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Graeda L'Annan

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"Soldiering capability is more important than species or cultural affiliation.
Graeda L'Annan
Graeda L'Annan
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Baraboo
Mother Ysilwen Eirswith
Father Nevin L'Annan
Spouse Romolus Lupine (deceased)
Siblings Mraz L'Annan
Children none
Born Year -31 Day 350
(46 standard years old)
Imperial Service
Branch Imperial Throne
Positions Army Commanding Officer
Imperial House of Lords
Imperial High Command
Assault Force CO
Advisor, Imperial Geographic
COMPNOR Department Leader
Prior Service Ranks and Appointments
Awards 7888_lannan.png

Executor Graeda Eirswith L'Annan, born Year -31 Day 350, is the 2nd in command of the Galactic Empire. She is also a member of the Imperial House of Lords [1]. She has served with distinction under 4 Emperors. L'Annan enlisted with the Galactic Empire on Y8 D231 under Emperor Vodo Bonias. She graduated from the Training Centre on Carida with honours and was placed into service with the Imperial Army.

L'Annan was a professional soldier for over a decade, during which time she held a variety of command and staff positions and rose to the ranks of Lord Admiral and Lord General. She served as the Commanding Officer of the Imperial Navy and Commanding Officer of the Imperial Army. In the course of her years in the military, she oversaw 36 campaigns and operations, including Operation Sovereign canopy, a major Army deployment to the planet Derra IV during an outbreak of the Metamorphosis Plague where she lead three tours. She also formulated the Joint Task Doctrine. L'Annan has commanded troops in many sectors including: Corellia, Coruscant, Meridian, Dolomar, Fakir, N'Zoth, Weemell, Darpa, and Bothan Space.

L'Annan is the recipient of numerous military awards and decorations. Her civilian awards include the Sengir Key to the City, the Baraboo Distinguished Service Medal, and the Order of Baraboo. Several schools and other institutions on her homeworld of Baraboo have been named in her honor and she holds honorary degrees from universities and colleges across the Core.

L'Annan was born on Baraboo and was raised in the capital city, Sengir. L'Annan was educated in the boarding school system, graduating from Harbringer Academy in Sengir where she mastered dance and earned bachelor's degree in Anthropology. Her further academic achievements include Dagos' Dojo for Teräs Käsi on Baraboo, the Imperial Army Training Centre on Carida, and the Imperial School of Officer and Command Studies on Coruscant.

L'Annan is most known for her leadership commanding army units and for her effective methods in modernizing the Imperial military. For 9 years, she served as a strong advocate for the Army and its continued importance in the Galactic war machine. She was the longest serving Army Commanding Officer in the history of the Empire and oversaw the Army’s most extensive period of stability and membership.

L'Annan's military vision includes delivering capabilities to the Galactic Empire’s soldiers so they can dominate any battle sphere across the full spectrum of warfare. Throughout the military's transformation, she has remained focused on increasing combat effectiveness.

House of Lords

On Year 17 Day 322 (Oct 15, 2016) Emperor Seele presented L’Annan with peerage, making her the Countess of Baraboo. image_52_YTQ1ODQwNm_baraboo.png

Imperial High Command

Army Commanding Officer

L’Annan was appointed Army Commanding Officer on Year 10 Day 321 (October 17, 2009). Lord General L’Annan served as the Imperial Army's 29th Army Commanding Officer.


  • Logistics Overhaul
    L’Annan saw logistics as an unquestionably vital enterprise towards an efficient and agile Army. She envisioned a complete overhaul of Army logistics and appointed Nathaniel Durane into the role of Logistics Officer. This successful endeavor was immediately tested by supporting the efforts of the soldiers engaged in hostilities on Derra IV.
  • Combat Doctrine
    L’Annan did not relax her improvement efforts, even in peacetime. She felt that a strong foundation required consistency in the Army’s training regimen. Under Operation Isolated Axiom, generalized training suites were sent to every brigade to test for gaps and provide feedback. This 1.5 year project resulted in the creation of a Combat Doctrine that was revised after the hostilities at Derra IV.
  • Training
    L’Annan expected her commanders to conduct ongoing training to develop and test specific skills, procedures, attributes, and capabilities of their personnel. ACOMD developed a Training Scenario Library containing a suite of structured learning objectives that cover typical Army operations. A commander could use the templates to easily set up a training mission and send out orders. Scenarios were designed to be threaded together to provide a complete regimen.
  • Testing Grounds
    L’annan used the Army to trial and test several programs that were rolled out the the entire Galactic Empire. Among these were:
  • Abolition of enlisted ranks
  • Merit program
  • Dedicated ranks for specific command roles
  • Requirement of a command position to retain Command ranks (resulting in creation of the O-7 rank)
  • Durane
    During Operation Sovereign Canopy, L’Annan’s Logistics Officer overzealously took command of the mission, despite actual mission commanders being present and able. The resulting reprimand and charges resulted in Nathaniel Durane’s resignation from the Army. Executor Seele then interdicted Durane’s career for over a year.
  • Liam Conrad
    A Legion Commanding Officer, Liam Conrad, defected and in the process stole Imperial equipment and kidnapped two ranking officers. He was cornered by ISB agent Nikai Tonnak on Year 17 Day 235, arrested, and executed.

Navy Commanding Officer

L’Annan was appointed Navy Commanding Officer on Year 18, Day 111 by the newly crowned Emperor Seele. utilizing her exceptional understanding of the Imperial military to help shape, strengthen, and tighten the Navy's internal mechanisms, much the same as she did for the Army, until such a time that she could recommend a new, permanent officer for the role. She chose as her successor, Fleet Admiral Kef Drenall, an officer she hand picked to join her staff as the Navy Signals Officer and later, Navy Executive Officer.


  • Mayas Lennorian
    Under the solemn gaze of Lord Admiral Graeda L`Annan, the Imperial Navy re-dedicated the former flagship of the 5th Fleet the 'IMS Lennorian'. This rare rededication ceremony was held to honour fallen Vice Admiral Mayas Lennorian. The ceremony was held on Year 18 Day 361 aboard the Executor-class Star Destroyer Ancalagon in system Tanjay (-25, 87). http://www.swcombine.com/community/news/display.php?postID=41797
  • Security Protocols
    L’Annan established new protocols involving intra-ship security involving the use of keycard technology.
  • Navy Equipment Structure
    L’Annan implemented a new fleet structure for specialized fleets in each sector.
  • Intra-Branch Missions
    L’Annan oversaw the implementation of the Joint Task Force doctrine that gives clear operating procedures in place for the governing the formation, command and authority of forces made up of personnel from more than one branch, typically Army and Navy.


On Year 19, Day 327 (October 21, 2018), Emperor Seele appointed L’Annan to the position of Executor citing her proven history of interpreting and enacting his will and to managing a range of responsibilities across the Empire with a complementary set of leadership principles and approaches.

40px-Imperial_Emblemsvg20copy.png Imperial Career

Imperial Army

L’Annan joined the Army at the age of 22 and was the first officer graduate from the new School for Officer and Command Studies on Coruscant.

2nd Imperial Legion

In year 9, L’Annan graduated from the Imperial Army Training Centre on Carida with honours and was placed into service with the Imperial Army's Second Army Brigade (Second Imperial Legion), the Hellhounds, under the command of Cliff Chan. The new Private First Class was assigned as a Scout Trooper due to her skill set. From that point on, she immediately began proving herself in the ranks , eventually earning the 'Army Activity Medal' MO-2.png and becoming the first person to be awarded the prestigious 'Army Medal of Order' for demonstrating the ability to preserve the order, efficiency, and effectiveness of the Imperial Army. In the Second she served under CO Mark Ein Arton and XO Deric Adams and served with Marcus Aurelius and Zenchi Senkusha.

L'Annan leading the Second Brigade's Taish's Raiders

1st Imperial Legion

She was not with the Hellhounds for long before the Army went through a restructure and she was moved into the First Imperial Legion, The Immortals. She served under LCO Arbellason Saalar and LXO Wolfgang Rasolam. When Rasolam went AWOL, L'Annan started filling his role, thereby demonstrating to her commanding officer and Army High Command that she was worthy of promotion to Sergeant Major and given the position of First Brigade Executive Officer. The same day she was also awarded the Army Medal of Order. She served with many fine army men and women, among them Ralkata Tyrran, who filled her position when she left The Immortals and eventually became their legion commanding officer.

Legion Commanding Officer

Graeda was accepted in the first class of the new Imperial School of Officer and Command Studies and became its first graduating student. Soon after, she earned her first commission when the commanding officer of the Second Legion was arrested on the grounds of treason. Graeda was back in the Hellhounds, this time as Commanding Officer. She oversaw the Legion's recovery necessary after the arrest of several traitorous soldiers: Zenchi Senkusha, Galven Corse and Alsten Jorel. Under her command the Hellhounds morale was improved and they earned the 'Legion of the Month' award in her first month of command. They repeated the performance again several times.It was here that she met Geno Krall, XO of the legion and a in sith training at the time and Endora Strax, a new private to the legion at the time, but went on to become a successful officer in both the Army and in ISB.

Army Command

Near the beginning of Year 10 the Army Commanding Officer, Alan Steel, retired. Bacara Kex became the new ACO and selected L'Annan as his executive officer. L'Annan retained her other command posts while in this position. From Year 10 Day 66 (February 7, 2009) through Year 10 Day 78 (February 19, 2009) she temporarily held the position of Army Commanding Officer. After nine months at the AXO, when Major General Kex resigned from his position, L'Annan was named his successor. She became the Army Commanding Officer on Year 10 Day 321 (October 17, 2009).

Assault Force

On Year 10 Day 6, ACO Alan Steel informed L'Annan that her command, the Second Imperial Legion had been selected to compose the experimental Assault Force along with her old friend, Captain Rex Corwyn as commanding officer and the Seventh Imperial Fleet. The two branches joined together to form a fighting force that hoped to revolutionize the Imperial military. High spirits were celebrated when the two commanding officers attended the Imperial Union Ball together. It was here that Graeda also met Gunther Rall, her future XO in the Hellhounds and got to work beside her friend Euna Miriel. When Corwyn retired, his position was filled by Markus Saretti, who L'Annan had worked with in the Imperial Academy. The working atmosphere created a friendship as well.

  • Commanding Officer Assault Force Year 10 Day 170 - Year 12
  • Executive Officer Assault Force Year 10 Day 6 - Year 10 Day 170

Non-Military Appointments

  • Imperial Academy Tutor
    On Year 9 Day 104 , L`Annan was accepted as a professor at the Imperial Academy by the Dean, Rann Van. At the time she served as the only female professor and one of only two Imperial Army members. L`Annan retired from her post at the Academy at the start of year 10 to better focus on her command duties.
  • COMPNOR Department Leader On Year 9 Day 249, L`Annan was made Director of Imperial Geographic by Lord Azrahk Raleep. The program was absorbed into COMPNOR as was the rest of the Sub-Ministry of Culture under the newly named Coalition for Progress. L'Annan was recognized twice:
    • Year 10 Day 99 for exceptional contribution (IGO-10) by the founder, Lord Azrahk Raleep. She was the first recipient of this award.
    • Year 11 Day 88 for Distinguished Service (IGOD). She was the first recipient of this award.

Controversies and Criticism

L'Annan's most notable controversy came shortly after becoming the Army Commanding Officer. After several documented incidents with a legion commanding officer, a public formal hearing saw the Military Commanding Officer, Admiral Goth, add disciplinary actions to L’Annan’s own. The resulting drastic demotion and loss of command saw members of former CO’s legion desert in outrage over the incident. Many attribute the desertions due to popularity for the former commanding officer rather than how the disciplinary actions were presented. Several Imperials have commented on the needs for Command Staff to praise in public and criticize in private, however this has been countered with the need to demonstrate the problems and errors that occurred as well as show what can happen if such acts take place.

Engagements and Operations

  • [NCO] Operation Hel, Loedorvia & Loedorvia II/Loedorvia/Weemell
  • [ACO] Operation Sovereign Canopy (3 tours)
  • [ACO] Caamas/Kuat/Fakir
  • [AF] Operation Dumbo Drop, T'Grel & M'Buh/Farkax/N'Zoth
  • [AF] Operation Stellar Aegis
  • [AXO] Operation Time Immemorial, Fornax. A joint Army/Navy operation involving a criminal syndicate being led by one Salak Radmir from a stronghold in the deserts of the planet Fornax. LTGEN Graeda L'Annan led the army forces in assaulting the stronghold, neutralising the enemy forces within, and securing the criminal leadership alive.
  • Combined Effort

40px-Imperial_Emblemsvg20copy.png Service Record

Grade Rank Appointment Time held (Combine Time) Time held (Real Time)
[E-1] Recruit Y8D229 - Y8D231 18JUL07 - 20JUL07
[E-3] Private First Class Y8D231 - Y8D329 20JUL07 - 25OCT07
[E-4] Corporal 1st Brigade Operations Adjunct Y8D329 - Y8D362 25OCT07 - 27NOV07
[E-7] Sergeant First Class Y8D362 - Y9D77 27NOV07 - 15FEB08
[E-8] Master Sergeant Y9D77 – Y9D104 15FEB08 – 13MAR08
[E-9] Sergeant Major 1st Brigade Executive Officer
Imperial Academy Tutor
Y9D104 - Y9D191 13MAR08 - 8JUN08
[O-1] 2nd Lieutenant Director of Imperial Geographic
Y9D191 - Y9D256 8JUN08 - 12AUG08
[O-2] 1st Lieutenant 2nd Legion Commanding Officer Y9D256 - Y9D301 12AUG08 - 26SEP08
[O-3] Captain Y9D301 - Y10D30 26SEP08 - 29DEC08
[O-4] Major Assault Force Executive Officer
Y10D30 - Y10D64 29DEC08 - 1FEB09
[O-5] Lieutenant Colonel Army Executive Officer (1st) Y10D64 - Y10D164 1FEB09 - 12MAY09
[O-6] Colonel Assault Force Commanding Officer
Y10D164 - Y10D321 12MAY09 - 16OCT09
[C-1] Brigadier General Army Commanding Officer Y10D321 - Y11D166 12MAY09 - 14MAY10
[C-2] Major General Y11D166 - Y11D308 14MAY10 - 3OCT10
[C-3] Lieutenant General Army Executive Officer (2nd)
Y11D308 - Y12D229 3OCT10 - 16JUL11
[C-4] General Y12D229 - Y12D327 16JUL11 - 22OCT11
[HC-3] Lord General Army Commanding Officer (2nd) Y12D327 - Y18D111 22OCT11 - PRESENT
[HC-3] Lord Admiral Navy Commanding Officer (2nd) Y18D111 - Y19D327 22OCT11 - 21OCT18
Peerage Countess Baraboo Y17D322 - PRESENT 15OCT16 - PRESENT
[HC-4] Executor Executor Y19D327 - PRESENT 21OCT18 - PRESENT


Military Offices Held
Preceded By:
Guinar Ndengin
Succeeded By:
Preceded By:
Jacen Varos
Navy Commanding Officer
Succeeded By:
Kef Drenall
Preceded By:
Army Commanding Officer
Succeeded By:
Nathaniel Durane
Preceded By:
Arbellson Saalar
Army Executive Officer
Succeeded By:
Endora Strax
Preceded By:
Bacara Kex
Army Commanding Officer
Succeeded By:
Preceded By:
Rex Corwyn
Assault Force Commanding Officer
Succeeded By:
Preceded By:
Bacara Kex
Army Executive Officer
Succeeded By:
Tec Vaan
Preceded By:
Zenchi Senkusha
Commanding Officer
Second Imperial legion
Succeeded By:
Gunther Rall
Preceded By:
Wolfgang Rasolam
Executive Officer
First Imperial Legion
Succeeded By:
Ralkata Tyrran


Personal Life


"Taunting Death - by engaging in violence or meddling in shadowy arts - means pitting oneself against a wily enemy who cannot lose..
Graeda L'Annan
L'Annan and Lupine

Graeda Eirswith L'Annan born on the planet Baraboo in the year -27 to Ysilwen and Nevin L'Annan. The L'Annans are an affluent family of Corellian descent. L'Annan is the first born child and has one younger sister. Ysilwen is a successful cloth merchant with a high end shop in the city of Sengir. Nevin is a career xenoarcheologist credited with the discovery of the Mwanamutapas ruins in Baraboo Central during the planet's early colonization efforts. Nevin moved his young family to Sengir to be closer to his groundbreaking work and aid in the Galactic Empire's colonization efforts on the planet. L'Annan and her younger sister, Mraz attended the same program at the Harbringer Dance Academy. Mraz is an accomplished and well known musician.

L'Annan married Romolus Lupine on Year 10 Day 175. The marriage lasted until his death on Year 10 Day 203. He was 31 years old. Lupine was killed in action while acting in his capacity as Director of Imperial Intelligence. She considered him to have been the love of her life and his sudden death after only weeks of marriage broke her heart and affected her more than any other singular event in her life. Never before had her own personal quote affected her so truthfully: “Taunting Death - by engaging in violence or meddling in shadowy arts - means pitting oneself against a wily enemy who cannot lose.”

Both the tops of L'Annan's feet and the backs of both hands are permanently tattooed with the ritual, elaborate matrimonial mehandi that was used on her wedding day. Aside from her uniform, Graeda usually wears an emerald green ring around her neck and a curious runed armored pauldron on her left shoulder (typically under her uniform jacket). She obtained this pauldron by engaging in mortal combat with an elder sister of the Singing Mountain clan on Dathomir. The pauldron, ring and tattoo are permanent reminders of her times with Lupine. The pauldron that she earned when she bested and killed the Singing Mountain elder is a badge of honor for her. She had been adventuring with Lupine on Dathomir specifically to test herself and her Teras Kasi methods against force users.

Romolus Lupine was killed in action on Year 10 Day 203

Description and Personal Interests

L'Annan is slender, graceful and athletic both from her days of being a dancer as well as her daily duties in the army. She has a dark complexion and green eyes framed by long hair that is typically worn up for military regulations. She has been known to wear her hair blonde, black or red. She is a fiercely devoted GE member who is well poised and has a generally proper attitude from her formal upbringing and background in traditional dance. She is also impishly spontaneous in her personal life, free spirited and incredibly graceful. She has an easy smile and likes to laugh, but also maintains a hard take on military necessities - after all, her branch must know their jobs well as lives depend on them. She speaks clearly, without much of an accent. She can seem absent minded to others at times, as she has a lot on her plate and relies on her staff to keep her on top of the less pressing matters. L'Annan makes a strong confidante and friend; people seem to instinctively know this and befriend her. Perhaps as an offshoot of this, L'Annan is a protective sort over her faction, branch, personnel, family and friends. She has a tendency to give guarded trust to people before she assumes the worst; this makes it seem like she sticks up for people when, in fact, she is merely trying to give them the benefit of the doubt before condemning them wholeheartedly.Grey loves performing tricks and high velocity speeder maneuvers. She also loves to explore and is adventurous. Caves, mountains, hunting expeditions all give her a thrill and she will jump at the chance to visit new locations. She has an interest in exploring the histories of things due to her father's influence. She still likes to dance, and her idea of a perfect vacation would be to explore ancient temples in a warm climate by day and sample ethnic fare and dance by evening.

Early Years

L`Annan attended the Harbringer Academy of Dance and Music in Sengir with her sister Mraz under the tutelage of the phenomenal matron, Cindal Harbringer. Here she studied traditional dance and participated in competitions. Upon graduation, she decided to make her way as a dancer at the cantina Sandfury in Sengir. One night the cantina was short a bouncer and she was accosted by a nautolan patron. It was odd enough to see the alien on the Imperial world, but had the menace not been killed by an Imperial officer, L'Annan may not have survived the scrap unharmed. The incident prompted L`Annan to seek skills in self defense. It took L'Annan several diplomatic attempts to convince Xargon Dagos, a renowned master of Teräs Käsi, to allow her to become his honored pupil. L`Annan to this day remains a practitioner of Teräs Käsi and is extremely prejudiced against all nautolans.

Master Dagos

An incident with Mraz found her family in a situation in which they could easily have been on the wrong side of Imperial law. The man that Mraz was dating brutalized her, shattering her leg and ruining her dancing career. Their father Nevin went after the man in a fit of rage. What transpired after is known only to the immediate family, but to avoid more serious matters and to protect her father, Graeda negotiated a deal with the boyfriend's brother, the gang leader of to the territorial gang, the Sand Demons. As a result, Graeda spent two years as an indentured servant to the gang. She learned many of her more illicit skills during that time, including stealth, theft and smuggling abilities. She is also became an experienced slicer and learned how to handle a speeder and small starfighter. As soon as her time was up, making her family safe, L`Annan followed her personal need to use her skills for the service of the Empire that she respects immensely.


  • Harbringer Academy of Dance in Sengir, Baraboo
  • Dagos' Dojo for Teräs Käsi on Baraboo
  • Imperial Army Training Centre on Carida
  • Imperial School of Officer and Command Studies on Coruscant

Personal Assets

Bay100x100.jpg NamanaSmall.png main4.jpg main.jpg 300px-Vornskr.jpg
Faith & Misery
Sinner's Folly
Widow's Lament
EE-33 Carbine
main.jpg OdetoRobby.jpg RomRing.png 100x100-pauldron.jpg 1bg_100x100-2.jpg
64-Y Swift
Leather Duster
Ode to Robby
Engagement Ring Nightsister Bracer First Brigade
Service Ring

A portion of a study of L'Annan in ATAT combat armor gifted to her by Euna Miriel on her birthday Year 10 day 350.