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Kate Black-Granger

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Kate Black-Granger
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Sera Levare
Father Nathan Tilney
Spouse Greg Black-Granger
Siblings Endora Strax
Children Cassy and James Black-Granger
Born Year -27 Day 243
Imperial Service
Branch compnor.png
Prior Service Regional Government Liaison, Imperial Security Bureau

Editor in Chief, Imperial News Bureau

Sector Adjutant, Darpa Sector

Director, Imperial Archives

Professor, Imperial Academy

Morale Adjutant, Third Imperial Legion

Civilian, New Imperial Order

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Kate Black-Granger has been, at various stages of her life, a pilot for the Imperial Colonial Police, soldier in the Imperial Army, stay-at-home mother, journalist, agent handler, government worker and Imperial Security Bureau agent. Kate has two children, Cassy and James, with her husband, Greg.


Early life

Born Katelyn Tilney on Coruscant during the waning days of the Galactic Republic, Kate was effectively orphaned at a young age and adopted and raised - along with her cousin, Sidd Crow - by her paternal grandparents in the outskirts of the major city of Delaya, an independent sister-world of Alderaan. Her grandmother was an executive for one of the largest clinical research organizations on Delaya, which provided support for the Alderaanian pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries; Kate's grandfather was a retired Admiral in the Republic Navy. In the diverse population of Delaya, Kate grew up playing with human and alien children alike, and always maintained a positive outlook on life.

After finishing her undergraduate schooling on her homeplanet, Kate worked for the Imperial Colonial Police. When she was attached to the Nebulon-B frigate Crog's Grotto, Kate first met then-Second Lieutenant Greg Black-Granger, the frigate's commander. After dating for several months, including a long-term operation on Coruscant which resulted in eighty terrorists being captured through intelligence and undercover work, Kate and Greg married onboard the COMPForce flagship, the Victory-class Star Destroyer Widowmaker, by its captain. Kate soon became pregnant with Cassy and James in quick succession and decided to stay at home and care for their children.

Raising a family

Greg remained in active service while Kate cared for their two children, born one year apart. Soon after her husband's promotion to First Lieutenant, he accepted the offer to work for Cortar Medical, which would allow him to spend much more time with the family. He handed in his discharge papers, and the family moved to Csilla. When the plans with Cortar Medical fell through a year later, Kate and her family moved to Greg's homeworld of Kathol while he tried to return to active duty within the Empire. It didn't work out, and the Black-Grangers remained on Kathol for the next three years.

There wasn't a tremendous amount of work available on Kathol but Kate and Greg made the most of it, focusing mainly on raising their children. Kate was the primary disciplinarian, although those times were few and far between, mainly because her husband would get in trouble just as often as the kids. On one such instance, Greg had allowed seven-year-old Cassy to pilot the family speeder, resulting in some broken bones, a destroyed speeder, and a two-month grounding for both father and daughter. Both Kate and Greg, however, regarded their children as 'young adults' rather than kids, and encouraged their questions, thoughts, and independent opinions, always seeking to help them grow into intelligent, good people, regardless of their individual preferences.

A new career

In Year 9, Kate, accompanied by her daughter (an SA-Corporal observing a member of COMPNOR as a learning experience), was sent to prepare the preliminary report on the security state on Ortenga. Defringo, the second-largest city on the planet had been destroyed in a major riot. Over the year, the planet's population grew more and more angry from the lack of food and more organized gangs had appeared. Shortly after Kate and Cassy's arrival at the North-Western Garrison at Niakwa, gangs coordinated assaults on Imperial garrisons throughout the planet in a bid for food and weaponry. One such gang launched an attack on the North-Western Garrison, which was defended by the remainder of the 34th Infantry Platoon. The commanding officers and the majority of the platoon were away defending the starport, leaving a lieutenant in charge of a small number of soldiers at the garrison; as a result, the troops weren't fully prepared and took heavy losses. They were able to push back the gang's assault before they retreated to a cathedral under Kate's "suggestion".[1]

"...completely cut off our ability to transmit or receive via the communications tower. With this being the closest Imperial base it was the logical choice to go to, not only for protection but to contact Imperial Command with the details on the attacks. If we had the time to repair the connection we would have but sentry reports indicated that they were regrouping in a warehouse opposite the garrison's entrance. It's vital the New Order is informed of the attacks. Every piece of information given could save a life."
— Kate Black-Granger to Sola Tao

The 9th Light Infantry Company, commanded by Major Tao and responsible for protecting Government personnel and ensuring they were safely taken off-planet, had the Governor and his aides hidden away inside the cathedral from the growing Niakwan mob until their Naval attachment arrived at the extraction point to bring the civilians back to Kothlis. Army Chaplain William Black-Granger was administering to the civilians in the basement of the cathedral whilst the Army fought the rabble outside. Upon the arrival of the 34th Infantry Platoon, Kate (after briefing Major Tao on the events at the Niakwa garrison) and Cassy, escorted by Sergeants Eric Ridgeway and Mak Callipso, were brought into the same room as the rest of the Government personnel. They remained there throughout the rest of the battle. Kate was debriefed regarding the events on Ortenga following her return to the headquarters of the New Imperial Order.[1]

Kate and Greg Black-Granger


"This soldier has continuously proven that she belongs with the Shadow Guard, from her activity to her intelligence, she is constantly showing that she is a key asset to the Third Legion. For this, I hereby promote Corporal Kate Black-Granger to the rank of Staff Sergeant. Congratulations, Staff Sergeant!"
— Bacara Kex

After the reunification of the New Imperial Order and Galactic Empire, Kate decided to enlist in the Imperial Army. She attended the Imperial Academy on Carida, excelled and graduated with honors. Kate entered full-time service as a Corporal in the Third Imperial Legion, under the command of Major General Bacara Kex.

It was during her service in the Army that Kate learned of the existence of her sister, Endora Strax. Endora, who was at the time Kate's legion's executive officer, was led by her curiosity and investigative bent to the discovery that they shared a mother, who had eventually abandoned both her daughters. A couple months later, she was promoted to Staff Sergeant and later, by this time commanded by then-Captain Michael Beckhart, awarded the Army Activity Medal and appointed the legion's morale adjutant.

When her first tour of duty was over, Kate was offered a job working for Darpa Sector's regional government as Moff Ralic Feali's aide and de facto Sector Adjutant. Following Moff Feali's retirement, Kate was offered the position of directing the Department of Coruscanti Internal Affairs, working with Grand Moff Orphaea Imperium. Greg and Kate decided to sell their home on Esseles and settled their family on Corsin. Eventually Kate was approached by Jorus Taidan, who had recently been appointed Grand Vizier after serving for several years as the Director of the Imperial Security Bureau - being Greg's boss and predecessor - and offered her position of being the Regional Government Liaison in addition to her responsibilities to the Coruscanti government. After much deliberation, Kate accepted and was trained as a full-time Imperial Security Bureau agent.

Personality and Traits

Kate is loyal and dedicated to the Imperial cause, although she clings to her idealized vision of the Galactic Empire as tipped towards the "New Imperial" spectrum of the scale.

Kate is also devoted to her family - despite differing religious or ideological beliefs - and close friends. Although she loved her career, and loved the fact that Greg enjoyed his work as well, she was always somewhat disappointed that their responsibilities and careers often kept them apart both from each other and their children.[1] This desire to be with her family as much as possible, and to raise their children personally, compelled her to work as a stay-at-home mother during Cassy and James's younger years. Once they entered school, Kate started working once more, and gradually started spending more time away from home as the children grew more independent.

Kate has great respect for the efforts put forth by hard-working Imperials in all workforces, feeling that all are essential to the growth and well-being of the Empire. She has witnessed first-hand, both through her association with her husband's former brigade and her own experience of working with the Imperial Army, that the military often creates a family and home (out of the close-knit nature of the squadrons and brigades) for those who previously had none.[1] Her work in both the New Imperial Order's Ministry of Justice and the Galactic Empire's Regional Government solidifies in her mind that even "run-of-the-mill" civilians, of every sort of job, have much to offer.

She tends to be sarcastic, playfully teasing her friends. However, because she often reverts to being sardonic whilst annoyed, it's not always clear how much truth is in her statements. Her brother-in-law commented on this once, saying that he "could never decide if she was being nasty or joking."[1] Her husband has commented that their daughter inherited Kate's sense of humor.

Imperial Service

Event Darkness Promoted By
Assigned to the Imperial Army Year 10 Day 243 Bacara Kex
Promoted to Corporal Year 10 Day 243 Bacara Kex
Promoted to Staff Sergeant Year 10 Day 274 Bacara Kex
Awarded the Army Activity Medal Year 10 Day 291 Michael Beckhart
Transferred to Regional Government Year 10 Day 316 Ralic Feali
Promoted to Aide Year 10 Day 351 Ralic Feali
Promoted to Junior Supervisor Year 11 Day 31 Ralic Feali
Promoted to Provisional Prefect Year 11 Day 110 Orphaea Imperium
Transferred to the Imperial Security Bureau Year 11 Day 144 Jorus Taidan
Retired from Imperial Service Year 11 Day 231


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