galactic Empire, with COMPNOR being headquartered on the capital, as well as Imperial Intelligence having its headquarters within its boundaries. Naturally, it also contains many other institutions, such as the Byden ISB Complex - one of the prime public offices of the Imperial Security Bureau. It is also said to be the home of the Kintik Sith Enclave, though such knowledge is not highly publicised.

Deep Core Oversector

The Deep Core Oversector is perhaps one of the most historic swathes of space; though it contains some of the oldest stars of the galaxy, its planets do not want for their own heritage. It encompasses historic worlds such as Tython, where the heretic Jedi Order was born - though their deleterious influence has been wiped out as the Chwayat Enclave has repurposed the planet as their own headquarters, establishing Sith supremacy over the false dogma of a decrepit order. Similarly, the system of Empress Teta, rivalling Coruscant with its highly urban hubs, has its own religiously influenced history, being where an ancient cult known as Krath had first established itself; it has also served as the headquarters of a Sith Enclave - the Sarai.

The Deep Core also includes the Prakith system, famous for being the headquarters of the modern Imperial Academy. Often being the first planet encountered by many officers in their Imperial Career, Prakith has held a special place in the hearts of many Imperials. In addition, the Deep Core contains the homeworld of the famed Abyssin species, a race notorious for their lack of wits, yet highly prized as servants. Their own homeworld is highly visited, with many markets being set up to promote the use of Abyssins for menial labour.

Command Staff

Regional Government

Visual ID Name Position
0.jpg Thea Corine Grand Moff
0.jpg Icarus Carinae Regional Coordinator

Visual ID Name Position Visual ID Name Position
0.jpg Talon Garadon Coruscant Oversector Governor 0.jpg Vacant Kuat Oversector Governor

Emerald Taskforce

Visual ID Name Position
0.jpg Marc Farstan Emerald Task Force Commander

Visual ID Name Position Visual ID Name Position
0.jpg Marc Farstan 3rd Legion CO 0.jpg Eeni Thesian 1st Fleet CO

Imperial Intelligence

Visual ID Name Position
0.jpg Arya Solus Security Bureau Liaison
0.jpg Vacant MISL