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Endora Strax

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Endora Lena Strax
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Litara
Father Andrew Strax
Siblings Kate Black-Granger
Children none
Born -17
Imperial Service
Branch compnor.png
Positions Retired
Prior Service Flag Lieutenant
ISB Army Liaison
ISB Deputy Director
Second Imperial Legion
Operation Adjutant
Legion Adjutant
Legion Executive Officer

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How I Became an Imperial

Down the dimly lit halls of the YV-666 “Starstruck Dreamer”, the click of boot heals echoed softly off the walls. The young man walked with nervousness in his step and small beads of sweat gathered on his brow. He brushed a hand through his wavy blonde hair and took a deep breath, pausing at the blast door before him. This was supposed to be a special treat to the journalism community but coming on board the ship of a Sith meant that there was a bit of uncertainty left to linger in the air. He slowly extended his hand out to press the comm but the door hissed open before his finger could press to announce his arrival.

A figure stood with her back to the door surprisingly dressed in the uniform of the Navy. Her hair was tied neatly in a bun with ornate needles holding it in place. The room was not dark and eerie as he expected but well lit so that the extravagance of the room could easily be gazed upon. He was expecting a robed figure before him, not this elegant naval officer.

“Come, sit. I hope you fancy Hapan wine. Its all I have at the moment. “ she turned to face the journalist as he sat on a deep red couch set in the middle of what he only imagined as a lounge set up for social gatherings. He opened his mouth to speak but she put a finger up to her lips. “shh. No need to speak. I know why you are here and lets face it. Your job is to write not to soften me up with idle chatter.”

“We are here to find out why I became an Imperial.” She smiled and turned back to face the viewport. Her eyes searched through the countless stars of space as if they held the answer to her past. “Most of these stories start with how parents are brutally massacred by Rebel terrorist I’m sure. My story is not one of those. Neither one of my parents were killed, at least that I am aware of. I was born in Coronet, my mother was a beautiful housewife and my father was a brilliant engineer in the service to his majesty the Emperor.” She paused a moment and took a small sip of wine from her glass.

“I think I may have been six when we moved to Tatooine. The details behind my father’s sudden departure are shrouded in mystery but time has taught me that if someone leaves the Empire, it is because they fear for their life. He more than likely did something to betray their trust. I remember my mother screamed at him a lot after that. “Endora continued on with little emotion in her voice except with the subtle hints of cynicism. “So we found ourselves on Tatooine with its endless dunes of sand and glaring twin suns. If ever you wish to improve your tan I highly recommend it. Oh and no one can forget the villainy and scum that run rampant through what they call cities. It was a big change from what I remembered in Coronet. There were no random patrols of storm troopers to ensure safety in cantinas. No what Tatooine has is swoop gangs and Hutts. Those swoop gangs made out like bandits when my father started to work for them. If any good came out of that it is that I learned how to fix my own speeders. I think that lasted a few years. I was a teenager and needed my own money at the time so I spent time at the starport in Bestine loading freighters or cleaning ships. It takes a lot of credits to convince a smuggler that the only reason you are running away from home is because you think Corellia is cleaner. “The silent journalist chuckled a little under his breath.

“So that is where Endora Strax learned to fly. Years of dodging drunken spacers through speeder lanes to make some delivery that only earned my keep. It took me a couple of years and I never did buy my way off that planet. No, I enlisted my way off that sandbag. A few years later through some kind of miracle, recruiters began to brave the outer rim. They didn’t’ come in large numbers, just a few at time. “ Endora stepped away from the viewport and took a seat in a chair across from the young journalist. “Puppy love started it. There was a recruiter…hm his name was Herk. Yeah that’s it. He was a handsome man from Coruscant. I was a bit shy and really wanted a reason to talk to him so for days I let him go on about the Imperial Academy. I think after a week the novelty wore off and something struck home for me. Why should I rely on others to provide me with a safe, clean and orderly place to live. I didn’t know what skills I was good at other than fixing speeders and flying. Why not join the Empire and be a part of that order. Be someone who is helping bring about peace instead of hiding in a house waiting for it. “

The journalist looked up at her and finally spoke, “So wait!” He paused for a moment hoping his interruption did not offend the Officer. “You only started talking to the recruiter because you thought he was cute?” Endora laughed. “What? Did you expect me to say that I am somehow death’s avenger? That I am here to dish out revenge for the fallen? What I knew from my home world and what I lived in on that dried up dust ball of a planet made me who I am today. I had a dead beat father who eventually ran out on my mother, later to discover he had remarried and had another daughter who ironically served the Empire as well. There was disorder and chaos all around me. The rebel forces were not there to save anyone. Despite being incredibly handsome to a young women who had to endure the social interactions of washed up spacers, he offered a way of life that had always been ideal to me.” A grin crept across her face. “The only thing that I might avenge is the damage that my father caused by betraying the Empire. “

Endora sat up from the chair and straightened her uniform before heading back to the viewport and endless sea of stars. “It wasn’t too long before they flew me to Coruscant. That first step onto an Imperial shuttle will always stay in my memory. That one act seemed to wash away any insecurity I may have had. I was going to the Imperial Academy. I’m not sure how it is for anyone else but there is that moment when you realize you are now part of something bigger and it changes you forever. I became an instrument of peace and order. That is how I became an Imperial”

The young journalist punched a few buttons on his holopad, the sounds signaling the end of their interview. He stammered a moment for words before speaking. “Thank you, Commodore Strax. This will make a fine edition. “He stood up, not wanting to over stay his welcome and gave the Commodore a quick bow before making his way to the blast door.

Her soft voice stopped him short of his exit. “You must stop by again sometime. There is still so much left unsaid.” He was not sure what that meant but he simply nodded and left.