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Thea Corine

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Thea Corine
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Freya Corine
Father Jason Corine
Spouse none
Siblings none
Children none
Born year -7, day 161, 28 years old
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
Positions Emerald Region Governor
Prior Service Emerald Region Task Force Commanding Officer
Senior Recruitment Officer
2nd Imperial Fleet Commanding Officer
7th Group GCO
6th Group XO
Imperial Academy

Thea Corine is the Governor of Emerald Region and a serving member of the Regional Government.

oRmqZpu.png Biography


Thea Corine

Thea Corine stands fairly tall despite her thin frame, at 5'10, her uniform outlines the shape of her lean and athletic body. Red shoulder-length hair gently hangs over the smooth skin of a young radiant face. Her round green eyes, set appealingly within their sockets, scan the room intensively.

Early Life

Corellia, Thea's Homeworld


Thea was born on Corellia, her parents were owned a small import/export business and involved in both local and long distance commercial trade. As a result Thea often traveled with her parents were often travelling to worlds in the mid and outer rim. Thus much of her child hood was spent aboard large freighters and other star ships while her family exported and imported commodities and engineering goods. Growing up she saw how chaotic the galaxy had become and her father often expressed strong political opinions in his Discussions. Often when frustrated with contract negotiations with unions, or increased pirate activity, Thea often heard her father claim that the only hope for order or a chance to end to the chaos was through the strength and rule of law provided by the Empire. On her journeys Thea learned to appreciate how a monopoly on the use of force and the strength of law was the only path to maintaining order in the face of pirates and corporate corruption.

Dreaming of Stars

Neighborhood where Thea grew up in, located in Coronet City
Flagship of the small merchant fleet owned by Thea's father

Ever since she was a young girl she dreamed of standing on the bridge of a mighty capital ship and often pleaded to her parents to allow her to attend one of the Imperial academies when she was of age. At the age of 15, her parents enrolled her into one of Corellia's private astronautical schools, which was a dream come true for Thea as she felt this would be a great way to build a foundation before entering the Imperial Academy. The private academy was on the opposite end of the planet, so she moved in with her Uncle who lived nearby, recently retired from CEC. She was a nerd when it came to ships, she learned everything she could about them and often sat near the starport watching ships take off into the stars on their adventures. Thea was most excited when an Imperial cruiser or star destroyer was in orbit and dreamed of the adventures life those onboard had, living among the stars in such a marvel of engineering.

Death in the Family

It was at this time, while attending classes and living with her Uncle, that she learned of her parents death. They had been killed by pirates after they were raided during a routine delivery of CEC equipment to the Mid Rim worlds. Devastated at first and upset at the loss, she felt lost. After some time, Thea used this anger and sadness to focus herself on the goals ahead. She became more determined and focused on her studies and committed herself to entering the Imperial Academy after graduation.

Leaving Home

Thea firmly believed the Empire was the cure for a galaxy plagued by disorder, pirates, and criminal scum. Upon graduating from her school, she hugged her Uncle once more and said goodbye as she left her homeworld on her 19th birthday, finally embarking on a new journey. Thea was determined to begin her new career at the Imperial Academy in Prakith after an intense period of study, she graduated the academy with honors. The day had finally come, she made it, and knew her parents would be proud if they were here. After graduation Thea was eager and honored to begin a new career in the Imperial Navy...

Thea Corine in the Navy

Ensign Thea Corine's First Assignment: Iliabath (Y17 D60)

Imperial Navy Tie Scout

Ensign Thea Corine scanned the horizon as her tie scout slashed through a cloud over the planet Iliabath. It was her first assignment upon joining the Empire and receiving her assignment to the 6th fleet. She knew this was important work, enemies of the empire had been found lurking among the planet, an unacceptable infraction against the Empire. Much of the planet was fairly rural as cities have only just begun to grow and expand, a display of the ingenuity and progress of the Empire as it continued to bring order to the galaxy through the immutable rule of law. Thea manipulated the controls of her vessel, bringing the craft lower as she proceeded to comb another sector of the planet, she glanced at her sensors...nothing, all clear again...shifting her flight stick and pushing the sensitive flight pedals at her feet she banked to the north as she continued her search.

Taking a deep breath, her muscles ached from the long flight, she had been flying for some time now, finding no signs of enemy forces. Perhaps that was a good thing for her first assignment, she thought to herself. Part of her was eager to face an enemy of the empire, to do her part in bringing them to justice. Thus, each time she took a reading from her scanner a part of her was disappointed to find no traces of the enemy. At the same time, she was glad in a way, that was a good thing of course since it is as it should be. The thought of enemy contact also caused some unease, she was still nervous, semi-excited, yet scared. Perhaps this was only natural, she was new to the military and navy life. Ensign Corine was proud and eager to prove to herself and to her chain of command that she could perform her job well in the face of the enemy, yet still scared of how she would react when it finally came down to it. As these conflicting thoughts muddled within the Engine's mind, she thought this was likely a typical feeling shared by those new to the military. It was a new life, vastly different from civilian life, and Thea hoped to learn from those around her who were more experienced.

Realizing she was becoming lost in her thoughts, she snapped her attention back to the task at hand. What was it her father always said..."complacency kills." She knew the routine and monotony of her scouting mission, the long hours, and the uneventful mission so far was dangerous. Several years ago, a veteran once told Thea: "military life is not as glorious as it appears on the holodramas. In fact, if they did make a holodrama of war, it would be rather bloody boring. No one would ever want to watch hours, sometimes days, of nothing but daily routine punctuated by brief moments of intense and violent action, which is quickly followed by more of quiet military routine." with a laugh he grew more serious as he spoke to Thea, saying "that is the real test of military life, preparing for those brief moments of violence and acting with a sense of urgency when it counts."

It was easy to drift, to lose focus, cramped within a tight space for long periods with only the whine of her engines and her thoughts to listen to. No matter the task, it was important to remain vigilant, requiring her to constantly give herself pep talks to remain attentive, despite the repetitive routine of her assignment. This is a inner struggle every soldier must struggle with, an inner battle which is seen by none, waged silently and ferociously within the battlefield of ones heart and mind. Indeed it is an important battle to win, those tempted into complacency by the routine of military life can pay dearly. It takes but only a moment of complacency to be caught unaware and at a disadvantage by the enemy. A short moment which leads to ones death, like a breath of fresh air in the winter cold, it appears only briefly before vanishing from existence. As such, she was determined to remain vigilant. Reaching down she grasped a short thin container, popping it open, she tipped a capsule into her mouth. Biting down, she felt her body react as the pilot stimulant entered her bloodstream. She disliked the idea of pilot stims, but knew it to be a necessary evil on long missions requiring physical and mental endurance.

With a renewed energy, she admired the majesty of Iliabath's aspiring cities, serene oceans and vast grasslands. Lifting her data pad, Thea submitted a report of her progress thus far before reviewing the navigational data to confirm she was on the right course. Slicing through the air, Ensign Corine maneuvered the tie scout towards the horizon, focusing her scanners on the area ahead as she continued her assigned recon route. She was proud to serve the Empire and her resolve only grew as she was determined to fulfill the objectives of this first assignment honorably.

Journey to CAPCOM

After serving in both the 6th and 7th groups in various capacities. Thea decided to branch into Capital Command career track. First serving on the cruiser Stormwind, and eventually taking the helm of the historic VSD Widowmaker

2nd Fleet Fly in Formation in Honor of a New Fleet CO

Upon taking command of the VSD Widowmaker, Mordus Nordstroem appointed Thea to lead a fly-by ceremony in honor of FADM Savk on his appointment as 2nd Fleet Commanding Officer in Y19. The following excerpt is taken from footage of the ceremony:


Thea Corine straightened her uniform and adjusted the newly placed commander rank bar on her chest. Taking a breath, she took a moment to find her center, her mind was awash in a bewildering emotional mixture of pride, fear, anxiety, and confidence. It was a tremendous honor to have been given command of the VSD Widowmaker for the fly-past inspection in the Kuat system. The coming ceremony celebrated the reappointment of Fleet Admiral Savk. Attending the Admiral on his flagship was Adjutant Mailhot, the governor of Amber region. The pressure of commanding a vessel with such historical significance for the Imperial fleet, and at such a prestigious event, was felt deeply by Thea and her crew, but she was confident in their professionalism and was proud to represent both the 2nd fleet and 7th group on this momentous day.

After conducting a final review of the crew and distributing operation orders down the chain of command, Thea took her place on the bridge's command deck. The screen on her console displayed the positions of the two tie escort squadrons, commanded by Witelsbach and Vicus. Manipulating various controls, checking diagnostic data, and reviewing their position within the Kuat system, Thea ensured that all was well in hand. It was almost time for the final approach.

Turning to her communication officer, with a commanding voice, Thea state: Patch me to the channel the escort squadrons are on. After seeing the light on her display that the connection had been established, she cleared her throat and begin to speak to the two officers: Lt. Commander Witelsbach...Lt. Vicus. We are on our final approach to the area cordoned off for the fly-past inspection. We do not need to be concerned with any traffic from the Kuat shipyard, as a restricted travel zone has been established for the ceremony. As we begin, remember that our actions are a reflection of both the 7th group and the 2nd Imperial Fleet, I expect nothing but the very best....so make your fleet proud. As you may or may not know, the vessel you escort today...the Widowmaker, it is the namesake of the old nickname for the 7th group and has enormous historical importance for the Imperial Navy. Almost two decades ago, the original Widowmaker became famed for its role in the battle of Beta and had a long and distinguished service record before finally retiring out of service. When this vessel was commissioned, the spirit of its name can be seen as a new iteration of the older ship, the legacy of the Widowmaker now lives on......Remember as you slice through the black infinity of space and gaze on the armored bulkheads of the warship below you....that you are the chosen few selected to be the officers commanding the squadrons which will escort one of the most prestigious and famous vessels in the history of the Imperial Navy. I salute you for your professionalism and fine example as Imperial naval officers. Clearing her throat and with a more professional tone, Thea continued Lt. Witelsbach, take position on the starboard side, Lt. Vicus on Port. Confirm your acknowledgement, we will begin the fly-past inspection momentarily.

Sitting back, as she awaited the response from the nearby tie escorts, Thea checked her computer display....everything seemed in order....it is a great day to be in the Navy.

Savk watched as the TIE squadrons performed their maneuvers. Executing precision acrobatics with apparent ease. It was an impressive sight and he was filled with pride. Then gripping the viewport ledge he leaned forward to peer out towards the approaching Victory class stardestroyer... "Sensors! ID that VSD." He shouted over his shoulder at the crew in the port side pit. Seconds later the tech replied confirming his initial thoughts. "Sir, that is the IMS Widowmaker. The Fleet Admiral pointed unnecessarily towards the VSD. "That ship right there is one of the oldest in the Navy. And for a time was commanded by the former Emperor and dark lord of the sith Vodo Bonias... It was aptly named. In those dark times an officer was as likely to be killed by him as they were from enemy action." Seeing the Widowmaker glide by brought back a flood of memories from days gone by. Days he sometimes wondered how he had survived. Turning towards the holo of RADM Nordstroem he tipped his hat in a gesture of respect. "Nice choice Admiral." As the procession cruised by the Highborne, Savk came to attention and symbolically returned a salute.

Taking Command of the 7th

Not too long after the fly-by Ceremony, Thea Corine was appointed as the commanding officer of the 7th group in Y19 D248. She would continue to serve in this role until eventually being promoted to 2nd Fleet Commanding Officer in Y21.

The Battle at Lafra

Image of the ISD Tormentor Engaging Enemy Forces at the Battle of Lafra

During her tenure as 7th GCO, a notable battle was fought near the planet Lafra shortly after the Empires Victory over the New Republic. The following dramatic narrative was written by an Imperial chronicler in order to record preserve an accurate record of the engagement.

Elongated streams of white evaporated, the inky blackness of space returning as the ISD Tormentor exited hyperspace. “Admiral Corine, we have entered the Lafra system,” announced Ensign Buus, a young officer new to the navy. Lafra I and II were visible from the viewport, set against the infinite blanket of space, punctuated by yellows, and the whites of distant stars. “very well, Captain Hendrix have three squadrons of tie interceptors on standby and take us on a careful approach towards the Ravager. Bring us to a halt at 400km and send the boarding party.”

The deployment to the Lafra system was sudden. Days earlier, the Admiral listened to the Emperor’s victory speech announcing an end to the conflict between the Empire and New Republic. Although this was very much welcome news, the events in the core seemed so distant and detached from Navy life in the outer rim. While the elite of coruscant offered celebratory toasts, officers in the outer rim continued to fight and die. Highly organized bands of pirates continued to plague the systems composing the corporate sector. Several worlds secretly aided them as the Empire struggled to secure the lawless regions of the outer rim against an enemy that was hard to find and always moving. The army was engaged in several proxy wars throughout the sector, including an internal conflict between loyalist and rebel factions on Lafra I. A frigate sent to the system to deliver much needed supplies to those brave soldiers training loyalist militias against a growing insurgency had recently lost contact with fleet command. As Rear Admiral Corine listened to the speech, emergency orders came down ordering the immediate deployment of the ISD Tormentor to assess the situation. Initial scout reports did not bode well, the Ravager had lost all systems and was listlessly drifting through space.

“No life signs aboard Admiral, boarding party will be arriving shortly.” Captain Hendrix reported. Turning to the young Ensign, “Any other ships nearby?” “Only one Admiral, heading towards Lafra I, a cargo ship hauling several large containers. Transponder codes check out,” the Ensign replied. Something did not feel right, it was too quiet for such a busy system. “Deploy Akita and Rubor Squadron and form a security picket around the VSD.”

Thea scrutinized the readout, manipulating controls on her data pad as she reviewed live updates from the boarding parties. They had finally breached the frigate and were making their way to the bridge. As the troopers cut through the door into the bridge they recoiled at the sight before them. The late Commander Jenkins and his crew were propped in their chairs, eyes gouged out, which were then placed carefully in outstretched hands. One Sergeant broke protocol to exclaim “what kind of sick freak would do such a thing?” A younger private tore the helmet off his head, vomiting in the corner near a navigational console. Thea was sickened at the sight; this was clearly the work of the Lafra Revolutionary Brigade. Such mutilations were frequently utilized as a calling card by the criminal insurgents. A sense of urgency soon returned to the room as a panicked Sergeant cried out “Explosives have been found wired across the entire bridge”….shuffling and movement echoed in the mic and then sharp shout “Get out! Now!” Then the signal died.

“Report!” shouted Admiral Corine.

“Admiral, the Ravager has exploded, the boarding party is lost! Wait…new contacts approaching quickly!”

Thea turned to see that several containers had broken from the freighter heading towards Lafra I, opening up they expelled two squadrons of Z-95 fighters and a squadron of Y-wing bombers.

“Deploy all reserve wings and focus fire on those bombers before they get in range of the VSD!” the Admiral shouted.

Having said that, Thea went to her private communication panel and opened a channel to fleet command "Requesting reinforcements, please respond with any nearby assets to Lafra I, shots fired, enemy forces on approach to the ISD.”

After a pause, fleet command responded, “Two carrack cruisers are on their way, they will arrive in 10 minutes.”

The first wave of tie interceptors reached the bombers, scoring several early hits. The enemy fighters soon fell upon them, beams of red plasma piercing the cockpits of several ties, disintegrating them. One damaged fighter struggled to return to the ISD, trailing leaking gasses and oxygen behind it. The frightened cry of the pilot was heard as the ship finally exploded, unable to make it back to the safety the ISD docking bay. Thea studied her readout as algorithms predicted the entry location of the incoming cruisers. “Helm move to the following coordinates, transmitting to your console now!” Flipping to a new channel, Admiral Corine opened a line to the squadron commander “Transmitting new coordinates, fall back, feign a retreat and head to the incoming waypoint. We have a cruiser which will exit hyperspace shortly. We will draw the enemy into the kill zone and ambush them when the cruiser enters the system!”

Beads of sweat slipped down her cheeks, the enemy took the bait, but the cruisers were still several minutes out. “Impacts on decks 5 to 16, shields holding.” The bridge shook as several torpedoes struck the vessel. Outside the ISD, the dogfight continued. They only needed to hold the enemy here for another few minutes.

“Why have the other squadrons not launched!?” Thea yelled.

Captain Hendrix replied “A torpedo has damaged the launch bay; fire crews and damage repair teams are deploying now.:

“Damnit” Thea muttered to herself under her breath. Opening a channel to the struggling fighter squadrons engaging the enemy the Admiral exclaimed: “Three minutes until the cruisers arrive, hang in there, you are on your own for now until then. Fighters are unable to reinforce you currently. Do what you must do, but make sure those fighters do not leave the kill zone of the cruisers. You only need to hold for three minutes, then those rebels will regret ever donning their helmets and climbing into their cockpits. Soon they will learn what happens to those foolish enough to poke giants as the might of the Imperial Navy swats them away like the gnats they are!" She put her com down a little more harshly than she intended, as adrenaline rushed through her system.

Minutes felt like hours as the intensity and chaos of combat continued. Officers frantically moved around to various tasks and others were glued to their stations in tight focus, beads of sweat dripping down the contours of their face. Occasionally the Admiral shouted at a junior officer nearby, sometimes making nearby ensigns jump. At other times she was quiet, but firm and direct, as she gave orders or delegated tasks. Overall, anyone entering the bridge at this time would be immediately overwhelmed by a cacophony of electronic sounds and voices as the chaotic nature of space combat unfolded before them. The scent of excitement, fear, stress, hope, and urgency saturated the room as decisions were being made determining the fates of imperial officers, often at the simple touch of a button. At first glance, it may well seem like chaos. But there was order in the chaos, every individual had a job to do, and at the center was the Admiral, conducting the symphony of sounds and bodies around the bridge into a focused weapon.

“Reinforcements have arrived!” Captain Hendrix exclaimed joyfully.

Surprised by the sudden appearance of the cruiser, the enemy attempted to flee. The heavy cannons lit up the darkness of space and made sort work of the fleeing squadrons, transforming durasteel hulls into exploding gas as they were torn apart.

With a sigh of relief, the Admiral sat back into her chair. Several great officers had been lost this day. She debated with herself, wondering what she could have done differently. The morbid task of preparing letters to the families of those that died was a responsibility she always dreaded. Despite the victory in the Lafra system, the war against outlaw pirates and insurgent groups in the outer rim was far from over. Resources were limited and the enemy was devious. While those in the core celebrated their victory against the New Republic, Thea could only feel detached from them, unable to relate, and only resolved to continue the fight here.

Officers would continue to fight and die in the outer rim, far from the capital while the core wined and dined, celebrating their victory. The day had been won, so she let herself privately celebrate this small victory, unsure what the next engagement would bring. It is a Bitter Harvest and those lost today would not be the last.

Burdens of Command: The Necessary and Regrettable Execution of a Junior Officer

The following events took place on Y21 D140 The Admiral sat at her desk, reviewing several reports as she caught up on her administrative task list that had been building up the past few weeks during the recent war games. The ISD Tormentor had recently entered hyperspace and was on its way to the Nicht Ka system in order to link up with the Amber Region Task Force. That reminded her, she briefly double checked her data pad and made sure all quarters and rations for the army personnel were properly prepared. Everything seemed to be in order for their arrival, so she was satisfied and resumed the reports she was perusing. A sharp tone at the door caught her attention, announcing that someone wished to enter. The unexpected arrival of a visitor caused her to loose her place in the report she was reading, Thea hoped this interruption was important. Setting her data pad down gently, she manipulated a nearby control notifying the computer that the petitioner outside had permission to enter.

The door opened to reveal a young, albeit loyal and hardworking, Lieutenant with short black hair that had been neatly faded according to military regulations. He approached the Admiral desk, stopping a polite distance away as he offered a brisk salute before returning to attention. "At Ease Lt. Elkins. I am very busy right now, I presume you have an urgent reason to interrupt me?" Lt. Elkins stood at ease, it was clear he was slightly nervous to be intruding on the Admiral's work, but it also was obvious he was confident in his purpose here. The Admiral admired that, he was disciplined and not easily intimidated. Such officers generally end up in command positions, Thea was sure his career would be fruitful in the Imperial Navy.

Lt. Elkins cleared his throat and began "Admiral, a pilot from Antares squadron that deserted last week was apprehended just before departure. He was found trying to find passage on a freighter at Krayiss starport." Raising her eyebrow in interest, Admiral Corine turned to the officer before her, replying "I assume you have already overseen his interview and witnessed his confession? Out of curiosity, what did he have to say for his actions?" Shaking his head in visible disgust, the Lieutenant continued "The Ensign in question claimed his father had fallen ill, and he was attempting to return home to help his struggling family in their time of hardship. He hails from one of the new developments on Dromund City, the ones the Empire has recently built. Such housing is generously provided to citizens, and their families, who are from poor socio-economic backgrounds, in exchange for the privilege of military service of course. It was one of the initiatives to help with recruitment and retention in the outer rim, as conscription has proved more difficult this far from the core. You know how it is, I never truly trust such officers from these programs honestly. If I may say so Admiral, the Ensign who was detained proves this. I will always suspect someone whose motivation to join was due to economic benefits, rather than a true and selfless act of loyalty and duty. But I digress, the Ensign was quickly detained and confessed quickly, especially after seeing the refurbished torture droid we recently were issued."

The Admiral sighed in disappointment, "Very well, it is a shame, it really is. Normally a sense of duty and service in the Empire straightens such young men out. His failure was ours as well, we must be more attentive to discipline and training for the junior officers. We are only as strong as our weakest link."

The Admiral noted a few things in her data pad, signed an order and passed secure holochip to the LT. "Unfortunately for him, the punishment for desertion is death. Here is the authorization for his execution, carry it out as soon as possible and ensure the corpse is recycled before reaching Nicht Ka. Dismissed"

As LT. Elkins began to turn towards the door, Admiral Corine looked up "O, Lieutenant. One more thing. Please file a restitution form to the local council where the Ensign lived. His family is clearly no longer entitled to the housing the Empire so generously provided. But it is comfort to know that restitution will be had, as his family will be placed into work camps in order to pay off the Empires investment in the Ensign. Every credit spent on his training or salary, and any damage he has incurred, plus fees, will be payed for through their work. Perhaps this will teach them to raise children with a better sense of duty."

The Battle of Korriz I

(place holder)

Promotion to 2nd Imperial Fleet Commanding Officer

VADM Corine Aboard the SSD Highborne after being Appointed to the Position of Commanding Officer for the 2nd Fleet

After ADM Sicarius stepped down as 2nd Fleet CO on Y21 D248, Thea Corine had big shoes to fill. After benefiting from the mentorship and experience of ADM Sicarius, she was given the honor of taking the reins as Commanding Officer of the 2nd Imperial Fleet.

Thea Corine as the Grand Moff of Emerald Region

Appointment as Grand Moff

(place holder)

oRmqZpu.png Service Record

This is the record of all the ranks, positions, awards, and qualifications that Thea Corine received during her Imperial career.


Grade Insignia Rank Branch Galactic Date
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Imperial Academy Year 17 Day 50 - Year 17 Day 55
[O-1] MO-1.png Ensign Imperial Navy Year 17 Day 55 - Year 17 Day 148
[O-2] MO-2.png Lieutenant Junior Grade Imperial Navy Year 17 Day 148 - Year 17 Day 238
[O-3] MO-3.png Lieutenant Imperial Navy Year 17 Day 238 - Year 18 Day 14
[O-4] MO-4.png Lieutenant Commander Imperial Navy Year 18 Day 14 - Year 18 Day 218
[O-5] MO-5.png Commander Imperial Navy Year 18 Day 218 - Y19 D76
[O-6] MO-6.png Captain Imperial Navy Year 19 Day 76 - Year 19 Day 196
[C-1] MC-1.png Commodore Imperial Navy Year 19 Day 196 - Year 20 Day 46
[C-2] MC-2.png Rear Admiral Imperial Navy Year 20 Day 46 - Year 21 Day 220
[C-3] MC-3.png Vice Admiral Imperial Navy Year 21 Day 220 - Year 22 D282
[C-4] MC-4.png Admiral Imperial Navy Year 22 Day 282 - Year 23 Day 248
[HC-1] RGHC-1.png Grand Moff Regional Government Year 23 Day 248 - Present


Elite Capital Command Badge
Basic Starfighter Wings


Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate-Honors [IABG-H] Year 17 Day 55 Academy Commandant Jacen Varos
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispactches [MID] Year 17 Day 55 FCO Gunther Rall
ISM.jpg Imperial Service Medal 6 Months [ISM] Year 17 Day 247 ISB
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Year 18 Day 77 GCO Serris Nemor
ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 1 Year [ISM] Year 17 Day 247 ISB
LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Year 19 Day 47 GCO Mordus Nordstroem
ISM-2.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 2 Year [ISM] Year 19 Day 59 ISB
MIDx2.jpg Mentioned in Dispactches [MID] Year 19 Day 165 FCO Graeda Lannan
MIDx3.jpg Mentioned in Dispactches [MID] Year 20 Day 12 NCO Kef Drenall
GCA.jpg Good Conduct Award [GCA] Year 20 Day 12 NCO Kef Drenall
MIDx4.jpg Mentioned in Dispactches [MID] Year 20 Day 46 NCO Kef Drenall
GCM.jpg Group Command Medal [GCM] Year 20 Day 46 NCO Kef Drenall
ISM-3.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 3 Year [ISM] Year 20 Day 59 ISB
LOCx3.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Year 20 Day 255 FCO Vidar Sicarius
ISM-4.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 4 Year [ISM] Year 21 Day 169 ISB
LOCx4.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Year 21 Day 193 FCO Vidar Sicarius
ILC.jpg Imperial Literacy Contest [ILC] Year 21 Day 203 Minister of Culture Elaine von Veritrax
GCAx2.jpg Good Conduct Award [GCA] Year 21 Day 218 Amber Region Grand Moff Nikolaus Ephranor
MIDx5.jpg Mentioned in Dispactches [MID] Year 20 Day 220 NCO Kef Drenall
IVM.jpg Imperial Victory Medal (IVM) Year 20 Day 246 The Throne Seele
DDS.jpg Departmental Distinguished Service [DDS] Year 21 Day 272 Minister of Culture Elaine von Veritrax
ISM-5.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 5 Year [ISM] Year 22 Day 59 ISB
IAM.jpg Imperial Activity Medal [IAM] Year 22 Day 72 NCO Kef Drenall
EAM.jpg Exercise Achievement Medal [EAM] Year 22 Day 76 Amber Region Grand Moff Nikolaus Ephranor
LOCx5.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Year 22 Day 281 NCO Kef Drenall
MOS.jpg Medal of Support [MOS] Year 22 Day 331 The Throne Seele
MIDx6.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] Year 23 Day 54 Emerald Region Grand Moff Nikolaus Ephranor
NMP.jpg Naval Medal of Progress [NMP] Year 23 Day 255 Military Chief of Staff Cihl Rezik

Current Positions

Governor of the Emerald Region
Preceded By:
Nikolaus Ephranor
Thea Corine
Year 23 Day 248 - Present
Succeeded By:

Previous Positions

Emerald Region Task Force Commander
Preceded By:
Thea Corine
Year 22 Day 282 - Year 23 D248
Succeeded By:
Octavian Sextus Neutronus
2nd Imperial Fleet Commanding Officer
Preceded By:
Vidar Sicarius
Thea Corine
Year 21 Day 248 - Year 22 D282
Succeeded By:
Shonblam Dacar
7th Group Commanding Officer
Preceded By:
Mordus Nordstroem
Thea Corine
Year 19 Day 196 - Year 21 Day 248
Succeeded By:
Egilhad Amory
7th Group Executive Officer
Preceded By:
Thea Corine
Year 18 Day 322 - Year 19 Day 196
Succeeded By:
Balthus Witelsbach
ISMC Moderator
Preceded By:
Thea Corine
Year 21 Day D174 - Y23 D248
Succeeded By:
Senior Recruitment Officer
Preceded By:
Thea Corine
Year 21 Day D174 - Y23 D248
Succeeded By: